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So, just like a lot of other people Edward & Bella are my favorite twilight couple. So I started thinking, what if Bella wasn't just wrong for Edward- she was the wrong species. In my story Edward is still a vampire, but Bella will soon transform into a wolf. Her and Jacob are brother & sister and she lives on the reservation down in La Push but this is her first year attending Forks High School. She's new - so everyone can't seem to keep their eyes off here.. Especially Edward.


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Chapter One : [Introduction]

I stared up at the ceiling for most of the evening, I was restless. I just couldn’t wait to start school tomorrow.

What would it be like ? Would I make friends ? I thought to myself.
Sure I knew some kids who went to Forks High School but technically, I had only hung out with kids who lived here- on the reservation.

Maybe I shouldn’t… No! I’m going.. I reassured myself.

I began to go over the conversation I had with Jake a bit earlier this evening…

“You know, no one would say anything if you decided to stay here and go to school.” Jacob said as I sat in the garage watching him work on his car.
“Yeah, I know. But I want to go- why is that so hard for you to believe?”
“Because it makes no sense, we‘ve lived here, gone to school here and up out of no where you decide you want to go to school in Forks. It just makes no sense” he said with clear frustration in his voice.
“Just listen to yourself, we live here.. Go to school here.. Practically do everything here.” I tried to emphasize at the key points. “I’m just want to experience something different. I know mom would of wanted that.” I added.
He sighed. “I just want you to be careful, dad doesn‘t really want to stop you- but he‘s not exactly on board with this plan either. Especially since-”he hesitated.
“Since what Jake?” I asked with true curiosity in my voice.
“N-Nothing. Just promise me you‘ll be careful?”

I thought about that conversation for the remaining afternoon.
What was he trying to tell me?

I shook it off. It didn’t matter. Forks may be a small town, but there’s so much more I could experience if I attend school there. I was anxious and excited all at the same time. I couldn’t wait to step foot in the school .Everything will be okay, I’m certain of it..

I said to myself, as I finally drifted to sleep.

--x Okay, So there’s the Bella’s introduction I’ll be altering perspectives between Edward and Bella on the chapters. If you like it pleasse




Chapter Two :

I woke up to the sun gleaming through my window. Must be a good sign I thought. We rarely got a speck of sunlight here in La Push. I smiled at the thought.

I jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. My clothes were already hanging behind my bathroom door- I had ironed them last night, just in case I woke up too late to do it this morning. But surprisingly, I felt a bit relaxed.

I rushed downstairs to see breakfast awaiting me. I was pleasantly shocked. I always did the cooking around here. Who was responsible for this kind deed. I turned the corner to find Jake flipping pancakes in the skillet.

“Morning Sis,” he greeted me with a smile. “Blueberry or chocolate chip?” he asked as he gestured to the pancake options he had laid out for me.

I stared at him in disbelief, it was amazing he was even up this early. I was taken back by his kind gesture. “You didn‘t have to do this- I mean-”

“Just shut up and eat before the food gets cold.” he demanded me. It was his way of letting me know he wanted me to have a good day.

I finished my breakfast and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hey ! None of that, now hurry up before you‘re late” he said as he threw something in my direction.

I dodged it, just barely. I was not the most coordinated.

He laughed. “Sorry.”

He did it on purpose, he knew I wouldn’t catch it. I bent down to pick up… keys ?
“What‘s this ?” I asked curiously.

“Well, how else did you think you were getting to school.” he said with a pleasing smirk.

I was at a loss for words. I rushed through the living room unto the front porch to see my dad and his red Chevy truck- I was guessing now my truck .

I rushed down and almost knocked over his wheelchair as I squeezed him.

“Calm down Bella. Jake and I just wanted you to know how proud we were of you for wanting to explore something different.” he stated.

So that’s what Jake was working on when he was in the garage late the last couple of nights, and I thought he was working on his Rabbit. I thought to myself.

I felt the corners of my mouth begin to form a smile. This was his indication that he supported me one-hundred percent in my decision to attend Forks High School.

“I love you dad” was the only words that seemed to flutter to my mind.

Just then, Jakes stepped out on the porch and leaned against the railing.

“You better get a move on if you‘re gonna be on time for you first day of school.” he said, obviously having seen enough emotional moments for one day.

I gave them both one last look of appreciation as I hopped in the driver seat of the truck. I put the key in the ignition and listened to the old truck come to life. My very first car I thought. This day couldn’t’ possibly get better.



Chapter Three :

I drove from La Push to Forks. I was ecstatic, it was all so surreal that I was actually going to be attending a new school. New people. New opportunities. I even made note that the sun was still shining brightly. Something just told me this year would be unforgettable.

Finding the school wasn’t difficult, who could miss it ? It was huge- compared to the school back on reservation. I took everything in, the maroon-colored bricks, the numerous tress and shrubs, I liked it. It almost didn’t feel like a school- it gave the appeal of a place you could be yourself.

I noticed I was neither late nor early, there were a few cars already parked but a distinct number of empty slots. I chose one close to the buildings. I couldn’t help but notice that my car seemed to belong in the line with the other vehicle- most of the cars were older, as mine was.

I grabbed my backpack and pulled out my papers I’d received at orientation. As I closed the door, some of my papers fell to the ground. As I reached down to pick them up, I realized someone had already bet me to it.

“Here you are,” said a girl with a cheerful tone. She was petite, with light brown hair and glasses. I smiled at her kind gesture.

“Thanks, I‘m Isabella, well Bella.”
“Oh, the new girl, from La Push right?” she commented politely.
“Yeah, that‘s me- how.. How did you-”
“It‘s nothing really, we don‘t really get a lot of news around here so pretty much everyone knows everyone.” She informed me. “I‘m being so rude, I‘m Angela. Weber. So why did you decided to transfer here?”
“Well, I just wanted.. A new atmosphere, pretty much.” I summarized the real reason.
“Well, that‘s cool. Do you know your class schedule?”

I handed her one of the papers the lady in the front office had slipped me.

“Oh cool, we have two classes together- Trigonometry and Spanish.” she smiled genuinely.
Was liking Forks High School already. I thought to myself.

“If you want, I can show you where your first class is…” she offered.
“That would be nice, Thanks.”

We walked and chatted about several topics, fashion, entertainment even literature. She seemed pretty smart. Before I knew, we were at my first class.

“Here we are” she pointed out. Building three. Well, I’ll see you later Bella. She waved at me as she walked in the opposite direction. I waved back, and everything seemed to be going… perfect !
Let’s just hope the rest of the day continues on like this I thought to myself then I entered my first class.

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okkay, so this chapter is really short & that's only because i'm trying to organize how iWant the events to happen & iPromised to post today. So, iHope you Enjoy it....
DEFINATLY A HIT write more soon i cant wait to read it but dont forget about ur other one either LOL
wow a hit ? iDidn't even consider that! --x oooh No ! iCan never forget my baby..lmaoo this is just my project (iTake it seriously..) but the Rosalie FanFic, that's my heart

thankss aaqain ♥
cool lets see where this takes us
yup.. that's exactly what my train of thought is Sherry- because this is honestly a brand new ball park--x i'm just letting it flow
good i cant wait
=] posted the next chapter --x
this sounds pretty good please update me and post more soon!!!
thankss & iWill
thaannnks .


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