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So, just like a lot of other people Edward & Bella are my favorite twilight couple. So I started thinking, what if Bella wasn't just wrong for Edward- she was the wrong species. In my story Edward is still a vampire, but Bella will soon transform into a wolf. Her and Jacob are brother & sister and she lives on the reservation down in La Push but this is her first year attending Forks High School. She's new - so everyone can't seem to keep their eyes off here.. Especially Edward.


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wow... does she smell repulsive because her brother is a wolf or is she a wolf too and hasn't turned yet? I love it and Im so much waiting to find out what happens between Bella and Edward!!! Nice Chapter! Great Story!
iThought iMentioned it already--x Bella will transform into a wolf, it just hasn't happened yet...

& thankss for reading
two points of views in on post ! that was great.. you really know how to switch it up- the sounded completely different from each other.... AMAZING ♥
love it
what will edward do
cant wait to read the next chapter
thankss <3
thankssss ♥
I marveled as a tear rolled down her cheek, and for the first time in decades-

I was interested.

i'm falling in love with Edward. again and again :))


good. everytime iWrite, my love for him grows <3

Chapter Seven :

I vowed today would be better than yesterday. I mean, it wasn’t even that bad until he was rude for no apparent reason. Despite how hard I tried to forget about him and be upset- I couldn’t… It was something- about him. I wanted to talk to him, even if he was rude to me.

I arrived to school extra early, I wanted to study in the library for my quiz in Government today. I was confident I knew the material- but it wouldn’t hurt to study some more.

I parked my truck and started walking towards the school. I couldn’t help but notice that the highly expensive vehicles were present today. Again.

Mike had mentioned the Cullens were the owners at lunch yesterday. I wasn’t surprised. It was something about them, they had to stan out- even if they weren’t in sight.

My heart raced at the possibilities today held. Maybe we would talk.
He might’ve been having a bad day, everyone was allowed one bad first impression in their life, weren’t they ?

I smiled at that thought. It couldn’t be me. I reassured myself.

I made my way to the library, to my liking- it was vacant. Only a hand full of tables were occupied. I chose a seat towards the back of the library. I had learned from experience those were the more secluded areas.

To my surprise, he was there. Sitting at one of the tables was Edward Cullen. My heart raced with anticipation. Would he acknowledge me if he noticed my presence ?

I displayed a calm expression on my face and walked over to one of the empty tables- closest to him. He didn’t move. He was engrossed in his book.

The little hope I had vanished. I plopped down in the seat without any further delay and went to studying.

I was stupid to think he would notice me. Jessica was right- we were all commoners compared to the Cullens- especially Edward.


Edward’s POV

I sat in the library by my lonesome. I had to go over what had occurred yesterday if I was going to face her again today.

This was something peculiar about her when our eyes met at lunch- I had never felt anything remotely close to what I’d felt then. It was like and electric connection between the two of us. What was even more bizarre, was that I couldn’t read her thoughts as I did with everyone else. Her mental voice was at a void to me. It left me feeling uneasy.

Then, I was off- guard when she entered the classroom, I hadn’t expected her to be anywhere near me.

As she got closer to the table, her scent hit me like a wrecking ball, it was revolting.

I had never experienced anything like it in my ninety years. It was repulsive. I had the urge to attack- but visually, she wasn’t a threat. It was grotesquely odd. The only way I knew to keep my composure was to stay tensed. This was the mistake I made- she noticed my discomfort. Every time I gazed at her, minutes later she would glance at me. It had to be obvious.

Which brought me to my current issue- how would I explain my actions to her ? I was quite sure she’s told her friends about the encounter- just one additional speculation the humans would have about the Cullens.

I’d have to pay close attention to the mental thought during the lunch hour.

I often enjoyed visiting the library in the early morning hours. Most of the students were out gallivanting- none of them found the library appealing if it wasn’t a requirement. I huffed. Humans.

I went back to skimming the pages of the current book for my English assignment- Wuthering Heights. How I despised this novel. It was disheartening . As I marveled over the book’s irrational motif, I heard someone approaching.

I was thoughtless as to which student would chose to sit to the back of the library. It wasn’t until they were within hearing range that I knew it was.. Her.

The silence I received from her thoughts, the shiver that ran down my spine told me I needed to get away from here.

What was she doing her ? Why hadn’t Alice warned me? What was I to do ?

She appeared from behind the bookcase and stared at me.

I could not bare to met her gaze, I wouldn’t have enough willpower to resist the attack. After a mere fifty-six seconds she gave up from meeting my gaze and to my surprise, took a seat at a table closest to mine.

Was she delusional ? She had to feel the tension that aroused when I was around her and yet, she still sat so close to me ? She wasn’t like other humans, she didn’t fear me.

Her people must have taught her well. But why was she here ?

I marveled as a tear rolled down her cheek, and for the first time in decades-

I was interested.

I had to know more about her.



Chapter Eight :

I was an idiot. I scolded myself.

I was one-hundred percent sure he could see me crying. Not like he cares.

I subtly wiped the tears that were lightly falling down my face.

I reached inside my bag for my compact mirror. As I pulled it out to examine the damage my emotions did to my makeup, I was able to see him glancing at me. We both sat, for a split second, just- looking. Then he quickly grabbed his belongings and fled the library. I swiveled my head around to watch as he exited.

So my accusations were right, he was watching me.

I had the slightest hint of appreciation swell up inside of my chest. I quickly tried to conceal that emotion.

He doesn‘t care for you. How could he ? I haven‘t spoken to him. He was probably just curious to why you were crying.

I sat motionlessly disoriented. Why on earth had I been crying ? Part of me wanted to believe it was because naturally being a hormonal teenage girl- it was natural to have these occurring mood changes. But the truth behind it, was that I wanted to know why he hated me. It was offensive. He didn’t even know who I was and he was acting as though we were arch enemies.

I decided to let the pestering thoughts slip to the back of my mind and focus on my true reason for coming to the library- to study.

The rest of my day went by in a blur, I sat quietly in my classes and paid no attention to my studies- I was in full agreement with myself. In Biology, I would demand a valid reason for his behavior yesterday. Sure, he didn’t owe me one, but it would be nice to at least know why someone hated you, Right?

At least then, I could move on with my life. And never focus anymore time on him, or this situation.


Chapter Nine :

I sat quietly at lunch. I chose to sit in Mike’s seat today it gave me a direct view to the Cullens and.. Him

Mike approached the table, a little taken back by the new arrangement. He smiled, and sat next to me. I wondered what he was smiling about ? I simply thought he would sit in my seat and tomorrow we’d go back to the normal arrangement. I let it go.

I lifted my head every now and then from my tray to gaze at the table in the far corner of the cafeteria. They were all present except for one. The one I was now searching the cafeteria for. He wasn’t here? Where was he? I thought.

“Bella?” Mike nudged me. Probably wondering why I was swerving my head from side to side.
“Uh, yea Mike?” I brought my focus back to the table and my friends who all stared at me, confusion written all over there face. Except for Angela- she knew exactly what I was thinking about.

“We wanted to know if you were busy this weekend? The weather is suppose to be perfect-”
“And a trip to First Beach is so needed” Jessica interrupted Mike.

First Beach, Jake and all of our friends down at the reserve hung out there often. Well, before Jake and the rest of them started acting weird and disappearing all hours of the day and night. I frowned at the recent changes in my brother’s behavior.

“Is.. That a no?” Mike asked to break my silent thoughts.
“Um, sure. That sounds like fun- if the weather holds up. I‘m not busy this weekend.” I reassured my friends.
“Yes !”Tyler high-fived Mike.

The girls and I all laughed at their encounter. Must be a guy thing, it was just a beach.

The rest of the lunch period continued on with several conversations focused around the ‘awesome’ weekend everyone was looking forward too. Angela had even thought up a sleepover of some sort for the girls. I wasn’t familiar with these- I wasn’t close to many girls back home, so we didn’t have “slumber parties.”

The bell rung dismissing us to class and Mike and I walked together. I had convinced Angela to walk Ben to class and she vowed if it didn’t work, I would suffer because of her “forwardness.” I laughed at her and Mike took the opportunity to suggest we walk together. It wasn’t a big deal, I guess- we did have the same class.

“Yeah so Saturday, we‘ll meet up at your place and….”he chattered.

I was good at nodding and occasionally adding a “mhm, and sure” when needed. But I was truly focused on how I would approach Edward when I saw him. Would I wait til the end of class ? Or just go straight into my rant when I saw his face ?

We entered the class and I told Mike it wasn’t necessary to walk me to my seat. It wasn’t that far.

When I glanced at my desk, I frowned at the view- no lab partner there.

Where was he ? Did he skip because of our encounter in the library?

I sat befuddled until Mr. Banner called the class to attention.

I spent the rest of the period writing notes to the lecture that was being given.


The rest of my day passed like the rain outside. When school ended I walked towards the parking lot and noted that the Cullens’ cars were already gone. I tried to put the pieces together, but it just didn’t make sense.

I gunned my car to life and ignored the stares I received from the engine. I blushed, it sounded quite relaxing to me. But the looks told me other people thought the opposite.

I exited the school parking lot and headed down the highway. It was a well-needed drive, just to think about today’s past events.

When I got home there was a small crowd surrounding my porch.

What the heck was going on? I thought.

I pulled into the driveway and notice sitting on the foot of the steps was Sue Clearwater. With my dad and Jacob at her side. She looked as though she had been crying.

I made my way through some of the familiar faces I’d known my whole life. One stood out in particular, little Seth Clearwater. Well, he was a few years younger than me but he wasn’t a child. He looked worried. I pulled him to the side.

“Hey.. Seth, what’s going on ? Why are all these people surrounding my house?” I asked.
He just shook his head. “We‘ve been here for awhile. Leah‘s.. missing.”

I stood silent for a moment. A million questions going through my head.
Missing? Where the hell had she gone? Had she run away? Or had she been .. Kidnapped? I immediately thought the worse.

“I‘m sorry Seth, do they know anything? How long has it been?” I asked with sincere concern.
“She‘s been gone for two days now. Her and my mo got into a heated argument and she went into her room and I went to check on her and she was gone..” he got choked up on the end of his sentence.

I gasped. Leah ? She was one of the closest people to me when my mom died a few years back. We hadn’t hung out in awhile. I just couldn’t imagine her running away. She had got a little depressed after the whole situation with her and Sam, but she was doing a little better since then.

“I‘m so Sorry Seth.” I tried to comfort him.

He nodded and headed home.

The people started to fade away. It was only Billy, Jacob and Sue. We headed into the house.

“Sue, I‘m so sorry.” I acknowledged her with a hug and kiss.
“Thank you Bella, I just don‘t know what to do now. We‘ve had worse arguments in the past- nothing to ever make her feel like she had to runaway.” she confessed.

I nodded in understanding. I saw a Jacob and dad stood at the edge of the couch. They didn’t look.. Concern- as though they knew something. But what ?

After an hour passed, Sue decided to call it a night and head on home. Dad told her if Leah didn’t show by the next two days- a search party would be sent out.

She nodded in understanding.

Jacob headed to the kitchen and I followed. I waited til Sue had left to speak my accusations. He was sitting down drinking some juice.

“Okay spill it, What do you know Jacob Black.” I said with discernment. I folded my arms across my chest to show I was serious.

He looked up at me, but continued to drink his juice. When he was almost finished he put the glass down and it looked as though he was trying to organize his thoughts.

“Believe me Jacob- when I say you‘re not smarter than me. You know something about Leah‘s disappearance and I know it. If it has anything to do with you disappearing the middle of the night I swear-”

The last part of my sentence did something to him. He jumped up from the table and came extremely close to my face.

“What. Did. You. Just. Say ?”he spoke his words with harsh breaths.

He was losing it.. I thought

“I said you disappear in the middle of the night, Yes, I‘ve noticed and I haven‘t said anything because Dad is already aware of it. Now I don‘t have to know where you‘re going, but if it has anything to do with Leah‘s disappearance you need to tell me.” I demanded.

It took him a few seconds to really understand that I was serious and not backing down. I was use to the way Dad and Jake kept secrets from me, I usually didn’t care- but Leah was my friend. I didn’t want to know my brother had something to do with that.

“It‘s not that simple Bee, it‘s just not.” he finally spoke.

“Here we go again,” my hands flew up in the air. I was so sick of the secrets. I would not let this go.
“No, it‘s not that I won‘t tell you- I can’t” he confessed.
“But, I‘m your sister Jake, you can tell me anything.” I tried to assure him.

He stared into my eyes for a moment.

“Not this I can‘t.”

And with that exchange, he walked past me, right of the front door.

What was going on?

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Great story!! keep writing!!!! :)
iDon even think she knows Paula--x there's this thing w. bella about rejection. she doesn't even know him but they (both] feel so closely to each other
i cant wait for her to transform!!!! like i said earlier
i rlly find edwards pov interseting which is weird cuz i dont like edward but i like how u make him
just have her transform soon even if it is 2 or 3 chapters post like every 2 hours so it gets here faster
post more soon and keep me updated!!!!!! love it


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