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I started this FanFic when i consider Edward's thoughts about him being a mistake in Bella's life. That if vampires didn't exist he would never find Bella. I didn't think this was right. They are perfect. if vampires didn't exist they would be together in another time. you will understand what I mean once this ff is over. Or I'll just explain to you after the end. I hope you like my point of view....

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1916-What if things started in a whole different way? What if what they live in the present is the second chance? Edward learns why he hates so much being a vampire. What he lost. What they both were ready to live and it was taken from them. And you know that the end of this story is just the beginning of the next adventure. The next obstacles...



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Thank you everyone for your incouragement!!! now my favourite comment is AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!

The morning went on blissfully. Edward sat by my side while at the table. His parents started the questions about his visit to Canada from the moment we sat. And he would answer happily but not to them. He described perfectly every place he had gone to, every activity he had arranged with his friends, George and Tina. But it was almost if he was talking to me all along. He had turned his chair slightly to my direction and never stopped looking at me.

I watched him carefully, trying to mesmerize every detail of his face. He didn’t seem annoyed by the alone-time with his parents I stole from him. He seemed like an eight-year-old boy who was telling his mother about his first day at school. He was adorable. I felt like he was opening his heart to me. And the only thing I found was innocence. I wouldn’t be able to ever imagine him as a soldier or a thief or a murderer. He was good. And I don’t think that this would ever change.

He also seemed to be sharing all these with me as if he wanted me to experience them, too. Like he was trying to light up my world. To give me happiness. He studied my every expression. And I have to say that it was hard to hide from him. So, I put on a kind smile so as not to disappoint him. If he intended to make me happy he should think that he succeeded.
I hadn’t touched my food. I was too lost in Edward’s excited speech.

After a while Mr. Masen excused himself and left for the town. And Elizabeth left me with Edward to do her own work in the house. This was the first time I was actually alone with Edward. For a moment he seemed like his mind was not in his head. Like he was considering something very hard. I didn’t want to disturb him, so I decided I should look for Elizabeth or William. As long I was not the best company considering my situation, I should make myself useful at least. But before I was out of my seat, Edward’s hand caught my arm and turned me to face him.

“I didn’t know you were supposed to leave me so soon. I just found you.” I saw something in his eyes. Something I didn’t want to see again. It was like watching a stormy sea. I recognized pain and agony trouble with the green of his eyes. For what?
I just watched him relaxing and the same crooked, full of joy smile appeared on his face. And it made my mood brighter.
“So” he continued “what do you want to do today?”
“Um… I don’t’ know.” I was really confused by the statement he had chosen. “I was planning on helping your mother today…”
“I apologize for I have to object here.” He interrupted me. “You are not allowed to do any housework while there are more interesting things to do.”
“And who do I have to get permission from?” I asked not really expecting any answer.
“From me, obviously. I don’t want my mother to turn you into an obsessive housewife like herself.” I couldn’t respond to that. Before I could think something to say that would make sense he looked concerned again.
“You ate nothing. Why?” there was real sorrow in his voice. And it broke my heart. I felt like I had hurt him.
“I’m not that hungry.” I lied. “And anyway you took me so much into your stories that I forgot about it.” I wanted him to think that I was perfect. Seeing what my pain did to him was making me worse. I was such an awful person.
“And to think that I just wanted you to smile.” I couldn’t bare his sadness anymore. “Please eat something. You really seem like you should eat more than you get.” He actually pleaded. He really wanted me to be happy. Or he was just the best actor I had ever met.
“If I eat will you please try to return to your previous self? The happy and excited one?” I asked smiling to him hoping he would cheer up.
“Most definitely” he answered and his eyes lit up. “And anyway, you’ll need your energy today. If you want to spend the day with me.”
A day with him? I couldn’t even ask for such a blessing. From the moment I saw him playing with Seline I wanted to spend the day with him.
“Do I hear a warning?” I teased him while I tried to eat something.
“If you are smart, you’ll stay away from me. I may be too dangerous for your likes.” He grinned. But the option he offered –stay away from him- suddenly seemed painful.
“I think I can handle that.”
“I like it when you are not being smart.” His smile grew wider. “I’m going to change. And you should wear pants, you know. They are more comfortable. I’ll tell mom to bring you a pair. And boots, too.” He was already off his seat and knelt next to Kyle who was still standing beside me.
“Take care of our girl here, OK Kyle?” he turned and winked at me and then rushed out of the dining room. And I was alone with Kyle’s head on my lap.
“What does he want, Kyle?” I asked confused by Edward’s behavior. “Why is he trying so hard for me? It seems like he knows what I want to have in my life. What I need.” Now I was talking mostly to myself.

I remembered his emerald eyes again. His face lit up when he saw me. The energy radiating from his body to meet and wake up mine.

I sighed when a new need started ripping my body and soul.
I stood up and with Kyle always my guardian I headed to my room.
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