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2nd Part to First Wedding Aniversary.


We ran together, the noise was getting further away from us but it didnt make me feel any easier.

"Edward, do you think alice has seen the werewolf? or do you think she will be blind to it like she is with the quilette pack?" Although I was running my hardest the words were not spluttered or panted out, again the perks of my new body still amazed me.

"Im not sure love. The blind spots in alices visions have applied to Renessme, Nauhle and the pack so far, Im guessing it will be the same with the werewolf in the forest." Edward looked worried, his frown was deep across his forehead. I hadnt seen him so tense in months, after all the bussiness with the volturi he had been in a permenant state of happiness, and had even relaxed enough to let Jacob take Renessme out without either of us being there, much to Rosalies annoyance. We saw the lights of the main house shine through the trees as we approached. There was no one on the walkway waiting to meet us, I immediately camr to the conclusion that Alice hadn't seen the werewolf . I looked at Edward as we slowed our pace and he nodded back. We were in agreement, Alice or the others didnt know about the vistor in the forest.

We ran up the side steps and burst through the door. "Where's the fire guys?" boomed Emmett sitting in a chair infront of the tv, there was a collage football game on. "Werewolf in the forest" shouted Edward. Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie ran into the lounge from various places in the house, Alice and Jasper jumped through the lounge window, I felt immediatley sick, there were two people missing. "Where's Renessme?" Edward and I shouted simultainiously. The line of worried faces in front of me spoke volumes. Edward turned to me with a look of terror in his eyes "Jake took her to the Reservation." abviously he had skimmed the minds in the room for an explanation. I turned on my heel and ran for the door, Edward hot on my heels shouting instructions "Esme! ring Billy immediately find out if Renessme is still there, explain to him theres a werewolf in the woods, not the Quilette variety, tell him to find Sam explain whats going on, and to keep everyone indoors and away from the woods. Carlisle find out all you can about this creature, we need to know everything!".

He was right behind me as ran toward the river, launching myslef up and over it. I landed and continued to run, I heard Edward land a few feet behind me. I couldnt stop to wait for him to catch up, the fear inside me for my daugter was to strong. If I had still been human I would have been crying hysterically, tears were impossible for me now but the sensation still pricked at my eyes and a sick feeling swirled through my stomach. "What if they are in the woods Edward?"

"I caught some of the werewolfs thoughts earlier love, I cant pick anything up now, or hear any noise." his voice came out as a choked wisper. Insantly a picture came into my mind, my beautifull daughter, limp and lifeless in a giant wolf mans arms and Jacob lying at his feet, equally as lifeless and bloody too. A loud growl stopped me in my tracks. I turned and realised that the growl had come from Edward. His eyes where wild with terror, for a minute I wondered if he had picked up the thoughts of the creature and my worst fears were true.

"I always wanted to see your mind love, but that was one thought I would have rather not seen". He started running again and I followed, struck dumb with the thought that I had actually pushed my sheild away and not realised I had done it. We kept on running til the familier smell of the Quilette border burnt my nostrils. normally we would have waited for one of the wolves to show up so we could ask permission from Sam to cross, when jake was with us we didnt have to bother as he was an Alpha too. Neither of us hesitated to cross the border, we lept across and carried on running. I suddely became aware of eyes watching us and following us through the trees. A sudden howl went up, if my heart had still been beating im sure it would have missed a beat. "They know whats going on" said Edward "Seth is out here, I used his mind to show the pack whats going on. Paul is calling Sam and Jacob."

"Does that mean Renessme is still at Jakes?" I shouted at him. Edward stopped running suddenly, I immediately stopped too. I could see from the look of concentration on his face he was searching through the pack mind, trying to find out if our daughter was safe. "IS she safe Edward?" I screamed, "Edward! Is she safe!". He looked at me and smiled. I exhaled slowly in relief and let my shoulders drop. "Yes love, Seth went straight to Jacob's. They are both fine." I smiled back at him and ran toward him all but collapsing in his arms. I pressed my face against his chest. "I felt so worried about her Edward, it was the same sick feeling I had when the Volturi were coming for us. I felt so helpless...." I choked on my words.

"sssh love" soothed Edward "Shes safe." I heard footsteps running toward us, breaking our embrace I turned away from Edward, focusing my vision on the moving dot gradually moving closer toward us. I knew instictivley who it was and took off running toward the dot now turning into a Jacob shape. I saw a little head peaking over his shoulder, two little arms locked around his neck. He was bare chested as usual, black cut off shorts and no shoes. The space between us decreased and soon I could make out their facial expressions, Jacob frowning, black eyebrows joined in a deep v, Renessme alert, her hand was touching his neck. She had by now heard the about the werewolf, there would be a dozen questions for Edward and I. I wondered how I could answer them.

"Hey Bells" said Jacob. I could hear the worry in his voice. Reneesme slid off his back and ran into my arms, she presse her hand on my cheek and i instantly got a mental picture of her and jacob sitting in his house on the battered old seatte watching tv, suddenly a howl filtered through from outside, Jacob jumping up and gathering Reneesme in his arms protectivley, she 'asked' him what was wrong, Seth running into the house explaining everything as best he could, renessme asking if it was the same kind of wolf as Jacob, and him explaining as gently as he could that it was something different. "Mommy, are we in danger" renessme is her sweet sing song voice. "No Sweetheart, we dont know anything about the creature yet, dont you worry." She frowned little lines filled her forehead, she looked so much like Edward when she frowned. I put Renessme in her normally position on my back. "We better go home and see what Carlisle has come up with" I looked at Jacob who was still looking nervous, and never averting his gaze from Renessme " You coming too Jacob?" I already knew what the answer would be.

"Yeah Bells, gimme a minute to phase and tell my pack whats going on" He ran off into the nearby trees to protect his modesty and came running out of the trees in his russet wolf form.

"Daddy!" Renessme shouted from my shoulders, I turned to see Edward running toward me, behind him, Sam, Paul, Jared Seth an Jacob all in their wolf forms were stood, conversing with each other in their unique way. "Ready to go home?" Edward said to both Renessme and me, "Yeah, will we be safe?" I asked as casually as possible, not forgeting the little wonder on my back who was wise beyond her years. "The wolves are coming with us, safety in numbers love"

Edward confidently replied. I looked at the dark forest ahead and said "I wish I could be so confident". The bad luck that plagued me as a human had not left me in my immortal life either, I must be the most unlucky Vampire ever, I thought as we began our run home, flanked either side by wolves. Some anniversary!!!

To be Continued

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