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So, just like a lot of other people Edward & Bella are my favorite twilight couple. So I started thinking, what if Bella wasn't just wrong for Edward- she was the wrong species. In my story Edward is still a vampire, but Bella will soon transform into a wolf. Her and Jacob are brother & sister and she lives on the reservation down in La Push but this is her first year attending Forks High School. She's new - so everyone can't seem to keep their eyes off here.. Especially Edward.


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Sorry, iWasn't but i'm about to post nowww

Chapter Ten :

I was standing in a field. The sun was glistening.

What’s going on? Why am I her? I thought

I saw something approaching in the distance. It was- shining, like a star would in the sky.
It was apparent that it was coming in my direction.
Without thought, I started walking towards it. Something instinctively told me I should run- flee in the opposite direction.

But I couldn’t help myself. It was as some type of magnetic pull. I couldn’t deny it. My eyes couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was… Edward. He was shining. Beautifully.

But why?
We were about six feet away from each other, he held out his hand. Gesturing for me to come closer.

My instincts told me to fear him, but I didn’t have that fear emotionally. As I put one foot in front of the another to close in the gap between us- something hindered my process.

I looked across my shoulder to see what was holding me back-- it was Jacob.

Automatically, I stop trying to fight against him.

“Jake? What are you doing here?” I managed to get out I one rapid sentence.

Only, he wasn’t paying attention to me, he was glaring past me- at Edward.
I focused my attention on Edward, he was doing the same.

“Look guys I can make my own choices.” I blurted.

“You have to stay away from him” Jake whispered .
“”Why Jake? What did he do? I noticed the amount of emotion that swelled up as I said those words.

Then, without anything further, they both disappeared.

I woke up just then-my eyelids popping wide- I glanced around my room gasping, just to make sure everything was in their rightful places.

I hit the snooze button to the alarm that was making so much racket.

I started with my morning routine of brushing my teeth and hitting the showers.

What did my dream mean? I thought to myself as the water streamed down my body.
Growing up, we were taught that every dream had a significant meaning. That you were being warned of some future mishappening.

I had never believed in the legends of my people so much. I considered them just that, Legends.

Just a dream, I told myself as I got dressed. Just a dream. I took a deep breath and grabbed my backpack. I skipped breakfast, in a hurry to get some fresh air and get to school early. Jake was already gone when I announced to Dad I was leaving.

I struggled to get a grip on myself as I drove to school.
Why on Earth would I dream of Edward Cullen of all people ?

I got to school extremely early, I was aware of this because not even the Cullens were here yet. I frowned as the thought set in.

Get a grip Bella. I reminded myself.

Edward’s POV

I can’t believe my actions yesterday. I thought. I recalled the bizarre exchange I had with the girl in the library.

I was just glancing at her, hoping to get a better understanding to why she was crying and that’s when

She caught me off guard, she was now fully aware I was staring at her. She probably thought I was some kind of freak. For the first time in over ninety years I was , lost. I didn’t know whether to take her out right then and there.

Thankfully, I exited before she could ask me any questions I knew she was forming in her head.

I rushed out of the library and found my siblings. Explaining the entire encounter, obviously they couldn’t see exactly what the issue was, but Alice could sense where I was coming from.

She noted that the girl was also confuse by our encounter but nothing to worry about. For now. I hated that she could see the future outcome- but with limitations. It was so agitating.

I decided right then, I could not face the girl in Biology today. It would be an extremely awkward interaction- especially sense we would probably have to socialize for the assignment.

I ditched for the rest of the day. Like the coward I am.

What was I to do ? My instincts, the monster inside of me told me she was a threat- and to exterminate her. But, another part of me- a part of me I didn’t know still existed- craved her company. I wanted to .. Know her.

It was something strong- that pulled me toward her. Despite the disposition it put me in. I wanted to be close to her.

How sick was that?

To want to be close to your enemy, knowing at any given moment. You could kill her.

I spent the rest of the evening conversing with Carlisle.
“Son, I can see the predicament you are in, and I can see why you urge away with her. But for reasons unbeknown to me, you urge to keep her alive more than you do to kill her. You’re strong enough to resist Edward, and I am proud of you.”

“Proud of me? I’m putting our family at risk, and the only advice you give is in support to what I want to do ! I could jeopardize what you’ve created for this family, and you have nothing else to say? ”I spoke outrageously.

He sighed. “Edward, if I didn‘t think you could make the right decision I wouldn‘t be standing here discussing this with you. But you can. Grant it, I‘ve never seen you become this deep - but you are capable of handling this productively.” he reassured me. The he laid he hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eyes.

Edward, there’s something about this girl that’s intriguing to you. That’s fighting for you to keep her alive- identify what that is.” he thought. Then strolled away.

I stood alone in our den.

What is causing me to struggle with this? I pondered, knowing the answer was unknown.


Chapter Eleven :

I walked in the cafeteria to find Angela and Jessica already seated in a heated discussion. They were organizing and making adjustments for the sleepover this weekend. I took a seat and casually fell into the conversation.

“So we definitely have to rent Zombie Land 3 and get the snacks… ”Jessica rambled on.

Angela and I just sat there looking inquisitive.

I didn’t know it was that of a deal. Maybe I should learn a little more about these things- I don’t it to be awkward. I thought

The rest of my friends came and took their normal seats. I sat and played with my food. Rotating my fork through the mash potatoes making shapes.

That’s when Angela subtly nudged me, gesturing to their table.

My heart immediately reacted to that information and I refrained from smiling.
At first, I resisted from glancing at the table, but eventually gave in when I knew my friends were too wrapped up in their own conversations to look at me.

When I looked over my shoulder our eyes met. But there was something- that held my gaze. We both stared at each other for a brief moment. It was as though the world around me came to a halt, and he was the only one I could see.

His eyes were .. Different today. Than they were when we first met. They were gentle- and warm. The sound of my name being called broke our connection.

“Bella-”Jessica half-yelled.

I shook my head to refocus myself.

“Yeah Jess, what‘s up?”
“Angela and I wanted to know if you got permission from your dad for the sleepover yet?”
“You know, I had a lot going on yesterday, but I‘ll definitely find out today.” I reassured her.
“Cool” Angela added as she winked at me.

The rest of the lunch period went by sluggishly. Maybe it was because I was counting the minutes til I sat next to him. I bit my lip to keep from smiling.

The bell finally rung and we each headed to our classes. I tried to prolong the walk with Angela. I was eager and yet, reluctant to see his face again. I had never felt this way with anyone. Heck, I didn’t even know what I was feeling.

I was rehearsing how the conversation would play out : would I be rude as he’d been to me? Demand he explain his bizarre behavior ? O just let him be the first to speak?

That all subsided when I entered the classroom. There he was. Sitting in his assigned seat. Glancing at me as I made my way to our desk. I felt myself blushing as I sat down.

Every single thought vanished, I couldn’t remember what or why I had been so frustrated with him. None of that mattered-

Mr. Banner called the class to attention.

“Today you‘ll be working with your partner, using your microscopes….”

I trailed off as Mr. Banner continued giving today’s assignments. I couldn’t help but fidget with my fingers. As I repeatedly placed them on the desk, and then to my lap.

After the materials were passed out we both silently went to work.

“Hello,” he spoke after awhile.

His voice sent shivers down my spine.

“Hey.” I responded.

I was stunned, and also relieved he chose to speak to me today. He was also sitting distinctly closer than the other day. He was.. So gorgeous. I couldn’t stop staring at him. I slight smile formed across his lips.

“I‘m pretty sure you know who I am by now, but we haven‘t been formally introduced. My name is Edward Cullen.” he continued.

Who didn’t know who he was? I thought.

It shocked me just how polite he was, compared to our past two encounters. But I didn’t care, just hearing his voice made the past events seem like nothing.

“Yeah, I‘m Bella. Bella Black.” I muttered.
“So you transferred her from the Reservation?” he questioned me
“Y-yeah. How did you know?” I was curious.

He laughed softly.

“It‘s a small school Bella, all the students practically know everything.” he informed me.

I couldn’t argue with that, that’s how I knew so much about his family.

“So, I hear you and your family just moved here a few years back too” I muttered the first thing that came to my head.

He frowned slightly. But quickly changed his expression.

“Yeah, we needed a change of scenery- so, here we are.” he said with false enthusiasm.

I wonder what that was about ? I could tell he was trying to say, or hide something.. I just couldn’t pinpoint what ?

An awkward silence grew between us after that. So we just continued to work on the assignment.

“So tell me about your family- Bella?” he asked after awhile.
“There‘s nothing much to tell.” I said nonchalantly still focusing on the assignment at hand.
“I mean, do you live with your mom, dad, siblings?”

I grimaced at the mention of my mom. It had been years since I had to tell someone who didn’t already know.

“Uh, I live with my dad and brother.”

I squeezed my hand hoping he wouldn’t ask about my mom.

“What-”he began
“So, your family, tell me about them.” I quickly interrupted before he asked the question I wasn’t ready to answer.

He was obviously taken back by my quickness.

“Nothing much to tell, we‘re a pretty normal family.”

I noted the sly smile that came across his face as he said the last part.


“Alright Class ! Time‘s up.” Mr. Banner announced. Forcing me to completely lose my train of thought.

We passed our papers up, I was fairly certain we would be the winners- Edward seemed to know what he was doing and I loved biology.

The bell rung and I immediately began scooping up my belongings. Edward offered to help.

““Are you busy, today?” he asked as we exited the classroom.
“N-no. Not really. Just have an English essay due tomorrow.”
“Oh, never mind then, homework is important.” he said as he began to walk away.
“Did I say tomorrow? I meant Friday.” hopefully my lie was convincing.

His smile told me he didn't believe me.

"Excellent then. I want you to come with me somewhere- if you want."

Try not to sound eager Bella

"S-sure. Just let me drop my things off at home and you can follow-"
"On second thought, how about you leave your truck at my house. We won't ned two cars." he prompted.
"Okay." I nodded in agreement.
"Ten it's settled. Let's go"he said with excitement I'd never seen in him

He grabbed my books as we walke to the parking lot, and I smiled at te gesture.

I wasn't sure where I was going, or if I would return- but something inside told me if I was with Edward Cullen, everything else didn't matter.


Chapter Twelve :

We walked through the parking lot side by side, Edward told me to go to my truck and wait for him. I didn’t bother to ask why, I just nodded and hurried to my vehicle.

I put all of my belongings on the floor of the passenger side then got settled in. I glanced over in the direction Edward had walked away- he seemed to be talking to his siblings. I definitely couldn’t make out what they were saying, but the blonde- Rosalie didn’t look too happy.

A few seconds later Edward began walking towards me. His facial expression displayed anger but as soon as he was close enough to the truck, it transformed into a placid expression.

I wonder what that’s about.

He hoped in to the car and gave me that million dollar smile.

“Where to ?” I inquired.
“Take the one-oh-one north,” he ordered.

Hm, I could easily drop my stuff off at home if we were going in that direction I thought. But I didn’t press the subject.

It was becoming quite difficult to concentrate on the road while he gazed at my face.

He laughed softly.

“What‘s so funny?” I asked.
“Your driving.” he stated.

I glanced at the speedometer, it read 60 mph- that was the speed limit on the highway. I was confused- or missing something.

“You think you can do better?” I asked sarcastically.
“I‘ll show you on the way back.” he confirmed.
“Speaking of that, where are we going exactly?” I was becoming anxious.
He ignored my question.” Just turn right on the one-ten and drive until the pavement stops.” he ordered and a smile creped across his face.

I felt a slight nudge form in my stomach. I had seen movies about this, the mysterious guy who lead the young damsel to god knows where.
So why wasn’t I scared?

The pavement ended and all I could see was trees. The forest.
I frowned at the scene before us- that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

He took notice to the expression on my face, “we‘re hiking.”

I smile stretched across my face, I loved hiking. I noted the change in weather as the wind hit my face, and reached for my jacket as I hopped out the car- but, my body felt perfectly fine.

I guess it wasn’t that cold after all.

We began walking and I glanced up at the sky- it was around four o’clock- Dad and Jake would send a search party out if I wasn’t home by six. I made note to call at five and give them my ‘false whereabouts’ .

Edward walked behind me up the trail, he must’ve been afraid I couldn’t handle myself. I lsmiled at thiss thought.
I wasn't your average teenage girl, he would see that.

After a few minutes, we made our way to a meadow- of some sort. I stopped dead in my tracks.

It wasn’t just a meadow, it was the meadow, from my dream.

Was I dreaming now?

Edward walked passed me, giving me the moments I needed to recuperate.

It was breathtaking- I tried to take it all in with one glance. I knew we were hear for a purpose- but what ?

We took a seat on one of the logs under the trees. The silence was nice, but a bit boring.

“Bella- how much do you know- about me? My family?” Edward broke the silence, unable to look at me.
“Um, I know that you guys just moved back her from Alaska and-”
“No !” he interrupted with clear frustration in his voice.

I could tell he was struggling with something, but I was having a hard time figuring out what that was.

“Bella- the first time I saw you, do you remember what happened? Do you have an idea as to whyI reacted the way I did?”

I sat, silent. I wondered about that. But I never had the slightest idea what was his problem.

He sighed. Taking my silence as a clear ‘No.’

“Bella, I have this strange connection to be. Near you.” he confessed.

My heart raced at the thought of his words. I was shocked, something told me to run- flee before he said anything else, but a stronger part of me needed him, just as bad, I just don’t know why.

After a few moments, I spoke the only thing that seemed logical.

“Why?” I blurted
“I..don‘t..know..” he gasped out.

We sat in silence for a few more seconds. I fidgeted with my fingers, staring at the beautiful meadow that was right in font of my eyes.

“So- if you feel the need to be near me, why do you give off the opposite vibe. I mean, every time we‘ve been near each other I‘ve felt you wanted- to bite my head off”. I muttered.

He cringed at my last words.

“I never said it was healthy or safe for me to be near you. I just said there's a conncetion between you and I that forces me to want to be near you.”

I struggled to understand his words. But I couldn’t, how could you possibly want to be near someone- but show them the opposite?

I felt anger build up inside of me, I didn’t know where it was coming from.

“You‘re not making any sense Edward, and I really don‘t understand what you‘re trying to say.” I snapped.
“I can‘t tell you Bella- it‘s hard enough for me to try and explain myself as it is, if you would just tell me what you know I could-”
“What I know, is that I 'm here. I'm here with yo and I know vey little about you. What I know is that it frustrates me when you ignore me and treat me so rudely and expect me to believe that you actually care !” I spat.
“Bella-”he began.

I jumped up off the log. “I‘m not finished. I came here hoping, that you would at least be honest with me and tell me the truth. Maybe even explain your strange behavior. You make it seem like your some kind of monster !” I scuffed.

Something in him lit up.

“That‘s just it Bella ! I am a monster, and it would do you know good to be around me. That‘s what I‘m trying to tell you, I want to be near you. But for your own safety it would be in your best interest to stay away.”

I sat there. Befuddled. What was wrong with him ? Did he really expect me to believe he was dangerous ? It was crap. If he wanted to stay away from me fine.

I broke the silence that had took over.

“Fine Edward- have it your way. If you want me to stay away from you I will.” Tears started forming in my eyes. I was angry, and hurt.” You’ll never have to see me again.”

I started to walk away when he grabbed me- and a shiver ran through my body at the touch of his skin. His hand were ice-cold, and….hard.

He let go of me at the reaction I had from his touch.

“I have to go.” I said. Panic risen inside of me.
“Let me explain.” he tried to step forward.

My body was trembling, I couldn’t understand what was happening.

“NO! I‘m fine . I just have to go. Please..” I yelled.

He stopped dead in his tracks, the expression on his face told me he was hurt.

My thoughts were incoherent.What was happening to me? I felt a little..strange.

My body was still shaking when I finally made it back to my truck. I waited a few minutes to see if he would show, when he didn‘t come- I took off. Heading down the highway- home.

Hopefully to figure things out.


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Loved it, т ι к α ;!!! Awsum chappies! Write more soon plzzz!!!!!!

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Sorry for the delay Guys--x i'm finally back on track with my thoughts & stories.. Next chapter posted todayish or tomorrow =] iWanna see how you guys like this onee
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