The Twilight Saga

    Tamara has lost the will to live. School is a blur, home isn't home, and her sun is gone. The warmth and protection she felt from her boyfriend Anthony or in other words her sun is long gone ever since he died in the war. Nothing seems like its going right anymore. She's forced to move away from her home in sunny California to the depressing town of Forks, Washington in order for her parents to save their fallen marriage. Well at least Forks matches her mood. But what's it going to take for her to find her Sun again?

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Oi! thanks :D I luv it!

thnxs guys for ur comments!!!! I'm writing the next chapter as we speak nd i'll post it l8tr today.

love it

srry guys that i havent posted i was just addicted to watching this stupid anime and im now free!!!!!!!! yes so my editor has finished editing the chapter and i will post it shortly l8tr i just need to think if its good enough to post it yet!!!!!!

post soon pllzzz this is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

please update soon i really like this story

Okay my wonderful readers it's time I freaking apologize! I'm deeply remorseful....I haven't even been on or updating and I know all of you don't deserve that! From now on i will post some more even if my stupid computer breaks down from to much over use I will keep my promise and repost!!! Now I will post just something short but it is a chapter


"Can we PLEASE ditch and get some tacos!," Olivia whined as three more out of breathe students passed my us.

I was still astonished that CJ and Olivia both had P.E and Pre-Chemistry with me. I was soo deep in my funk that I didn't even notice them both. God was I such a pathetic person.

CJ pursed his lips, shaking his head and picked up his pace when the coach had turned her cold stare at us three who weren't so enthusiastic about this weeks P.E agenda. we were outside the school forced to run 4 laps out in the freaking cold air. Who did she think I was?

A bell whistled,"Okay guys, hit the showers. Perkins, Horan and Quinbres take another mile this time I expect you run it and I don't give a flying hoot if your late to your next class!"

I groaned along with CJ and Olivia. The track we ran on was one that wrapped along the schools football stadium making it even impossible to run 1 solid lap. What makes it even more harder was that I wasn't someone that was both good at studies and sports. Just walking to school left me out if breathe and almost sweating. I laughed lightly when I painfully remembered Anthony giving me a piggyback ride when we had to walk home after a school basketball game. I knelt onto the ground clutching my chest which felt like my lungs where being compressed together. I breathed heavily trying to catch my breathe but then I would remember Anthony and my heart would stop short and when it started again it picked up faster. I mentally groaned, this was another panic attack.

I felt hands and voices around but I tried to zone them out, trying to calm down my attack. I heard CJ tell Olivia to get the coach who had apparently went make into her office. No! I screamed in my heard I don't want the teachers or anyone else to know about this. I held up my index finger signalling for him to wait a minute. I closed my eyes, pushing past the memories of Anthony and counting to ten just like Greogry had always informed me to do. My heart beat and chest seemed to calm down a bit with every number.

"Tamara! Oh what god to you!," Olivia exclaimed and engulfed me into a very wet hug. After she was down she passed me to CJ, who was sniffing with unshed tears.

"sorry about that guys...I have asthma attacks sometimes but I didn't think they would have been that aggressive," I lied quickly.

Looking at each of there faces I saw that they easily believed me. I sighed, these where my new friends I should at least tell them the whole truth. They wouldn't judge, I could easily say that by their own problems. Before I was into my thought I felt the same the same pull I had felt a few days ago in the cafeteria. Turning around My walk way was blocked my a very masculine chest covered my a grey p.e. t-shirt. I looked up to find myself staring at two brown eyes which seemed to bore into my dull grey eyes. It seemed like forever before the owner of the eyes seemed to smile down at me and ask in a very warm and husky,"Are you okay?"

I only managed to nod my head when the bell rang for second period, which was with Talking Molly. I turned away when the brown eyed boy called out to me," my name is Seth Clearwater by the way."

Followed by CJ and Olivia we entered the locker rooms and I couldn't, for some odd reason,wipe my silly smile out off my face.

Awww! love itttttt!

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nice love it write more soon


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