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I started this FanFic when i consider Edward's thoughts about him being a mistake in Bella's life. That if vampires didn't exist he would never find Bella. I didn't think this was right. They are perfect. if vampires didn't exist they would be together in another time. you will understand what I mean once this ff is over. Or I'll just explain to you after the end. I hope you like my point of view....

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1916-What if things started in a whole different way? What if what they live in the present is the second chance? Edward learns why he hates so much being a vampire. What he lost. What they both were ready to live and it was taken from them. And you know that the end of this story is just the beginning of the next adventure. The next obstacles...



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lol enta3i thanks den mporw na perimenw allo!
Your story is just amazing !

The whole day it was like I was gaining back life. It was strange but Edward had managed to give a new meaning about life in my existence. He showed me life. For the past few weeks everything around me was connected to death. My family was destroyed because of death. And now it seemed like I had to cross the whole world to escape the charade of my pathetic life.

The weight of sorrow left my shoulders from the moment I got onto the horse’s back. It reminded me of old times with my father. I was sure of myself every time I was running with a horse.

I wanted so much to run. To let myself feel free again. To remember my too far long childhood. But we couldn’t run. Kyle and Seline where with us. So we just rode slowly through the woods. Never talking. Leaving peace overwhelm us.
It was strange how a person I only knew for hours could make me feel this way. I never imagined how it would be to find someone who would be like that to me. And while riding I knew that Edward was exactly this person. Without even thinking through the situation I was in, him considering me as his sister, I was confused about my feelings.
While we said nothing as we rode through the woods, he started telling me everything about Illinois when we reached the suburbs of the city. We walked around it with Kyle and Seline playing around us. I was hanging on every word he said. Not only was his voice so steady and musical when he was speaking but he had the talent of an experienced story-teller. I learnt everything about his most favorite places, the people he knew, the few friends he had here. And he was excited to tell me everything, so I didn’t stop him.

After our walk in the town we rode once again, but know we headed to a lake not far from his house. It was the most beautiful place I had ever been. The water was peaceful and the sun seemed to brush the surface of the lake. There were no sounds despite nature’s call. Birds, different kinds of animals and a light breeze playing around us.
“So, what do you think?” Edward asked me when we left our horses. I thought that he wanted approval to something. Like he was worried if he had done right taking me here.

I couldn’t speak though. I walked hypnotized to the lake-shore and filled my soul with the beauty of the scenery. I didn’t hear him coming from behind. And the shot of electric currents was there again on my hand. His fingers twined with mine and he squeezed me softly. I turned to look at him. I don’t know what he saw in my face but his eyes lit up when they met mine. He didn’t need any answer. He saw my “approval”.

“Hungry?” he asked gesturing to where we had left our backs, under the shade of trees.
I said nothing again but I followed him. Our hands still twined, we sat down and I wondered what it would be like if we could do this together…forever. What if we had all the eternity just to spend it together? Not caring for anyone else? But then again, wasn’t that the mystery of life? To live for as long as you are supposed to and try to make things better? To fight for every second of your life? To have happiness? Love?

Focus Bella…I thought to myself, even if you would love to have this every day you don’t know if he wants you to. And why would he want you? You are nothing special. You are not enough for someone as perfect as he is.
He noticed the bitterness that had covered my happiness at that moment of inside struggling with myself. He saw the crease between my eyes and reached out to smooth it with his finger. Such a simple action that meant so much at the same time.

“So many worries that I can’t make them disappear.” He murmured mostly to himself. “I’m not doing such a good job at making you feel happy.”

There it was. He was blaming himself again. And this was not right. I frowned and walked past him. I didn’t want to make him worry so much for me. Why did he even bother in the first place? He shouldn’t worry about me. It was reasonable for me to be like that. For God’s sake I just lost my entire family.

I walked alone for a minute and then Kyle came from behind me. He run by my side. Tears were running down my face and he noticed my pain. I was far enough from Edward now. And I sat down alone. Well, not alone. But technically nobody was there with me to talk to.

“Why does he bother so much, Kyle? He shouldn’t. I’m nothing to him. And I don’t want him to feel bad when I’m not well. He should be happy.” I said and stroke my friend. He seemed to be listening. Like he understood what I had said.
He barked at me. As if he was trying to answer. More tears filled my eyes. The only one who seemed to able to answer couldn’t speak. Amazing. And so ironic. “I wish you were human Kyle. Then you would tell me.”
“Bella?” this sweet voice that threatened to haunt my dreams was searching for me. He was in agony. Because of me, again. I turned my face and saw him walking towards me. Seline run and threw herself on Kyle. This dog had issues.
Edward came and sat right in front of me. His eyes, those emerald orbs, were filled with remorse. That made me hate myself. We had at least one thing in common. Self-loathing.
“Bella, I’m sorry if I said something that hurt you. I can understand why you feel like that but I want to make your stay here more comfortable. And it doesn’t seem like I’m succeeding.”
“Edward, please. You must not take the blame for my feelings” I had to stop him now. But maybe it was his nature to take the blame for everything. “Look, I see that you try really hard to make me feel better. And you really made the difference today. But my thoughts…you know…I always have other things to worry about.” What the heck was I going to tell him now? Nothing. “Please. It makes things worse.”
He stared into my eyes trying to read my mind. Trying to reach the real problem. But I could see that he wasn’t able to find anything. Was I so hollow inside that he couldn’t see?
“Fine” he sighed. “I’ll try my best. But you have to try, too. Promise?”
Edward begging for my happiness? Was it really like that or was I imagining things?
It was my turn to sigh.
“All right. I’ll try my best.”
He smiled again then. And he offered me his hand to set me on my feet.
“Let’s get you to eat something now.”
We walked back again. The distance between us was decreasing. I could sense that in the way he held me. Or in the way he looked in my eyes trying to identify my thoughts. But I was sure that he wasn’t at all confused. Despite myself.
The following week passed in the same way. And at the end of that week I was aware of the increase in the rhythm of my heart every time I was with Edward. Every time he tried to read my worries. Every time he made me laugh like it was the first time I ever laughed in my existence. Every time he played the piano and revealed his soul upon the keys.

Throughout those days I learnt everything about the Masens. After Edward had finished showing me around the city, he told me the story of his life. He shared the happiest moments of his life with me. It was like a confession.

The motive of our days was simple. We had breakfast with Elizabeth and Mr. Masen. Then, we would set off with Kyle and Seline, sometimes for the town, others for the lake, that had now become our place, or just for a walk in the woods. We would talk for our lives, the things we liked to do, and what we would like to do in the future. Despite my discomfort on talking about my past, Edward made me unleash a monster from me that wanted to talk so badly. That wanted to remember all those memories that I had tried to forget so as not to hurt myself. And when I wanted to talk, he was always willing on listening. He was looking straight in my eyes. Like he wasn’t just listening to my words but my thoughts to and he was trying to mix them together.

My nights had become more bearable. No nightmares, no agony. I was so grateful that every morning I woke up from a peaceful sleep. And every morning Kyle was there keeping me safe.

But my mind had new things to worry about. Because with this new source of peace I had found a new source of anguish. A bitter pain in my chest every time I looked in Edward’s deep eyes was all it took to start making my routine more of the days before mom’s death. Like I was waiting for something bad to come.

Edward and I went to the lake again. I hoped that the scenery would help me with the nightmares and I took in all the beauty that surrounded me. But I could only hope.
Today we weren’t talking as much as other days.
“Bella” Edward started. He was hesitant as if he was trying to find the best words for whatever he wanted to say.
I loved it when he called me like that. It was like he had found my soul’s name. My true name. but I was afraid to tell me to call me like that always.
“Yes?” I tried to encourage him. He looked worried and serious. And I hated not to see his beautiful smile.
“Have you ever thought of eternal life?” he asked. Excuse me?
“Umm, what do you mean exactly?” I was confused.
“Well, you know… have you ever thought that something would make you want to live forever?”
Sincerely…yes. But since I can’t say the truth…absolutely no!!!
“No. I haven’t thought of that.” God damnit I’m not good at lies!!! “Why do you ask though?”
“It’s nothing…just that I was wondering. Anyway. Forget it.” He was embarrassed by his question.
“Now, I wonder. Have you ever thought of that?”
He looked at me and his eyes didn’t break from my gaze. He was searching again.
“I’m searching” he answered eventually. Yeah, I wanted to tell him, I know that.
“But eternal life shouldn’t be worthy if you had no reason to live. It would be empty.” He continued.
“Yes, but if you could live forever you would be able to search what you would live for.” I answered. And for once in my life I was impressed by my intelligent respond.
He was still looking at me and his face lit up with hope. I smiled back at him and this light increased. I loved it when he was like this, glorious and adorable. It showed what an amazing human being he was.

The same night I lay thinking of what Edward had said to me at the lake. Despite what I had said I knew that I had found a reason. If it was for Edward I would live forever. As long as I was with him I would endure the boring routine of an immortal.
And I fell asleep, lost in my thoughts and the desperate need for my reason for being.

But tonight the nightmare was worse. Not just empty space and darkness. Walls stained with blood. Creatures that could move faster than any other. Screams. The sound of sharp teeth ripping through skin. And growls. I started screaming. But I couldn’t wake from this hell.

I heard barks coming from somewhere far away from me. The screams were louder. And then footsteps. But I could understand if it was from the dream or from real world. I didn’t care. I just wanted salvation. And I continued screaming.
Someone was beside me. I felt strong, yet gentle hands touching my forehead and stroking me down at my cheek.
“I’m here Bella. I’m here. Everything is fine.” The voice of an angel. Of my salvation. But only one angel called me like that. Edward.
“Yes, Bella. I’m here.” I didn’t realize that I had spelled his name loudly. I felt him lying beside me, wrapping his arms around my body. My reflexes were really fast. I leaned to his direction burying my face under his head. I inhaled deeply at his sweet scent. I didn’t open my eyes. I just got lost again, deep in unconsciousness, listening to Edward’s angelic voice singing a melody I had heard before. The one that got me out of another nightmare.
hi guys!!! i think this is the largest chapter i have posted for this story...enjoy!!!
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omg...omg.... I am getting so hooked up with all your fanfics!!! post soon, luv it
thanks venice!!!

by the way is this your real name?
I so love this story. It is great chapter. :)
awww i love how he is there for her holding her awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how cute
love it
LOVE IT! nice and long too hehehe
i wonder if Edward will become a vampire and if he does 8a ginei kai i Bella??
Post more soon
well...that would be a really nice idea!!!!!! but no.....this is just a preface of real twilight so i wouldn't change twilight....

thanks for reading!!!!XDDDD


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