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The Sequel to We Belong. Can Sam find Bella before she has the baby or will Bella find a way back to her family? What will they all do to finally put a stop to Jacob Black? Can true love overcome the greatest of evils?


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AWWWWW SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
girl simply love the sequel. can't wait for you to add more chapters to it. really miss our talks and am using a friend's laptop. so i won't be on all the time. much love big sis
sorry I had some RL issues to take care of and i will update tomorrow
i'm on vacation so i will be able to update soon. sorry for the long wait but i had writer's block
i promise that I will update tomorrow

can't wait






This past month and a half was spent getting ready for the baby and the pending war. Alice hadn't had anymore visions about it so we focused on the happy things in our lives. Bella was having strange cravings still and I wouldn't trade anything in the world for this. Bella was going through what Carlisle called the nesting period and it was common amoung soon to be mothers. Paul was over with her everytime I had to leave. I couldn't understand why he was but he said that she was a funny person. Alex went nuts buying stuff for the baby. Bella finally had to stop him. We ended up giving some of it to charity. Jared was always doing patrols around the house at varying hours to make sure that Jake hasn't came back.


I had noticed that Bella was moving around a lot more and couldn't seem to get comfy. I chalked it up to the nerves of the baby coming soon. We ate a steak and veggies dinner. After that we settled into a movie night. I never thought that I would take things like this for granted until I almost lost Bella and the baby. I could tell that Bella was getting sleepy so we went up to bed after the first movie was over. Bella passed out before her head hit the pillow and I chuckled at the sleeping beauty in front of me. I was having a great dream about a never ending pizza. Why was I dreaming about this, I don't know. When I felt something hit my arm several times. I woke up to see Bella making a funny face. I said "Bella, what's wrong? Bad dream or are you hungry?" I kissed her forehead in hopes to calm her if that was the case. Then she said the two words that made my nerves hit me full force "Baby's comming"




It was funny watching Sam running around trying to get dressed and call the family letting them know what was going on. I was laughing when a contraction hit me and I knew that we needed to get to the hopsital soon. I was dressed and sitting on the couch when Sam came running passed me with my bag and taking it to the car. Next thing I heard was the car pulling away and leaving the driveway. I chuckled and called Sam. It rang a couple of times before he answered "Hello Bella, I'm a bit busy trying to drive you to the hospital before the baby comes." I laughed and he said "Why are you laughing at me?" I laughed again and said "Sam that will only work if I'm in the car next to you and not still on the couch." I heard him mutter something but couldn't make out what he said.  About five minutes later he was pulling back into the yard and loading me into the car. He laughed and said "I almost forgot the most important thing didn't I?" I smiled and shook my head.


This baby seemed to be content on taking it's sweet time getting here and I was going crazy. Finally Dr. Greene said that it was time. After fifteen hours of labor. Little Sophia Leira Uley was born. She was perfect in every single way. Sam was beside himself that he wanted to keep us to himself for a while before sharing our daughter. Wow... I can't believe that I'm a mother now. She looks like the perfect blend of Sam and I. She has this unique eyes that I can't even describe. After I fed her for the first time did Sam let everyone in but he stated that they had to be calm. The grandfathers were fighting over who was going to hold her first so I let Sue. Slowly everyone started to leave and I was getting a bit tired. Paul was the last to hold her because he wanted to give the others some time to be with Sophia. All of a sudden Sam started to growl and I was looking for a threat. Paul said "Sam, you know better that it can't be helped. Calm down before you phase and hurt your wife and daughter." Sam stopped growling and was a griping about something. Paul left shortly after that with the promise to be by the next day.


I was released from the hospital a few days later. The Cullen's had been by to see the baby. Rosalie was a bit nervous at first around the baby. I knew that this happines was going to short lived because of the war that was coming.... the things is that I knew that everyone would never be the same again

here is Sophia Leira Uley


Sam and Bella new family friendly car

Awwwwww!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SHE IS SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahah I can't wait for more!!!!!!

i luv it cant wait 4 more.

Awe i love it write more soon !

Love it!!!! Thank you for the update!!!!! Please write soon!!!!! That's too funny Sam forgot about Bella needing to be in the car! Haha :)


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