The Twilight Saga

What happens when you get turned into a vampire? What happens when a werewolf imprints on a vampire? What happens when the vampire returns his love? What happens when the vouturi gets involved? What happens when a nightmare turns into a dream, how about when a dream turns into a nightmare? This is my story, welcome to my nightmare...

How will I survie? When I'm already dead? - Mallory Cullen

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Chapter 1. New life
The pain had finally stopped. My tears no longer fell. My heart no longer beat. I opened my eyes and saw everything, the colors of the sun, the green of the grass and the outline of trees a mile away. The sun didn't warm me. I wasn't cold but my skin felt like it. My neck still burned. My hand flew up to smother the flames but even my cold touch coundn't help. I needed something warm and wet to put out the flames. I wondered if I could even move after lying here for 3 days. I didn't fell sore or tired but I wanted to sleep and wake up from this nightmare.

I remember all of that night. It was raining and cold. I didn't bother to get a bus instead I walked home, for I only lived blocks a way. I pulled out my umbrella and listened to the click of my heels as I walked down the sidewalk. I heard nobody around and started to hum my favorite song, Fallen angels. I started the refrain when I heard someone chuckle behind me. His laugh was like honey, so smooth. I turned quickly causing myself to fall. I hit the cement with a smalll thud and looked at the pale angel in front of me. His face was as beautiful as his laugh. He stuck his hand out to help me up.
I grasped the cold hard hand and he pulled me up.
"Thanks", I said quickly looking away to hide my blush.
I droped his hand and he quickly grabed it again. Tugging away was no good, this guy was strong. He lifted my hand to his faced and breathed in.
"mmm...", he sighed.
"Thanks again", I said a little more demanding.
"I pretty lady like you shouldn't be walking around at this time".
"I'm heading home", I whispered.
I watched plenty of T.V. I knew what was going to happen. I was going to die. Maybe I could outrun him. I quiety tried to bring my right leg up and tried to slip off my shoe. The man grabed my atother arm. He clicked his tounge at me.
"Where do you think your going".
"ummm". was all I could get out.
Fear overwhelmed me and tears dripped down my face. I had to get away. I chanted someone help me in my head over and over again. His eyes made my stop. They were bright red. What was this guy?
I knew my cheaks were black from mascara and all my make up was gone but he still looked at me like he won a prize. He scoped me up in his arms and ran faster than I thought possible. We stoped when we were in a medow. I used to play hide in seek here when I was little. Those memories were the only things I tried to think about. The man layed me down on the grass.
"Stay still, this will only take a moment", he said stoking my cheak.
He put his lips on my neck right before I blacked out.

Alice's POV

Emmet and Jasper were playing chess. I promised them I wouldn't tell who would win. Jasper. He just annouced check mate when I had a vision. I sucked in a surpise breath. Everyone turned to look at me. Jasper rushed over to me.
"Alice, are you okay".
"That girl", was all I could say.
Edward was the only one who knew what I was talking about.
"We have to help her", I yelled and stood up.
"Alice wait, what did you see", Jasper asked pulling me back down.
"I... I.. saw.."I tried to tell them but coundn't. Edward please explain, I thougt.
"She saw a young girl in the street with a vampire. He was holding on to her and she was crying. That was all", Edward said.
"That all! He is going to kill her", Bella yelled.
Carlise came from up stairs to try and help.
"Bella,Alice", He said looking at us.
"What are we sposed to do"? He sound worried.
"Save her", I said after I found my vocie.
"Please" Nessie said as she came down the stairs.
"Please Grampa",She used her puppy dog face.
"Where is she"?, Carlise asked
"By the mall, thank you", I said.
Everyone came except jake, nessie and esme..
I ran as fast as I could. Edward was the fasted and I was second. I kept scanning the future to make sure we were going to make it. We reached the mall and nobody was there. Bella was the frist to speak.
"Where are they"?
Right after she spoke I got another vision. The vampire and the girl were in a medow and she was dead, he was running away.
"Follo..." I was about to say follow me but edward was already running. Everyone followed. We reached the medow just as he was laying her in the grass. He pressed his lips to her neck and Emmet tackled him. It sounded as two boulder just colided. I ran to the girl as the others finished off the vampire. I stood over her watching her heart struggle to keep beating. I reonized the girl. She worked at a clothing store in the mall. I coundn't remember her name. She had long brown straight hair and a pretty face, her skin was pale and her nose was small. I wiped mascara out from under her big brown eyes. After the ripping sounds stopped everyone came over.
"Do I get a new little sister", Emmet joked but stopped when rose hit me.
"We should give her a choice", Carlise said.
"Lets leave are number",Bella said.
I pulled her cell phone out and put in our number. I set it right next to her.
"See you soon", I said and leaned down and kissed her forehead.

Please Reveiw it!!! I will write more if anybody likes it!!! Please Please PLease tell me what u think! I will keep posting more chapter if anyone is reading!! I need an editor too if anyone is interested...

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Soon I hope!!! Im glad you liked it!
Hi everyone. I haven't posted in a while, and im sorry. But I did get a new computer so all my story got deleated, so I have to edit everything all over again. But I would love it if you still keep reading. :D
Wow I should really post sometime soon. Opps, I will though, soon!
I have two new chapter's ready, they should be posted soon! Tell your friends!! :D
Soon!! I promise!!!
Thank you!! I will! A New chapter should be added soon!!
it was good
Thank you!! Please keep reading!!
THanks!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep reading! I plan on updating really really soon!! THanks!!
Here is a new chapter...

Chapter 26. Catastrophes

I cowered in Seth’s arms. Taking time to breathe in his scent. He smelled so good. I barley noticed the Volturi lining up, preparing for a fight. Carlisle stepped forward.
“Now Aro, this is unnecessary. My family will leave peacefully and you won’t hear from us,” he said clam and confident.
“How wise Carlisle, but this is our world not yours. We are in charge and you are not. So I hate to say goodbye old friend, but goodbye. Now, Jane, if you would,” Aro said and leaned back in his chair. I half expected someone to bring him popcorn.
And all hell broke loss. There was a high pitched screaming, and the Volturi was lining up. Staying still like perfect statues. The screaming was starting to bug me when I realized it was me. I was still it shock, I guessed. When I knew I was the one screaming, I felt the pain. Like metal crushing every bone in my body, someone squeezing the life out of me till there was nothing left. Gray dots danced across my vision.
“Bella!” Seth screeched. “Are you blocking her?”
“Of course I am!” She yelled back. “But it’s not working.”
Bella looked strained and stressed. I wanted to tell her it was okay, that I was okay, to worry about herself but the grey dots were getting worse and the ceiling was starting to move. Tears were polling in my eyes making it even harder to see when I noticed was shaking really bad,. Really, really bad. It took me a couple of seconds to realize I wasn’t shaking; Seth was shaking, so bad that his teeth chattered like they were going to break.
I closed my eyes tight for a second, swallowed, and tired to push the pain out of me.
“Seth?” I whimpered. “Are you okay?”
He shook his head and started to put me down. I clawed on to his shirt; I didn’t want him to leave.
“Mallory! Get away from him!” Somebody yelled. Seth almost dropped me as I scrambled on the floor. I crawled backwards until someone grabbed me from under the arms and pulled me up. Jasper hissed at a hooded figure and pulled me behind him. I gasped and almost screamed at the fast movements.
“Be careful,” he said, his head titled towards me. My legs seemed like water and I was having trouble standing. I all but collapsed when Jasper grabbed my arm so hard I knew there would a good sized bruise later. Jasper stared in to my eyes and his face wrinkled in pain. I remembered he could read and change emotions. Could he feel my worry for Seth? Could he feel the pain in my body? The confusion? And the fear?
“Breathe,” Jasper said. I did. And slowly the pain dripped away. I wanted to ask how, but didn’t, I got distracted by what was happening around me.
It was like someone hit fast forward. All there was was fast-moving blurs of white and grey. The guilt was almost over whelming as I watched the Cullen’s fighting to keep me alive. I was totally, completely helpless.
There was a loud noise behind me and I jumped, then almost automatically I grabbed onto Jasper’s shirt. He grabbed me from around the waist, and whirled me around, attacking someone else with his free hand. I tried to swallow another scream, but a little of it slipped between my lips.
Jasper swore. I saw two more grey clad vampires coming towards him.
I breathed out a long breath that I didn’t realize I had been holding. Everybody kept moving faster and faster. Seth kept getting knocked down, Alice was fighting two at a time, and Edward and Bella were both fighting with Renesmee behind them looking terrified. And Emmett was no longer yelling, he had Rosalie close to him as he pushed though the Volturi. I had to do something.
“Stop!” I yelled as loud as I could. Nobody paid attention.
“STOP!” I screamed again. Nobody noticed me, except Jasper who gave me a confused look. Aro was looking with a big smirk. I whipped my arm away from Jasper and stomped over to where Aro was perched. He sat up straighter as he saw me approaching. I narrowed my eyes.
“Aro,” I hissed. The effect wasn’t the same as when I was a vampire but I think he got the message. “Make them stop”. I reached out like I was going to shake his shoulders or something, when a girl who had been hovering around him stepped in my way.
“Renata,” Aro smiled. “She isn’t going to do anything”. Renata didn’t move.
“I’m going to do something if they don’t stop,” I leaned around Renata to glare at Aro.
“How would I make them stop young one?” Aro asked innocently.
“Aro, I know that you can do something. Anything.”
“Dear child, I’m afraid this is out of my control”.
I screamed and tired to jump past Renata. She hissed and hit my square in the chest. Instead of everything moving in fast forward. It seemed to slow down. I felt myself flying though the air, tumble down the stairs and my head smack against the floor. Everything was black for a second. And I opened up my eyes. My hand immediately flew to the back of my head.
Did I land in a puddle?
Was my first clouded thought.
The back of my head was wet. I lifted my hand in front of my face, gasping loudly in the silent room. My hand was covered with a film of what looked like red paint. I wanted it so badly for it to be red paint. The same way I wanted to wake up in my own bed tomorrow and not be lying in a puddle of my own blood in a room floor of vampires.
“Hell,” I spit, trying to push myself in a sitting position. Long, greasy stands of hair fell in my face. More than anything-almost anything- I wanted to take a long, hot shower. I tried to sigh but it sound more like a grunt, and pushed the hair out of my face.
When I looked up I was surprised. The Cullen’s formed a half circle around me, protecting the me from the Volturi guard.
“Mallory, are you okay?” Carlisle rushed to me. I tried to nod, but I had a feeling I ended up looking like a broken bobble head. My head felt heavy.
“Don’t worry about me,” I tried to say, but it sounded like something else. I hoped Carlisle got the meaning.
Carlisle lips moved, there was a low bussing that could have been talking.
Black clouds of darkness swirled in side of my head, everything was moving to fast I couldn’t concentrate. Carlisle’s face rippled and moved as I felt cool fingers probe along the edge of my head. It hurt. Everything was getting blurry.
The grey mod was coming near me. I couldn’t do anything, I wanted to run and hide, but there was another pair of hands holding my shoulders. I didn’t know who they were, just that they were cold. I was starting to shiver.
Someone started to lay me down. I closed my eyes.
Somebody was yelling. I wanted to tell them to stop, but I couldn’t find my mouth. I couldn’t locate any part of my body, like I was just a little puff a air, trapped inside a stranger’s body. Somebody kept pushing on my head. There was a lot of pressure. I felt like a pop bottle that was ready to explode. A shudder traveled though me, and everything thing was gone.

SOOOOOOOOO????? What do ya think??? Let me know!! And Fast!! Thanks for reading! :D


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