The Twilight Saga

What happens when you get turned into a vampire? What happens when a werewolf imprints on a vampire? What happens when the vampire returns his love? What happens when the vouturi gets involved? What happens when a nightmare turns into a dream, how about when a dream turns into a nightmare? This is my story, welcome to my nightmare...

How will I survie? When I'm already dead? - Mallory Cullen

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Chapter 1. New life
The pain had finally stopped. My tears no longer fell. My heart no longer beat. I opened my eyes and saw everything, the colors of the sun, the green of the grass and the outline of trees a mile away. The sun didn't warm me. I wasn't cold but my skin felt like it. My neck still burned. My hand flew up to smother the flames but even my cold touch coundn't help. I needed something warm and wet to put out the flames. I wondered if I could even move after lying here for 3 days. I didn't fell sore or tired but I wanted to sleep and wake up from this nightmare.

I remember all of that night. It was raining and cold. I didn't bother to get a bus instead I walked home, for I only lived blocks a way. I pulled out my umbrella and listened to the click of my heels as I walked down the sidewalk. I heard nobody around and started to hum my favorite song, Fallen angels. I started the refrain when I heard someone chuckle behind me. His laugh was like honey, so smooth. I turned quickly causing myself to fall. I hit the cement with a smalll thud and looked at the pale angel in front of me. His face was as beautiful as his laugh. He stuck his hand out to help me up.
I grasped the cold hard hand and he pulled me up.
"Thanks", I said quickly looking away to hide my blush.
I droped his hand and he quickly grabed it again. Tugging away was no good, this guy was strong. He lifted my hand to his faced and breathed in.
"mmm...", he sighed.
"Thanks again", I said a little more demanding.
"I pretty lady like you shouldn't be walking around at this time".
"I'm heading home", I whispered.
I watched plenty of T.V. I knew what was going to happen. I was going to die. Maybe I could outrun him. I quiety tried to bring my right leg up and tried to slip off my shoe. The man grabed my atother arm. He clicked his tounge at me.
"Where do you think your going".
"ummm". was all I could get out.
Fear overwhelmed me and tears dripped down my face. I had to get away. I chanted someone help me in my head over and over again. His eyes made my stop. They were bright red. What was this guy?
I knew my cheaks were black from mascara and all my make up was gone but he still looked at me like he won a prize. He scoped me up in his arms and ran faster than I thought possible. We stoped when we were in a medow. I used to play hide in seek here when I was little. Those memories were the only things I tried to think about. The man layed me down on the grass.
"Stay still, this will only take a moment", he said stoking my cheak.
He put his lips on my neck right before I blacked out.

Alice's POV

Emmet and Jasper were playing chess. I promised them I wouldn't tell who would win. Jasper. He just annouced check mate when I had a vision. I sucked in a surpise breath. Everyone turned to look at me. Jasper rushed over to me.
"Alice, are you okay".
"That girl", was all I could say.
Edward was the only one who knew what I was talking about.
"We have to help her", I yelled and stood up.
"Alice wait, what did you see", Jasper asked pulling me back down.
"I... I.. saw.."I tried to tell them but coundn't. Edward please explain, I thougt.
"She saw a young girl in the street with a vampire. He was holding on to her and she was crying. That was all", Edward said.
"That all! He is going to kill her", Bella yelled.
Carlise came from up stairs to try and help.
"Bella,Alice", He said looking at us.
"What are we sposed to do"? He sound worried.
"Save her", I said after I found my vocie.
"Please" Nessie said as she came down the stairs.
"Please Grampa",She used her puppy dog face.
"Where is she"?, Carlise asked
"By the mall, thank you", I said.
Everyone came except jake, nessie and esme..
I ran as fast as I could. Edward was the fasted and I was second. I kept scanning the future to make sure we were going to make it. We reached the mall and nobody was there. Bella was the frist to speak.
"Where are they"?
Right after she spoke I got another vision. The vampire and the girl were in a medow and she was dead, he was running away.
"Follo..." I was about to say follow me but edward was already running. Everyone followed. We reached the medow just as he was laying her in the grass. He pressed his lips to her neck and Emmet tackled him. It sounded as two boulder just colided. I ran to the girl as the others finished off the vampire. I stood over her watching her heart struggle to keep beating. I reonized the girl. She worked at a clothing store in the mall. I coundn't remember her name. She had long brown straight hair and a pretty face, her skin was pale and her nose was small. I wiped mascara out from under her big brown eyes. After the ripping sounds stopped everyone came over.
"Do I get a new little sister", Emmet joked but stopped when rose hit me.
"We should give her a choice", Carlise said.
"Lets leave are number",Bella said.
I pulled her cell phone out and put in our number. I set it right next to her.
"See you soon", I said and leaned down and kissed her forehead.

Please Reveiw it!!! I will write more if anybody likes it!!! Please Please PLease tell me what u think! I will keep posting more chapter if anyone is reading!! I need an editor too if anyone is interested...

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I like it!
Omg someone likes it!!! Wow u just made my day, my week!!!! thank u!!!
Are you going to post more, then?
Yah It might take a little while because im making it up as I go!! If u have any ideas send them to me!! essipically a name for the girl!!
Chapter 2. Choices.

After a long argue with myself the burning in my neck begged me to get up. I got up faster than I thought possible. What am I? I looked around and saw nothing, nobody. Something shiny was in the grass below me. My cell phone. I picked it up and turned it on. Low battery and no signal. Great just my luck. I shoved it in my pocket and started walking. After about 2 seconds the speed of walking was too slow I started running. I was running? Me? I hated running. Not only did I run, I ran fast. Okay new flash, I was now paler than usally, cold, and fast. What was I? 1 thing I knew was that i'm not human.
I looked for anything to take away the burning in my neck. Nothing sounded good. I ran till I reached a road, cars drove by not noticing me. I pulled out my cell phone and checked for signal. 2 bars. Yes! I filled it open and the words... A NEW CONACT ADDED flashed up. In my head I went over the posible sicutaions. First that guy entered it. Second someone else had my phone. Things weren't looking very good. What else could happen? So I dialed in the number and suprised my self that I could remeber the whole thing.
Ring, Ring, Ring.
"Hello" , Answered a saprano voice. I breathed out a sigh it was a girl who answered.
"Hi", I droped my phone immeditly. The voice who answered was not mine. The voice was a high picthed flowing voice Not mine.
"Hello, hello", the saprano voice yelled.
I quicky picked it up.
"Ummm... hi", I stuttered out.
"Who are you" I added quickly.
"My name is Alice, it's nice to meet you".

I know kinda short but o well I thougt it was a good place to end!! Reviews are nice and wecomed!!.
I love it
Thanks I like to write this story im glad someone likes it!!
I will write more!!
Chapter 2. Choices, Part 2

"Hi", I said again. I was always a shy person.
"How did you get my phone", I whispered into the phone.
"Thats a long story, maybe you could come over and we could explain it", Alice said.
Now I was worried she was friends with that guy.
"umm... okay", I said
She gave me the address.
"Okay", I said again with more confedencie.
"See you soon".
I repeated the address in my head. Then I realised I have no idea where this is. Probaly a fake address. Just what I need. I started running towards the medow hoping that where every her house was that it was this way.

Alice's POV

Edward just looked at me. What did I do wrong? I thought.
"You gave her our address",He asked.
"What was I sposed to do? I coundn't just let her be by herself".
"Your right, because it is a great idea to have a new born vampire running around the house", said Edward in a sarcasstic tone.
"I will take care of it", I said then patted his cheack. Don't worry I added in my head.
I headed up stairs to tell everyone that she will be getting here soon. Jasper was in our room reading when I came in.
"Someone is excieted"he said looking up from his book.
I jumped up on the bed and told him that she was coming over. He kissed my forehead and I went to tell Carlise and Esme.
"Esme", I yelled.
She there in about 3 seconds.
"Yah hon"? She asked. In so many was I thougt of esme as my my mom.
"Member that girls that I saw in my vision last night'?
She nodded her head.
"Well I asked her to come over so we could expain something to her".
"Anything you want me to do". She asked.
She patted my shoulder and I ran off to find the others. I knew that bella already knew. I saw edward complain to her in a vision. They would talk to nessie and jake. Rose and emmet were next. They were out in the living room with emmet on the couch and rose on is lap.
"We already know, Edward told us",rose said.
"okay good" I said.
The thing I was avoding to think about was how I was going to tell her that she was a vampire. I knew she would probaly want to stay with us. I would give her edwards old room because they were in the cottage now. Tommorw I would go shoping for her. A newborn vampire probaly can't handle being in a mall packed full of human and their blood. I just got done cleaning edward room when their was a soft knock on the door.
"She's here"! I yelled to my family.

This one is a little longer!! I still need a name!! I hope everyone liked it!! Revews are welcomed!!
Yay! There are some minor spelling and grammar mistakes, but it's not much. Love the story!


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