The Twilight Saga


Bella’s POV

I woke up and realized I wasn’t alone. Edward was sitting on my windowsill, which surprised me, because he was supposed to give Alice a ride to school today.
“Good morning” Edward said, as he came over to sit next to me on my bed.
“Morning” I said, as I hugged him. But, I was still wondering why he was here and not waiting for me at school. So I asked “Edward why aren’t you with Alice? I thought you were giving giving her a ride today.” He looked shocked.
“What you don’t want me here?” he asked.
“No, no of course I want you here it just caught me by surprise. Ummmmm, may I have a moment? I need to go to the bathroom.” I asked.
“Sure go ahead. I will wait for you here.” He said reassuring me.
So I got up and went to the bathroom. On my way out of my doorway I noticed that today was my birthday. So that’s why he’s here, so I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. When I get back to my room Edward has a smirk on his faces o I say “What?”
“Nothing. It’s just you look cute when you are so confused.” he said, as he pulled me to the bed to sit on his lap. “Oh, and happy birthday Bella.”
“I THOUGHT I ASKED YOU NOT TO SAY THAT. I DON’T WANT THIS HORRIFIC EVENT TO BE APRAISED. I WANT IT TO BE LIKE EVERY OTHER DAY!” I yelled. I got up off his lap and went to my closet to find something to wear.
“Bella, please don’t get mad. I just wanted to say it once.” He was trying to soothe me. I was still trying to find a shirt. “That one. You should wear that one.” Edward said, as I grabbed the blue ruffled blouse.
“Why this one?” I asked, putting it on.
“Because you simply look amazing in it.” He exclaimed, then he picked me up and brought me downstairs.
Luckily Charlie had already left for work. So I got a bowl of CAP’N CRUNCH for breakfast. I had a strange feeling today wasn’t going to get any better.

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that's really good plz post more soon :)
i m woring on chapter 2 now it probably won't be posted till tomorrow though
i m in the middle on writing the seciond chapter i promise i will put it up ASAP
working on it
morrreeeeeeee plllzzzz
kk almost done with chapter 2 lkike five more paragraphs

Edward’s POV

All I said was ‘Happy Birthday’ to her, and she spazes out at me. I don’t think she’ll be happy about what Alice has to tell her about her birthday. Crap I’m so DEAD. “Bella, please relax and get your bags. It’s time to go to school.” I said to distract her.
“Sure, be right back.” She said running upstairs.
She came down and she looked a little more happier. I walked to the door and opened it and she walked out to my car.
“Edward, aren’t you coming?” Bella asked. I didn’t realize it but, I was just standing in the doorway. So I walked out and got into my car.


Bella’s POV

Why was he acting so weird? He hasn’t said a word the whole way. Oh, look Alice is here. She looks a little bit excited, more than usual. I wonder what’s going on.
“Bella, Happy Birthday!” Alice exclaimed. She hugged me and then she froze. Was Alice having a vision?
“Alice, you’ve got to be kidding, she’ll come.” Edward laughed.
“what are you talking about?” I asked. They looked at each other like they didn’t know what to say.
“Bella we are throwing you a party for you tonight.” Alice chimed.
God today is going all wrong so I started walking towards the woods where I had finally confessed to Edward last year. Please oh God tell me I am dreaming this NIGHTMARE.
wow u are an amazing writer
omg to hear this from u thanks
Chapter 3:

Bella’s POV

God why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong? I swear I said no party and DEFANETLY NO PRESENTS. I went to go sit under a tree, but I realized yet again today I wasn’t alone in the woods. So I got up and started walking away.
I turned around and to my surprise it was Rosalie she was chasing me. “Rose?” I asked.
“Yes, Bella its me.” she said calmly.
“What are you doing here?” I asked very confused.
“ I was HUNTING.” She said.
Oh crap Rose was out here hunting and I was here at the wrong time.
“ Bella…” Rose looked at me and I couldn’t move.


Edward’s POV

Where is she, where is Bella? She never misses first period. Me and Alice started looking for her, she’s not at home, my house, school, Newton’s, or wait the MEADOW.
“Ummm…Edward.” Alice said like she was afraid.
“What?” I said as I saw her vision in my mind. Oh God no Bella is in the meadow and so was Rosalie. She was hunting NOT GOOD. She isn’t gaining control she’s going to hurt Bella!
“ Bella…NO!” I yelled as me and Alice ran to go save her.


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