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This is my first post, so I hope you guys like it!(:

For the most part it's in Renesmee's point of view, If not, I'll let you know.  Im posting by Chapters, So keep an eye out for the rest.
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         Never again would I deceive my family, never again would I have Alice lie for me… I would never, do this to myself again. 
It hurt, burned, made me wish I hadn’t been so childish.  I’d heard everyone’s stories a hundred
times over, but unlike them, I couldn’t think through it… couldn’t think around
the overwhelming pain. 

         I tried to remember what I had done to deserve this.  No one deserved this amount of horrible agony.  Not even the monster that had done this to me.  I couldn’t remember whom we had lost,
or if I’d been close to those we had. 

         Now I understood Alice’s extreme frustration when she couldn’t see around Jacob or I.  I couldn’t think around the pain… couldn’t bring up an image of my family in my head, couldn’t remember the
simple girl who had become a sister to me… couldn’t think of Jacob’s face…

         All I could do was hope, wish, and pray to a god I had never been preached to about, that this would not end me.  That I was less
like Jacob than they had thought, more normal… Pray that I would have a normal
reaction to the poison affecting me now.

         For an instant, I could think around the pain.  In that instant, the realization hit me; no matter how much I wished, and hoped,
and prayed… I would not make it through this, could not make it through
this.  But I would try, because
didn’t god give second chances to those who tried?

         Would he give a second chance to me?

1.    Racing


“Renesmee, you need to get up, it’s not going to be my fault if you’re late today.”  Alice said, whispering in my ear so she wouldn’t wake up Jacob.  He lay in a ball, curled around a bunch
of blankets in the corner of my room.

“The hell it’s not your fault,” I said rolling over into my pillow and covering my head with the covers.  “You kept me up all night making me pick out color schemes for your room.”

Alice was my alarm clock, she had been for a year now, and I knew if I didn’t get up soon, she’d dump me in the little pond outside my parents’ window.

“You didn’t have to help me, you know.”  She said.

“You locked your door.”

“And what?  You can’t unlock it?”  She said sarcasticly.

“Fine,” I said sighing, and crawling out of my warm bed.  “I’m up.”

Today was the day I had been dreading for weeks.  We were a month into the school year, and a new student was about to arrive at Forks High School.  Bailey. Bailey Oliver.  Her parents had divorced, her older brother and father had moved to West Virginia from Florida.  Her and her mother had moved here.  Apparently her mother had looked up the
safest cities in the US, and we were among the top 5 because there were no
gangs in Forks, Washington. 

No gangs, I thought, just enough vampires and werewolves to give anyone nightmares.  I followed Alice to the little front door of my little fairytale house, and heard my father chuckle as he read my thoughts. 
Out of the whole family, I was the only exception to the privacy
rule.  He thought it was part of
his fatherly duties to keep tabs on my thoughts… although he rarely commented
on them.

      “Do you remember what she looks like?”  Alice asked, “So you can find her?”

“Yes, Alice, I remember what she looks like.  But I wont have to find her.”

“Whatever you say.” Alice said quickly before opening the door and disappearing outside into the rain.  I clenched my teeth
so they wouldn’t chatter because of the cold, and followed her, letting the
door swing shut behind me.

     With age had come strength, so even though I was half human, and slower than the others, if I put my strength into it, I could follow Alice with only inches between us.  I could reach out and touch her back as
we ran, if I wanted to.

As we reached the river, I pushed myself faster, Alice and I leaped at the same time.  Both of us clearing it with
feet to spare.  It had taken a little less than a minute for us to travel the distance from the little cottage 
that belonged to my parents and I, to the big white main house that belonged to everyone else.

I had inherited Alice’s sense of style, so there were usually no problems with her approving my outfits.  I already knew what I wanted to wear as I darted up to our shared closet in her

When my collection of clothes outgrew my dresser, I had moved into Alice’s, it worked out okay, since hers was big enough for three people. 

There were no restrictions, no mine and hers.  We usually shared our clothes.  I could wear just about all of her things, except her pants were always
too short.  I grabbed my white jeans and tugged them on.  Pairing
them with Alice’s black lacey shirt, and stepping into a pair of scrunchy grey
leather boots that went about half way up my calf.  I wrapped a white scarf around my neck, and pulled on the dark grey trench coat Rosalie had bought for me as a gift a couple months ago.

Time was not on my side today, I needed to be to school early, so I could conveniently walk into the office right as the school receptionist would be
asking for someone to give the new student a tour of the school.  I grabbed my school bag off of Alice’s chair and skipped down the stairs with plenty of time to spare.  Funny, I thought. It seemed like I had been racing against time earlier.

Breakfast had been served downstairs, at least for those in the house who actually ate.  Seth, Leah, and Jacob all sat around the kitchen table, plates heaping with eggs and bacon.  Jacob must have gotten up while I had been changing.

“Morning guys.” I said walking around the table and picking a piece of scrambled egg off of Seth’s plate, and popping it in my mouth.

“I thought you didn’t eat,” He said jabbing his fork in my direction.  “So don’t eat my breakfast.”

“I just decided I liked eggs,” I said, laughing.  “Besides, aren’t little kids supposed to be picky?”

“You aren’t a little kid!”

“Yes I am, I might just as well be, I’m almost 10.”

“Woo hoo, double digits!” Emmett thundered from the other side of the counter.  I laughed again.  I had stopped growing what seemed like decades ago, but really it had only been a few years.  I was no younger looking than Edward, my father, and no older looking than Carlisle.

“Common Nessie,” Alice yelled from the garage.  I could hear her Porsche idling, waiting to take off like a bullet from
a gun.

“I’m coming!” I yelled back, darting around the table.  Jacob grabbed my arm as I ran around the table.

“Doesn’t your best friend get a hung this morning?” He asked grinning.

“Oh that’s right, I forgot to give Seth a hug,” I said laughing and hugging him.

“Whatever,” He said pushing me towards the garage.  “You better go.”

“Renesmee!” Alice yelled again.

“I’m coming!”

I ran out to the garage, and jumped in the car, slamming the door.

“Watch it, don’t chip the paint.” Alice murmured as she peeled out of the drive way, and into the rain.


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Lol Rachel! :D Hurry up and finish 27 D: I cant wait any longer :(
27. More Lies
(Renesmee’s p.o.v)

School was hard to get through everyday. I had no desire to waste my days pretending to learn what I already knew. It got to where even the stupidest humans who had never given me any attention before realized something was wrong.
The teachers would ask me questions, and I would shrug; there was no reason to waste what little breath I might have left on the Pythagorean theorem. Now, the teachers didn’t even bother to ask me.
The principal stopped calling in my ‘parents’; the excuse was the same every time.
“She’s going through a rough time right now. She misses her real parents.” Esme would say. Or:
“Things have been rough at home.” Carlisle would lie.
Now the principal stopped talking to me altogether. He understood, more or less, that something was horribly wrong. I yearned to be sent to his office, just to hear him tell me that “It’s okay, just go home for today. I’ll give you a green slip.” Or “Take a walk Renesmee. I’ll let your teachers know you’ll be gone for a while.”
Either way, I usually ended up in the forest surrounding the school, where either Jacob or Jane would wait for me.
But being home was just as bad. I couldn’t get away from the planning. I couldn’t get away from the obvious. I longed for the days when a smart human with an active imagination was the least of my problems. But now I was stuck with constant practicing, constant depression from every vampire in the room.
I was constantly lying to my family. Constantly lying to my friends. Constantly lying to the people I loved. Having Alice constantly lie to the same people.
Life, in general, was hard to take. I had had too much stress. If I were human, I figured I would resemble and old woman. I hear stress ages the body…
There was nowhere for me to run. I couldn’t hide in my room, couldn’t confide in anyone. I tried hard not to think about it. But when I couldn’t help it I would leave. Go nowhere in particular, but just go. And get away simply to think.
There were only three weeks left now. My day at school would be my last one for while, considering I made it through the fight.
School-even though it was depressing, and hard to deal with on a daily basis- seemed to be the only place I could think without being careful about my thoughts. Which, considering the things I was thinking about, was a bad idea. It was during my third period class, not even half way through the day when my thinking got the best of me.
My biology teacher’s monotone voice made it easy to drift into my own little world. Or at least, drift into enough quiet for me to think clearly. I thought about the fight, about getting hurt, about loosing everything I had. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Over and over again I thought about the things I shouldn’t think about.
It took only a few minutes for me to loose control of my thoughts. Before I could control it, my imagination started plummeting out of control. I began imagining how I would get hurt. How I could possibly die. My thoughts spun out of control as I found myself shaking in my seat, my breathing too fast to be normal. Burn me alive. Rip my head off. Bite me and let me die slowly. Over and over again. I raised a shaky hand in the air getting the teachers attention.
“Yes, Renesmee? Would you like to answer a question for the class?” Mr. Mason said sarcastically.
“No sir,” I managed to say with a shaky voice. “I need to- I need to-” I was all but biting my tongue off trying to get the words out. “I need to go.” I didn’t give him time to answer. I shot up from my seat, and bolted from the room. I hadn’t even hit the door yet before I heard Bailey asking to go with me, to make sure I was okay. She didn’t wait for a full response either. She was out the door after me. I didn’t care who was watching I flew to the edges of the forest and sat down on a tree stump, putting my head between my knees and breathing deeply. I still was unable to get control of myself.
“Renesmee, what’s wrong?”
“I- I’m- It’s…” it’s what? It’s just that I’m going to die in a couple of weeks? “I can’t-“ I couldn’t speak. A lump had closed my throat. It hadn’t ever happened to me before, but it wasn’t rocket science; I coughed a couple times, then figuratively speaking “lost my lunch”.
Bailey staggered back in time to dodge the mess. I groaned, and leaned back against the mossy tree behind me, closing my eyes.
“That’s gross…”
“Yeah, kind of… Renesmee, are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”
“The fight is only three weeks away… I’m nervous…” Lie.
“I’m sorry.”
“I’ll be fine, don’t you start worrying about me now.” Lie.
“Yeah I know. I mean it’s not like you’ll die, right?”
“Right.” Lie.
“You’re not coming back to school, are you? At least not until after the fight.”
“I’ll come back after, maybe.” Lie.
“You’ve just been acting really weird lately… have you been keeping something from me?”
“There’s nothing to keep from you. Not any more. The Volturi are already coming so it wouldn’t make much sense, would it?” Lie.
“I guess…”
I was getting pretty good at lying. With my thoughts and my mouth. Maybe I could make a career out of it.
If I lived through the next three weeks.

First comment BTW! :DDD
i love it!
Rachel what a fascinating story!!! I just found it today & read the whole thing ......I can';t wait for you to update your story...I need to know what's going to happen to Nessie;The Cullen Clan & the Wolfs. What will Jane do now!!! I thought in one of the chapters that Jacob & Nessie would be engaged for the Holiday's or is the fight coming around the Holiday?..............Until you post again
Please don't let me without knowing what happens next!!!
It's awesome
Thanks Guys! NCIS is on tonight, so I'll TRY MY HARDEST to get two chapters up by the end of the night, but no promises.... Thanks for reading!(:
I absolutely love it!!!! update me when you post more!
Great so far!! Looking forward to more!
28. The Letter.
(Renesmee’s p.o.v)

One Hundred Seventeen; that’s how many times I’d seen Jasper and Bella fight. It was getting tiring. Bella and I were the ‘main focuses’ when it came to training, since we’d never fought before. I suppose practice was a good thing, but all these years I had been under the assumption it was instinct. I guess I was wrong.
We were at the four-day mark. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, thoughts, and practices… they all went by too fast. I was digging myself a deeper hole by lying to everyone, pretty soon it would be too deep for anyone to help me out. The good thing about it was that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting out of my hole for much longer; my hole would cave in soon.
It was starting to get to me; the lying. But what else could I do? What other options did I have? None.
I had taken to running away, hiding so I could think freely about what I was going to do before I had no time left to do anything. With only four days left, I took paper and a pencil with me when I hid away in the forest away from my family.
I sat for hours in my hiding spot, thinking of what to write. How to write what I wanted to say to my family, but couldn’t say until it was all said and done. How could I say it in my own words without it sounding like the goodbye letter it was?
My heart ached as I put my pencil to my paper, and began writing what I was unable to speak aloud.

Dear family,
I’m not entirely sure how to say what I’ve been trying to keep from you for the past few weeks. I love you all, and wish you all the best, it wont be much different without me, so I’m almost certain you’ll live through it.

Carlisle- I’m honored by the fact that people believe I resemble you, I’ve been told time and time again that I’m more like you everyday. Thank you, for influencing me to become as compassionate and unselfish as you are.

Esme- you make a wonderful mother for us all, and the perfect grandmother for me. Please encourage my father to play the piano more often, if not for himself, then for me. Please continue to take care of Seth and Leah, if they decide to stay, they have come to depend on you more then you know.

Bella- I know you don’t always feel as though you were a good enough mother for me. Don’t. You were more of a mother then you know. Don’t blame yourself for my independence, I inherited it from you. Thank you for my eyes.

Edward- Even after you tried to get rid of me, you were still a good father. Please don’t be angry with Alice, I made her promise she would keep it a secret. I love you and momma with all of my heart.

Alice- I’m so sorry I made you keep the secret from everyone. In the end I think it was a good plan. In the decade I’ve lived you’ve not only inspired me to take my first steps, but given me the advice I needed every time I asked for it. You are the closest thing I have to an older sister. Please find it in your heart to forgive me for what I put you through the past few weeks. I’m sorry.

Jasper- Thank you for keeping me under control when I wanted to explode. Thank you for giving me the skills I needed to survive as long as I did in that fight. I hope you and Alice remain happy for the rest of eternity. You owe her that much, she picked you over me. I don’t blame her.

Rosalie- I was able to see through the bitterness and get to know the real you. I’m glad I was able to give you part of what you had missed out on. I wish I could go back in time and tear Royce king to shreds for what he did to you. I love you dearly, as if you were my mother.

Emmett- You are the big brother I never had. You’ve made me laugh on countless occasions. Thank you for taking care of Rosalie, I know she can be a handful. Please keep our family safe for the rest of forever. And don’t worry; you’ll beat Bella at arm wrestling one of these days.

Bailey- you have truly become my best friend. Thank you for having the courage to stand up to the unknown and force the secret out of me… literally. I’m sorry I almost ate you; you wouldn’t have been that tasty anyway. I love you my best friend, my secret keeper, my sister. Forever.

I sat and stared at the paper, waiting for the words to come to me. Jacob, what could I tell him that he didn’t already know? Tears welled up in my eyes as I started writing. Just writing everything I had ever said to him. And the one thing I had never thought to tell him before:

Jacob- I never thought I would have to write something like this for you. You were the second reason for me to smile; first the worst, second the best. I love you with all of my heart, all of my soul. You are my best friend, with benefits of course. I cannot help but say that I will miss you with every cell in my body; the one thing that has kept me going on a daily basis was you. I know that, wherever I end up, after I’m gone, I will be the laziest one because you wont be there to give me the energy I yearn for. We are, and always will be, the two final puzzle pieces in my mother’s life, fitting together perfectly. And the first two pieces in the puzzle of my life, even though my puzzle is unfinished. I have never told you this before, and why I feel the need to tell you know, I am unsure, but Jacob, I would have married you in a heartbeat. If it were possible, I still would. I love you, I always have, and always will.

Renesmee C. Cullen.

I cried as I pulled the paper out of the notebook I had written it in, and stuck it in and envelope. I licked it, and sealed it shut. Sealing with it, any hope that I would make it through the fight.
DUDE IM CRYING D: No joke!!! :( So frikken sad!! :(((
I was SO excited about this chapter i was literally SHAKING when i wrote it!

29. Camp Out.
(Renesmee’s p.o.v)

My letter had been safely tucked away where it could be found. It was laying on my desk. I was staring at it when I heard a knock on my door. I threw a piece of paper over it before Jacob could come in. He walked in without me saying anything and desperately wrapped his arms around me pulling me into a hug. He reached down and picked me up, kissing me. I knew how he felt.
“I love you.” He whispered, squeezing me before letting me down; he still held me close.
“I love you too, Jake. Forever.” I murmured into his chest, I didn’t meet his stare, knowing I would break into a million pieces if I did.
“Are you ready?” he asked quietly, holding his hand out for me to take.
“As ready as I’ll ever be…” I whispered, holding back tears. I had cried so much in the past weeks it was hard to believe I could cry anymore. “I’ll be out in a minute.” He looked hurt. I knew he didn’t want to leave my side, but he obeyed and left the room. I moved the paper, and uncovered the letter. I found some tape and taped it to my vanity mirror. Then watched myself put on first; my Cullen Crest, then the necklace Jacob had given me for Christmas. I wiped away the single tear that had started to roll down my cheek, closed my door, and walked out to meet Jacob.


Once we got to the campsite, everything was already set up. The tents were up. and a bonfire was just starting to smoke. The werewolves had all transformed, they sat off to one side of the campfire, minus Seth and Leah; Jacob’s small yet loyal pack.
“Should we phase Jake?” Leah asked as we walked up.
“Do what you think you should do. If phasing would make you more comfortable, then phase.” Seth and Leah jogged off into the woods to phase. Jacob and I sat down on a log that had been moved to sit around the bonfire. I held his hand and leaned on his chest, knowing that this was as I could have of him for now. I saw Alice walking towards us, I stood and kissed Jacob quickly but passionately, and followed her into the woods. Surrounding the clearing.
“Bella’s practicing her shielding, so I need to talk to you.” She practically mouthed. I put my hand on her cheek figuring it would be better to communicate that way, after all I sucked at whispering. I showed he a giant question mark with my thoughts and she rolled her eyes.
“Are you sure you wont to go through with this?” she said. She looked exhausted, I could tell she was tired of lying to the entire family.
Yes, Alice. I just really don’t see any other option for me. At least not one I’m willing to comply with.
“Fine, Renesmee. But…” she paused, her eyebrows pulling up, she bit her lip as if she were trying not to cry. “If anything happens to you, I’ll never forgive myself.”
I’m sorry I made you do this Alice. I love you though. I said smiling sadly and hugging her. She hugged me back tightly before pecking me on the cheek and walking back to the clearing.
I followed her back, tears welling up in my eyes. I managed to stop them from coming before I reached Jacob, the last thing he needed was to see me crying.
The wolves stayed and watched the camp grounds as we all hunted. The non-vegetarians ran to Seattle to hunt, while the rest of us hunted everything we could find.
I was proud of Jane; her eyes were now a solid gold. She was a member of the family in my opinion, and I’m pretty sure in the opinion of everyone else. Her hair was French braided back, she wore the same style flannel and jeans as the rest of us. She was ready, even more so than the rest of us, to get this over with. She had contacted Alec earlier this morning, letting him know to tell the others she would meet them in the clearing. Little did they know she would be on the opposite side of the field.
I watched her give Carlisle a hug from across the field. I smiled. He had asked her what I had advised him to ask. If we made it through the fight, she would stay with the family. Our clan had grown from 10 to twelve within only a few weeks. Everything was taken care of, I had nothing left to worry about.
Adrenaline mixed with instincts mad it impossible to sleep. The combination of the two had me up all night, with Jacob by my side of course, planning what moves to use. I had my layout already memorized, it wasn’t that hard to do.
I would go for Chelsea first; she was the bodyguard of Aro and needed to be out of the way. If I made it past Chelsea, I would go with Jane and get rid of Demitri; with him out of the way we could not be tracked if it came down to running. From there I would fight off Heidi with whoever else had gotten there with me. After that it was every many for himself. Anyone who got Aro in their sights, would take him down…
I didn’t need sleep, the fresh blood in my system had me charged, like a human who had just slept for a day and then ate a tub of sugar. I felt like I could run around the world in five seconds, I didn’t know whether that was good or bad.
Jacob stood on guard with the rest of the wolves waiting and watching. As the sun peeked over the horizon we cleared the tents out of the way and took our positions in the field. We stood silent, communicating only through looks for a few hours.
A few vampires crouched down into a defensice position, others hissed. The wolves all growled simultaneously at an unseen force. It didn’t take rocket science to know what it was.
I looked down at the dinky, cheap watch I had on my wrist, 9:00 am sharp. I looked up just in time to see a hint of black seep into the clearing.


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