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I started this FanFic when i consider Edward's thoughts about him being a mistake in Bella's life. That if vampires didn't exist he would never find Bella. I didn't think this was right. They are perfect. if vampires didn't exist they would be together in another time. you will understand what I mean once this ff is over. Or I'll just explain to you after the end. I hope you like my point of view....

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1916-What if things started in a whole different way? What if what they live in the present is the second chance? Edward learns why he hates so much being a vampire. What he lost. What they both were ready to live and it was taken from them. And you know that the end of this story is just the beginning of the next adventure. The next obstacles...



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For the first time in three weeks I had a nice dream. I was in a meadow, so beautiful, that I thought it could be heaven. I noticed that I was wearing really odd clothes, a white shirt and blue, rough pants. I was looking at the direction of the woods. I was waiting for something. I saw Edward standing there. But in the haze of my dream, he seemed quite different. I waved to him to come beside me. Then, he walked slowly into the sunlight. And I was blinded by the light.

I was awake. My eyes were trying to adjust to the strong morning light. Then I realized that I was still in Edward’s arms. He was cradling me to him. My head rested over his chest and I could hear his heart. This was the most beautiful sound in the world. It was a sound of life that was giving me evidence that I could be happy. His breathing was slow and I assumed that he was still sleeping.

I didn’t move so as not to wake him. Not that I minded. This felt right. Being in Edward’s arms like that really felt right. But I wasn’t sure that he liked it too. Maybe he had just come to comfort me last night and I made him stay with me all night.
I heard him sigh and his hand started brushing lightly my arm. The warmth of his skin was so comforting. I closed even more the distance between us instinctively. Maybe I could do this since he thought I was still unconscious. I felt him lifting his head very slowly and he planted a soft kiss at the top of my head. My breath stopped at once and.
I was petrified. Did he just kiss me? It was like he wanted to be there with me. I imagined again waking up in his arms every day of my life. or being able to have this simple action forever.

I hid my face instinctively under his chin never opening my eyes afraid that he would be angry. And to my surprise he took one of his arms from around my waist and took my hair from my face stroking my check gently. His fingers traced so very lightly my lips and they parted under his smooth touch. My face grew hotter and I was sure that he could sense the rapid beat of my heart.

I started moving a little to show that I was awake. I opened my eyes and he was starring back with those beautiful green eyes of his. I was lost in them and even though I tried to speak I didn’t manage to show a little piece of my intelligence. My mind had stopped working.
Breathe, Isabella, I reminded myself.

“Good morning Bella” he said. I didn’t hear regret in his voice for spending the night with me.
I was looking at my dream coming alive. I knew that but was afraid to admit it. I said nothing in reply. I just marveled at his beautiful face. A sight that made me whole. And he was starring back with the same intensity.
“You stayed.” I said.
“Obviously” he answered smiling slightly. I saw concern in his expression. Concern for me.
“Did you sleep well?” he asked.
I nodded. I couldn’t speak. I was threatened to be overwhelmed by tears and I fought to keep them back.
Very gently I pulled myself out of his embrace and the loss of his touch was already painful. He didn’t try to hold me back. I tried to understand if I wanted that or not. Confusion again. And nothing to be found inside of me without him. I was a little embarrassed of what I was wearing. I didn’t want him to have to look at me like this. I wanted so much to turn to him again. To see his glorious face. His face that showed nothing but care, humanity and innocence. It felt safe to look at him.
“I guess I should leave.” his voice was hurt as he made his way out of my huge bed. That somehow felt nice. His way out of my bed… But still it hurt me to have him go.
I turned to him then. There was evidence of his pain on his face, too. Did I do that? Now more horrible than I had ever thought I could be. But I couldn’t recognize what I had done. Edward looked at me and he tried to take this expression from his face. He leaned down and kissed my forehead before he left the room.
I watched him as he left. I was absolutely sure that something was wrong. But how could something be so wrong after this night? This night that had felt so right to just sleep in his embrace. I let the tears fall from my eyes. But there was no sound coming from my chest. I didn’t let out a simple cry. Because I was grieving for the loss of myself. Not for someone’s death. I could live with that. When there was no more death…
I was surprised to see Kyle coming in my room and getting on the bed beside me. I wrapped both my arms around his body and let his warmth calm me. When I felt better, Kyle tried to make me get up. He was right. I had to put another façade now and keep everyone under the impression that I was happy. The Masens had to stay with those first impressions from me. The ones that made them believe that I was healing. I didn’t want them to thing that I was open again deep inside.
I walked in the hall where we had breakfast every morning. Only Edward the eldest was there.
“Good morning, Isabella!” he said and kissed my check. That was so sweet. A kiss coming right from a real father.
“Good morning Mr. Edward.” Even saying MY Edward’s name to someone else it was painful. “Why are you alone?”
“Well, Elizabeth left early for the town and Edward has already left.”
“Left?” I asked worried. What had happened? Was he avoiding me? He never left the house without me. “Did he say anything?” I was expecting Edward’s father to tell me that his son was coming soon to get me.
“No, nothing specific. But he was a little quite today. Despite himself.” Mr. Masen was worried for his son and he didn’t know what had happened to him. what if I actually knew but was afraid to admit that it was my fault? “Now excuse me my lady but I have some errands to run myself.”
With that I was alone. Again. Absolutely alone. Even Kyle was gone. He was probably with Seline. I was fighting to keep the mask on my face so as not to let anyone see me in pieces.
My heart fluttered as I heard a sweet melody coming from somewhere in the house. I hadn’t heard that one before but I recognized my own pain in it. Like it was describing something very excruciating. Like there were flames all around the source of it.
I followed the music upstairs. It led to the room in front of mine and its door was open. The music was burning my heart. It was like someone had read my soul and made a tune by it. I looked into the room. It was similar to mine. Only it had more windows and they were all open now. And right in the middle of it there was a spectacular grand piano. And my personal miracle was also there laying his own soul upon the keys. Edward. He was playing with his back at me. Now the music was at its bridge. I almost left a gasp escape my mouth. But I held my tongue so as not to disturb my angel. What I realized was that it was his pain that radiated from the song. This made me want to reach out to him. Again.
I stepped carefully into Edward’s room and placed one hand on his shoulder. He didn’t stop playing. He just ended the bridge and the song slowed a little. To finish it Edward chose the saddest keys.
He turned to me after the music faded away. I saw a single tear running down his cheek.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have interrupted you.”
I turned to leave but he took my hand gently in his. I stopped there appreciating the feeling of his touch.
“It’s all right. Don’t leave.” His voice was broken. And his face was torn.
“I’m sorry about that. I didn’t expect you to come here.” he apologized.
I sat down next to him on the piano bench.
“Tell me something. Do you have nightmares often?” he asked sorrowful.
“Every night.”
“Since my mother’s death.”
“Every night?”
“Well, not so much since I came here. But there are sometimes that it’s really hard.”
“Did I help you at all?”
“Yes, you helped me a lot. You see the first time I slept well was the night I read your letter. The second one was the night you arrived. And yesterday was the third one.”
“Then I will be there for you every night you need me.”
“No” I protested. “Please Edward you don’t have to…”
“I don’t mind. It will be my pleasure if you let me take care of you.”
I said nothing. He truly wanted so much to help me. Not that I didn’t want him to. But I would be such a trouble again.
“Do you really want to help me?” I asked him looking straight in his eyes.
“Maybe too much for my own good. Or yours.” He answered chuckling.
I thought for a moment.
“It seems like you, the Masens, know exactly what you expect from your life. What you want to have. You know how to live. This is what I want. To learn how to live and find a way to make my own way. So I will be able to understand what I want.”
He said nothing in response. He just kept looking at me like he was trying to read my mind. To understand what I was truly asking him.
“Is this too much for you?” I asked shyly.
He smiled then and took my hand in his.
“Not at all. I promise that I will try to give you what you want.”
“Thank you Edward.”
Awwwwww. This is so cute chapter. :) I love it. :)

Post more soon. :)
plz post more!
This is so good! When are you going to write again? Email me after you updated okay? Thanks! ^_^
omg wow
love it
they are so sweet together
This story is getting more intriguing as it goes on! Keep up the good work.
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so sweet!
Tin agapaei para poli! Makari na itane oloi oi antres etsi...
Elpizw sintoma na tis pei oti tin agapai gia na mporoun na agapiounte xwreis fovo!
Post more very very very very very very very very soon!
love it plz write more
ahhhhh i love it can't wait for more
Amazing as allways :)
That chapter was so cute!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Sarra :]
just read your story
wow u are an amazing writer truely talented
l can't wait 4 more
u have won yourself a true fan
plz plz add me as a friend and keep me posted


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