The Twilight Saga


When Bella Swan travels at Forks to stay with her family and finish her senior year at Forks High, her best friends, Alice and Rose, and herself, goes on an adventurous journey.

Rose and Liz showed Bella this famous, furtive bar named "Twilight." The threesome party-girls entered the bar and that's when Bella completely lost it. Not her virginity, of course. But what she calls "First Touch" to a total--and amazingly hot, by the way--stranger whom she met and just shared a few drinks together.

That very aggravating and exciting night was the reason Bella starts to meet Infatuation, Like and then lastly, Love.


Sorry guys, I suck at summaries. -__- This is actually the first time I'll do a fan fiction that is Twilight-related. This story bloomed from this very boring night and from the song My First Kiss. Since I couldn't do any banners because I was using my netbook, I thought: Oh, what the heck. I'm gonna try writing.

So, this is it!! I haven't completely finished the whole plot yet but . . . let's just see your opinions as the story goes on. . . . xD


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PROLOGUE: Part One; Part Two

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Ugh. Why is Em doing this? He’s supposed to pick me up today. Want to know what he did? Em ditched me. And to make my day worse, some guy named Jasper almost broke my knees for bumping me while I was waiting for Em's jeep to come by the Quilayute Airport. I've been standing here looking stupid when Jasper poked my knees with his car. We had a deep, heated argument after that, but I can sense he's a pacifist. He doesn't have that mad aura around him. It's like he's a Buddhist or something. Always talking mildly and gently. Weirdo. 


In the end, here's what he said to clarify things: "Emmett sent me to come pick you up." 




"That freak . . ." I uttered, unconsciously clenching my fists. He'll surely get a knuckle sandwich as a souvenir from me later. 


Jasper cleared his throat. "Um, did you say something?" 


I shook my head, forcing myself to smile. "Ah, no. It's nothing."


He hesitated for a second, scrutinizing my expression. "Okay . . ." he said, unsure of what to say any longer. 


There was an awkward silence that built between us and it's very aggravating. 


This day is supposed to be great! I'm finally coming home at Forks and here's what I get? A weird stranger, who, by the way, is kind of cute what with his curly blonde hair; and a no-show for Em. Great. Just great. 


"So, um," Jasper started, rubbing the back of his neck cautiously. "Let's get you home now."


Jasper picked up my luggage and carried it into the trunk. I noticed that the car was awkwardly parked by the pavement. The right side of it was on the concrete path leading to the exit station of the airport and the wheels are pointing to the left. I don't think he knows the basics of simple parking. That's a minus one for his handsome points. 


I warily walked towards the vehicle, feeling Jasper's stare from inside. I knocked on the passenger side's window and he pushed the thingy that slides the window down. "Um," I said timidly, poking my head through the window. "How would I know that you're not some kind of kidnapper and then you'll slash me to death?" 


Jasper chuckled heartily, making his grip loose on the steering wheel. I’ve probably made him chary a while ago. "Doesn't a kidnapper kidnap and a murderer is the one who 'slashes someone to death'?" 


"Oh, you're right . . ." I narrowed my eyes at him, which only made him smile. "How do I know if you're not a serial killer then?"


Jasper shook his head at me, muttering something like ". . . so adorable."




"Nothing. And you know what? Just ask me anything about Emmett. We've been friends since we were freshmen."


"Hmm . . ." I pinched my right cheek gently. It makes it easier for me to think--sort of like my habit. "Who's Em's crush since kindergarten?" I challenged him, arching an eyebrow—total fail. Jasper chuckled at that. Hey, I’m not perfect at having a strict look and raising just one eyebrow. But I’m practicing—since grade school. And till now, no improvements.


Jasper snorted. "Really? That? That's too easy."


"Just answer it!" I know he couldn't. Em only told me about his feelings for Rose. He gets embarrassed and cute when he gushes out how much he loves her. Unfortunately, Rose has a boyfriend now. I forgot what she told me but she said he was Edison? Squidward? Oh, man. How could I forget my own best friend's boyfriend?


"Alright, alright!" Jasper raised his palms in defeat. "Her name is Rosalie Hale. 18 years old. Lives at-"


"Okay, that's enough," I said, sounding whitewashed. I had no other options but to hop in the car and let this Know-It-All drive me home. 


How in the world could he know that? Is Em keeping secrets from me? Really? He was the one who made me promise I won't let anyone know about this. Even in chat and calls. Em sounds like a head-over-heels-squealing-teenage-girl-who-just-got-her-first-kiss every time he talks about how beautiful and perfect Rose is. He never lets her boyfriend get the best of him. 


Once I got in, he started the car and my mind started going overdrive.


You foolish girl! This guy must’ve kidnapped Em, too and forced that kind of information out of him! You are so easy to be tricked! Now, it’s over. You’re trapped. He won’t let you go now. He’s going to drive you to his secret lair and murder you in front of your brother. Then he’ll-


"Wanna know how I knew that?"


"Oh, will you shut up?!" 


I gasped. I did not expect for those words to come out. Oh, my gosh. 


Jasper looked at me and raised his eyes in surprise. “I-I’m-” I stuttered, fanning my face with my hand as I felt the blood rush through my veins and to my cheeks.


“I’ll just shut up then,” he said, sounding a little upset.


“No! No! I didn’t mean it! I was just thinking about-”


“Me being so annoying and boring?” he implied firmly, watching the road seriously.


Oh, man! Why is this happening to me? All my dreams for this day—all ruined. Just because of some stupid, bothersome voice inside my head talking about Jasper kidnapping me and Em. Em. Argh! I hate him! He’s the reason for all of this! If he just simply picked me up, all of this would be gone! No scratch in the knee; and without any arguments andmisunderstandings between us. I will so kill him once I get home. Well, after I get things right with Jasper.


“No, of course you’re not boring and annoying.” A little boring, I guess. “See, I’m always making stupid talks in my head and I was just thinking about me and Em getting into a fight and all,” I explained, hoping he won’t think I’m kind of weird.


Jasper nodded. “If you say so . . .”


Whew. That was close.


“By the way, what were you saying before I asked you about Em?” I inquired, hoping to start a friendly conversation just to lighten up the mood.


“Oh, that’s nothing,” he replied a little too quickly for my suspicions to get high.




“Yup. Don’t mind that.”


After that, it was just comfortable silence that followed. Better to just let it go than lead it to yet another round of argument. I’ve had enough for today. And I have to save some for Em later.


\ o /


“Home sweet home . . .” Jasper offered his hand for me. I took it without hesitation, impressed by his charming gesture. Most guys would be shy to do that. Well, I haven’t been with guy friends all my life so I don’t really know much about them.


Home sweet home it is. Our small house hasn’t changed much over the last few decades since this old man was built.Greens and mosses still covered most of the area. The slightly whitewashed walls were still there, making the house more disheartening to look at. My beat-up, rusty truck was still there—that’s a shock. Nothing seems different since I left for about three years. Green is still the trendy color of Forks. But hey, I’ve been here from the time when I was still a little kid silly enough to gaffe mud for a poop. This old geezer holds a lot of good, sweet memories.


“Are you feeling alright?” Jasper’s question shook me out of my trance.


I bid him a reticent smile, apprehending that I haven’t even introduced myself to the guy who just drove me home and whom I thought was a serial killer.


“I’m fine, Jasper. And I’m Bella, by the way.” We shook hands.


Jasper smiled politely, his cute dimples dipping on his cheeks. “Just call me Jas. And, actually, Bella, I already know your name. Emmett told me lots of things about you.” His eyes held something mixed with both interest and amusement.


“Really? What kind of things?” I hope Em didn’t tell him my very embarrassing moment when I was a pre-school child. It’s the time when I first kissed my crush on the cheek but then the boy vomited afterwards. Em always told me I was the reason he had nausea. But, seriously? Does a kiss really has an effect like that? How much more could’ve happened if I kissed him on the lips?


“Oh, you know . . . things.” Jasper shrugged, pursed his lips and took a deep breath. I could tell he was suppressing a laugh.


Oh, God. Em probably told him all of my most epic moments since I was a kid. How embarrassing!


That made me think of how long I was gone; how many memories I’ve missed with my friends and family.


\ o /


“Ready?” Jasper asked incitingly who stood beside me, rocking his heels back and forth. Is he hyper or something?


“Why should I be ready?” I asked tentatively.


Jasper pursed his lips, trying so hard not to grin. “Oh, nothing,” he mused, his eyes twinkling with excitement. What is up with him?


Then it hit me.


Oh, my God. Jasper’s already captured Em, hasn’t he? He tormented him and now trapped my brother inside our own house. Now, I’m next! Darn it! I’m so stupid enough to fall right into his trap! Jasper will keep me prisoner for weeks—or years!


But wait, why would he kidnap me if he gave me his name? Or else, he has a covert name. Jasper is just a bogus to hide his true identity! That’s it! I have got to memorize his features so that if I could go to the police-


“Bella, you sure you’re feeling okay? You look pale,” Jasper observed. Then I looked into his eyes. It was the worst mistake ever. He holds that innocent look that makes me feel calm and secured. He’s like . . . an angel with a blonde, curly hair. Don’t tell me I’m already infatuated with this guy who could be the reason for my early death.


You’re a pathetic, psycho, Bella. He’s a friend, stop thinking rude thoughts about him, my inner voice chided. Know what? I’m going to call it Mrs. McNaggy Pants.


Shut up, Mrs. McNaggy Pants or I’ll kill myself so you won’t speak anymore.


Mrs. McNaggyPants? Can’t you think of a better name?


Yeah. And I’ll seriously die if you won’t be quiet.


“I’m fine, Jasper. Just . . .”


Jasper chuckled. “Making a small chat with your brain?”


“How did you know that?”


“You said it to me a while ago,” he reminded me. And all I could respond is a lame “Oh”.


Slowly, I let my hand wrap around the brass handle, feeling the metal cause some cool reaction to my palm. Then very gently, I pushed it downwards, pushing it forward as well for the door to open. And the inevitable happened.




“Oh, my God,” I murmured, hearing Jasper’s laugh behind me.


First thing I saw was colorful confetti, and there’s lots of it that some even clung on my hair. Festoons were hung on the walls in a swirling notion. At the end of the small hallway, my friends, Mike, Jessica, Lauren, Alice, Rose, Ben, Eric, were all gathered there; each of them lined up while holding a small banner that says ‘Welcome Home Bello!” (Bello?) in cut letters. They wore silly party hats decorated with different cartoon characters such as Phineas and Ferb, Spongebob, Tom and Jerry and my favorite: Mickey Mouse. It was so ridiculous, cute and funny at the same time.


All of them broke their line with grins on their faces, revealing something that blew my mind the second I saw it. A huge, blue teddy bear jumped up with glee once he was exposed. He was carrying a big, blue box with a ribbon on top.


EM?!” I exclaimed, laughing hysterically at the sight of him.


“Welcome home, Bellsie!” he yelled with extreme energy that I was sure the neighbors three blocks from here could hear him.


“Em!” I ran into my big, furry brother. He immediately dropped whatever it was he was holding and opened up his arms for me. I jumped into his embrace and nuzzled in his ticklish, blue fur.


Em was holding me too close that my lungs started to hurt. “Can’t . . . breathe!” I said with a hoarse voice.


Em bellowed, dropping me lightly on my feet. He removed the bear mask he was wearing and beamed down at me. With that, all my plans of torturing him faded. I missed him.


“Bella!” a very familiar, tiny voice screeched right into my ear. I winced.


“Jeez, Liz. You’re screaming right at my ear. Oh no, I think I can’t hear.” I patted my right ear to check if it works just fine.


“Hey! You a poet or something? You just said did some crazy rhyming!” Liz widened her eyes, surprised at what she just said. She broke into fits of laughter that sounds relevant to the bells chiming.


“Is this a rhyming contest? ‘Cause I’ll definitely do my best!” Rose joined in, putting an arm around me to keep me from falling. My knees are starting to weaken for laughing so much at our silliness.


“What’s up?” Jasper walked in the living room, where all our laughter filled the entire area. Then he saw our hysterical mirth. Sometimes, our sense of humor could be so low we threesome (Liz, Rose and I) could laugh at a lone wall because of our wild imagination. “Aren’t you guys ever going to stop?”


Jasper also realized he just made a rhyme: up and stop. He adhered as well with our enjoyment. I noticed that Liz took a shy glance at him and without further ado, her pinkish blush covered up her cheeks. She looked down at the ground, tugging on the hem of her cute, pink, frilly outfit that hugged her curves so well. Well, what would you expect from my fashion maniac best friend? And for the record, her mom is a fashion designer. Pretty awesome, huh?


But Liz never mentioned whether she has a hush-hush crush on Jasper. Hmm . . . Well, it won’t be a secret for long once we three get together.


I walked over to her. “Hey, Liz, you alright?”


“Yep.” She recovers so fast.


“By the way, what’s up with the ‘Bello?’”


Liz laughed, slapping my shoulder the way she always did whenever she’s laughing. “Em’s fault. He accidentally cut an 'o' instead of 'a' because he was singing a song with lots if ‘Oh’s’”


I laughed. Oh, Em.


“Guys! You are all looking like crazy people! Some of the neighbors are already staring at us!” Jessica announced, peeking out the window. Then, she let the curtain fall into its place to conceal us from their view.


“Did Alice has a Rhyme Syndrome today? ‘Cause it’s very contagious, I must say,” Em told us, scratching his blue, furry belly.


I shook my head at him, a smile forming in my face.


Huh. And for a while I thought that my day is ruined. I stand corrected.


\ o /


Our celebration turned quite fun. Scratch that. Very fun.


Em kept his blue bear suit to entertain everyone. He sang this old kiddie song about bears (Bear is Em’s favorite animal. You may notice that they have some resemblance to each other). It goes like this:

There’s a family of bears inside a house: Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear.

Papa Bear is very strong.

Mama Bear is very pretty.

Baby Bear is very active.

Look at them, look at them! It’s very fun!


After that, we played Twister. It was really hard trying to be flexible for a person who isn’t very physically fit. Of course, I lost as early as the first round. Only Em survived. He wanted for Rose to win but the prize was a free dinner date with the person you wanted at La Bella Italia. It’s a remarkable restaurant me and my family always go to for special occasions. Em probably wanted to win so he could steal, just for one night, Rose from Squidward—I still couldn’t remember his name. If Squidward would even let Rose go with my brother.


Dinner was super fun. My parents arrived from work exactly on time when we were playing with whip creams. Mike accidentally ran right into my dad, Charlie, with a snowball-sized whip cream on his hand. He was running from Em, who was like a crazy maniac putting whip creams on everyone’s faces—except for Rose. Then he aimed at Mike. And you all know what happens next.


I was somehow surprised when Dad didn’t go mad and ordered everyone to go home. Thank God he had a great day at work so his mood is good. He even joined in our whip cream fighting. My mom, Renee, also joined. All in all, it was the best dinner of my life. Except that Em and Dad ate all our meals. Mom just ordered pizzas only for the girls to punish those two.


At around past nine, Jasper, Mike, Jessica, Eric, Ben and Lauren all went home now. Mom and Dad offered to clean the dishes and let us do whatever we want.


“Bellsie, do you know Twilight?” Em asked, sprawled on my bed as I dry my hair. Rose and Liz were downstairs. They said they were going to just get something. I wonder what that is. Must be the blue box Em was holding a while ago.


Twilight? As in, evening or what?”


“Oh, you don’t know, huh? Twilight is this famous bar at Port Angeles. Cullen owns that place,” Em’s tone darkened at the name Cullen.


I turned around to face him. “Cullen?” I’m pretty sue I’ve heard that before but I couldn’t remember.


“You know, Rose’s boyfriend. Ed-”


Liz barged right into my room, cutting our conversation. Em sighed and placed a pillow over his head. “I’m fine! If anyone would like to ask if I’m alright,” he told us, his voice muffled by the pillow.


“What’s wrong with him?” Liz asked me, pointing to my brother.


“Don’t mind him.” I discerned she was holding the box that Em was grasping the first time I saw him today. “What’s that?”


“Oh, yeah! I’ll tell you once—Em! Get out of here! Bellsie is going to be naked!”


With that, Em snapped up with widened eyes and swiftly ran out the door. I chuckled.


“Seriously? You have to threaten him that I’ll get naked?”


“Oh, I didn’t threaten him. You are getting naked.” Liz held up the box in front of me and I reluctantly grabbed hold of it.


“Don’t tell me this is a-”


“A dress!”  Rose finished for me. She was holding pieces of jewelry on her fingers.


Great. Another wicked make-over from the two fashion freaks.


“What’s the event this time? It’s already noon, guys.” I sat on the bed, dropping the box beside me.


Liz and Rose sat on either side of me with excited grins on their faces. It was pretty uncanny. “C’mon, Bells! You’re home at last! And school starts tomorrow! Have some fun tonight!” Liz said.


I thought about it for a moment. Well, Liz is right. School starts tomorrow and I’m going to get busy with studies and all for college. Besides, my parents wouldn’t, for sure, let me out during school days with party as an excuse. And I finally got back after three years. I really miss these guys. And I can’t wait for this reunion of us three to be postponed. I might as well have fun. . . .


“Alright,” I decided. Rose and Liz shrieked right into my ears, again.


This time, I was alert and covered both my ears. “Sorry,” Rose and Liz told me with a sheepish grin. “Start opening this!” Rose patted the box.


“Okay, okay.” I chuckled. I really did miss my best friends. I’ve missed all our bonding that I almost forgot how hyper they always are—especially Liz.


I placed the box on my lap and removed the lid. Inside, crumpled Japanese paper swathed the main thing. I slipped my hand inside and felt for something. That something felt like satin. And I excitedly pulled it out. The poor box dropped from my lap.


The dress in front of me was extremely gorgeous. It was small, possibly at knee-length. The striking color of black stood out with the help of the smooth curves that the satin produces. There were no straps which made it a whole lot sexier.


Really? I’m going to wear this?


“Um, guys . . .” I started, beginning to sound a little conscious of this. I might look like a total weirdo wearing a dress so beautiful like this one.


“Don’t worry,” Rose promised. “We brought you matching heels for that.” That doesn’t really cover up my anxiousness.


My whole life I’ve only worn dresses like these during special occasions like formal parties, ballroom dances (But no, I’m not good at dancing), and other reserved activities. Certainly not the kind of fun Liz and Rose are talking about.


“But, guys. I’ll look ridiculous in this dress. It fits someone who is the opposite of me,” I insisted.


Liz and Rose gasped. “Someone chubby, tiny, and has blonde hair? Hmm . . .” The two of them seem to think about who this chubby, tiny blonde is. “Aha!” They both snapped their fingers simultaneously. “Jane Volturi! She’s small and blonde!”


“Really? Jane? She’s not even that plump. She’s as skinny as a stick,” I said, recoiling at my last sight of her. She was really bony back then and truly pale as if she’s a living ghost! I hope she’s changed now. Poor kid.


“Hello?” Liz asked, emphasizing the ‘–lo’ part. “You’ve been absent for, like, three years. Jane’s changed a lot.”


That’s a shocker. “Really?”


Rose stood up, pulling my arm as well. “You’re changing the subject, Bells. You think you could get away like that?” She arched a perfectly trimmed eyebrow at me.  It’d be a miracle if I could do that.


Liz jumped up and checked her watch. For a second, she got worried but recovered quickly. “We have ten minutes to get ready,” she announced.


For the love of Robert Pattinson, these guys are going to torture me. Rose helped me remove my clothing. Since we’re hardcore best friends, we aren’t really self-conscious of us being nude in front of one another.


So I laid there, completely bare (but I kept my underwear on) as the two of them assisted me into getting the dress to fit me comfortably. Within those ten minutes, Rose and Liz did their job of making me look gorgeous tonight. But honestly, I would really prefer if I’d wear jeans and a shirt. The two of them hasn’t even said where we’re going. I guess I’m about to find out.



One. Two. Three.


I opened my eyes in slow motion, reprimanding myself for letting those two take over. Then again, I actually liked what they did to me. I looked like a changed person after my complete make-over. Liz and Rose made my hair shaggy and wavy, giving it a ‘seductive effect’ as they call it. The dress fits me just fine, letting anybody see my hidden curves I’ve tried to screen for years. I insisted not to wear too much jewelry because I’m not really comfortable with those things. I’m not a Christmas tree, you know.


Liz and Rose told me to close my eyes as Em drove us to this secret place. I was expecting it to be a Las Vegas kind of bar because party-goers like Liz gets all fabulous and all when it comes to jamming. And I was right. It was a bar.


The word Twilight blinked brightly in blue neon, giving the night an invigorating feel in the atmosphere. A black suited man—the bouncer maybe?—stood in front of a glass door. Blurry neon lights could be seen just behind him. The music from the inside wasn’t as loud as I was expecting it to be. The walls are probably sound-proofed. Guests are lined up, all wearing their own style. Some noticed us and gaped. And that was really embarrassing.


“Let’s go!” Rose grabbed Liz’s hand and mine, dragging us to the eerie man. I almost tripped over walking up the small porch-like stone staircase. Sniggers resounded behind me. I looked back and gave them one look that says ‘Back off, losers.’


“Hey, Aro!” Rose greeted the bouncer. The Aro guy pulled off a small polite smile.


“VIP’s right?” he asked Rose, nodding to Liz and I.




“Okay then.” Aro stepped sideways, allowing us to walk in without falling in line.


\ o /


My first reaction was a dull “Whoa.”


Dancers were really getting the party intense as they swayed to the rhythm. The afro DJ was busy scratching the CD’s, creating an interesting beat while head banging at the same time. The bar on our right was filled with chatting guests. No, strike that. Making-out guests. That’s the right term. Almost all of the people here came to publicize their relationship. The counter has this cool beaming light from the inside, glaring blindly at the leaning drinkers. I never would’ve thought I’d step into a bar my whole life.


Rose and I found an open spot at the small rounded tables on the opposite side of the wine bar. Liz already got someone to dance with so we just left her alone, hoping she wouldn’t get too drunk to start doing extreme things she’ll regret in the morning.


“So,” Rose asked—or rather yelled over the booming music. She bought us some sparkling wine that looks terrifyingly like vodka. I may be eighteen but I’m not really fond of drinking these kinds of things. “How’s the night so far?”


“Pretty good,” I replied, twirling the liquid inside the wine glass.


Rose noticed my doubt at the drink. “Relax, Bells. It’s just a Sprite. I know you don’t drink.” She winked at me.


I left out a relieved sigh. “Thanks Rose.” And I sipped cautiously from the glass. Hmm. It really was Sprite.


“By the way, did Em tell you about this?” Rose spread her palms and motioned it around her.


“Yeah, but brief. He just told me this is your boyfriend’s place.”


“Well, this isn’t really his house or something. His father owns this and he just basically abuses his authority.” Rose rolled her eyes, taking a sip from her drink. “Oh, and before you ask, we picked this place for us to celebrate because ever since you left, you’ve never mentioned anything about having a boyfriend. And this is the perfect place to find a hot guy.” She wiggled her eyebrows at me.


I rolled my eyes at her. “I don’t want a boyfriend, Rose. And I most certainly don’t need one.”


Rose shrugged. “Suit yourself.” She finished her glass and arranged her hair. “You going to dance or what?” Rose offered her hand at me but I refused. I still have a lot of adjusting to do around here.


“Alright, have fun!” Rose told me before she got eaten up by the sweat-covered bodies on the dance floor. Uck.


\ o /


After I finished my drink, I played with the glass for a while to keep me occupied. That’s when someone spoke to me.


“What’s somebody like you doing in a place like this?”


I turned around. And punch me; I think I just saw a reincarnation of Adonis. The handsome—but not entirely my type—young man stood right in front of me, only inches separating us. I was a little surprised he has easily penetrated my private space. Liz did warn me about guys like this.


Adonis stood there with two shot glass. His smile was friendly, yes, but it has that cocky confidence in it, too. Well, he has the right to feel confident. The black flannel shirt over his gray top looked absolutely elegant on him.


“What do you want?”


Oops. There goes my rude mouth again.


Adonis chuckled, setting one shot on my table. “Feisty much, sweetheart?”


“Maybe.” Oh, my God. Am I flirting with him?


Adonis smirked, raking his fingers through his hair. Only a model could spell it s-e-x-y correctly. And he did.


He nodded at the drink on the table. “Let’s drink.” Clearly, he was sort of in a drunken state.


“No, thank you,” I said nonchalantly, facing my back on him.


Unfortunately, Adonis didn’t catch my intention of making him go away. He stayed persistent. He leaned toward the table, making himself comfortable beside me.


“How old are you anyway?” Doesn’t he know it’s not nice to ask a lady her age that frankly?


“How old are you?” I retorted. From the looks of it, he appears as an innocent rebel teen. Gratefully not an older college kid or this conversation could get a little awkward. I’m not really used to talking to older, flirty guys. The reason? Simple: I’m terrible at flirting. I just don’t want to embarrass myself with my comments.


“Eighteen,” he replied.


“Likewise . . .” I raised my eyebrows at him, hinting that I want to know his name.


Adonis stood straight up and held out his hand for me to shake. “Edward Cullen.” He flashed me a charming smile.


Edward Cullen.


I remembered what Em said before we went here. Twilight is this famous bar at Port Angeles. Cullen owns that place. You know, Rose’s boyfriend. Ed-


Is he really Edward Cullen? As in Rose’s boyfriend I’ve foolishly forgotten? Well, it does have a connection. Squidward.Edward. Hmm. If only Rose sent me a picture of Squidward before I met this Edward Cullen.


I shook his hand once and let go as soon as possible. There was something that flicked between us during that subtle contact. And I knew he felt it, too, judging from his slightly narrowed eyes. “Bella Swan.”


“Bella Swan . . .” he repeated. Edward tilted his head, trying to remember something with a perplexed expression.


“What?” I asked.


“Have we met before? Your name rings a bell. See, I’m pretty drunk and all so . . .” he shrugged, gulping down his shot of what seems to be a whiskey.


I shook my head, satisfied that he won’t recognize me. And I’m thankful he’s drunk, too. He won’t remember our small meeting tomorrow. Rose doesn’t have to know about his boyfriend hitting on her best friend.


Edward nodded thoughtfully, his eyes roaming up and down my body and eventually stopped at my breasts. In no time, my blood rushed to my face. Can this get any more awkward?


I cleared my throat, feeling pretty uncomfortable by his piercing and lust-filled stare. He looks like a player to me. Did Rose really pick this guy to be her boyfriend?


Edward looked at me with a smug expression, completely ignoring my self-consciousness. “Sorry, Bella. You just look freaking sexy tonight I couldn’t control myself.”


What?! That’s it. He’s completely out of his mind. He has a girlfriend, for God’s sake! Is he always like this? This guy must’ve been cheating behind Rose’s back for God-knows-how-long.


“I’m sorry, but I have to go now.” I turned around to the direction where Rose headed to. I hope I can still find her. She should put a leash on her gorgeous boyfriend.


Edward quickly snatched my arm, yanking me back towards him. Oh no. He locked me within his embrace while looking down at me with amused eyes. I struggled to let go of his iron grip but he wouldn’t budge.


Finally, I surrendered and relaxed my arms to my side. He was satisfied with this and let go of me. But, he kept one arm around my waist, securing me to him. With our bodies pressed together, that same electric feeling coursed through us again, making me wince. What was that about?


“I give up. What do you want?” I demanded.


“You,” he replied, saying it as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.


“Really? May I remind you that you have a girlfriend?”


Oh, shoot. I shouldn’t have said that. Now he knows I know something about him. Stupid mouth.


“How do you know that?” he asked, looking at me with suspicious eyes.


Thanks to my quick and smart brain, I formulated an excuse just in time to erase his suspicions. “Well, someone like you obviously has a girlfriend.” Duh.


Edward mistook what I said as a compliment. He grinned, making me feel like a prey and he’s my predator. Where is Rose? At times like this, usually, the cheated girlfriend will come and witness her boyfriend’s doings and bust him.


But wait. If Rose saw the two of us together, she might think that Edward and I had a thing for each other. Who would question it anyway? Look at us! He’s acting so confident and cocky with me. He even has his freaking arm wrapped around my waist! It would be appropriate to look at if he gave me some space. But no. It’s making me prickly just by breathing because my chest moves closer to him. So, I might have to plan other options to escape from Edward. If I could.


“You think I’m attractive, don’t you?” Edward tightened his grip on me, pulling me closer, trapping me wholly.


“I do not!” I said, furious. I cringed when he leaned down to me. When I looked around, I noticed that we’ve—or rather he’d—moved as away from the crowd and led me to the bottom of the staircase leading upstairs.


Edward smirked, pushing me gently against the smooth wall. There were no lights around here but the effects of the neon lights were thrown here and there, causing a wild light dance. When Edward was contented with my state, he removed his hands from me and planted it against the wall on either side of my head. His head dipped down my neck.


Then he whispered something soft yet seductive at my ear: “I’m drunk tonight, Bella. I don’t give a crap on what I’m going to do tonight. And I suggest you just give in. You know you want me . . .”


A soft moan escaped between my lips. Darn! His words were so arousing! But then again, the thought of backstabbing my best friend crept up into my mind. This is wrong. All wrong. But why am I not even trying to push him away? I know how this would end but why am I not stopping this?


Because you like him!


Shut up, Mrs. McNaggy Pants! You’re not helping!


But . . . Liz and Rose did insist for me to have fun. . . .


Argh! No, no! I am not going to be weak in front of this man.


However, when I felt something cold skulking up my knees, I gasped. The cold atmosphere was all around us. And I was too late when I realized that Edward was already touching me all over. His hands were slowly lifting up my dress, his pinky skimming my bare thigh. His other hand was dangerously close to my breast.


Oh, my God. Is this really happening?


Mixed emotions rolled over me. I was excited but scared at the same time. Excited that this handsome guy is actually attracted to a girl like me—even if he’s drunk. Scared because I’m going to lose my First Touch.


My First Touch is something that I only promised myself to give to the man I’m going to marry. Where only he can touch my most intimate places. I know it’s pretty silly and childish. But my mom gave me a gift when I turned thirteen—a purity ring. It’s something to wear until you get married. Something to keep you from making love with someone you don’t even fully know. And now, I’m going to lose it to someone like Edward. I have to do something about this.


I was too late.


The second his fingers touched my breast—with the lightest of all touches, I pushed him off with all my strength. I could tell he was surprised by my revolt. His eyes widened as he grasped the wall behind him for leverage. Maybe he thought I was getting into it. Hah! I would never, ever, break the best friend code. That includes cheating on your best friend with her boyfriend. Nu-uh.


“We can slow it down, you know. I’m not in a hurry. We technically own the night.” The nerve for him to say that! Pervert!


“You are going to pay for this, Edward Cullen! I swore to my heart that I’ll only give my First Touch to someone I love. And that isn’t going to be you! I hate you for making me break it!” I balled my fists, staring at him with such odium. “And you should respect you girlfriend, you know! You have a responsibility to accomplish! She might be looking for you now and here you are fooling around with random girls!” I spoke with all my heart, letting out my frustration this morning to him. It’s probably the first time I ever got angry at someone I’ve known for five minutes.


One thing’s for sure. Edward Cullen should pay for this. 




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Month of September. Month that marks the start of school. Month that sets me on a whole new round of experiences and predicaments. Month that names me as, finally, a senior.


\ o /


"Well, good morning, my dear students!" Mr. Banner, our teacher at Literature announced with a loud, squeaky voice. If it wasn't for his serious face and the brass plate addressing him as a respectful teacher, the whole class might've just laughed at him. 


Anyway, what's so darn good about this morning? Well, earlier, it was great. Mom left us some really delicious pecan pancakes and her famous French toasts. That meal definitely got me ready for my first day at Forks High. Em even offered to let me ride with him on his jeep. He rarely let someone get in because he has an Obsessive Cleaning Disorder. Almost every corner of the jeep has an emergency sanitizer. 


And then now, my whole world shook and fell apart. Why?


Edward Freaking Cullen, that's why.


Who could've known that jerk stays at the same school as I am? Then again, that shouldn't have been much of a surprise because Rose stays here as well and I don't know anymore high schools around here. How unfortunate of me to come back and met a weirdo pervert who happens to have taken my precious First Touch that I've reserved for that special someone; and who also happens to be my best friend's boyfriend. How great is that? And have I also mentioned that he's such an eye-candy around here that the second he walked in the classroom, all the girls’ eyes were glued to him (and I'm ashamed to admit this but, yes, I'm one of those girls). One more thing, he freaking loves the attention.


And want to know what he did when he saw me? He just stared at me for one long second, studying me intently within that brief time and then flicker his eyes away from me like nothing happened. Did he really think he can get away like that?


But, then again, he was drunk last night so . . . maybe he forgot about the whole thing? I hope so. I wouldn’t want him spilling the beans over what happened last night to Rose. If he’s even idiotic enough to tell his girlfriend.


Speaking of my dilemma last night, I didn’t speak to Liz and Rose that night. I just dragged them off the dance floor (which took me a lot of insisting because they were both heavily drunk then) and led them out the bar. I refused to say what’s wrong because I know that if I tell them, especially in front of Rose, our friendship will break. Rose would, of course, side with his boyfriend and state that he’s just drunk and I let him take over me. It’s always like that when it comes to cheating, right? You always prove your lover correct because it hurts to accept that he/she backstabbed you.


\ o /


Thankfully, the bell rang. Lunch time. During the last two periods, all I thought about was how to avoid Cullen. What should I do if ever I bumped into him or something? My nervous side will surely take over if I’ll have to talk to him. I mean, who wouldn’t feel awkward if last night, the two of you almost did that and you even left him undone. And for the last time that I’ll mention this, his girlfriend is my best friend! God knows what Rose would think if she ever finds out about us.


Pssh. Why don’t you just tell Rose about it?


Oh, hello, Mrs. McNaggy Pants. And no, I’ll have to think everything through later. Let’s not make such a big deal about it, alright?


“So, Bella,” Liz started, popping a cherry into her glossy mouth. “How’s your day so far?”


I’ve noticed that Rose isn’t here yet. Do Rose and Cullen share a different table apart from the group? Well, that’s awesome—really. It wouldn’t be a problem for me to avoid Edward now.


Apparently, Lady Luck wasn’t on my side this time. Great.


“Oh, look, there’s the trio,” Liz announced, completely ignoring her question a while ago. She was looking behind my shoulder with an amused expression. Her eyes sparkled and her lips formed a playful smirk.


It was a mistake to turn around.


Behind me now stood Cullen and Rose, hand in hand. Em was jogging after them, like a lost dog who had finally found his master. But in this situation, he loves his master, Rose, and he has no choice but to follow her with the one I’m infatuated to: Cullen. Poor guy. Poor me.


“Hey, guys!” Rose chirped, waving at us. When she looked down at me, she playfully pinched my cheek. She always does that. But the problem here is when Cullen spoke up.


“Hey,” he told all of us, pulling Rose gently to seat with us. Em huffed but I think I’m the only one who noticed. He sat beside me and stole my cheeseburger from my tray. I wonder what happened to him. I know he accepted the fact that he can never reach Rose, but acting like this? That is so not him. 


“Stupid jerk,” Em mumbled under his breath. He glared one last time at my cheeseburger and began munching and crunching. This is Em’s favorite meditation to get over his anger. It’s a good habit, actually. If he changed his self to be a jerk who loves fighting, all of his opponents will probably get sent straight to the hospital—what with his buff arms and all.


I placed a comforting hand on his back, gently massaging him. “You okay?”


Em stopped and looked down at the poor cheeseburger stuck between his sharp yellowy teeth. I can almost hear the food screaming Help me! I’m being munched down by a wild grizzly bear! And burgers are not good for a grizzly bear. “I’m fine, Bells. I’ll tell you later.” And this better not be about Cullen.


“Bella!” Rose called out. I snapped my head up to see her leaning on the table, Cullen’s arm draped around the back of her chair across from me. He has this weird expression on him: amusement and some sort of evil glint. Maybe I’m just seeing things. Whatever. “You remember Edward, right?” Rose pointed at the guy beside him. Now that she mentioned it, I realized I haven’t even taken him in fully. All my eyes could see are his snide eyes.


Cullen was wearing an incredibly sexy gray flannel shirt over a plain white shirt. How it looked really good on him, I have no idea. His outfit seems so normal and plain yet he makes it look branded. No wonder he’s so popular around here.


“Edward?” I asked, pretending to sound confused. What? Should I answer Oh yeah, Edward. We met at the bar last night and almost let him cheat on you. Did you know he’s such a charmer and a good kisser?


“Don’t remember him?” Rose asked, perplexed. I know that she knows that I know Cullen.




Rose furrowed her eyebrows. She narrowed her eyes at me, sensing something. God, I wish she doesn’t know me too well to know I’m hiding something.


Eventually, she moved on to the introductions. “Bella, this is Edward, my boyfriend.” Then she turned to her boyfriend and smiled lovingly. Ouch.


Did I just said—thought—Ouch? That small gesture didn’t even hurt me a bit! I mean, I don’t even like the guy! I loathe him for breaking my promise to myself! And yes, it’s such a big deal for me if you want to know.


Yeah, it did. You just said so yourself, you’re infatuated with Handsome. Don’t deny it.


Sometimes, I really wish you lie every once in a while and not slap the truth right in my face, Mrs. McNaggy Pants.


And Edward, this is-”


Cullen cut her off and smirked knowingly. What’s with that? His gaze at me is so intense like he’s trying to send a message I can’t even decipher. “Bella, I know. You told her about me last time, right, babe?” He was clearly talking to Rose, but all the time, the jerk was looking at me.


Rose gave me a sideways glance, becoming more suspicious by our actions. Nice job, Cullen. “Er-yeah,” Rose uttered.


Thanks to Liz, she stopped the awkwardness around us. She cleared her throat loudly, attracting all of our attention to her. “So,” she said, leaning back on her seat. She wrapped her pale hand around the can of Coke and lifted it barely to her lips. “Have you guys seen the new guy around here? I heard he’s a gay.”


\ o /


As I was walking to my next class—which is Biology—someone ran into me. I immediately dropped the map and schedule I was holding. After that, as expected, I landed flat on the floor. And guess what? My butt hurts like hell.  My hand instinctively dropped to the floor, reached my hip and massaged it.


“Oh, shoot.” Followed by an uttered curse. “Are you al-. . . Bella?”


Hey . . . I know that voice. “Jasper?”


I looked up and was met by those blue orbs that seem to be anxious. “So sorry, Bella.” He held out his hand for me and I took it, gladly removing myself from the cold bottom. Speaking of bottom, mine still hurts. I guess I have to endure it till one more hour. “You alright?”


Jasper pulled me closer to him, inspecting me. I chuckled despite the pain of my behind. “I’m fine, Jas. It’s cool.”


His eyebrows rose up in response to my nickname for him. “Jas?”


“Why,” I frowned, “don’t you like it?”


Jasper chuckled, releasing me reluctantly from his small embrace. “I love it.” He winked. I blushed at that. Stupid blush.


Jasper kneeled down and started picking up my things. He handed them out to me. “Here you go.”






“So . . . I’ll, um, see you later? I’m late for class,” he told me after a long minute of awkward staring at the walls.


I checked my watch. Shoot. “Oh, darn. Bye, Jas!” After that, I gave his shoulder a small squeeze and jogged past him off to my next class. While running, I swear I can still feel his warm touch and his stare on my retreating figure.


\ o /


Thank goodness, I wasn’t late at Biology. The class started approximately two minutes after I arrived. I want my first impression on teachers to be smooth. And being late on the first day isn’t going to help me.


Then of all people that have to be late, he entered. Yes, Cullen.


“How sweet of you to come, Mr. Cullen,” the Mr. Fleming, our Biology teacher chided, crossing his arms with a defiant scowl. Go get him, Teach.


And the cocky bastard replied, “I was actually thinking of not attending class once I remembered the name Fleming.”


Mr. Fleming gasped, tightened his grip on the stick he was holding and scowled at Cullen. It didn’t do much of an effect to Cullen. Bastard! “Meet me after class, Mr. Cullen.” I can already feel the tinge of venom in those words. Hah! I hope the punishment is heavy.


Don’t you think you’re being too mean to the guy?, Mrs. McNaggy Pants scolded.


Ah, whatever. He stole my First Touch anyway.


You’re so absurd.


Yeah, I know.


“Sure, why not?” Cullen responded, throwing a smirk at Mr. Fleming’s way before turning around to scan the classroom. As he did that, some of the girls were left ogling at his face. Well, who wouldn’t? I know I would but his jerk-of-an-attitude ticked me off. I just wish I can do something to defend the poor teacher. But my shy instincts always took over. Why am I going to do that anyway? I’m almost sounding like a teacher’s pet or something. And that’s not me.


The teacher cleared his throat and struck the board with his stick three times to call everyone’s attention. “Mr. Cullen, please seat beside Miss . . .” He studied my face for a while. I was about to say my name when he recalled. “Swan.”


The second Mr. Fleming mentioned my last name; Cullen snapped his head at me. Immediately, a grin came up on his face, making my focus on not falling for his glorious face break. Why do you have to be so gorgeous? And why do you have to be the jerk who stole my First Touch?


“Thank you, sir.” My eyebrows shot up. The bastard actually knows how to thank. That’s a shocker. Well, I guess I still have lots more to know about him.


Cullen started walking towards me, keeping his gaze dead straight on my tomato face. And me? I kept my face in calm composure. I wouldn’t want to let him know I’m that easy to fall for his physical attributes. “Hey, Isabella.”




Cullen frowned, looking confused. “That’s your name, right? Rose told me about you.” How many things have I missed while I was gone? It seems like some people knows me even without meeting me in person.


“Er, yeah, but really, I prefer Bella,” I said, straining to be polite with him.


Cullen nodded in understanding. Mr. Fleming started talking nonsense and didn’t bother for anymore introductions and such. But Cullen never paid much attention either. He placed his right elbow and the countertop, rested his cheek on his palm and looked at me curiously. Does he seriously have to do that? He’s making it more awkward knowing that we spent a gauche predicament last night; and also, knowing that he might remember something from that night.


“Bella . . .” he mumbled, his voice languishing away at the ‘la’ part.




“Nothing.” He shook his head and turned his attention to Mr. Fleming.


Okay. That was weird. First, he acted like he’s so great and powerful. Then he was cocky with seeing me as his lab partner for the rest of the school year. And now, he suddenly became nonchalant with me. What’s the matter with him? Does he always act like this?


\ o /


The rest of Biology is fine. Mr. Fleming taught us a few things first about cells and all that mitosis and prophase things I’ve already studied at my last school back in Arizona. Cullen kept on seeming as if I don’t exist. And I did likewise. We both acted as if we’re both complete strangers to each other till the bell rang, signaling for Cullen’s detention time. I wonder what Mr. Fleming would make Edward do because usually, teachers simply send the stubborn students right out on the detention room to slack off.


“Hi Bells!” Em greeted me right after I walked out of the laboratory. I was enveloped by his bear-tight hug I never get tired of and beamed down at me. What’s with the mood swings of people today? At lunch, Em looked so down. Then now, he came across to be in high spirits.


“Um, hey, bro. What’s up?” I wheezed out.


Em grinned, putting me down on the floor gently. “Coach Foot told me that I’m officially the quarterback for our team!”


I smiled widely, letting him now that I’m very much proud of him. For all goodness’s sake, I don’t know anything about football. So, I just nodded and hugged him tightly, kissed him on the cheek and laughed at our dramatic moment. “I’m so, so proud of you, Em! I know you’ve wanted to be on the top of your game. And now you are!”


“I know, right?” he exclaimed, giving us a few weird looks from some students. “Oh!” He rummaged through his backpack. Then he withdrew a manila envelope.


“What’s that?” He handed it to me.


“Do you have some free time?” he asked, ignoring my question.


“Yeah, I think. Next class starts at about two minutes anyway.”


“Great. Could you do me a favor, sis?” I nodded. “Thanks! Just bring this to Coach Basket. He’s sagging of at the boy’s locker room—you know, the one for basketball. We have separate lockers and all. This-” he pointed at the envelope in my hands. “-is a recommendation letter from our Uncle Jeff. You remember him, right? Basketball coach at some big university in Houston or something? See, I asked him to help Jasper get in the basketball team. I mean, Jasper’s got the looks, the meat and the game. So, it’s too bad to watch his talent wear off. Coach Basket is pretty austere on choosing his players so . . .” He sighed. “Man, this talking is making me hungry,” he muttered.


I laughed. “No worries, Em. I got it. Just deliver this to Coach Basket then that’s it. Anything else? Like where the heck is the basketball locker room?”


“Oh, yeah! It’s . . .” And he told me the directions. It’s not that far from where I am right now. I could do it in no time. “Alright, gotta go somewhere. And thanks, Bells!” He pecked me on the cheek sweetly and ruffled my hair. I smiled and shook my head. Brotherly love.


\ o /


“This seems to be the right place,” I mumbled to myself, looking all around me. The locker room is so . . . smelly. Well, not Davy Jones Locker smelly but the typical locker room smell. There are quarters for different lockers for various players. The Spartan color pretty much roamed the whole place. There are chain-like bars separating one locker area from another. There are used towels thrown around the spot and a few jerseys here and there over the benches. Lucky for me, there aren’t much basketball players here or I’ll be a hot topic for being a Peeping Tom or something. Normally, girls won’t even dare try to walk into here. I mean, the atmosphere around here is so excruciating! Worse than Em’s bedroom.


While I was walking cautiously forward, looking for a room that will indicate Coach Basket’s office, moans echoed round the corner.


“Oh, you’re such a good kisser . . .” a sultry voice moaned.


I followed it. Don’t ask me why. My legs moved on by themselves. Or maybe I was just curious and who would make out in such a non-romantic place.


“Good?” the mysterious guy clarified, deep and low.


I stopped dead in my tracks. I recognize that voice. . . . Slowly, I moved two steps closer, hugged the manila envelope secured to my chest, and sidestepped by the shadows casted by the stark walls. The lovers’ figures slowly came into view. If I just move my head an inch to my right, I’ll be able to see who they are. . . .


Isabella! Stop this madness, you young lass! This is unacceptable!, screamed Mrs. McNaggyPants.


Oh, you speak British now?


“Not good. You’re so amazing at this, babe,” the girl griped. Followed by disgusting kissing sound effects. Why am I curious about this again?


“Heck yeah, I’m great,” the mystery guy replied, cockiness swarming in his tone.


I stopped dead on my tracks.


That voice can clearly and only belong to . . .


“Cullen!” I gasped. Moreover, I regretted I have such a big fat mouth. Nice shot, Bella.


The two snapped their heads up. Apparently, they were making out on the bench. Cullen being straddled by an unknown girl with only her bra on. And guess what? Cullen doesn’t have his shirt on. They’re shirts were thrown across the floor unceremoniously. I feel like I’ve just intruded a very private moment when they were both in the heat of the minute. Which I already probably did.


But wait. That girl isn’t Rose. Rose has a wavy, shoulder-length blonde hair. And she doesn’t like ponytails. Which the girl sitting on top of Cullen does. The girl’s dark, dirty blonde hair was pulled up in a ponytail. It’s good to know that I have no idea who this girl is or I’ll probably smack her face and end her nose job.


“B-Bella?” Cullen exclaimed, his jade green eyes widening in utter surprise. Me? I’m frozen. Frozen for good.


The two removed themselves from each other. The girl put her shirt on and also a jacket. Cullen whispered something to her ear and she nodded. While she ran away, she past by me and threw an evil glare at my way. Great. One enemy already on my first day.


But that’s not the problem here.


“You cheated on Rose,” I stated resolutely. Cullen still hasn’t put his shirt on and it kind of distracted me.


Cullen sighed, face-palmed his self and took a handful of his hair in frustration. After his short minute of nuisance, he walked towards me with long strides. Instinctively, I backed away, clutching the now crumpled manila envelope tightly than ever.


It didn’t work. In no time, he got me cornered—both hands flat against the wall on either side of me with his face only inches from mine. It might sound a little romantic, but really, it’s terribly not. Not if you know this boy’s not thinking of kissing but instead, taunting me.


“Get away from me,” I hissed.


“Oh yeah? And let you go and tell my girlfriend all my doings behind her back? I can’t have you tell anybody,” he retorted, his breath tickling my nose.


“Of course! And to add it all up, you said so yourself that you have been doing things behind Rose’s back! As her best friend, I have the right to tell her everything I know about your foolish doings!”


Cullen smirked. “Yeah, sure. Like last night.” My heart skipped a beat. Cullen noticed my sudden change of expression and continued, “yeah, I remember, Bella,” he whispered lowly. “Everything.”


I gulped.


He knew? But how? I thought he was drunk!


“I was drunk,” he responded, answering my thoughts. Did I just say those thoughts out loud? “But not drunk enough to let me not be responsible for my actions.”


“And you knew I’m Rose’s friend, right?” I whispered, not having much energy now to let out my usual confidence.




Uh-huh? That’s all you can say? You cheated! Cheated on your girlfriend for . . . God knows how long! Why are you doing this? Why did you steal my First Touch?” I screamed at his face, not caring to be embarrassed on the saliva I spat on him.


Cullen blinked, seeming to be perturbed. “First Touch?”


I shook my head. “Never mind. But answer my question! Why do you cheat on Rose? Isn’t she enough?”


He looked like a grim person for a second and evil the next minute. What’s up with that? “You won’t understand me.”




He cut me off, placing a taut hand over my mouth. My protests were muffled by his large hand. “Let’s just skip to the point, shall we? I cheated. You witnessed and I even cheated with you. But I still like Rose and would want here to be my girlfriend. Why? Popularity, that’s why.” I was about to open my mouth again but he lowered his head and leaned closer to me. “No more questions. So, here’s the thing. We both have our secret, right? Now let me make a deal. You won’t tell Rose that I cheated on her and in exchange, I won’t tell Rose that you seduced me, knowing I’m Rose’s boyfriend.”


Thankfully, he let go of my mouth and let me breath. Then I gathered up my courage to slap him right into the cheek. Yeah, that’s right, Cullen. “Are you stupid? Why would I lie to my best friend?”


Cullen smirked. For a second, I thought he was surprised at my slap. It actually left a mark when he faced me. “Lie? Seriously? Then why haven’t you told Rose yet about last night?”


His turn to slap. Well, not literally. Nice question, though. It’s the question of the day that’s been going through my head for hours.


“Because . . .”


“I thought so. Because you’re scared that Rose might side with me and not you, right?” I nodded numbly, knowing he was right. “So, just accept the deal then.”


Seems like there’s no other options to pick, anyway. “But I’ll change some things first.” Cullen nodded, urging me to go on. “If I ever catch you cheat again, I’ll tell Rose no matter what and face whatever accusation she might indict me. And also, tell me the reason why you act like this. It’s weird, Cullen. You have such a perfect girl for a girlfriend, why do you have to cheat?”


He shook his head, looking down for a minute. “Fine, I accept your terms. And remember, don’t ever tell Rose about this or I’ll seriously tell her everything about what happened last night. Improvised version, I might add.” He winked.


I gaped at him. “You’re that mean, huh? Gosh, I’m already starting to hate you.”


Cullen grinned, pushing his self off the wall and crossed his arms. “Mutual feelings here.”






For a long moment, we stared at each other.


Is this right? Keeping secrets from my best friend? And this secret is a dirty little secret abut his boyfriend cheating behind her back. How awful my life turned out ever since I came back here. It’s probably all my fault, anyway. If I hadn’t fallen right into Cullen’s charm that night, I wouldn’t have any problem right now. I can just lie to him that I’ll keep my mouth shut and turn him in. But apparently, he has his black mail. Our night which doesn’t really involve immature actions and such. I trust Rose for him to side on me when the doom comes. But somehow, I doubt that she’ll ever trust me if Cullen told her. I mean, he’s her boyfriend for maybe a long time now. And me? We were just kids when we met and I even left for such a long time.


Another most irritating question of the day: How much have I missed since I left?



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Meh. That's alright :) I actually promised myself to finish this because this is, like I said, the firs fanfic I've ever started. xD

Thanks to Hunter, btw, for the banner!!

I picked the song, Kiss and Tell by Justin Beiber because it's the song that came up on my playlist while writing this. And, surprisingly, the song kind of fitted with the whole chapter!!


Guess what? We just had a meeting on what our class'll do this coming Christmas. And we're having a Christmas party!! And here's the bad/good part, I picked the paper of my *sort of* crush to be my monito (it's something that you call on exchanging gifts. Like if you're my monito, you're the one I'm giving my gift to. Gets?). That was purely coincidental!! We have this code names so that we won't be able to know each others names and for it to be surprise. But curiosity killed the cat. That guy actually shouted his code name so . . . I knew it was him xP Hmm . . . I wonder what I should give him? :3


P.S. Listen to Astronaut - Simple Plan!! It's a great song!! I'm listening to it right now, actually xD


P. P. S. If you've listened to Kiss and Tell, you'll notice that I've used one line from the song to the chapter ;)


Thank you for reading!! ♥ xD

More. More! :) This is interesting! Keep me updated.


OMG!!! Awesome!!! I love the new chapter!!!! Please update soon!!!!!

Thank you guys!! xD

I love this story so muchXD Please udate soon. Also whats going to happen with Rosalie if she finds out? It's killing me!!!!!



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