The Twilight Saga

*** I Wrote This A LONG time Ago, Then I Deleted It ***
Summary (Sort Of): Bella And Her Sisters Just Moved To Forks. Emmett Starts Having Feelings For One Of Bella's Sister So Does Jasper

Chaper 1:
Bella POV|
I sreached through my closet to see what I could find. I really just wanted to put anything put Jenny is making me. Ugh I'm older than her I should be telling her what to do instead of her telling me what to do . It must be cause I'm the princess of the family and they want the good for me.
" Bella! " Jenny said as she ran into my room. I turned around my heart jumped a beat . You'd think I should be use to this since she never knocks.

Jenny was in black skinny jeans with a gray shirt that was tight and for the finishing touch black high heel boots.
" Why aren't you dressed? On second thought I'm glad you didn't here" she threw an outfit on my bed " wear this " she looked at me with her puppy eyes. I couldn't say no. She left the room I looked at clothes and let a soft sigh. After I got dressed I went downstairs to eat breakfast.

Serena POV |
I turn on the radio as soon as I felt Bella comming I started setting the table with I dance to the music. I was in a good mood I had slept well but my vision wasn't so well. I was determine to put life in this house so when trouble came they would remember this time
Bella POV |
I closed my eyes as I turn off the car. Rosemarie And Veronica were yelling at each other as usual. They were twins what you going to do about it? That's how they show their love. We all got off the car. All five of us walked in one straight line. I felt like there was someone watching us. I turn around to see five people looking straight at my sisters and I. They had look at they were studying us. One really caught my eye. I was drawn to him.

What do you think? Should I keep writing

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Is there vampires in this story or is it all humans???

There are vampires its only the cullens though

oh okay. i did not know

I really like this story so far. I think you should continue this story!!

please keep me updated!


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