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So, just like a lot of other people Edward & Bella are my favorite twilight couple. So I started thinking, what if Bella wasn't just wrong for Edward- she was the wrong species. In my story Edward is still a vampire, but Bella will soon transform into a wolf. Her and Jacob are brother & sister and she lives on the reservation down in La Push but this is her first year attending Forks High School. She's new - so everyone can't seem to keep their eyes off here.. Especially Edward.


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Chapter Thirty-Four .


Leah and were only a few feet away from the impending scene : the Cullens formed in a tight formation, all of them with their backs to each other, as if they wouldn't dare trust this Vampire Guard. 

"Is that them ?" Leah motioned to the sleek black figures slithering towards the Cullens .

I felt the urge to act, to stand between Edward and these mystery leeches, but Leahknew what I was thinking.

"No Bella ! We have to stay hidden. If something does happen, they'll need us to get a message to Sam, and how can we do that if we're in the confrontation ?" she reasoned with me.

As hard as it was for me to agree with her, I knew if I stayed hidden. This would help Edward, so I would do it.

I gave a slight nod and retreated a little farther into the bushes, I was only a few leaps away if Edward needed me.


We listened intently, but there were no words to detect.

This only made my discomfort more profound ; as the cloaked figures stood only inches from the Cullens, I was ready for the worse.


The each stood in a straight line, straight and defined. Something about them, send shivers done my spine.


"Hello friends, " sounded the disheartening voice of the smallest in the group of four.

  This one was lanky, and the voice was of nothing I'd ever heard before. As the small one removed it's hood, I gritted my teeth at the shock of it's gender ; she was a woman, almost a little girl. With the crimson eyes of darkness.

"What . .are these things ?" Leah asked in sheer fear.

I don't know.


"Hello Jane." Carlisle's tone was full of nothing but warmth, it amazed me.

She nodded, as she gazed at the faces of the Cullens, taking just an extra moment, to stare at Edward.

I growl crept to my throat, "Bella, easy." Leah reminded me.

"What have we done to receive this pleasant visit ?" Edward said curtly.

The other three cloaked figures exchanged a swift glance.

"We were on business for Aro, and he asked us to drop in, and simply. . remind you of the rules." she said surly.

"Surely my Old friend isn't insisting that we've broken any rules, is he ?" Carlisle intercepted.

Jane smiled, her smile was cold as her skin probably felt.

"Of course not Carlisle, but we have received word that you guys are involved with someone who has." she said cryptically.

Edward took a slight step toward her, and the tension in the air only seemed to increase, "Are you certain of this ?"

Jane's eyes snapped up to the bushes that Leah and I were securely hidden in, as if she could see right through me.

Jane stared at Edward, "I'm sure you know, we never travel us it is absolutely necessary."

He simply nodded, "Well then, we wouldn't want to waste your time any further."

The others exchanged a glance with Jane, "No trouble, because we will be in the area for a while. So, we'll stop by again." she promised.

"As you wish." Carlisle said dismissively.

Jane smiled back angelically, ""Until then."

She slowly turned, and headed in the direction that had just traveled from. "Come." she called over her shoulder, and just as swiftly, the tall gray cloaks followed behind. 


Everyone seemed frozen in their positions for several minutes before I finally got my thoughts back in order.


Leah, ask Edward if he wants us to appear. I demanded

She nodded, and I knew he was able to read her mind because he turned his head in our direction, and nodded.


"I'll go find Sam and fill him in, you stay here and see what the Cullens thought of that." she said as she began trotting back to the reservation."


* * *

"Well, it seems our situation has been complicated." Edward said conversationally as they sprinted, and I trotted back to the Cullen home. 

"Yes, it seems that way." Carlisle answered in the same tone.  

I whimpered, realizing it was the only thing I could do.

As if we were in sync, Edward nodded "I know Bella, we need to figure out how they know."

As we approached the house, I ran to the back, where I stashed my clothes, but to my surprise, there was an entire miniature cabin sitting  toward the back of their land.

I gawked at the gesture, in calligraphy the door hanger read : Bella's Getaway .

I shook my head, Alice.

I didn't have time to grasped all her efforts, there was much to discuss, I headed inside took a brief shower in the area designated as a Vanity and Wash room and threw on something  I found in the full wardrobe.

That girl really has a gift.


I headed inside the back door and made my way to the dining room area to find everyone in their usual spots, and Edward smiling slightly as he held out my chair, next to him.


"I'm glad you're back." I whispered to him.

His eyes glistened, "Took the words right out of my mouth."


We gazed at each other for the briefest moment.

We were interrupted by no one other than Emmett, "Um, I'm sorry guys; can you do the gushy couple stuff later. We have bigger problems." he said mockingly.

"Oh shut up Emmett." Alice chimed in.

I blushed, "Sorry."


Carlisle smiled quickly, but then a rigid expression replaced it. "From what Edward has seen in their minds, they know about Jacob." he said directly to me.

I stiffened, but obliged him with a nod, "I thought so." I said subtly. "But how ?"

Edward explained, "I'm uncertain. I can only see what they were thinking at that particular moment, and they were very cautious not to give more away."

I continued with my next question, "But Alice, how come you didn't see them coming before ?"

She smiled, "Well, it's the same reason I could no longer see Edward when he entered the reservation, or the same reason all of our futures go blank when you come around."

"Me."  I said defeated.

"She nodded slightly, "You're my blind spot."

I sighed, "So, what now ? They obviously know about me, that- Jane was definitely looking at me, and I swore Leah and I were hidden."

Carlisle continued, "Besides your scent, which any of us could pick up on instantly, she does have some information on your kind. Their obviously aware of our association with the shape shifters, but I cannot fathom how they think we've broken any rules." he mused.


We were all dumbfounded, none of us knew the answers and these questions were essential.


Edward preceded, "That's just it Carlisle, Jane didn't say we broke any rules. She said we were involved with someone who had."

I was still lost, but recognition seemed to reach the face of everyone else.

Edward realized this so he elaborated," It's Jacob." he said incontestably.


"Oh dear." Esme murmured.

I was benumb, all I could do was repeat his words, "Jacob."

I felt his cold touch around my shoulder, it eased me slightly, but it wasn't enough to make me forget.

"Bella." he whispered.

I ignored his enchanting voice, "What . . do . . we do ?" I murmured.

Carlisle spoke up then, "I'm not sure."


wow.. Nice chapter .. Luv it :)
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y is jake messing up everything? ugh i swear id kill him.
lOl ; thanks Kristahra [= & I'm not sure what Jake is trying to prove - -but iGuess we'll find out x !
SERIOUSLY?!?! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!! That was a lame and STUPID cliffhanger!! I can't believe you! Post more soon.... Please.

new reader

love the story

please add me as friend and please let me now when you

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please update soon i cant wait what will happen next

AWESOME Tika! Please post more! :)
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Oh gosh x ! iCan never please you people ; lOl



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