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I started this FanFic when i consider Edward's thoughts about him being a mistake in Bella's life. That if vampires didn't exist he would never find Bella. I didn't think this was right. They are perfect. if vampires didn't exist they would be together in another time. you will understand what I mean once this ff is over. Or I'll just explain to you after the end. I hope you like my point of view....

the banner I made

the banner Alice made for me! thank you so much!!!

1916-What if things started in a whole different way? What if what they live in the present is the second chance? Edward learns why he hates so much being a vampire. What he lost. What they both were ready to live and it was taken from them. And you know that the end of this story is just the beginning of the next adventure. The next obstacles...



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First Impressions
By: Venezia Cullen

I was stuck in the worst situation anyone could get in. And I couldn’t do otherwise. Because even though I would never manage to get over the emotional pain caused the last month, due to my mother’s death, I had to try. Try to carry on with my life. Try not to break the promise I made to my mother that I would never give up my life. And my life was leading me to America right now. So, I would just follow.


The train reached the station late at night. I was to see outside. I just took the small suitcase with my belongings and got out. Someone was supposed to be waiting for me here. But I didn’t know what to do. I just sat on a bench and waited.
Someone tapped me on the shoulder then. I turned and I saw a short old man standing behind me.
“Are you Ms. Isabella Swan?” he asked me.
“Yes.” I answered too tired for any other response. But he smiled politely and bent his head to kiss my hand.
“Then you should follow me, miss. I am Mr. Masen’s battler. He couldn’t come to pick you up so he sent me. I apologize for being late.”
“Oh, don’t worry. I just arrived.” I said not wanting to put him in trouble. He seemed to be such a good man. Maybe he could be my friend.
He smiled and took my suitcase.
“Thank you.” I said.
“My pleasure, miss.”
“Please, call me Isabella.”
“Isabella, then. You can call me William. Follow me if you please.” He smiled and showed me the way to the car.
He drove to the other side of the city. It was quite beautiful. Too big for me, though. I preferred the open fields of Ireland. I hoped my new family would have a garden at least. I expected a two floor house in the center of the city. Where all the wealthy people would like their house. Instead, William drove out of the city.
“You are lucky to have the Masens for your new family. Not only they are pretty rich, they are good people, too.” William said. “They are very kind. And I think Mrs. Masen always wanted a daughter.”
“Doesn’t she have any children?”
“A son, about your age.” He said and when he saw my terrified expression he smiled and added. “Don’t worry. Mr. Edward Jr. wouldn’t hurt a fly! You’ll feel very comfortable in this house.”
Mr. Edward Jr. He has his father’s name. I never understood why a mother would want her son named after her husband.
Just then we passed the gates of a great house. If a palace could be named house. I had hoped for a garden. And I got a field. It was really enormous. But not scary. I was always afraid of much wealth. This seemed so welcoming though.
“Welcome to the Masens’ Garden, Isabella.” William said smiling to my surprised face.


Even though I felt more possitive, I knew what this house meant. I wouldn’t match. I would be an outsider. Someone from a lower class who had to try to gain some respect.
I fought the tears that wanted to rush down my cheeks and got out of the car. William took my suitcase, full of my small property and memories of another lifetime.
The house looked huge. It was more majestic from closer. Like its beauty increased in the meanwhile between the moment we passed the gates and now. Even in the low light of the night I gasped at the sight of its beauty.
“Amazing, isn’t it?” William chuckled. “Just wait to see it in the daylight or at a feast.”
I didn’t took my eyes from it. A dim light came from some windows. I hoped I hadn’t waken anyone. Especially the owners of the house.
I walked inside following William. And the inside of the house was nothing I had ever seen in my life. A grant staircase at the center of a hall, leading right and left. Marble was the main material on everything. There were two door made from old wood. One was open and from what I saw it lead to the biggest library I had ever seen.
I was stunned by the luxury of the house when I saw a woman coming down the stairs. She was at the age of my mother. She was wearing a casual dress and her hair was let down on her shoulders. And she was smiling.
“My dearest Isabella” she said and hugged me. She was so beautiful with her bronze hair and green eyes shining in the dim light of candles. Like an angel.
“I’m so glad you made it here so soon. I’m sorry about your mother though. You must know that she was a very loving friend of mine.”
“Thank you Mrs. Masen” I said. “And thank you for accepting me in your house.”
“Oh, dear, don’t be silly. I would do anything for Renee’s daughter. As I know she would do the same for my son.” She said the smile never leaving her beautiful face.
“But I’m interrupting your life here. Are you sure your husband and son won’t have any problem?” I said with worry.
“My husband is glad to have you here. You’ll meet him in the morning. As for my young Edward,well , he is not here right now. He’s spending some time with some friends in Canada. I sent him a letter to inform him about your arrival. He said he’ll be glad to have you here as well. Actually he sent me a letter to give you.” She said and hand me an envelope. On it something was written with beautiful caligraphis letters: To Ms. Isabella Swan.
“Now it’s time for you to go to bed. It’s late and I assume you are worn out. William will show you your room. Have a good night sweetheart.”
“Thank you Mrs. Masen.”
“And please call me Elizabeth.” She smiled to me before she walkedinside the library.
“Come on, Isabella” William told me.
I followed him upstairs. So many rooms. How was I supposed to remember all of them?
William stopped in front of the fifth door on the left and opened it for me.


I was alone in my room now. It was enormous. Like it belonged to a royalty. But I didn’t really want to care about that in the moment. As Elizabeth had said earlier, I was worn out.
I was sitting next to one of the windows, looking at the scenery. It was like an artist had taken it out of an imaginary world.tress around the field that was supposed to be a garden. The moon, full tonight in the sky, lying a soft light upon everything. Making everything sparkle somehow.
I had already opened my siutcase, put on my nightgown and of course opened the letter Edward Jr. had sent for me. Once I read it, it was like in a magical way everything was put into place again. I still remembered each word.

Dear Isabella Swan,

I should introduce myself to you. This would be the politest way to start this letter. But I don’t think this is necessery in this situation. My mother must have told you about my “existence” I suppose. Just in case you believe this is appropriate, my name is Edward Anthony Masen.

So, now that I’m done with the prologue, I have to tell you that I feel terrib;y sorry for the loss of your mother. After your father’s death, too, this must have been the final shot. I didn’t know your mother at all. But I can imagine how it would feel to lose my parents. I can only imagine, though. I cannot feel your pain. I cannot fully understand your absolute suffocation under the façade you are possitively trying to put on for us. The mask of petrified terror as I heard someone say after the loss of his beloved wife.

As sorry as I feel for your pain, I should also apologize for my absence. I was already gone when I learned the news. And unfortunately I couldn’t call off my arrangements in Canada. But I promise to be in Chacigo only a few days after your arrival. I hope my dearest mother won’t try to get you into her obsession with housekeeping while I’m gone. Believe me, adventure, especially when it includes my most loving friends, is much more interesting.

I got to the point where I should mention my friends, Kyle and Seline. They are two of the most best-treated German Shepherds you’ll find. Don’t try to get real close to them before I’m back. I warn you, my lady. They trust noone I don’t. So, be cautious around them.

Make yourself at home, my new friend. Enjoy the beauty around you. Put away all the “naughty” memories of the past. Keep only the happy ones close to your heart. These will never disappoint you.

Yours faithfully,

Edward A. Masen

I left my seat next to the window and lay in my huge bed. And with his words still playing in my mind I slept peacefully for the first time after two weeks.
how cute the letter so formal
fantastic..I so can't wait for you to post more
that was so sweet
love it
OMG if you dont write more im going to track you down... lol no im just kidding, but please write more NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
wow that was really good plz plz plz message me when you contuie to write this
Incredible story! Pls update me!
OMG!!! That is so cool!!

Plz Post more soon!!!!
OMG this is really good
if u dont continue i will come with 'Hope' and track u down
please add more as i need to read more
Misz Jasper Whilock Hale
Thank you everyone!!! i was surprised about how many people read it already. i promise to post more tonight.

It’s been a while since the last time I slept soundly. With no nightmares. Maybe it was because of Edward’s acceptance. I didn’t know for sure. The first morning a knock on the door woke me up. I guess this means I have to go downstairs, I thought.

I got up and got ready to go to the breakfast. I didn’t want them to consider me as a lazy.
After I was done I heard another knock on the door.
“Isabella?” it was William. “Are you ready?”
“Yes, William. You can come in if you want.”
He opened the door and came inside. I saw an expression of awe on his face and of course I blushed.
“You are so beautiful in the daylight.” He said.
“Thank you William.”
“Now, let’s go downstairs. Mr. Masen is eager to meet you.”
I followed him at the hall and then through the second door I had seen last night. The dining room was open to the garden from the one side. There were some trees there that didn’t let the sun come inside. And there was a big round table under the shades of the trees. Two people were sitting there.
“Goodmorning, Isabella!” Elizabeth hugged me and kissed on both my cheeks. “I hope you rested well last night.”
“Thank you Elizabeth. I slept pretty well. And the room is amazing.”
“Goodmorning Isabella.” By Elizabeth’s side was sitting a man with a beautiful and respectful face. Edward Masen the elder. “I’m Edward Masen and very pleased to meet you young lady.” He was so kind. And his smile was as warm as his wife’s.
“Very pleased to meet you, too, Mr. Masen. Thank you so much for everything.”
“Nothing at all, dear. We always wanted a daughter in our small family. I would be glad if you let me consider you as a child of mine.”
I sat down beside Elizabeth. The food was delicious. And Mr. Masen had started asking me about Ireland. The fields, the sea, the mountains. It was always a pleasure to talk about my country.

As the sun rose in the sky, the sunshine was able to get through some of the brunches of the trees. Under the sunshine Elizabeth was shining herself. Like the moon. She took sun’s light and created her own beauty. I would never hope to reach something like that. And her husband seemed to like the shine in her eyes and on her hair. He had light brown hair and his eyes were deep brown. But he seemed to shine as well through his wife. Would I ever get to meet such a love?

For the rest of the day, Elizabeth showed me the rest of the house. The rooms, the Great Hall for the feasts, the kitchen, the library, the music room (not exactly music room-a room with a grand piano by old wood curved by human hand and bookselves around) and the stables where the horses were kept.

It was fascinating listening to Elizabeth describing every little detail of her castle. And through her words beauty was coming out pure like diamonds. It was somewhere between the kitchen and the stables that I noticed something shining on her hand.
“This is the ring Edward gave me when he asked my hand. I have a lot of jewels. But this is the sign of my husmand’s love. I never put it off my hand since the day he put it on.” She said looking at her ring.
“It’s so beautiful”
“Edward designed it himself. He has a very close friend who helped him making it. He said it means that we will always be together because there is something that connects us. He never really explained what this something is.”
The ring was oval with a lot of small diamonds on it and gold stripes around them. Its design reminded me of a necklace mom told me she would give me once I was on my way home. I never understood her.


The rest of the day I spent my time at the garden with William. He told me stories of his life, which were all full of adventure. I really enjoyed my time with him. I met with Elizabeth at the dinner.
“Edward is coming back tomorrow in the evening.” She said casually. “What did he tell you to the letter? If you want to tell me of course.’’
“Oh, he was very kind. He told me about Kyle and Seline and that I shouldn’t be around them before he comes back. But I didn’t saw them today.”
“Yes, we keep them at the back stables when he is gone. They get very upset. Especially Seline. He was right to warn you about them. You would better meet them after he will come.”
We paused for a moment.
“Your husband is not here, is he?” I asked.
“Yes, he was busy at work.”
“What job is he doing?”
“He is a jeweler. That’s why he made my ring.”
We didn’t say much after that. But even this silence was comfortable.
“I’m going to my room. I’m really tired. Tell William to call me if you want something.”
“Alright. You can go rest. Don’t worry about me.”
“Goodnight sweetheart.” She smiled to me.
I went to my room too. The peaceful feeling that was in me from last night was gone. I felt lonely again. I felt how far I was from my home. I wished for that feeling again. The peace I felt the previous night.

I opened my bag and found the necklace that reminded me of Elizabeth’s ring. There was a big charm on the silver chain, like the one half of a heart. It was green with rubies on it. At the back of it something was written with golden letters: Where you find the other half, … but there wasn’t anything else. It was beautiful. And at the front of it there where dark green lines connecting. That’s why it reminded me of the ring.

I left it at the table next to the window. It was weird outside. The sky was full of clouds and there was no light. Nothing. Just darkness.
I drifted into a restless sleep. There was no images. Just the feeling that you run to nowhere. And the agony was painful. I couldn’t stand this any longer. I started rolling on the bed with no reason. Just trying to feel more comfortable.
But then I heard a sweet music. A piano. It was really close. And someone was playing. It was the most beautiful tune I had ever heard. And then the tune turned into a complete song. And the agony was gone. Something else came to replace it. Peace. The same peace that Edward’s words gave me. And I slept.
ha! sooner than you thought, right? enjoy!


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