The Twilight Saga


Will the flame light again? Or will it stay burned out?

This happens after New Moon when Edward leaves Bella. Its 9 years later and Bella is a Vampire and living in Portland Oregon with her two best friends Morgan and Nicole.
 Charlie Died from a Heart attack, and Renee thinks Bella Died. Victoria finally caught up to Bella and tried to kill her but failed. She ended up changing her. While Bella was in her transformation, The Wolf Pack killed Victoria.
Bella  now owns her own store and manages it. What will happen when a surprising visitor walks in and surprises her?
Chapter One: BPOV

Its been nine years since I last saw them. Four years to get over him, and three years to actually move away from Forks. I now live in Portland, Oregon with my two best friends Nicole and Morgan. I met these two wonderful girls while attending college, and ever since then we have been best friends. The first time in meeting them, I noticed they had the same eye color as me. They were butterscotch. I then knew that we had something in common. We were vampires. Two years later, I own a popular clothing boutique with my amazing best friends.
I knew that the Cullens had moved somewhere in Europe( I think), so I was pretty sure that no pixie like fairy was going to walk into my store, so I continued owning and managing it. The store is called Renee, and you’ll never guess who I named it after.

I was laying in  bed listening to music when the annoying sound of Nicole banging and yelling at my door occurred.

“ Bella! Time To get up! We have a store to get to! And if your not ready in one hour, we are leaving without you!”

“Ok Nicole. I am getting ready, but I don’t think you have to yell. I can hear you even if you whispered it.”

“What ever, just get ready!”

I got up and went to my calendar. I knew this day was coming. No matter what happened this day was coming, and I didn’t appreciate it. It was exactly 9 years ago that Ed- he left me. I remember the exact words he said. “ It was as if I never existed.” Well he accomplished that. But I must not let this day get in my way, so I decided to take a shower.

The shower felt so good against my back. I made sure the temperature was the hottest that it would go. I was so tense and unfocused that I realized I had been in here for over an hour. Oh well. I owned the place.

It took another 15 minutes to decide to get out  and to  decide on what to wear. A  blue and black plaid shirt with skinny jeans, black heals( I’ve gotten used to them), and a peace bracelet.
I went downstairs to find Nicole and Morgan waiting to go.

“About time. You would think that an hour long shower was long enough. Lets go.” said Morgan.

“ What ever. It was worth it.”

We decided to take my beautiful Audi R8. I got rid of my truck when it finally quit on me so I chose something a little more faster, and trust me, it was worth it.


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Hey Guys!! Please dont copy this story! I spent a lot of time on this and if you could, please dont use the same Ideas! Thanks!

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Chapter Two: APOV

Two days earlier.

“Aarg! I have nothing to wear!” I exclaimed

“ Didn’t you just go shopping?!” asked Emmett

“That was five days ago!”


“ It means I have nothing to wear!”

I was going through my whole closet throwing many pieces of fabric around, when I dropped what was in my hand, and had a vision.

Rosalie and me were in Portland Oregon shopping for clothes having the best of time.

“ Do you want to try a new store Alice? Maybe they will have better shoes?”

“ I don’t care Rose, its shopping!”

We walked into this beautiful boutique named Renee.

End of vision

Renee. The store immediately reminded me of Bella. Oh, I missed her so much. Edward insisted on leaving her alone and moving away saying that “we’ve done enough to her.” I didn’t even get to say goodbye! Now we live in Anchorage, Alaska, and I missed how wet Forks was. What if I went back to see how things changed? I wouldn’t even see Bella. I would just see our old house and that’s it. No Alice. You cant. You made a promise to Edward you would never go back! As much as I wanted to go back, I couldn’t.

I had totally forgotten Emmett was behind me until he coughed.

“ Since when are you ever this quiet?”

“Oh. Sorry Emmett. Just thinking. Hey, do you know where Rose and Edward are?”

“ Um.. I think Rose is looking magazines again.”

“ Like you don’t!” I heard rose mumble.

“ Uh…sorry babe.”

“Emmett! Where do you think Edward is?”

“ Uh…probably doing nothing, like he always does. But I would say he’s in the back yard.”

“Thanks Emmett!”

I ran down to the living room to the sight of Rosalie sitting on the couch scanning through fashion magazines.

“ Hey Rose, I need to go shopping. You want to come?”

“ About time! I thought we were never going to go!” She flinged the magazine to the other side of the room.

“ Ok. Well we’ll leave tomorrow night. I thought we could go to Portland.”

“Ok. Are you packing for me, or shall I do it myself?”

“ This time, you can do it. Besides I need to talk to Edward.”

“ Got it!”

I skipped outside to see Edward sitting under a tree writing in his journal. Does he ever do anything fun?

“ I don’t know, maybe if you left I could?”

“Ha Ha. Very funny.”

“ Well I am going shopping tomorrow, and I was wondering if you wanted to come?”

“ Why would I want to?”

“Because ever since you left Bella” he cringed “You have been walking like your dead”

“That’s because I am dead Alice”

“No your not, Not really. But you need to get out, and have some fun.”

“ Fine. But do I have to go shopping?”

“I wont make you. You can just hunt for all I care. You just need to get out.”

“ Fine.”

“Yay! I’ll go pack for you!”

I took off to the house to start packing. This was going to be fun.

Chapter Three: BPOV

We had gotten to the store in less than twenty minutes. It would have been ten if there wasn’t any traffic, but I couldn’t do anything.

All we ever did at the store was sell clothes, make sure everything was tidy, and most of all talk. We never really talk about one thing, it was usually random stuff. The only time when it isn’t random is when Morgan and Nicole talk about their boyfriends, Tyler and Chris. Tyler and Chris were also vampires so they usually did a lot of things together. Morgan and Nicole always insisted that I needed a boyfriend. It’s not like I was still depressed over him, I just didn’t really want a boyfriend because I didn’t want to go trough the whole trust issue. But no, they just kept talking.

I got sick of them pestering me that I needed a boyfriend so I went to the back of the store to clean up the dressing rooms.

I started humming my favorite song “ Set Fire To The Third Bar” By Snow Patrol when I heard and smelled something I thought I would never come by again.
Chapter 4: APOV
The Night Before

“Edward! Rose! We have to go!”

Edward and Rose decided to go last minute hunting, and I don’t know why. They just went three days ago, and I was sure that we would hunt when we got there. If they didn’t get back in five seconds, I was leaving without them.
4 seconds later Rose and Edward appeared.

“ Alice. You were not going to leave without us.”

“What Ever. At least you guys got here. Now We have to go if we want to get through security!”

“Since when do we ever go through security?” Rosalie questioned.

“ You’ve got a point. But can we go now?”

“ Sure.” They both said at once.

On the plane the next morning

“Will everybody please buckle their seatbelts. We will be landing in 5 minutes.”

“ Not really. We will be landing in ten.” I whispered.

I took a glimpse over at Edward and saw him looking gloomy. Your not going to have any fun on this little trip, are you?

“ I don’t know. Should I.”

“ Yes you should.”

“And if I Don’t?”

“ Then I am going to buy the most ridiculous outfits for you. And then I am going to force you to wear them, so I can take a picture of you, and put it on Facebook.”

“Well then I might have to put on a smile for you.”

“ That’s all I ask.”

I noticed that Rosalie was quiet too.

“ Hey Rose, what do you want to do first? We can go to the hotel and unpack, hunt, or just get right to the shopping?”

“Uh…how about go to the hotel first. I would hate to carry around all these bags. And besides, I just got my nails done.”


I saw Edward crack a smile in the corner of my eye.

“ Ok then. I say we buy clothes first, then shoes!”

“ Ok Alice.”

“ Its 11:30 and we are now approaching Portland Oregon. Hope you had a pleasant trip with Delta Airlines. Please Fly again with us soon!

We made our way to package claim so we could finally get out of here. As we were walking out of the air port, I could notice all the eyes glancing over at us. We weren’t even wearing anything special, so I just ignored them.
When we went to the car rental I rented a gorgeous Porsche just like the one at home. It probably took about 20 minutes to get to the hotel, it would have been ten, but the stupid teenager in front of us didn’t know how to talk on her cell phone and drive at the same time. We had
finally arrived at the hotel and quickly unpacked our items.

“ So are you going to go shopping with us, or are you just going to lay back and hunt?

“I’ll stick with the lay back and hunt, if you don’t mind.”

“Fine. But when I get back, you are going to try on clothes.”

“Will it keep you from taking pictures of me and putting them on face book?”


“ Then fine.”

“ Okay then! Bye!”

Chapter 5: APOV

Right before we had landed I had made sure that I called every store and reserved the whole place out just for Rose and I. I wanted to make sure that when we shopped that we wouldn’t have to be glared at the whole time. As much as I liked the attention, it gets annoying sometimes. I mean who wants to be watched all the time when you do the simplest things. Rose agreed so we did the regular shopping.(clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, and occasionally cars.)

We were probably at our fifteenth store when my vision came to life.

“ Do you want to try a new store Alice? Maybe they will have better shoes?”

“ I don’t care Rose, its shopping!”

And that’s when we walked into a beautiful little boutique named Renee.

Chapter 5: Continued

I was immediately overwhelmed at how cute this placed looked. All the colors contrasted! And to make it even better, I could smell and see the vampires standing 10 feet away from me. This should be fun.
Some how I knew one of the scents, and trust me it was not coming from these two girls. This scent wasn’t like others. It smelled a mixture of freesia and lavender. It had to be coming from someone else. And this someone else was not standing in front of me. That’s when I saw someone, I thought I would never see again. But How?


I couldn’t believe who was standing in my store. They looked flawless. Even though they havent changed in nine years, they still surprised me on how great they looked. I had probably stared at them for more than two minutes because by the time two minutes went by I was so dozed off on how they looked that I didn’t even notice Alice jumping into my arms.

“ Bella! Oh My god! You’re a vampire! But how? When? I should have seen this. Why didn’t I? Oh well, I just cant believe you’re here!”

“Alice! Chill out! Yes, I’m Vampire, but if you squeeze me any harder, I might not be!”

“ Bella, you know them?” Morgan and Nicole asked.

“Yea. Um… Remember me telling you about my previous life and how there were others like us. Well I’d like you to meet Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale.”

“ You mean, this is his family?” Morgan questioned.

I nodded.

Just then Nicole erupted.
“ How could you guys do this to Bella! She was so kind to you! She kept your secret, and the way you repay her, is by leaving her!”


“ Do you know how much suffering she went through!? She jumped off a cliff to be with him!”

“ Nicole! Shut your mouth!”

“ Why? They made you suffer, and your just going to welcome them in with open arms!”

“Yea. That’s what I plan do! It’s Alice and Rosalie for god’s sake. And if your not happy with that, then I am very truly sorry.”

“ Fine.”

She stormed off to nowhere.

“ I’m going home.” she mumbled.

“Sorry about that.” I apologized.

“I better go check on her, but it was so nice to finally see you. I’ve heard so many great things about you two.”

“ Well bye Morgan. It was nice to meet you! Oh! And I love what your wearing!” Alice exclaimed

“ Thank you. Bye.”

“Well then, I guess we have some catching up to do!”

“ Your wish is my command.”

Chapter 6:


“ Again, I am truly sorry about her.”

“No I should be the one saying sorry. We left you without any goodbye. I know I shouldn’t have listened to him. I should have came back to give you a real goodbye.”

“It’s okay. I’ve learned how to turn to the next chapter.. Now, forget about me, what have you guys been doing for the past nine years?”

“Oh no. We are not talking about us.”
I had totally forgotten about Rosalie standing right behind her. She had this look on her face that said that she didn’t like that me or her were in the same place. I guess her feeling never changed about me. Ok.

“ I want to know when you got turned, who turned you, and how long it took you to be around humans.”

“ Woah Alice, chill. I tell you everything but I-

I immediately stopped talking at once when two perky high school girls walked into the store.

“ We’ll talk about this later. Why don’t you come over to my house later tonight, and we can talk then?”

“That would be great! I want to see if your house is as great looking as your outfit!”

I knew she would notice what I was wearing.

“ Um.. I’ll give you my number and I can just text you the address later. Ok?”

“ Got it! I just can’t believe you’re here! I’ll talk to you later! Come on Rose, we got to go!”


As Alice gave me a good bye hug, I silently waved Rosalie good bye, and watch her give a small smile back.

When they walked out of my boutique, I took my attention to the high school girls.

“ Do you need any help?”

Chapter 6: Continued.

I can’t believe I saw her. I cant believe she got her wish. I can’t believe whats she wearing.

It’s been nine years since I last saw Bella. She would always be with Edward, making him happy, actually giving the guy life. Now that they’re apart, Edward is just dead. He walks around the whole day saying nothing, and participating in nothing.

“ What are we going to tell Edward?”
We came to a stop in front of the hotel. Edward was just about to walk into the hotel when he stopped. We got out of the car with more than fifteen bags.

“ Tell Edward What?” he questioned.

I immediately thought of something else. Fashion Week.

We walked into the hotel, going into our room. Edward shut the door behind leaving us three to talk.

“ Rosalie? What are you hiding from me?”

“Nothing. Fashion week. Can’t a girl think about fashion. Apparently she can’t without being questioned.”

“ You weren’t thinking about fashion in the car. You were thinking about something else, but I couldn’t quite make it out.”

“ So what if I was? Even if I was thinking about something else, I wasn’t going to tell you. Not now at least.”

“ Fine. Alice?”


“ Don’t play innocent on me. You guys are hiding something.”

“ Trust me. I think you will know what were hiding by tomorrow.”


“ Alice.” I motioned to the door.

“ Well look at the time. I got a text coming, and I don’t want to miss that.” She explained.

We immediately took off for the door.

“ Sorry Edward. We’ll explain later.” I mumbled.

Chapter 7

It was 5:30 and about time to text Alice when and where we were going to meet. Right before I texted her I called and reserved a place out just for the three of us. I asked specifically if they could close the store out for tonight and they agreed.


Bella! I’m so glad to hear from you! So where are we going to meet?

There’s this cute little restaurant right above my store and I thought that this was a perfect place. The owner is a friend of mine and he’s letting me use it for tonight, so we would have privacy. Sound good?

That’s great! What time should Rose and I be there?

Um.. Lets say about 7. That should give us time to get dressed.

Got it!

Oh! And wear something cute!

You don’t have to ask me! We will see you then. Gtg get ready! Bye!


When I shut my phone I immediately thought of what I was going to wear. A dress? Or pants? I wonder if Rose and Alice goes through these kind of questions.
Chapter 8 :


What were they hiding?
Was it a surprise, or just a secret?
Did Alice have a vision that she wasn’t telling me?

I asked the same questions over and over in my head.

Should I follow them?
Or should I just wait for them to tell me?

I was interrupted with the sound of Alice and Rose’s thoughts.

What should I wear? What if she wears something sexier than me?
That was not going to happen.

I still can’t believe I am going to see her! Should I wear the short dress with the heals, or just a cute ensemble?
Of course! The Dress!

They walked into the room.
“ So, who are you two going to meet?”

“ Nobody in particular.” Alice said

“Then why are you two dressing up?”

“What’s your definition of dressing up then? It must be different than mine because dressing up to me, means wearing ball gowns.”

“ What ever, but will you please tell me what your doing tonight then?”

“Girls night.” Rosalie explained.

“ Then what am I supposed to do?”

“Go hunting.” she suggested.

“ I just went hunting.”

“ Then invite the guys. You need to have fun, and we all know you would rather hang out with them then with two girls.”

“Fine. I’ll invite them.”

“ I knew you would.”

Chapter 8: Continued


It took me a half an hour to decide what I was going to wear, a cute black dress with black pumps, and diamond earrings. Simple but good looking enough for me. I knew that Alice and Rosalie were going to look far more beautiful than me, so I knew I looked alright.
I decided that I was going to leave fifteen minutes before seeing them, so that I could think about what I was going to say. Since I had fifteen minutes to spear, I thought that I could hunt. I hadn’t hunted in about three days, and I could feel the burn in my throat.

Chapter 8: Continued


“ Rose! Are you going to wear the black dress with pumps or the blue dress?!”

“Chill Alice! I’m going to wear the black dress. What are you wearing?”

“ I have no Idea! That’s why I am so anxious and jumpy!”

“Well How about you wear the purple dress with the black heels?”

“ That’s perfect!”

Now should I bring a clutch or a purse?

“ Hey Sweetie.” I heard Jasper’s perfect voice from across the room. I rushed to him. I look into his eyes and fell deeply into them.


For all the years that I have known him and loved him, every time I saw him, he would amaze me.

I welcomed him by giving him a kiss.

“ I was getting lonely without you.” he explained.

“ Is that so? Well I have felt the exact same way.”

“Ah.” He kissed me again.

“ So where is Edward and Emmett?”

“Emmett is on the way here to find Rosalie, and Edward is trying to figure out what you two are hiding.”

“ Of course he is.”

“ So? Why are you so anxious Alice? Are you meeting someone, or seeing something tonight with Rose?”

“Maybe. But I can’t tell you until tomorrow, so will you please occupy Edward and try to keep him from following us?”

“ I’ll try my best.”

“ Edward chill out. There not going to kill anyone.”

He came walking into the room.

“ Did she tell you what there hiding?”


“Fine. So I guess you guys are putting me on lockdown tonight?”

Just then Emmett walked into the room.

“ Kinda. I thought we could go do some fun stuff! Maybe arm wrestle, go to a wrestling show like RAW, or go hunting?”

I felt sorry for Edward for what was in store for him tonight. I hope he could have fun.

“ I hope so too.” Edward answered my thoughts.

“ Well then if you boys will excuse us, we have to get dressed and go.”

“Ok. Everybody out.” Jasper said, giving me a kiss out the door.

“ Bye Rose. Love ya, babe.” He gave her a kiss and continued out the door.

“ Well then Rose, I guess we should be getting dressed. We need to be there in 20 minutes.”

“Got it.”

Alice’s Outfit

Rosalie’s Outfit
love it post more soon!!
Chapter 9:


“Thanks Rob, for letting me use your restaurant.”

“No problem. Just helping a pretty lady out.”

“Ha. Thanks.”

“Well I was thinking, if your not doing anything tomorrow night maybe we could go on a dat--”

“ Rob. Sorry but I have a boyfriend, and he’s taking me out tomorrow, so, sorry.”


I had to lie to him. It was the only way that I could turn a guy down without being questioned. He looked so innocent, and I probably just ruined his night.

“Well I should get going.”

“Ok. Well I’ll see you later. And thanks again.”

“Ok. Bye.”

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I don’t think I could talk to them without thinking of Edward. Is he with someone else? If so, does she love him like the way I once did?

I was cut off by my thoughts when a chime from a door rang.

Chapter Nine:


“Bella! You looks gorgeous! Who are you wearing!”

“ Hi Alice. Hi Rosalie. Um…I think its Donna Karan.”

“ I absolutely love it! Well, what should we talk about first? Oh! I know! Who turned you?”

“ Jeez Alice, um…can we talk about something else before we get to me?”

“Ok, your still the same Bella. Doesn’t want all of the attention on you. Got it! Well what do you want to talk about?”

“Mostly you.”

“Ah. Well how about we take turns. You ask, we answer, then we ask then you answer.”

“Works Great.”

I had no idea where to start.

“Are you guys still in high school?”

“ Actually no. We’re all going to college. So humans think. Do you?”

“No. I graduated College, and now I own my business.”

“Have you had any troubles with the Volturi?”

“ No! And I’m so surprised too! Usually I’ll get visions about them thinking about coming to Alaska, but they never come. Have you? How did you find about them?”

“ I kinda ran into them.”

“How?!” Rosalie asked.

“I was hunting, and I ran into Alec and Jane. They were nice at first but it changed when Jane tried to use her power on me.”

“ Were you in pain?

“Nope. Not at all.”


“Well, some other vampires suggested that I might be a shield, but I have never really tried.”


“Why didn’t Aro tell us you became a vampire?”

“Because I him them not to.”

“Ah. Well that brings me back to my first question. Who changed you?”


They both gasped.
“I’m so sorry! We should have been there, and we weren’t! How did she get to you? She was supposed to be in Texas.”

“She came back after she heard about Laurent.”

“Wait, what happened to Laurent?”

“ It’s a long story.”

“ Well we have a long time. Start!”

“ Well after Edward left me, I fell into a deep depression where I didn’t do anything, didn’t talk to anybody, or participate in anything.” I took a breath even though I didn’t need one. “And so I went to Jake’s house and he became my support. Well one day, he was hanging out with these really weird guys, so I went to the meadow where I found Laurent.”

I had their attention on me and I really didn’t like it.

“He would have killed me right then and there, but Jake in his wolf pack scared him off and killed him.”

“ What do you mean by “Jake and his wolf pack”?”

“Oh! I forgot to tell you. Jake is a wolf.”

“Bella! Wolves are not good company to keep around. They could have hurt you.”

“ Well they didn’t, and I cared more about them saving me then them hurting me.”

“ Okay. Continue.”

“ Well a few months later Charlie had a heart attack and died, and my mom begged me to come down to Florida with her, but I declined saying I could take care of my self.”

“I can’t believe Charlie died.” she mumbled.

“I once again fell into depression, and I was so sad that I went to go cliff jumping to finally end my life when I ran into her.”

“Bella! How could you want end your life!”

“I was that deeply depressed.”

“We’re so sorry.” Rosalie chimed in.

“It’s okay.”

“Well did Victoria get away?!”

“No. Once again Jake and his pack save me, and killed her. They didn’t know if I was dead already, but then they heard me scream, and knew that I was changing into a vampire. They took me to my house and that was the last time I saw them.”

“So technically you were changed the year we left you?

“Pretty much. I believe the day was June 2nd that I ran in to Victoria.”

“I’m so sorry. How long did it take you to get used to animal blood?”

“I guess as soon as I woke up. I have never tasted human blood.”

“ Are you serious? You haven’t slipped yet?”


“ I can’t wait to tell Carlisle!”

Wow. When was the last time I saw Carlisle and Esme?

“How are the--”

I was about to finish what I was about to say when I smelled another vampire very close by. This scent wasn’t like others. I knew this scent from anywhere. Even though I haven’t smelled this scent in nine years, I knew exactly who it belonged to.

“Bella? What’s wrong?”

That’s when I ran.
Chapter 10: EPOV

I knew Alice and Rose were going to meet someone that they didn’t want me to know about. Who could it possibly be? What if it was her? It can’t be. She’s probally twenty seven and is with someone.

“So Edward? What do you want to do?” Jasper Asked.

“ Can’t we just stay here and play chess or video games?”

“Hell No!” Emmett exclaimed.

“Why not?”

“Because we are not going to sit around the house while the girls are out having fun. We are going out and if you don’t like it, than that’s way too damn bad!”

“Fine. What are we going to do?”

“Were going to go play some ball.”

“Football, baseball, or soccer?” Jasper questioned

“Baseball. Of course. I want to see if I can get to home base before Edward gets me out.”

“Trust me, you wont just see it, you’ll experience it. Your going to get out before you get to second base.”

“You wanna bet?”

“Fine. A new Lambo says I’m going to get you out by the time you get to home.”

“Deal. I really want a blue one.”

“This should be fun.”

I wonder what Rose will think when I get a blue Lamborghini?

“She’ll probably wonder why I got one and you didn’t Em.”

“Ha Ha. Very Funny.”

Chapter 10: Continued: Game


We headed to the closest clearing outside of the city range. This game was actually going to be funny. With Emmett’s hopes up high, it will be hilarious when he loses. I promised that I wouldn’t read anybody’s mind so I wouldn’t know what they were pitching, but what were they thinking? I was going to use my advantage.
I was batting first with Jasper behind me then Emmett. We were going to take turns pitching to see who was better, and of course Emmett decided to be the first pitcher.

I was up to bat when I let my advantage take its full affect.

Apparently Emmett said no because I heard Jasper ask again?





That’s when he threw the ball.
If a human was here, they wouldn’t be able to see the ball plunging forward.
I hit the ball right into the trees watching Emmett take off.
I ran with all my might to first then second to third and all the way to home.
Apparently Emmett was still going to the ball because by the time I was at home plate and sitting down talking to Jasper, he emerged from the trees.

“Did you walk?”

“No! Shutup Edward! You cheated!”

“And how did I do that?”

“I don’t know, but you cheated!”

“Ah. Well I believe its my turn to pitch. So if you don’t mind, can you go behind Jasper and sulk like a little girl over there?”

“Oh you little-”

“Emmett! Stop acting like a little girl and go behind me.” Japer interceded.

“Ready Jasper?”

Emmett held up three fingers.

I nodded no.

One finger.

I nodded no.

He held up two fingers and I nodded. I threw the ball, watching the ball go soaring into the woods.

I was on my way to get the ball when I thought about Alice and Rose. I needed to figure out what they were doing , And who they were seeing. I forgot about the ball and took off for them.

I followed their scent all the way to a building. This building had a familiar scent. The name of one of the stores was Renee. It couldn’t be. It’s been nine years since I last saw her. It couldn’t be her. I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t the one I loved nine years ago, so I made my way up the building .
keep on going!!


I can’t believe I saw him! I spent nine years getting over him, and when I actually don’t care about him anymore, he comes walking in! I was not going to let him ruin my life all over again. He told me once that he didn’t love me, and trust me I did not want to hear it again.
Nights after Night I would cry myself to sleep. All the guilt and sadness I put on Charlie.
I have small feelings left for Edward, and if I were to see him again, I would fall into the love sick mess that took me nine years to get out of.

I ran to the one place I felt the most secure in. My meadow.
I sat under one of the huge trees trying to hide in the dark shadows. I had to think about this situation.

What if I did talk to him again? Would I fall for him again, or would I be angry with him, and refuse to have any relationship with him? I had no idea what I was going to do, so I did what I do best. I held my knees together, tucked my head, and breathed.

Chapter 11: Continued

Why did you follow us! Don’t you see! I was actually going to get my best friend back and look what you did! You made her run!

I can’t believe I saw her again. Those beautiful curls were exactly the same. When I find out who turned her I swear to god, I’ll kill them.

“Alice? How is she a vampire?”

“Do I really need to answer that!? Right now, I care more about where she is, then who turned her.”

Emmett and Jasper walked into the restaurant.

“What the hell Edward! You said that you wouldn’t follow them! Why the hell are you here anyway! Jasper stop.”


Alice interceded “We were talking to Bella-”

“Bella as in Bella Swan!” Emmett exclaimed.

“Yes, but when Edward came in, she left.”

“What now Alice?” Jasper asked.

“Well now Rose and I are going to go look for her.”

I swear to God Edward if you follow us, I will kill you myself.

Edward. Please stay here. I might be able to get my best friend back.

I wonder how old she is? Is she still a klutz because if so, I may be able to have some fun!

Will she forgive me? I should have hunted right before she came over and I didn’t, and I just hope she will forgive me.

I had to block them out. Especially Rosalie.

I cared more about the beautiful creature that I just saw.

I didn’t care if Rose was going to kill me I had to go find her.

“Why did I just have a vision of you trying to look for her?”

“Because I was thinking about it.”

“Well your not.”

“Why can’t I?”

“Because you made her run!”

“So? Why can’t I help find her?”

“If you really care that much about finding her, you can come. Only under one condition, you can not run ahead of us, or talk to her. You must stay behind and look.”

“Alice, that was way more that one condition.”

“So? Are you coming or not?”


“Can Jasper and I come since he’s going!” Emmett interceded.

“Sure. We can split and look where she went.”


I bet I’ll find her before anybody else can!

“Really Emmett?”

“Whatever. I am going now. Bye.”

That’s when we all went searching for the girl I once and still love.
Chapter 12 :

I was focusing on the quiet sounds of the animals, trying to relax. I could hear a fawns footsteps about 200 feet away, rabbits jumping from tree hollow to tree hollow, owls hooting to each other, and many more. I was completely in my own world. I could have stayed there for another week just listening to the nature around me when all of the sudden I was being picked up by huge muscular arms.

“What the hell! Put me down!”

“Still the same Bells, but I don’t remember you using that language around me.” Emmett explained.

“Oh my god! Emmett!” I quickly jumped down from his shoulders and gave him a huge hug.

“Nice to see you too Bella.”

“How did you get here! I cant believe it! How long have you been In Portland?”
“ Well Bella, its kinda of a long story, but to paraphrase, I’ve been here for less than one day.”

“Were you just passing through, or did you come with Alice and Rosalie?”

“Um…lets say I’m came with Alice and Rosalie.”

“So you’re the only one who came?”

“No. Not really.”

That’s when one bye one the Cullens ascended out of the forest’s trees. Oh joy. Here we go again.


Chapter 12 Continued:

Emmett’s POV

Why cant finding Bella be like Marco Polo. Marco? Polo? But it was never that easy. You try finding a girl you haven’t smelled in nine years. it’s hard.

I was walking down this narrow pathway, leading to some huge tree. I wonder how hard it would be to karate chop it down? Ooh, that would so much fun. I wonder where its weak spot is?

That’s when I saw her.

Ha! Edward I win!

I immediately picked her up to the point where she was on my shoulders.

“What the hell! Put me down!”

Whoa. Feisty.

“Still the same Bells, but I don’t remember you using that language around me.”

“Oh my god! Emmett!” She jumped down from my shoulders and gave me a pretty strong hug.

“Nice to see you too Bella.”

Who did she expect? Alice?

“How did you get here! I can’t believe it! How long have you been in Portland?”

So far 4 hours, 27 minutes and 41 seconds. I know, not that long.

“ Well Bella, its kinda of a long story, but to paraphrase, I’ve been here for less than one day.”

“Were you just passing through, or did you come with Alice and Rosalie?”

“Um…lets say I’m came with Alice and Rosalie.”

“So you’re the only one who came?”


“No. Not really.”

Okay Edward you can come out now.

That’s when the family came walking out.

Chapter 12 Continued:


I looked at the beautiful girl standing in front of me. Her hair still the beautiful curls, the same face structure. She was still the same Bella I loved.

I try to read her mind but automatically failed.

Alice runs over to hug her. “Bella!”

“I was only gone for 15 minutes.”

“Still I was worried.”

Her voice chimed like bells. It was so beautiful. I immediately regretted what I did to her nine years ago.

“Oh my god! Jasper!”

She runs at inhuman speed to him, giving him a hug.

“I can finally hug you without risking my life.”

“I am so sor--”

“I don’t blame you!”

“But still, I am sorry.”

“Ok. But its so nice to see you!”

Once again she hugs him.

“He gets two hugs! I only got one! That’s not fair!”

“Really Emmett? An extra hug cares so much to you.”

“Yea. It does.”

“Than here.”

He gives him yet another hug to please him.



She looks over in my direction.

I expected her to run again but all she did was smile and give a small wave.

“So Alice? You had to bring the whole search party?”

“Yup. I could have invited the Denali Coven, but I decided that would be a hassle, so I would be lucky it’s just us.”

“Now that you put it that way. Thanks. But that wasn’t necessary.

“Sure it was.”

“ Well now that the search party has ended, may I go home? I really don’t like that the finding of me had to get you guys out of what you were doing.”

She still was the same, She didn’t like to have attention ton her, and she cared way too much about others.

“I don’t know, are you going to run again?”


“Fine, but I want to go with you. I’ve been dying to see your house.”

I guess I will talk to you later. Now go away and tell everybody to go with you, please.

“Come on guys, we have to get back to the hotel.”

“Do we have to go now! We just saw her!” Emmett whined

“We’ll see her later, but right now Alice wants to talk to her, so come on.”


“Emmett, lets go.”

He finally gave in and mumbled “Fine.”

I know you expected for them to meet and fall in love again, just not now. Bella is still not great about seeing him, but trust me, they will talk.
keep me updated!!


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