The Twilight Saga


When Bella Swan travels at Forks to stay with her family and finish her senior year at Forks High, her best friends, Alice and Rose, and herself, goes on an adventurous journey.

Rose and Liz showed Bella this famous, furtive bar named "Twilight." The threesome party-girls entered the bar and that's when Bella completely lost it. Not her virginity, of course. But what she calls "First Touch" to a total--and amazingly hot, by the way--stranger whom she met and just shared a few drinks together.

That very aggravating and exciting night was the reason Bella starts to meet Infatuation, Like and then lastly, Love.


Sorry guys, I suck at summaries. -__- This is actually the first time I'll do a fan fiction that is Twilight-related. This story bloomed from this very boring night and from the song My First Kiss. Since I couldn't do any banners because I was using my netbook, I thought: Oh, what the heck. I'm gonna try writing.

So, this is it!! I haven't completely finished the whole plot yet but . . . let's just see your opinions as the story goes on. . . . xD


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PROLOGUE: Part One; Part Two

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Ohh Egg!!! I lovee this Story!!!!



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