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So, just like a lot of other people Edward & Bella are my favorite twilight couple. So I started thinking, what if Bella wasn't just wrong for Edward- she was the wrong species. In my story Edward is still a vampire, but Bella will soon transform into a wolf. Her and Jacob are brother & sister and she lives on the reservation down in La Push but this is her first year attending Forks High School. She's new - so everyone can't seem to keep their eyes off here.. Especially Edward.


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lOl Bellz you're brilliant --x iThought about her exploding right there but iKnew Edward's reaction wouldn't bee exactly what she needed at that moment.. because you have to remember --x she doesn't know much about him or the legends.. so she's gonna be pretty confusedd



Chapter Thirteen :

I glanced at the time staring back at me inside my truck, 5:45 p.m.

I feared flipping my cell phone open, I could just imagine how many times Jake and Dad had been trying to reach me by now- but something in me, just didn’t care.

I drove down the path that lead to my house and my eyes begin to bulge out of my head- sitting on my porch besides Jake and Dad was - Sue, Seth, Sam, Emily and Quil. I knew I was late, but they called practically the whole community together.

When they saw me come down the rode I could clearly see the relief spread across my father’s face. Then, anger took it's place.

I hate to do this, but it’s just not the time to talk I thought as I parked my truck.

At first, everyone just crowded around me- obviously waiting for an explanation- but I didn’t have one to give, so I shoved past them and headed straight to my room.

“Isabella Marie Black” Dad yelled, I could her the scold in his voice as he wheeled himself into the house.

The trembling returned, but it wasn’t as bad.

I slowly turned, so that I was facing him on the stairs. “Yes..” I muttered, hardly able to speak.

He glared at me, confusion and hurt were the only emotions written across his face.

He finally spoke when he was at the foot of the stairs. “Well, where the heck have you been? School let up almost three hours ago and you don‘t show up, call or anything?” he questioned.

Jacob walked in at the moment. Leaning against the front door, arms folded across his chest.

“I got.. Sidetracked.” I finally said. It wasn’t a lie- but not the entire truth.

Jacob rolled his eyes- he knew there was more- they both did. But what exactly could I say? Everything happened so fast and I still haven’t figured out -

“Sidetracked?” my father yelled cutting off my thoughts. “That‘s all you have to say for yourself ? This isn‘t like you Bella?” he whispered the last part as he rubbed his temples. “What would your mother say?”

I stared at him, this got my blood boiling, the shaking in my hands got worse.

Jake tilted his head to the side, as though he saw something familiar.

I was totally irresponsible today and I knew that. But for him to be this harsh on me was unbelievable. Jake had pulled stunts like these- and worse, a million times and the one time I arrive home later than usual I’m the worst person ever..

“Well, I‘m not sure what she would say Dad ! It doesn‘t surprise me that you‘re being this hard on me- you always came down harder on me and overlook everything Jacob does.” I yelled ferociously.

“Bella- you know that’s not true.” he responded .
“Isn‘t it? Jacob has always been your favorite child, I might as well not even exist !” I felt the tears running down my cheek and I ran upstairs before I started balling.

I took one last look at him, I could see how my words pierced him- but I didn’t care. Everything I said was true, I hated my life- especially today.

The trembling I felt when I was with Edward returned as I ran in my room. I managed to lock my door and made my way to the far left corner.

I managed to stand and my body began violently shaking. Every muscle, every bone inside of my body was… on fire. I tried to scream out in pain- but I couldn’t manage to make a sound.

Jacob’s POV…

Where the hell is she ? I thought.

I had been standing on this porch since 3:30 - it was now after 5. I wanted to go find her, it would be easy to track her down- her scentwas still fresh.

“Take it easy Jacob.” My dad’s voice came from behind me.

I turned around to face him. He looked just as worried as I felt.

“Something isn‘t right, I can feel it.” I urged.
“I know- it isn‘t like her- to be late” he admitted.

He scratched his head, the way he always did when he felt uneasy.

“I‘m going to look for her.” I demanded as I took off my shirt.

It would be easier to go by foot than to take the rabbit.

"If one of those bloodsuckers laid a hand on her I swear-” I started shaking.
“Jake !” I heard from a distance.

I turned my head in the direction I heard my name. I didn’t have to look at him- I know who it was.

“Sam.” I greeted as he approached, Emily right beside him.
“Still no word?” he asked with hesitation.
“No- and I’m not sitting around to wait for the bad news.” I began to walk away, and I felt his hand on my chest.
“Jacob, you can't make haste. We‘ll give it some more time.. If she doesn‘t show by midnight we‘ll start the search.”
“Midnight ! ” I yelled, I couldn’t believe his words. “My sister could be dead right now and you want me to wait til midnight?” I was livid.
“Yes, I do.” was the only words he spoke.

We glared at each other for a few moments- then I sighed in defeat.

“Dammit.” I muttered.

I hated that I could defy him- just another thing to add on the list about hating this life I lived.

I continued to pace back and forth, the sky took a change- it was getting dark, and I was becoming uneasy.

Seth and Sue showed up just then. Wanting to hear word on the subject. Billy informed them and I ignored the sound of their voices- I didn’t feel like talking to anyone the only sound I wanted to hear was the rupture of that truck coming down the path.

Just as I was about to lose it, I heard it. I had never been so relieved to see her. Relief flooded through me- and anger replaced it .

“Where the hell has she been?” I stepped on to the porch, ready to yell and demand she give answers- when Same grabbed my shoulder.

“Let her speak, don‘t make the situation worse.” he cautioned me.

I shrugged his hand off, but I knew he was right.

Fine. I’ll let her have her say- but she would hear it from me I thought to myself. I went to my usually post, and leaned against the railing.

They all crowded around her, she ignored them- as I thought she would. Dad followed her into the house I informed Sam and the others to go home- I would give them an update later.

When I stepped into the house, I noticed she was.. Different.
I had never seen this type of anger within Bella, the way she yelled at my father- it wasn’t like her. At all.

She began to shake, trembling almost.

I tilted my head to the side, this couldn’t be happening…
I took notice of her posture, and her eyes, they were- black. She stormed upstairs before I could get a word in edge wise.

I need to feel her skin. That’s the only way to determine it.

I made my way up the stairs, but the door was locked. I put my ear to the door- I could hear rattling. She was transforming.

“Bella- open this door. NOW!” I didn’t want to break the lock - but I would if I had too.

Just then, I heard the window open.

I stepped back, and put all my force into the punch and busted into the room.

“Jake ! What‘s going on?” Dad yelled.

I ignored him, I stared around the room, empty.

I felt a breeze hit me, I glanced out the window. She was gone.


Chapter Fourteen :

I was losing my mind. Just a minute ago I was in on my room floor- I attempted to walk to the window to let the breeze in and before I knew- here I was.

Running through the forest on.. Paws ?

I had to be dreaming. This just couldn’t be happening - I came to a complete halt. I gazed around at the dark forest all around me. It was a miracle I could see clearly - it seemed pitch black tonight.


I turned my large body in the direction I heard my name. Nothing there. I turned the other way. Still no one.

I was definitely dreaming, it was official I thought to myself.

“Bella- it‘s me, Sam. You‘re- a wolf.”

I tried to grunt, but only a growl erupted from within me.
I tried to speak and the only noise that came out was a type of..bark.

I must be crazy I thought. I began to slowly back away from.. Nothing. I was completely alone in the forest. So where was the voice coming from?

“Bella, I can hear your thoughts. Just stay there- I‘ll be there shortly.” the voice responded.

How the heck was he doing that I thought. I completed a one-hundred and eighty degree turn to find.. Nothing. Once again.

I was scared, I couldn’t be hearing voices- but there was no one else here.

I did the only thing that made sense- I ran.

I ran through the woods at a rapid speed- it felt.. good.

I tried to come up with a million logical explanations for this dream I couldn’t escape.

“Bella- you‘re not dreaming” I heard Jake’s voice.

I came to a compete stop. Okay- how did you do that ? I thought.

I turned around to find three massive wolves in front of me.

I whimpered, I tried to slowly back away but I was at the edge of the cliff.

The reddish brown wolf took the first step towards me.

“Bella- it‘s me, Jake.”

I looked around once more, to see where Jake was- but he wasn’t here.
How could I possibly be hearing you Jacob ? You’re no where in sight I thought.

“I‘m right in front of you.” he said with irritation in his voice.

I hesitated, but took a step toward the wolf that now stood only two feet away from me. The shape of his eyes- it reminded me of Jacob.

It really is you I thought.

The wolf shook its head up and down once- to answer my thought.

What happened to.. Us? I thought.

The other voice- who had spoke to me before, spoke now.

“Bella- you are a shape shifter. We all are .It‘s in your genes- Sam informed me.
“Well, it was thought only the men could have it but I guess they were wrong.” Jake thought, with laughter in his words.

How could you possibly find this funny ? We’re- animals ? This have to be fake. I was just with you guys an hour ago, you weren’t… animals. I thought incredulously.

“Hence the word - shape shifter genius” Jacob thought.

I was getting angry.

“Jacob ! ”Sam cautioned. “Bella you will be able to transform back into your normal self- you just have to concentrate and calm down” he informed me.

Calm down ! I’m out here in the woods, at night- as a WOLF ! How can I calm down. I yelled in my thoughts.

“Bella you must try, if you don- it will take you even longer to return to your normal form.”
“Maybe she should stay like this- I wouldn‘t have to worry about here. I can here everything she‘s thinking.” Jake humored.

You’re really pissing me off I thought.

“Welcome to the pack” said a familiar voice. It had to be the gray wolf .

Leah ? I questioned

“The one and only.”

So this is where you’ve been ? I wondered.

“Yup, I wouldn‘t calm down - just like you, so I was out her for the whole day.”

I worried about that. Of course I didn’t want to be out here- but I couldn’t figure out how to calm down.

“You have to try” Sam encouraged me.

Wait, so even if I don’t direct my thoughts to you, you can still hear them? I asked offensively.

“That‘s pretty much the way it goes.” Jake thought

This sucks.

“Tell me about it” Leah responded.

I flopped down on the dirt. Putting my big head on my paws.

What would I do now? I thought.


Chapter Fifteen :

It took a few hours, but with Sam’s help, I finally caught on to how to phased back into my normal body.

It was a strange feeling, as though everything from the inside out was getting smaller. If it wasn’t so bizarre- it might have been cool.

I couldn’t fathom why all of the pack ran in the opposite direction when I was transforming back, it wasn’t as though I could hurt them as my normal self.

I didn’t grasp the reasoning until I felt shivers from the cold run down my body. I peered at myself, and I was stock naked. Right as I was about to scream out in embarrassment, Leah ran over and handed me a pair of shorts and a top.

I didn’t question her, I just took the clothes in hand and ran behind a tree before one of the guys saw me.

When I had calmed down. I returned to see the entire pack waiting for me.

“Wha- What was that? I‘ve come to terms - sorta, with the wolf thing. But my clothes disappear too?” I was scatter-brained at the thought of being naked every time I phased back into my normal body.

I heard Jacob and Paul laughing.

How could that possibly be funny I thought.

“Yeah- it‘s one of the mortifying things about being the ‘she wolf‘. These morons practically walk around half naked anyway, but you‘re going to have to put spare clothes in almost every tree and remember which ones you left them in.” Leah informed me.

I tried to wrap my brain around the information I’d just been given.

Clothes..trees. All the time? None it made sense. But I would have to do my best.

“What are you thinking?” Sam asked, a worried expression across his face.
“You don‘t know?” I asked, confusion probably written across my face.
Jacob rolled his eyes. “We can only hear each other‘s thoughts when we phase into wolves.” he said condescendingly.
“Well that‘s a relief. I couldn‘t imagine what it would be like if we were in each other‘s head all day.” I grimaced at the thought.
“Here. Here, they don‘t think about much anyway.” Leah said, gesturing to Paul and Jacob.
“Hey !” Paul replied giving Leah a punch in the arm.
“Enough- from the both of you.” Sam warned.

They immediately stopped. What was that about?

“So, how did we become like this. I mean- what‘s wrong with us. Why-”
Sam held up his hand to interrupt me. “Let‘s take a walk Bella, I‘ll explain everything you need to know.”
I nodded in agreement and we headed through the forest.

* * *

I headed back to the house, I was sure my Dad was wondering about me. When I came out from the forest I saw Jake and him on the porch laughing at something.

“Who‘s the butt of your joke now?”
Jake laughed even louder. “You are!” he began as he held his stomach with one hand.

My dad tried to cover the smile on his face with his hand.

“So, you know?” I looked at my father confused as to how he would know.
“Of course I do - well now I do. But Jacob has been a shape shifter for quite some time.” he informed me.
I was puzzled. Then the pieces began to click. “So that‘s where you sneak off to in the middle of the night, and why temper has suddenly got worse.” I awed at my new understanding. “I knew something was up with you.”
“Yeah yeah, just wait til it starts happening to you. Oh Wait- it already has.” Then he began his mocking laughing again.
“What do you mean.”
“Well isn‘t it obvious- the way you talked to dad last night, it was nothing like you, and I saw you shaking on the stairs. I knew that had to be it. It was your time.”

I recalled the events of yesterday. When did I first start shaking…

I gasped at my recollection.

“What?” Jake asked..
“Bella- are you alright. Jake I think it‘s finally dawned on her.”

I heard them speaking but I couldn’t respond. All I kept thinking about was Edward.

I recalled the conversation with Sam.

“So what’s our purpose, I mean there must be something we do.” I asked .
“You’re right Bella, we are known as the Protectors. Legend says we descended from the wolves- that they are our brothers.”
“Is that why we have that law, about not killing them” I interrupted.
“Most likely. There are other legends- about the cold ones.”
“I remember hearing something about them, but I don‘t know very much.” I informed him.
“I could imagine.” His voice became a little deeper. “According to the legends, the cold ones are the natural enemies to the wolves.”

“BELLA !” Jacob yelled in my ear.

I broke out of my trance. “What ! I‘m fine.” I lied.
“What were you thinking about?” my dad asked.
“Nothing. I‘m tired- I‘m going to go lay down.” I headed in the house, hoping they wouldn’t question me anymore.

I flopped down on my bed. It hadn’t dawned on me when I was listening to Sam, but it all made sense now.

The way I trembled when he touched me- the temperature of his skin. Edward was a - vampire.

That what he’d been warning me of, to stay away from him. He knew my family’s history, hell- he might’ve even been there when my great-grandfather made the treaty.

But he had the opportunity to kill me, so why didn’t he take it? It just didn’t fit together. It he was my natural born enemy- he would of killed me when he had the chance.

There was a knock on my door.

“It‘s me.” Jake announced himself as he opened the door.
“Why do even bother to know if you‘re going to barge in anyway.”
“So you can‘t say I didn‘t knock.” he said with that annoying smile.

I ignored his lame excuse for a joke. I had more important things to worry about.

He must have taken notice to the expression on my face, because his next question was everything I didn’t want to talk about.

“Where were you yesterday?” he said while he took a seat on my window sill.

I was taken back by his statement, but then I calmed myself down. I remembered what Sam said could happen if I got too angry or worked up.

“What‘s it to you?” I said getting off the bed and moving to my computer desk.
“Well I didn‘t mention it to dad yesterday, but there was a reason I was worried about you.”
“Oh yeah, and why is that”
“Because vampires go to your school, did you know that.”
“No, I hadn‘t the slightest idea.” I tried to sound as convincing as possible.
“Hm, that‘s strange- because when you came home, I got a whiff of their scent on your clothes and skin.” he informed me.

This would be the one time he chose to be observant. I thought.

“Well genius, you just said that they go to my school- maybe I rubbed up against them on accident.” I tried to sound nonchalant.
“Yeah, that would explain it- but the scent, was too fresh for it to have happened almost three hours earlier.” he informed me

Busted I thought.

I bit the inside of my lip. “Jacob- I was in the meadow with.. Edward Cullen yesterday afternoon.”

“YOU WHAT?” he screamed at the top of his voice.

I trembled at the tone of his voice. He began to shake.

“Jake -calm down. Nothing happened no harm done.” I shrugged.
“Bella if that isn‘t the most stupidest thing you‘ve ever done then I don‘t know what is.”
“Look who‘s talking.” I muttered.

I thought he was going to have an aneurysm the way his veins was popping out on the side of his head.

“Bella- you can never go- NO speak to him again.”
I jumped up. “That‘s not fair you don‘t even know him!” I yelled.
“I don‘t have to know him to know he‘s dangerous for you !” he ranted.
I began shaking. “You‘re neither my father nor the boss of me.” I reminded him.
He smiled at this. “You know- you‘re right, Sam is.”
I tilted my head to the side. “Excuse me?”
“You heard me. Sam is the Alpha of our pack. Why do you think when he told Leah and Paul to stop horsing around they did? It‘s a respect factor, and trust me- Sam won‘t allow you to talk to those- bloodsuckers.”

I was livid. I started shaking violently, I could feel myself about to phase. Jacob rushed behind me and put both of his hands around my chest to form some type of cage.

“Great. Off. Of. Me.” I sneered.
“Not until you calm down.”

I struggled to get free and then I finally gave up.

He panted. Trying to catch his breath. “I don‘t know why you‘re getting so defensive- The Cullens are the reasoned you transformed Bella, think about it.”

I stood there, speechless. He took this as a sign of understanding.

“Every time their coven grows in size it causes one of us to transform- so we can match their size, just in case we have to fight.”
“Fight? Why would we fight them.” I heard the fear in my voice.
“Because if they break the treaty, we have to.”

Realization hit me. He’s the enemy. Or at least nature seems to think so.

“Bella don‘t you see- the two of you could never be friends. It‘s not in your destiny.”

I had no words for him. I was still wrapping my brain around all of this. He took this opportunity to get settled on my bed.

“I don‘t believe you, and I‘m going to continue seeing him.” I finally spoke.

He stared at me, unable to willingness to stick up for Edward.

“I‘ll kill that leech before I let you go near him again.” he spat.

I felt the fear building in my chest. I had four words for Jacob Black.

“Over my dead body.”

He stared at me in disbelief. I began packing my overnight bag.

“Where are you going ? To stay with the leeches?” he laughed at his joke.

I ignored his comment. “No, I’m going to the one place I’ve always felt safe.” I replied.

And before Jacob could object, I was down the stairs and out the door.

Heading to my truck.


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lOl iloveee you response Safeya --x but naturally, iGotta make you wait for the next chapter =P that's what makes it exciting....

THIS was exactly how i thought bella would transform! im so excited for her!
I didnt want it to bee ... easy to figure out-- but it just kinda went with the story !
i just finished it i totally love it so when does she realize she is a werewolf?? update sooon..... can't wait
hmm.. we'll have to wait & see =]
YAY!!! Bella is going to turn into a wearwolf... I no it will make things complicated with Edward but I still hope that they fall in love with each other although they are enemies... I really love this story and it is starting to get very very intriging!!! Loved the Chapter!!!
:) thank youu .
more to comee *
omg hurry up and update!!!
lOl.... i'm glad you liked it :)
she is going to phase....


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