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I started this FanFic when i consider Edward's thoughts about him being a mistake in Bella's life. That if vampires didn't exist he would never find Bella. I didn't think this was right. They are perfect. if vampires didn't exist they would be together in another time. you will understand what I mean once this ff is over. Or I'll just explain to you after the end. I hope you like my point of view....

the banner I made

the banner Alice made for me! thank you so much!!!

1916-What if things started in a whole different way? What if what they live in the present is the second chance? Edward learns why he hates so much being a vampire. What he lost. What they both were ready to live and it was taken from them. And you know that the end of this story is just the beginning of the next adventure. The next obstacles...



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lol prepei na tis ta di3eis ine para polu kala!
BTW ise apo Ellada i apo kapou alou san tn kupro. Egw ime kuprea
and can u give me the link to ur other story pls???
that was amazing
love it
omg!! i love it!!! really good! pleas post more! pleas!!!!
Very nice Venezia! I would very much like to see were this story goes. Keep writing.
in this discussions you can find the links for my other fanfaics. please check them out.

thank you for readingXDDDD
I loved that chapter
r u making it up as you write..................? jw

to Calyssa Masakwel
Well, I'm from Greece so please forgive my mistakes. I try very hard not to.
The dogs are German Shepherds. i think it is mentioned in chapter 3 in Edward's letter.
The first 5 chapters are on page 1 so the chapter 6 is on page 3
The sequel is not such a big thing...but ok...
And no, the story is already completed in my head. All I have to do is write it down. I also have the titles of all the chapters ready.

I think chapter 8 is going to be posted in two days...

Thank you for reading!!!XDDD
OH haha sorry, i didnt know u were from Greece... o wait... in one of your other stories..... ok nevermind, i just forgot at the moment that i wrote that one post!!! sorry! haha but for someone who's from Greece, AWESOME job!! :DD

OOOOOOH haha ok yeah... i got confused (on the chapters..) xP
hehe yeahh, sequel! ;)
awesome!! :)
[and i cant believe that you actually have the hole thing in your head...and actually remember what to write!!! haha] :)

anyhooooooo, you're a GREAT writer, im sorry about my other comments! i forgot that you were from Greece! (btw, how's it over there?? I've ALWAYS wanted to visit!)

okay.. and thanks for being so nice and putting up with any of my rants! lol xP kaaaaay... [awesome stories]

Lyss M. ;)
well yeah...I believe that Greece is the best country for holidays but not to live here. It's weird but life is quite difficult...Anyway, if you make a research on our education you will be horrified.....we are the only students internationally that have to study so's awful

but yes Greece is a very beautiful country!!! but it's not easy to live here.

the story was just a day-dreaming story I made up months ago...the end always make me cry...but I loved it and decided to write it down. I am so anxious about my progress...

I'm posting soon!!!
ate!!!!! ppote 8a grapseis to ipolipo...anipomono!


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