The Twilight Saga


Will the flame light again? Or will it stay burned out?

This happens after New Moon when Edward leaves Bella. Its 9 years later and Bella is a Vampire and living in Portland Oregon with her two best friends Morgan and Nicole.
 Charlie Died from a Heart attack, and Renee thinks Bella Died. Victoria finally caught up to Bella and tried to kill her but failed. She ended up changing her. While Bella was in her transformation, The Wolf Pack killed Victoria.
Bella  now owns her own store and manages it. What will happen when a surprising visitor walks in and surprises her?
Chapter One: BPOV

Its been nine years since I last saw them. Four years to get over him, and three years to actually move away from Forks. I now live in Portland, Oregon with my two best friends Nicole and Morgan. I met these two wonderful girls while attending college, and ever since then we have been best friends. The first time in meeting them, I noticed they had the same eye color as me. They were butterscotch. I then knew that we had something in common. We were vampires. Two years later, I own a popular clothing boutique with my amazing best friends.
I knew that the Cullens had moved somewhere in Europe( I think), so I was pretty sure that no pixie like fairy was going to walk into my store, so I continued owning and managing it. The store is called Renee, and you’ll never guess who I named it after.

I was laying in  bed listening to music when the annoying sound of Nicole banging and yelling at my door occurred.

“ Bella! Time To get up! We have a store to get to! And if your not ready in one hour, we are leaving without you!”

“Ok Nicole. I am getting ready, but I don’t think you have to yell. I can hear you even if you whispered it.”

“What ever, just get ready!”

I got up and went to my calendar. I knew this day was coming. No matter what happened this day was coming, and I didn’t appreciate it. It was exactly 9 years ago that Ed- he left me. I remember the exact words he said. “ It was as if I never existed.” Well he accomplished that. But I must not let this day get in my way, so I decided to take a shower.

The shower felt so good against my back. I made sure the temperature was the hottest that it would go. I was so tense and unfocused that I realized I had been in here for over an hour. Oh well. I owned the place.

It took another 15 minutes to decide to get out  and to  decide on what to wear. A  blue and black plaid shirt with skinny jeans, black heals( I’ve gotten used to them), and a peace bracelet.
I went downstairs to find Nicole and Morgan waiting to go.

“About time. You would think that an hour long shower was long enough. Lets go.” said Morgan.

“ What ever. It was worth it.”

We decided to take my beautiful Audi R8. I got rid of my truck when it finally quit on me so I chose something a little more faster, and trust me, it was worth it.


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Part Two        Pg 61

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Continued       Pg 80

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Hey Guys!! Please dont copy this story! I spent a lot of time on this and if you could, please dont use the same Ideas! Thanks!

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Sneak Peak of Chapter 32


Alice decided that she was taking me lingerie shopping today and I was kind of excited. As much as it creeps me out that she found out that Edward like lace the most, it still made me question if this was still going to work. What if he turned me down?

“Relax Bella, he’s going to go through with it. I cant believe you guys question each other when it comes to if you guys love another. Gosh.”

“Sorry Alice.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“So.. What kind of ‘outfits’ are we getting?”

“Well for one we are getting two ‘outfits’ and trust me, he will love both of them. And two, the first out fit is going to be blue, just for Edward’s sake.”

“Lovely…so where are going shopping?”

“Technically I’ve already been shopping, and the packages will be here by the end of the day, so we really don’t need to leave.”

“Ok then.. how are you going to get Tanya to come in at the right moment?”

“Well first you’re going to play hide and seek with Edward and lead him into your guys’ bedroom then when he comes and finds you, you will-”

“I think I got it from there Alice, but how are you going to get her to come to our bedroom?”

“Oh that’s easy… Emmett will take care if that, but don’t be completely bare when Tanya walks in. Knowing you, you’ll probably be pretty embarrassed.”

Why wouldn’t I be embarrassed? I was only going to expose my sex life in front of someone else, that wasn’t my husband.

“Ok Bella, they will be here in 2 hours, and the lingerie will be here in 42 minutes so until then go play with Edward.”

“I can do that.”

Sorry guys for the long wait. School started and I just havent had any time with school, clubs, and soccer.Rest of the chapter will be up soon.
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