The Twilight Saga

1. Swing left.

2. Swing right.

3. Dodge.

4. Tackle.

5. Laugh as he lies there, nearly unconscious.

6. Make some form of comment: "God, even your mum lasted longer than you last night."

7. Walk off, leaving the victim in question groaning in pain.


Jacob Moore street fights every day. He has a routine: he fights, he laughs, he walks away. He doesn't do friends, and he's known around school as their 'bad boy'. Kara...well Kara doesn't have a title, but she does manage to humiliate herself daily, using her natural talent of word vomit and verbal diarrhea  So when the two run into each other (quite literally) it creates something interesting, dangerous, and something, that's just a little bit like love.


(Not the best Introduction, but give it a try, what have you got to lose?)



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Sounds interesting but I couldn't read it very well because of the red....


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