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Hello Everyone, this is my second fanfic. For people who read my first fanfic "What if Edward was with someone before he met Bella?" I will still continue it. For people who have not read it here is the link:

This fanfic takes place a year after Breaking Dawn. The Cullen's still in Forks. So one day Bella finds a picture on a milk carton when she is making a bottle for Nessie. The picture looks strangely familiar. When Bella shows the carton to Charlie . . . everything changes. SM owns some of the characters. The rest are mine.

Chapter 1
Bella POV

It was raining as usual. I was sitting in the living room with my family. Jasper and Emmett were playing chess. Alice drawing in her sketchbook drawing up everyones wardrobe. Rosalie was tying to find something on t.v. Esme and Carlisle were playing with Nessie while I was watching with my beautiful husband.

Jake had pack duty so he couldn't be here playing with Nessie. Nessie was growing up so fast, but at times would like to be treated like a baby. For instance she would like to take naps and drink out of bottles.

Everyone was enjoying themselves till Alice dropped her sketchbook. Alice had her eyes wide which meant she was having a vision.

Jasper ran to Alice grabbed her shoulders. "Alice?" Jasper said. Alice didn't respond. When Alice was normal we were wondering the same thing except Edward. "Alice what did you see?" I said.

Alice looked up at me. "I'm not sure, I just saw people that sort of looked like you when you were human," she said. Before I could say anything Nessie came up to me.

"Mommy," she said. I looked at her. "Can you make me a bottle?" she said. I smiled at her and said "Of course."

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle and the milk. I put the bottle in the microwave for a minute. While I was waiting a I grabbed the milk and went to put it away. When something on the milk carton caught my attention.

It was a picture of a little girl. A picture that looked strangely familiar. A little girl that looks like me.

Sorry if it's short plz comment on it. Your comments will help me see if I will continue this story.
Thanks to ♥Krissie M. Clearwater♥ for the title of this story. Kayla for helping finish some details. Stormy for giving me the encouragement to write this story. And Thanks to my best friend Nichole for helping me decide who should be who. :)

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This is good! Your soo starting the story with cliffies. I like it.
omg continue
ur banner is done! heres the link:
great story!!!!
I love it and you are welcome!!! Continue please!!!
Your banner is ready :D get it here:

And I love your story!!! Keep writing!!!
Thanks to everyone who commented.

Chapter 2
Bella POV

I didn't understand. The little girls name was Isabella Marie Johnson. That was my first and middle name. The microwave started to beep. I quickly took the bottle out and gave it to Nessie.

I grabbed the milk carton and emptied it in the sink. Everyone one was looking at me while I was doing all of this.

"Love?" Edward said. "Yes," I replied. "What are you doing?" He asked. I was looking all around the counter for the volvos keys. "Bella?" Edward said. I finally found the keys and said "I need to go see Charlie alone."

"I will be back soon," I said and left without another word. I ran to the garage and jumped into the volvo. I didn't understand. I was speeding to Charlie's house. I grabbed the empty milk carton and read the information on it. The little girl was kidnapped in April 4,1992. This took place in Chicago. Her birthday was September 19, 1989. The same as mine.

It didn't make sense. I pulled over on the side of the road. "Calm down Bella," I said to myself. "Maybe it's a different person that has the same name as you and looks like you and has the same birthday as you," I thought.

I quickly put the car in drive and was at Charlie's in 2 seconds. I saw that the cruiser was there and ran out of the car to the front door. I knocked several times. Finally Charlie emerged with a smile on his face. He opened the door and said "Bells. What are you doing here?"

I went inside the house and walked all the way into the kitchen. I turned to face him. "Explain this," I said while holding up the milk carton with the picture of the missing girl. Charlie smile faded.

He took the carton and started to read it. When he was finished he put the carton on the table and said " Bella I need to tell you something."

Sorry if it's short. I will possibly write more soon.
OMG you can't stop there!!
i thought bella's birthday was september 13
it is i typed it wrong.
Post more soon!
omg love it
I will really soon


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