The Twilight Saga

So, just like a lot of other people Edward & Bella are my favorite twilight couple. So I started thinking, what if Bella wasn't just wrong for Edward- she was the wrong species. In my story Edward is still a vampire, but Bella will soon transform into a wolf. Her and Jacob are brother & sister and she lives on the reservation down in La Push but this is her first year attending Forks High School. She's new - so everyone can't seem to keep their eyes off here.. Especially Edward.


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Banner Created by the Very Talented Rhia :) thank you (SO] Much ! im infatuatedd w. it <3



thankss Abby -- ilove it to pieces =>




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Chapter 17 & 18 = page 65



Chapter 35


** Writer's Note :

So, iJust wanted to express to you guys how influential your insight for this story has been (:
iHave to admit.. when iFirst started writing this story, iWasn't sure iCould pull off a good E&B story, iMean it's very stressful sometimes ; & it gets a little bit-- well, overwhelming . But this process has made me a better writer [in my opinion] and iJust want to thank everyone who follows the story <3
it means sooo much (=

The Artistic Banners made by my Readers (=

x x -- thanks Zanica <3

-- x x thanks you Bella Swan (:



Thanks Team Bedwacob <3


Thanks Bella Willow :)



[iAm So Honored that you guys thought enough of this story to create me something like this <3 thank you, once again (: ]




-Since my story is Semi-Complete ; iWill be posting be re-posting  the chapters [3 at a time.]

This way, I can update my links, and iThink it'll be easier for new readers.


Hope it isn't too confusing (:


--Tika x!

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iWill . . probably-- post on. . . tomorrow (: [hopefully ]
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
lOl . . .
O.O You havent posted more......
this is soooooo good please keep me updated!!! im in love with this story thanks!!!
from yours truly,

thank you Danielle (: & iWill keep you updated . .
if edward leaves bella i will attack my computer and rip it apart
i say we chase jacob black out of town with grenades
he's always ruining something
annoying yapping chihuahua
oh jeesh Poppy lOl ;
that threat was soooo demanding . . .i'm not sure what will happen now =P
DON'T YOU DARE MAKE THAT MANGY RAT BREAK UP EDWARD AND BELLA! TIKA! if you value my last bit of sanity you will not let jakefag come between their newfound love and adoration for each other!
lOl ; iValue your sanity but a great story could always use a little suspense -- don't you think xD
Not really
suspense is boof

lOl ; iJust saw your comment poppy ! Suspense is definitely good for a writer to embody in the story ; it makes for a better read !


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