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This is about Alice and it starts when she first wakes up. All main character's belong to Stephenie Meyer, I don't own them. The only thing I own is the situation I put them in, please do not copy.

I have another story about the man who changed Alice, and that's how this one starts. If you would like to read the whole thing the link is here.





  The heat was unbearable. It had to stop soon! I thought I should pray. It’s what one does as their dying, I guess. But I didn’t pray for forgiveness, or redemption. ‘Let her be safe.’ I prayed to whoever was listening.


 Let her be safe…




  Alice, open your eyes.

  My eyes fluttered open and adjusted to the scene in front of me, only to be abruptly taken away.

  I was somewhere else, somebody was whispering in a man’s ear, telling him to take care of ‘it’ whatever it was. They kissed and smiled briefly, and then they disappeared.

  I sat looking at the mountains in front of me. My throat was burning so bad; I could hardly think of anything else, the only other thing on my mind was the beautiful blond boy I just saw. Who was he? I felt jealous of this girl who kissed him so greedily.

  I stood and looked around. There were lights on further down the mountain, and a lake was in the opposite direction. The woodsy smell of pine was all around me.

  I looked down at myself, realizing I had no idea what I looked like. That seemed odd; shouldn’t a person know what they look like? I had no idea.

  “What am I doing here?” I asked aloud. There was no reply.

  The mountains disappeared yet again, and I saw someone with crimson eyes entering a restaurant. She took one sniff of the air and a frenzied look came over her face. She killed the two people working there, putting her lips to their neck and drinking their blood, while the customer screamed. “Vampire!” she yelled. “Don’t touch me, vampire!”

  My sight came back. What happens? Does she kill the customer?

  The vision disturbed me. Who could do that? Those people were innocent.

  I ran.

  The city got closer and closer, it took me only 1.5 seconds to get there. I almost wished it took longer, it was such a beautiful night. The moon was full and bright. I could see every star in the sky so perfectly; I could see the flames burning on their surface. My legs pushed me fast though, and my throat pushed me faster. I was so thirsty, so impossibly thirsty.

  The streets were empty; I could hear voices inside the small cottages that lined the road.

  I came to a halt outside a familiar place, the diner from my vision. I walked inside not knowing what to expect, but it sure wasn’t the smell. There was no controlling what happened next, I didn’t even realize what was happening until the two people were dead. They just tasted so good! They were so sweet, and while I was drinking, the intolerable burn in my throat stopped.

  “Vampire! Don’t touch me vampire!” the small girl with red hair looked horrified. I forced myself to freeze in my place.

  I saw the same girl, the girl with red eyes, running after the girl in front of me. The red-head tries to escape, but she is too weak. Red eyed girl drinks her blood.

  “She’s me.” I whispered, almost not believing.

  Red-haired girl just stared at me, eyes wide and shocked, not yet being able to form tears. I almost left her there, I almost forced myself to turn around, but I made a mistake. I just made the tiniest mistake, just taking a breath. The girls scent reached me and the burning in my throat started up again, even worse than before.

  Her warm blood put out the flames burning inside me, the forest fire that did not belong in my body.

  I regretted it immediately, but even then it was too late. The girl was dead, and I was the red-eyed monster from my vision.

  I took off out of the diner. I didn’t know where to go to, who to go to. The only people I knew were the blond boy and beautiful girl from my vision. He was going to take care of something and that was all I knew about him.

  Another vision started. It was blurry, almost too hard to see. I saw who I now knew as myself and the blond boy holding hands.

  I was sad when the vision ended. Why was this so blurred when the other things I saw were as clear as everything else? Who was this boy?

  I knew I should know more about myself. I was Alice. Alice . . . what? I was a vampire.

  What had happened to me? Where was I? Who was I?

  I didn’t know what else to do, I ran. I ran through the night, and part of the morning too. There were just too many questions I wanted answered, too many things I needed to know.

  As the sun came up, something sparkling caught my eye. I looked down and gasped; I was sparkling. My arms and hands glistened like diamonds, or billions of tiny stars. it was incredible.

  I passed a shallow stream, it reflected my small features back at me. I looked so small and innocent, with my short dark hair, and small upturned nose, until I met my stare. No, those were not the eyes of someone innocent. How could I have done such a horrible thing? Was I always so awful? Did I kill more people that I cannot remember? Oh, god. What was I going to do?

  Next thing I knew, my reflection left from in front of me, and I was looking into the black eyes of the blond boy.

  “You can’t leave.” He said, his voice smooth with a southern accent that I immediately adored.

  “But we can’t stay. I’m sorry Jasper, but this is not the life for us anymore.” With that, a male and a female departed. The look on Jasper’s face raised so many emotions in me. I was angry at his friends for leaving him, I longed to know where he was and why he didn’t leave it. It was so obvious he wasn’t happy. More than anything I ached to comfort him, to hold him in my arms and smother away his pain with delicate kisses to his pink lips.

  Jasper . . . what a lovely name for someone so beautiful.

  I wanted to look for him, to hold him in my arms and take him somewhere where he could be happy, but I didn’t know where he was. How terribly hopeless I felt, alone in the woods in a world where I knew nobody, except one beautiful man who I only saw in visions in my head. “What if he’s not even real?” I asked myself, looking at my pitiful expression once again. “What if he’s from some other life, which you are only beginning to remember?” No. I refused to believe it. Jasper was more than a memory, he was real and he needed me. I focused again on the blurry image from earlier, already it was clearer. I could see my own smile, and his as well, small dimples and all. I kept the vision there in my head, admiring him and what we would one day be. Admiring how his hand looked interlaced with my much smaller one.

  I tried to ignore my jealousy for the one who kissed him, but it was there. I felt the sudden urge to cut off all her hair while she wasn’t looking. But then again, I couldn’t blame her for kissing him. Jasper doesn’t even know I exist.

   I searched in my head, trying to make another vision come. I only saw the water in front of me. I closed my eyes, reaching out my senses but instead of searching for what was around we, I searched for what will be around me. I looked for noises and smells that will be around me in the future. . .

  I saw something. Without opening my eyes, I saw a bear come to the stream, take a gulp of water and walk back the way he came.

  Oh, I prayed for that bear to come. “Surely I didn’t imagine that.” I told myself. I waited there, perfectly still for that bear. 3 minutes later, my prayers were answered. Up came a large black bear. He didn’t as much as glance at me as he drank the water and strutted away.

  I clapped my hands together. So I wasn’t just imagining it! I realized then just how scared I was that Jasper wasn’t real. That I was crazy and seeing this beautiful boy with me, or that I was remembering a past I’d had. I was so scared that I’d woken up disoriented and what happened with the visions in the restaurant was only a dream. A nightmare.

  I focused again, eager to try to have a more productive vision.

  I repeated what I had done earlier, only this time I kept the image of Jasper in my head.

  “I can’t do it Maria. . .” his voice was heart-breaking.

  “Jasper, he’s better off if you end him now. Do it quickly, painlessly.” She batted her eyelashes, I could see how he desired to please her.

  “He’s so young . . . so gifted.”

  “His gift does nothing for us. His sacrifice is for the greater good, you know that.” She wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. I let out a fierce growl.

  “Maria, please. Just give him one more chance. Let me work with him.”

  “No. My decision is final. If you won’t kill him, I’ll have Tim do it.” She unwrapped her arms and started to leave him.

  “Wait!” he gulped as she turned around. “I’ll do it.”

  She smiled, exposing perfectly white teeth. “That’s my boy.” I pulled myself out of the vision, not able to see the way she kissed him without physical pain twisting in my body.

  It hurt me to see Jasper being manipulated that way, but there was no way for me to find him.

  There was no way for me to help him now, but obviously I found him eventually. My vision got clearer alarmingly fast and I knew everything would be okay. We would find each other, and be together forever.

  I searched further into the future as I ran- I didn’t know where I was going, but that whatever way I went fate was leading me to him at some point- no matter how far I looked I always saw us together. Nothing would bring us apart. Of course the further I looked the more unclear things became, but I saw us. When we would meet seemed to be undetermined, I wasn’t sure how this stuff worked yet so I had no idea why, but it didn’t matter exactly. I had to find some real clothes first anyway; I couldn’t meet my soul mate in a hospital gown.

  As I set off to get some clothes I had another vision. People were appalled at the sight of me, some of them screamed and some fell to their knees. I lost control of my thirst and went after some of them, realizing what I had done I ran away. The vision blurred and started with another one.

  “Aro, she broke the law. We cannot allow her to live.”

  The one called Aro had long black hair and milky red eyes. He took my hand in his and smiled menacingly.

  “Her power is far too great to be wasted.” He paced the room for a moment.

  “Young Alice, so beautiful. You can have a great future with us.” My vision ended. I could tell what Aro was meaning; there were no options for me if I were found. If that future were to come true, I would join Aro and whoever the ‘us’ were.

  I decided I would wait until the sun went down to go into town, the future was blurry after my decision, but I didn’t see Aro.


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Absolutely love it! Amazingly written! I hope you write more soon- if you do keep me updated :D
Absolutely love it! Amazingly written! I hope you write more soon- if you do keep me updated :D
Thanks, I will! :)
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OMG! Awesome start!! =)
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