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         Never again would I deceive my family, never again would I have Alice lie for me… I would never, do this to myself again. 
It hurt, burned, made me wish I hadn’t been so childish.  I’d heard everyone’s stories a hundred
times over, but unlike them, I couldn’t think through it… couldn’t think around
the overwhelming pain. 

         I tried to remember what I had done to deserve this.  No one deserved this amount of horrible agony.  Not even the monster that had done this to me.  I couldn’t remember whom we had lost,
or if I’d been close to those we had. 

         Now I understood Alice’s extreme frustration when she couldn’t see around Jacob or I.  I couldn’t think around the pain… couldn’t bring up an image of my family in my head, couldn’t remember the
simple girl who had become a sister to me… couldn’t think of Jacob’s face…

         All I could do was hope, wish, and pray to a god I had never been preached to about, that this would not end me.  That I was less
like Jacob than they had thought, more normal… Pray that I would have a normal
reaction to the poison affecting me now.

         For an instant, I could think around the pain.  In that instant, the realization hit me; no matter how much I wished, and hoped,
and prayed… I would not make it through this, could not make it through
this.  But I would try, because
didn’t god give second chances to those who tried?

         Would he give a second chance to me?

1.    Racing


“Renesmee, you need to get up, it’s not going to be my fault if you’re late today.”  Alice said, whispering in my ear so she wouldn’t wake up Jacob.  He lay in a ball, curled around a bunch
of blankets in the corner of my room.

“The hell it’s not your fault,” I said rolling over into my pillow and covering my head with the covers.  “You kept me up all night making me pick out color schemes for your room.”

Alice was my alarm clock, she had been for a year now, and I knew if I didn’t get up soon, she’d dump me in the little pond outside my parents’ window.

“You didn’t have to help me, you know.”  She said.

“You locked your door.”

“And what?  You can’t unlock it?”  She said sarcasticly.

“Fine,” I said sighing, and crawling out of my warm bed.  “I’m up.”

Today was the day I had been dreading for weeks.  We were a month into the school year, and a new student was about to arrive at Forks High School.  Bailey. Bailey Oliver.  Her parents had divorced, her older brother and father had moved to West Virginia from Florida.  Her and her mother had moved here.  Apparently her mother had looked up the
safest cities in the US, and we were among the top 5 because there were no
gangs in Forks, Washington. 

No gangs, I thought, just enough vampires and werewolves to give anyone nightmares.  I followed Alice to the little front door of my little fairytale house, and heard my father chuckle as he read my thoughts. 
Out of the whole family, I was the only exception to the privacy
rule.  He thought it was part of
his fatherly duties to keep tabs on my thoughts… although he rarely commented
on them.

      “Do you remember what she looks like?”  Alice asked, “So you can find her?”

“Yes, Alice, I remember what she looks like.  But I wont have to find her.”

“Whatever you say.” Alice said quickly before opening the door and disappearing outside into the rain.  I clenched my teeth
so they wouldn’t chatter because of the cold, and followed her, letting the
door swing shut behind me.

     With age had come strength, so even though I was half human, and slower than the others, if I put my strength into it, I could follow Alice with only inches between us.  I could reach out and touch her back as
we ran, if I wanted to.

As we reached the river, I pushed myself faster, Alice and I leaped at the same time.  Both of us clearing it with
feet to spare.  It had taken a little less than a minute for us to travel the distance from the little cottage 
that belonged to my parents and I, to the big white main house that belonged to everyone else.

I had inherited Alice’s sense of style, so there were usually no problems with her approving my outfits.  I already knew what I wanted to wear as I darted up to our shared closet in her

When my collection of clothes outgrew my dresser, I had moved into Alice’s, it worked out okay, since hers was big enough for three people. 

There were no restrictions, no mine and hers.  We usually shared our clothes.  I could wear just about all of her things, except her pants were always
too short.  I grabbed my white jeans and tugged them on.  Pairing
them with Alice’s black lacey shirt, and stepping into a pair of scrunchy grey
leather boots that went about half way up my calf.  I wrapped a white scarf around my neck, and pulled on the dark grey trench coat Rosalie had bought for me as a gift a couple months ago.

Time was not on my side today, I needed to be to school early, so I could conveniently walk into the office right as the school receptionist would be
asking for someone to give the new student a tour of the school.  I grabbed my school bag off of Alice’s chair and skipped down the stairs with plenty of time to spare.  Funny, I thought. It seemed like I had been racing against time earlier.

Breakfast had been served downstairs, at least for those in the house who actually ate.  Seth, Leah, and Jacob all sat around the kitchen table, plates heaping with eggs and bacon.  Jacob must have gotten up while I had been changing.

“Morning guys.” I said walking around the table and picking a piece of scrambled egg off of Seth’s plate, and popping it in my mouth.

“I thought you didn’t eat,” He said jabbing his fork in my direction.  “So don’t eat my breakfast.”

“I just decided I liked eggs,” I said, laughing.  “Besides, aren’t little kids supposed to be picky?”

“You aren’t a little kid!”

“Yes I am, I might just as well be, I’m almost 10.”

“Woo hoo, double digits!” Emmett thundered from the other side of the counter.  I laughed again.  I had stopped growing what seemed like decades ago, but really it had only been a few years.  I was no younger looking than Edward, my father, and no older looking than Carlisle.

“Common Nessie,” Alice yelled from the garage.  I could hear her Porsche idling, waiting to take off like a bullet from
a gun.

“I’m coming!” I yelled back, darting around the table.  Jacob grabbed my arm as I ran around the table.

“Doesn’t your best friend get a hung this morning?” He asked grinning.

“Oh that’s right, I forgot to give Seth a hug,” I said laughing and hugging him.

“Whatever,” He said pushing me towards the garage.  “You better go.”

“Renesmee!” Alice yelled again.

“I’m coming!”

I ran out to the garage, and jumped in the car, slamming the door.

“Watch it, don’t chip the paint.” Alice murmured as she peeled out of the drive way, and into the rain.


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2. Hand-me Down

I got to school with plenty of time to spare. Even had Alice been driving the speed limit, I would have had plenty of time.

“I’ll leave you the car, so you can get home. But please, please, please don’t wreck my car.” She said, giving me an intimidating

“I wont Alice, I probably drive better than you do.”

“I doubt it,” she said chuckling as she put the car in park, and got out, tossing me the keys. We were parked in the farthest corner of the parking lot. The same spot the Cullen’s had always parked, close to the forest that lined the back of the
school. Alice slithered away, disappearing into the green wall of trees.

I watched her go, then made my way to the front office.

As always, people watched me as I walked into the office. I was grateful to be only half human, humans seemed to be pretty ignorant, but
then again, none of them really new how to distinguish the difference between
my family and them. The only thing they knew was that I looked different.
What they didn’t know was that it, along with other things, made me what
I was.

The office receptionist looked relieved as I walked into the blisteringly hot room. Was it really that cold outside?

“Ah, Renesmee, you’re just the girl I wanted to see.”

We’re getting a new student today. I knew exactly what she would say, thanks to Alice.

“We’re getting a new student today.”

And it would really help me out if you helped her out.

“And it would really help me out if you helped her out.”

“Um, yeah sure, no problem.” I said awkwardly, I wasn’t used to talking at school.
Only at home, where I didn’t have to be careful about what I said, or in my ‘special’ way, which was really not ‘talking’ at all.

“I have to get some things from my car,” I said quietly, confidence building in my voice with every word I said. “So if you could have
her come over there…” I said trailing off. I smiled at her, showing my pearly white teeth, the same way my father did whenever he wanted something from a human.

“Oh, of course…” She said, unable to stop staring at my smile. “That will be, um, that will be fine.”

“Thanks.” I said, striding out of the too hot office, into the cool rain. I felt like I could breathe better outside.

I walked to the flashy yellow Porsche and sat in the drivers seat, leaving the door open and allowing the fresh, wet air to blow into the car.
I was nervous, I already knew the outcome of this whole thing. I knew
she would find out. But I still felt like I needed to at least try and stop it. Either that, or walk up and tell her as soon as I saw her…
it would have the same outcome.

I leaned across to the other seat, and opened the glove compartment. I searched the CD holder until I found my favorite… a CD I had gotten as a hand-me down from Bella. At school they weren’t momma and dad, or mother and father. They were Edward and Bella. The story was that I was Edwards long
lost sister, traced back to him after my foster parents passed away.

The CD was a burned one; the songs on it recorded, and then put on the computer. It had been a gift to Bella from Edward, almost 12 years ago. I remembered the story about her horrific 18th birthday party while I
listened to her lullaby.

I was about to nod off, when I heard the sound of an unfamiliar car pull into the school lot, I watched as a tall, tan blonde stepped out of the car and walked into the front office, ponytail swishing as she walked. Definitely not a local. This was Bailey Oliver.

I pulled the expensive phone Alice insisted I carry around with me out of my
pocket, and dialed her number; it rang only once before her high-pitched voice

“Did you see her?” She asked quickly.

“Yeah, she’s here. She’s pretty…” I said, her blonde hair reminded me of Kate, from the Denali clan… whom I hadn’t seen in ages.

“Do you know what you’re going to say to her?”

“I don’t know yet.”

“Well you better figure it out… you don’t ha-“

“I know Alice, I know! I realize I don’t exactly have years to figure out what I’m going to say.”

“Well gosh, you don’t have to shout. There’s no reason for that…”

She had to be close to coming out and looking for me by now…

“Alice I should probably go…”

“Okay, oh wait!” She said, as I was about to hang up.


“I accidentally washed your jeans with bleach…”


"It really wasn't my fault!" She said frantically. "Please let me explain..."

Great. Just what I need.
Very intriging!
3. A Different Perspective

(Bailey’s p.o.v)

It was bad enough, I’d had to move. Bad enough they’d divorced. Even worse that Derrick had moved with dad, instead of staying with mom… and me. But this was the icing on the cake.

I’d never seen so much rain in my life, not even in a hurricane. Of all the places mom could have picked to move to, why did it have to be here? Couldn’t it have at least
been somewhere less green?

Everything was so monotone, so much the same… I couldn’t pick out one tree from the one beside it… it all just looked like one big, thick green wall. I hadn’t noticed it there, but here, 3,506 miles away from Miami Beach, (I had googled that before we left) Miami was colorful.

Tan skin, white sand, green palm trees, neon lights everywhere, and every color bikini a person could think of. I sighed, and blinked back tears as I thought about my old home.

As soon as we hit Idaho, we ended up having to shop for new clothes, mom and I. The weather had become too cold for us to simply wear jeans and a tee shirt. Along with our many bags in the back of our brand new (slightly used) SUV, were also shopping bags filled with lots of thick jeans, wind-breakers ‘proven’ to keep a person warm, think sweaters, and a couple of ‘real jackets’ as I called them, the one’s Florida girls only saw in magazine adds for ski bunny apparel.

I wore that now, along with a pare of jeans over two pairs of cotton tights, a long sleeve sweater, and some sheepskin boots like the ones I had always dreamed
about owning but somehow couldn’t find joy from now. Oh, and a beanie… if everything else was the icing on top,
the beanie represented the cherry.

This is what I thought about as I walked the slippery, unfamiliar sidewalk to the main office, blushing as unfamiliar people in unfamiliar unisex jackets gave me
unfamiliar smiles… and some unfamiliar frowns.

Everything was unfamiliar here.

Finally the small sign on the door that read ‘Office’ came into view. Heaven, I thought, I would be able to get away from the stares. I walked through the door relieved that there was no icy cold rain to pierce through the layers of my ensemble. And no icy glares to make the day even worse.

“Ah, you must be Bailey Oliver?” The woman at the front counter asked.

“Um, yeah… how did you know my name?” I asked her, confused.

“Everyone knows your name dear, you’re a new student.”

Of course. “Oh…”

“We have someone here that will help you out for the day… she’s very nice, she volunteered.” She said.

Volunteered? Or just drew the short straw?


“She asked me to have you meet her outside, she’ll be by her car; she said she had
some things to get.”


“Don’t worry, her car is easy to find. It’s…yellow today. That’s right, Alice drove
her…” she was off in her own train of thought before I walked out into the freezing weather.

How the hell was I supposed to find a person with my only help coming from ‘she’s by her car, it’s yellow. This day just keeps getting better and better, I thought.

It was easier than I thought, to spot the yellow car. It was the only one of the same color in the parking lot, which would be why the woman in the office said it would be easy.

I took a deep breath and walked towards the car, both excited and terrified about what I would find, little did I know I would have more reason to fear the girl I met than meets the eye.

The first thing I really saw about her was her car, or Alice’s car, whoever that was. It was a Porsche, the car my old best friend used to drool over when she was twelve, and by far the best looking car in the parking lot.

The second thing I noticed was her clothes. She was
dressed differently than the other students, whom most of wore jeans and tennis
shoes, with some form or another of the same jacket. She, on the other hand, was dressed well. She wore boots with a small heel on them, with white jeans, and a black trench coat, like the ones investigators always wore on CSI.

But the closer I got, the more I began to notice: she was on the phone, though I couldn’t hear what she was saying; I could tell it was an Iphone. Her hair was the oddest shade I’d ever seen; bronze-ish… almost like rusty copper… the description did it no justice. She was tall, even without the extra little boost from the small heel on her boots. She was pale, paler than the other students who were naturally pale from never spending a day in the sun. It had stopped raining for a moment, and sun shined through the small break in the clouds, making it seem like she had put glitter on her skin…

Finally, I was close enough to hear what she was saying:

“…Are you really blaming Leah for leaving bleach in the washer?”

She stood hand on hip, frustrated at whoever was on the other line.

“Leah hardly even comes inside for breakfast, let alone long enough to do laundry!”

I cleared my throat to let her know I was here. She
turned slowly looking at me and smiling, showing her perfect white teeth in the process. She shrugged an apology, before walking back to it in the driver’s seat of her car, leaving the door open.

“Alice, I can’t believe you, this just means we have to shop today, otherwise I wont have anything to wear tomorrow!”

I could hear someone through the phone, a high-pitched voice, squeaking out too many words for me to understand.

“You probably did it on purpose so we could shop… fine! Whatever Alice, but you do not get a single article of clothing when we go, since its your fault!” She snapped,
before hanging up her phone and shoving it in her coat pocket.

She walked forward to greet me, smiling and holding out her hand to shake mine.

“I’m Renesmee.” She said.


“Yeah, I know. So does the rest of the school. Are you liking it here so far?” She asked, trying to be polite.

For some reason, I was afraid to answer her. Something
about her made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, made my heart hammer
in my chest… but she seemed so normal. Well, she was far from normal looking… but every town had their models right? Or maybe she was just good at doing her makeup. Something just seemed off…

She was still waiting for my answer. I looked
her in the eyes, and shrugged. Her eyes were off too, something about them made it seem like she knew everything there was to know, like she had been through hell and back, bought the tee shirt…

“Does that mean you like it here?” she asked, one perfect eyebrow arching up in question.

“Well, I’ve never really like green…”
Loving is so far!
4. Secrets

(Bailey’s p.o.v)

I made it through morning classes… barely. Apparently only people who had seen the sun, understood sarcasm, there wasn’t a lot of sun here judging by the lack of response to my jokes, and the paleness of everyone’s skin. The pale skin reference in my thoughts reminded me of Renesmee. There it was again, another random thought about the strange girl, who was now walking gracefully beside me to the lunchroom.

“Where are your friends?”

“What friends?” she said, smiling sadly.

“What… you don’t have friends?”

“No. I’ve never had friends. Never had time for them.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m adopted. I’ve been adopted a few times. Lets just say, I don’t get too comfortable in one spot… don’t make too many close friends. It makes it easier to leave if I have to… a clean break.” She said the words as if she’d said them before. She didn’t look at me as she spoke again, but instead chose to stare out the window, watching the rain.

“But then again, I’m probably not the most desirable friend, so it doesn’t really bother me…” her voice cracked a little; she squeezed her eyes shut, and sighed.

“So… you don’t want friends.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You know what I think,” I said, trying to change the subject. “I think the new student should do the interrogating, rather than the other way around.” I said, smiling slyly.

“Be my guest.” Renesmee said. At this point, we were already sitting down at a table in the warm cafeteria.

“Who are your parents?”

“Which ones?” she asked, chuckling.

“Um, you birth parents, and recent parents.”

“My recent parents…” She paused to smile, “Are Dr. Carlisle and Esme Cullen.” She said proudly.

“I don’t know much about my birth parents… only their names. She seemed as if she were contemplating her answer, by the look on her face. But how hard could it be, to simply say the names of your parents?

“Elizabeth and Edward Mason.” She said awkwardly, as if the names had been pulled off the top of her head, or made up. I ignored it.

“How did you end up here? In this tiny, little town?”

“My last foster parents grew too old to take care of foster children. They tracked down my living relatives, and found my brother here, living with the Carlisle, Esme, and the others. The rest is history.”

“The others?”

“My adoptive siblings. Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and Bella. Edward is my only living blood relative.”

“You have a huge family!”

“Yes.” She said, smiling. Her eyes far away, probably thinking about her family.

“Do you have a nickname, because your na-“

“Nessie,” she said, cutting me off before I could finish my question. “Everyone asks that. And yes, I know my name is a mouthful.”


“Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t bother me.”

“Why do you seem so different… your so much different from anyone I’ve ever met…” I asked her, seriously wanting an answer to the question I’d been unable to answer all day. She winced at my question, as if she were uncomfortable with it.

How odd, I thought, that she would find it uncomfortable.

“What do you mean?” she finally asked. Staring at me with calm eyes. But under the surface of those all knowing eyes, was something that resembled anger…almost like she was mad at me for asking.

“Well… it’s just, your so much different than everyone else. Your super pretty, your graceful, your polite, you use well grammar…I could go on forever!”

She stared at me, her eyes never leaving mine, still giving me the semi-glare.

“I have to get stuff from my locker.” She said, standing up right as the bell rang, and quickly striding away, with out looking back. And without answering my question…
haha, she has Edwards temper!
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5. Confrontation

(Renesmee’s p.o.v.)

Weeks went by without any questions, but it was obvious to me that, after that day of interrogation, that it wouldn’t take long for her to figure it out. The suspicion came slowly, in the form of questions, looks, and I’m sure; thoughts. Alice gave it a couple more weeks; Edward gave it a few more days. It wasn’t until Alice had a vision about the exact date that I really started worrying.

Bailey was too nice of a girl to be involved with a family like mine… which really could hardly be called a family at all. A family on the wrong side of the law, even if the law was more than a little biased, and completely wrong.

I knew today would be a bad day. My instincts alerted me to Bailey’s confrontational mood, and instantly made me regret coming to school today, after skipping both the previous two days.

“Where were you?” she asked rudely. As if she owned me. It was all I could
do to keep a check on the monstrous instinct to reach out and snap her arm out
of frustration. Something I most certainly could do.

“Does it matter?” I asked her. “After all, my business is my business. Isn’t it?”

“It does when you’ve missed the last two days of school. It does when you’ve been keeping secrets from your friend. It does-“

“I told you the first day I met you; I didn’t need friends.”

“I don’t understand you Renesmee!” She shouted, obviously frustrated. “Just because you don’t need friends, doesn’t mean you should keep secrets from the one friend you have!”

“I’m not keeping anything from you.” I said calmly, turning to walk away.

“The hell your not… hey, don’t walk away from me!” she shouted even louder, while reaching out and grabbing the back of my coat. I turned, giving her the most terrifying glare I could muster, given the situation.

“Don’t. Touch. Me.” I said slowly, as if the slower I said it, the clearer it would be.

“Or what? You’re never going to talk to me again? You don’t talk to me now as it is, so it won’t be much of a change!”

“Look! Bailey, if you want to know the truth here it is.” I whispered harshly. “I am more dangerous than you could ever imagine. You don’t want to know why
I’m different. Because if you know, all it’ll do is put you in even more danger than you already are.”

“I don’t believe that.”

“You should.”

“Than prove to me you’re dangerous.”

“I won’t need to.” I glared at her until she stopped mumbling angrily about me. Once she was silent, I turned on the heel of the stilettos I had worn today, and strode out of the room. I knew exactly what she would do once I left. But my temper was even worse than Rosalie’s, and I feared I would rip her head off if I stayed too long.

I didn’t have to turn around to know she was already on her way to her locker, growing angrier the more she ran through the argument. I didn’t care.

It wasn’t raining yet outside, and I decided a nice, long walk on the beach would calm me down. I stepped into the Volvo, my ‘car of the day’, and stomped on the gas pedal, while throwing it into reverse at the same time. And sped out of the parking lot. I wasn’t concerned about getting in trouble for skipping; no teachers had even known I had been here, so no teachers would know I had skipped. And who would care if they did?


The sand of La Push beach felt good underneath my toes. Jacob walked beside me, his hand hovering at the small of my back, ready to catch me if I tripped. That
alone frustrated me in my already sour mood.

“Jake, I’m not my mother, I can keep myself balanced.” He looked at his hand as I said it, and slowly shoved his hand in his pocket.

“Sorry,” he muttered. I sighed at his sullen voice.

“Sorry, okay? I’m just not in a good mood.”

“No it’s okay, I know that. It’s just…”


“I just wish there was something I could do to help.”

“Jake, you already help! You just being around helps me more than you know.” All he wanted to do was make things the way they had been before. The whole house had been stressed over anticipating for the moment Bailey would decide to use her head, and figure out the secret we had been trying to keep for decades.

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do?”

“You could… save me from the slumber party Alice is planning for tonight.” I said plastering on a fake smile. Why am I trying to make him feel better now?

“Fine.” He said sighing and smiling at the same time.

My phone vibrated in my coat pocket, letting me know I had a text message. I ignored it. When was the last time I had even done anything with my phone? Like turned it on? It had been a while. I didn’t make it a habit to look at a calendar, but I had time didn’t I? It wouldn’t be today that my family’s plummet down hill would start?

“What’s the date today?” I asked Jacob, trying to make it sound casual.

“I’m not sure. Things tend to run together these days.”

I chuckled at him, and continued to walk down the beach. By the time my phone rang I was positive I had at least a few more days until she found out.

“Hello,” I answered my phone.

“Renesmee, you should come home. We have a problem.” Alice said casually. She said it too casually for it to be any big deal.

“What’s wrong?”

“We have company.” I checked the time on my phone as Alice said that. 3:15, school had been out for about 30 minutes. Plenty of time for Bailey to figure out where I lived, and drive over there.

“I’ll be there.” I said, hitting the ‘end’ button harder than I should. “Come on Jake, time to rock and roll.”
6. Visit

(Bailey’s p.o.v)

I’m not sure exactly why I decided to confront her in her own home, maybe I just thought she would give me more answers when there weren’t other people around. But then again, who was I kidding? It would probably just
make her mad that I showed up. Maybe that was why I was slowly making my way up the long gravel path that twisted for miles through the forest. Could a drive way even be this long?

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the trees began to thin. Before I could blink twice, they had completely disappeared, and opened up into a huge clearing. With an absolutely huge house smack in the middle. Of course, I thought, it would make sense for Renesmee to be perfect, and have an awesome life. How unfair can this world get?

I stopped the car, and got out. Not completely sure of what to do.
There really was only one thing to do… walk up to the door.

I took my own advice, and walked up the steps to the beautiful front door, they were French doors, of course. And for crying out loud, the steps didn’t even creak!

I pressed the doorbell once, listening to the ancient sounding chime echo through the mostly glass house. I could hear some voices coming from the inside of the house. That alone made me nervous; I didn’t know these people, so what was I doing here?

“Yes Alice, I’ve got it!” I heard from the other side of the door. The voice was beautiful, and resembled wind chimes. The door opened, and of course, the beautiful voice was paired with the most beautiful girl I had ever

She was tall of course. And slim. She had the same dark circles under her eyes like Renesmee, as well as the pale skin. Her mouth turned down into an intimidating grimace. Her lip pulled back over her teeth, making it seem as though she were disgusted by my presence.

“Of course,” She said glaring at me while turning and walking away from the door. Without inviting me in. “Alice! I’m not going to deal
with it.”

“Well, where is she?” Someone asked from around the corner. This voice was also very beautiful, but a lot higher pitched than the last girls, less wind chime like and more like a tiny bell.

“I left her at the door.” I heard the blonde say rudely.

“Well for crying out loud Rosalie!” I heard the bell voice say. I heard a
crash from the other room, and some complaining. Before the girl with the bell like voice came around the corner.

She was pretty too. Extremely. But in a different way; she was extremely tiny, no taller than 4’10. She had short, dark hair that stuck out in different directions, like a pixies.

She was followed only a few seconds later by an equally beautiful brunette. Who, likewise, was pretty in her own different way. She was average
height, skinny, of course. She looked less extreme though, where the blonde was extremely beautiful and rude too match, and where the tiny pixie like girl was extremely pretty, as well as friendly, the brunette seemed quiet, and humble. Like someone who would make a good listener, rather than a
good gossiper or a good smack talker, like the other two.

“I’m so sorry about that. Rosalie has problems with anyone other than herself.” The tiny girl said.

“Oh, it’s… okay I guess.”
“Actually, it’s not. We’re trying to house train her, but it’s not working so well.” That made me laugh. Renesmee’s sister already talked more than she did.

“I’m Alice, by the way.” She said smiling, showing a set of perfectly white, straight teeth that looked like they could bite through anything.

“The one who bleached Renesmee’s jeans?” I asked, smiling.

“It wasn’t my fault.” She muttered. Brushing my joke off. “And this is Bella.” She said touching the brunettes arm lightly, almost as if she were comforting her.

“Hi.” She said smiling slightly, I had been right, she was shy. “I would stick around, but I have things to do.” She said, smiling again before walking off.
She spoke more casually than Alice, Renesmee, and Rosalie. Who all spoke as if they’d grown up in the early 1900’s…

“Come on,” Alice said, stepping forward and grabbing my hand, and leading me into the kitchen.

“Are you hungry?”

“No, I think I’m okay.”

“Are you sure? I can hear your stomach growling.” She said, chuckling and setting down a plate with some kind of cake on it in front of me.

“Thanks,” I said, picking at it. It was my favorite, red velvet cake. As I
ate, I thought about how similar the Cullen’s all seemed to be, even though
they clamed to be foster siblings. They were all pale, they all had dark circles under their eyes, as if they all hadn’t slept in years, with Bella as the only exception, as far as I knew they all spoke with perfect grammar.
And they all had the same color eyes, except for Renesmee. Black.

I looked up and realized that Alice had left the room. Before I had time to wonder where she had gone, she was back, smiling at me. I looked down
and realized I had practically inhaled the slice of cake.

“I guess I was hungry…” she laughed at my expression, and took the plate to the sink and rinsed it.

“So I suppose we should just cut to the chase.” She murmured, staring out the large window above the sink.

“Renesmee’s not here, but she’s on her way home right now.”

“What do you mean ‘cut to the chase’?” I asked her, wanting an answer, and not particularly caring who it came from.

“I’m not exactly what you would call stupid. I know you’ve been hounding Renesmee for weeks about our ‘secret’. A secret you really don’t want to know.”

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to know.” I contradicted her.

“It’s up to her, whether she tells you or not. But may I ask you to promise me something?” her polite tone kept me from telling her no.


“I don’t like it when people are afraid of me… so if she tells you, please don’t be afraid of me…” I wasn’t in the mood to try to decipher her riddle.

“Sure, whatever.” I muttered. She closed her eyes for a moment before opening them and smiling.

“Thanks.” With that I heard a door open somewhere in another room, and in an instant Renesmee was in the kitchen.

“So which one of your neighbors did you ask for directions to get to my house?”

7. Accident

(Renesmee’s p.o.v)

I couldn’t help but be furious at the insignificant human in front of me. If she only knew what she would be forcing on my family by finding out.
I had to believe she would feel bad once she knew, but at the moment, I
didn’t care much about anything, only holding back the urge to throw her
against a wall.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said, looking down at the counter.

“The hell you don’t! Bailey, why can’t you just take no for an answer!”

“You don’t give me any answers! You just pretend like there’s no secrets between you and me!”

“Because there aren’t!” I could hear how false that sounded in my ears as I said it.

“Lets just handle this as calmly as we can.” Edward said quietly stepping between Bailey and I. “The last thing we need is for you-“ he said looking me in
the eye, “-to loose your temper.”

“Listen Bailey, if we tell you, if you knew our secret… not only would it be dangerous for you, but it would be dangerous for us! Don’t you like me well enough to not want my family to fall apart!”

“That’s the worst excuse I’ve ever heard!” her words brought tears to my eyes. I had been cursed with Bella’s angry tears.

“It’s not an ex- excuse!” my voice cracked at the end out of frustration, as tears began to well up in my eyes. At that time, the others had left the room.
Trying to let us settle this on our own, but still hovering incase I decided Bailey needed some head trauma.

“Please,” I said moving closer to look her in the eye. “Please try to understand me when I say If I could tell you, I would. But really, Bailey, its dangerous for you and for me, if you find out.” This was my last hope, if she didn’t buy it, we were all finished. It was the one truth I had told her, about my whole situation, and it was the one thing she didn’t believe.

“Renesmee, you know what? I’m done! Forget it, I’ll figure it out for myself!”

“Please, don’t…” I pleaded with her. I felt a strong sense of déjà vu. The
little conscience inside my head screamed at me that I’d seen this before. With that thought Alice had appeared at the top of the stairs.

“Renesmee!” She shouted frantically, “What’s the date today!” I looked at the small calendar on the wall, and was reminded of why I had the sense of déjà vu. It was the last week of September. We were about 6 weeks into the school year. And my life was about to fall apart.

Bailey had already made her way into the living room, where, like in Alice’s vision, my shoes would be waiting in the middle of the room. A tripping hazard to anyone mad enough to not pay attention.

“Bailey wait!” I screamed, wanting to stop the accident before it started.

“I already told you, I’m done!” She screamed back. Everyone was frozen in place. We had all realized too late, and now there was no stopping it.

My caught everything, as vampire’s eyes should; Bailey tripped over my ridiculously expensive shoes, throwing her hands out to stop her fall. She caught her hang on the step, slicing it open on the edge of the rock.

How could I have been so irresponsible? I hadn’t hunted lately, none of us had. I was good with control, I never had to worry. Not with Charlie, or Billy, not with the wolves. But as blood pooled in Bailey’s hand, I realized the difference. It’s like baking a cake. When the ovens closed you can resist it, but open the oven door and the smell overwhelms you.

That was happening to me now. I stepped back and clenched my teeth together, barely breathing.

Carlisle was by Bailey in less than a second, a towel wrapped around the palm of her hand. The towel was already soaked with blood.

“What the-“ Bailey said, confused.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

“I’m not worried about my hand. What’s wrong with Renesmee?” she said, staring straight at me.

I was shaking from the pressure, the pressure I was exerting on myself to hold everything back.

“Alice. Help.” I said through my teeth. Before I could say anything else a pair of tiny pale arms wrapped around my waist, locking my arms at my side.

“Renesmee, you don’t want to hurt her. You know you’ll only feel horrible later.” Alice said, trying to prevent me from doing what I knew could not be prevented.

“Just calm down.”

“I. Can’t.” I said, gasping for the air my lungs had been deprived of for at least a few minutes now. The air that whistled down my throat, burned. I fought with the instinct to hunt, but it fought back. And won.

When was the last time I had drank human blood? Years ago. When I was still drinking out of a bottle. More than a decade ago.

I was thirsty. And nothing was going to stop me from hunting.
8. Monster

(Bailey’s p.o.v)

It didn’t make sense. Why was Alice restraining Renesmee? Why did she
need to calm down?

The look on her face changed as I moved my hand to look at it. She tensed, and stopped breathing altogether. Her expression made it seem like she was in pain. As she saw the blood, her expression changed again, now instead of it causing her pain, it seemed like she wanted it. Alice tightened her grip around Renesmee as she started to try to get free of her grip.

“Renesmee, no! You don’t want to hurt her!” Alice screamed at Renesmee. I
didn’t understand what was going on.

“Someone, please help! I’m not big enough to keep her under control.” Alice screamed again. Someone, a man, stepped in front of my view of Renesmee.

I heard what sounded like a snarl from some kind of wild animal. Could Renesmee have made that noise?

“Get her out of here.” the blonde man beside me said calmly. “Bailey, your going to feel something sting on your arm okay? I’m just letting you know.”

“What are you doing to me?” I said, scooting away from the blonde man. “Don’t touch me!” The whole family was weird, as of now; I didn’t trust any of them.

“I’m going to make your hand stop bleeding, so we can calm Renesmee down. Please, let me help.” Before I could refuse, he stuck a needle into the crease of my elbow, injecting whatever he decided would ‘help’ me into my blood stream.

The man that had been blocking my view of Renesmee finally moved out of the way. I could see that now, not only was Alice holding her back, so were Bella and a brown haired man I hadn’t met yet. Renesmee twisted and fought against them, trying to pull herself away from them. She managed to twist one of her arms free, a fling Alice across the room. Alice hit the wall with a thud. She was back on her feet in less than a second. With her free arm, Renesmee shoved with all her might against the brown haired man, he stumbled enough for her to break free. She ran. Faster than any human would, in my direction. I saw a blur of white and gold, and then Renesmee disappeared, pinned, underneath Rosalie.

Rosalie put a perfect hand over Renesmee’s mouth and nose, forcing her to stop breathing.

“Renesmee, stop. I know you can’t smell her anymore, my hand’s making sure of that so stop. Stop.” Renesmee started to calm down under Rosalie’s command.

“Emmett, open the back door.” She said looking at the brown haired man. He did as she asked, letting a cool breeze into the house. As he did so, Rosalie took
her hand away from Renesmee’s face. She calmed immediately as the fresh air swirled through the room.

“Now, if I move, you have to promise me that you’ll go through the back door. And not come back inside until we come out and get you.” Rosalie said calmly. Everything
was starting to sound like I was at the end of a tunnel. What had been in that needle?

“Renesmee, yes, or no?”

“Yes!” she said frantically, sounding more like herself.

“You promise?”


With that Rosalie jumped off of Renesmee. Renesmee pushed herself to her feet, and was out the back door in less than a second. The whole ordeal had lasted no more
than 5 minutes.

“What’s-What’s wrong with me?” I managed to slur. I felt really…odd.

“It’s morphine,” the blonde man said quietly. “You need to rest, and I need to stitch up your hand.”

“I need-I need to go to… a hospital.” I said, it was hard to make my mouth form the words.

“I’m a doctor. So you wont have to worry.” He said slowly unwrapping the towel from around my hand.

“Esme, will you go get my bag?” who was Esme?

Before I could say anything more, the man had picked me up, and was quickly carrying me to what I thought was the kitchen table…the last thing I saw was a bright reading lamp being turned on and point at my bleeding hand.

“We’ll get your hand all fixed up…”


I woke up in an unfamiliar room. It was dark. Not dark as in no lights on, there was a light on right beside me somewhere. But dark as in the colors were all greens, and browns.

As if there wasn’t enough green and brown outside.

I heard someone humming quietly beside me. I wonder if whoever it was knew I was awake? My hand was beginning to throb. I winced as it flared into a burning feeling, and then went back to a simple throb.

“Is your hand bothering you?” I heard an unfamiliar voice say.

“Yeah.” I said, trying to sit up. “It burns.”

“Does this help?” the woman turned my hand over, and placed her hand over mine. Why was everyone’s skin so cold here? But it did help.

“Thanks.” I said awkwardly. “Who are you?”

“I’m Esme.” She chuckled.

“Oh.” She chuckled again.

“Are you hungry, or thirsty? Is there anything I can get for you?” she asked politely.

“Actually, a glass of water would be nice.”

“Alright then. Come with me.” She said, keeping a hold on my hand as I sat up and followed her.

“Whose room was that?” I asked her as I followed her out into the hallway.

“Mine, and Carlisle’s.” she said.


I still couldn’t really comprehend what happened. But I somewhat understood what Renesmee had said by dangerous. Since I already saw something crazy happen, maybe my question would get answered.

“What happened back there?”

“Renesmee lost her control over her instincts, and tried to attack you.”


“Humans have instincts; the instinct to breathe, the instincts to let you know when something is wrong… whether you choose to use the last one is up to you. But vampires have instincts too, ours are only more… animalistic.”


“Some of us are better at controlling our instincts than others. It just depends on how many ‘incidents’ you’ve been through.”

“Back up a second…vampires?”


“So that’s the big secret?”


“I guess I can kind of see how you wouldn’t want people to know…”

“That’s good.” Esme chuckled. “Because you can’t tell anyone. The more people that know, the more likely you are to end up like Bella.”

“What do you mean, ‘Like Bella’?”

“Well, she was human, once. Even though she wanted to become a vampire like the rest of us, it got to the point where we had no choice but to change her.” We had come to the entryway into the kitchen, and Esme held a hand out to stop me from walking in. Stay here. She mouthed before walking into the kitchen.

“Renesmee, it’s really not your fault! Look at me, I’m fine!”

“But, Alice! It’s not you I’m concerned about! I almost killed her!” I heard Renesmee wail. She was crying.

“I’ve never done anything like that to anyonebefore!”

“We never would have let you kill her Renesmee. There was nothing to worry about.” Esme said quietly. “She’s fine. Her hand just hurts. That’s all.”

“I’m a monster…”

“No you’re not!” more than one of the Cullen’s said, attempting to comfort her.

“I could have killed her…” she repeated.

“But you didn’t.” Rosalie said.

“But what if I had!”

“Do you want her to tell you it’s alright? Because if that’s what it’ll take to make you feel better I can tell you right now she’ll forgive you.” I didn’t recognize this voice. Yet another Cullen I hadn’t formally met yet. But the voice was right. I understood now, and I would forgive her. Eventually…

“You might just as well come out of hiding… I know you’re there.” I heard Renesmee sniffle. I sighed, rounded the corner, and walked into the kitchen. Renesmee was sitting at the table. Surrounded by her family.

“So now you know…” she said. Looking at her lap.


“Are you afraid of me… of us…”I hesitated, before answering her question.

“Yes… but you can change that.”

“How?” she said, honestly not wanting me to be afraid.

“Tell me everything."
9. Wake Up Call.

(Bailey’s p.o.v)

I had stayed the night. Since Carlisle had given me enough morphine to rest through the shock of the accident, as well as enough to fix my hand I had slept for hours. Esme had called my mom, and given her the excuse that I had fallen asleep while watching a movie. Renesmee had left later that night, ‘hunting’, she promised to explain when she got back what she had meant by ‘hunting’.

But now, there was an alarm going off somewhere beside me, and I was forced to open my eyes and look for the obnoxious intruder. I was in Alice’s room that I could remember. I looked to the right, and saw my phone set on the nightstand. I rolled
and picked it up, noticing that there was a message taped to the bottom side.

It was only 9:00 am, on a Saturday… I definitely didn’t set this alarm.

The message that was taped to the bottom read:

Sorry I set your alarm for so early. But we make breakfast early here… for those of us who eat… plus you’ll want to get an early start, there’s going to be a lot dumped on you today, so you’ll probably want to get to sleep early tonight. There are clothes that will fit you folded on the chair in the corner, a toothbrush and comb in the bathroom for
you. See you downstairs.

Love, Your new Friend,


I took a moment to stare at Alice’s amazing handwriting before groaning, and rolling out of her comfortable bed. That was one thing I needed to remember to ask Renesmee… didn’t vampires sleep in coffins? Not giant, king-sized beds?

Alice had laid out a pair of jeans, a simple long sleeve shirt, a dark green sweater, and a pair of sheepskin boots. I put them on quickly, ran in and brushed my teeth and hair, before almost tripping and tumbling down the two flights of stairs in their house.

Renesmee was downstairs, sitting at the table with Alice and Esme, along with a bunch of other people I either hadn’t formally met yet, or hadn’t ever seen at all. She stopped talking to them, and smiled when she saw me, patting the empty seat next to hers.

I walked slowly and sat nest to her. Before I had time to scoot my chair in, Esme had placed an overflowing plate of cinnamon rolls, eggs, and bacon in front of me.

“Wow, thank you.” I said, smiling sheepishly at her.

“Don’t worry, you can talk. The Cullen’s wont bite, that’s why we’re here!” said a tall, dark boy, no younger than 15… someone I hadn’t met yet.

“Seth!” Renesmee shouted, kicking his leg under the table, and making everyone laugh and relax a little.

“Bailey, this is Seth,” she said motioning at him. “And this is Jacob. And

“Hi.” I said, not quite sure what else to say. “Are you guys vampires too?” a roar of laughter followed my question… what had I said?

“No way! I wouldn’t want to stink like a filthy leech!” Seth said laughing.

“So you would rather smell like wet dog?” Rosalie said sarcastically from across the kitchen counter.

“I’d rather smell like a dog, than be a leech and a blonde.” Leah said, getting another roar of laughter from Jacob and Seth.

“Your guys’ blonde jokes are getting really old.” Rosalie said, rolling her eyes. Three people I hadn’t met yet came in through the back door, all of them wet, and muddy.

“Catch anything good?” Renesmee asked.

“You were right, I didn’t think there would be grizzly this early in the year.’ Said the big, burly on.

“What can I say? I know how to hunt. I learned from the best.” Renesmee said, standing up and bowing. Obtaining a round of applause.

“Bailey, this is Emmett,” she said throwing a piece of bacon from my plate at him. “And Jasper-” She said pointing at the tall, blonde. “-And Edward.” I could easily see the resemblance between her and Edward.

“Hi.” I said again. Smiling at the new arrivals.

“You ready to go for a walk?” Renesmee asked, looking at me and smiling brightly. For some reason, I felt nervous. Did I really want to know what made Renesmee… what she really was?

The answer was yes. I wanted to know everything so I wouldn’t ever have to argue with her over secrets again.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I told her, standing up from the table and brushing the crumbs off the sweater I was wearing. She stood also, and walked to the back door, I followed her out into the cold. Ready to hear all of her secrets.


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