The Twilight Saga

All Human! Bella Swan moves to Forks to live with her father, Charlie and her brother, Emmett.  Two years ago Renee took Bella with her when her and Charlie got divorced and now Bella's back! She was best friends with Edward, Alice, Jasper and Rosalie before she left.  When she comes back she joins the football team that Edward, Emmett and Jasper are on.  What will happen when Edward and Bella get together?

Swans- Charlie(42), Emmett(18), and Bella(17)

Cullens- Carlisle(39), Esme(39), Jasper(17), Rosalie(18), and Edward(17)

Brondons- Amy(mom)(40), John(dad)(40), and Alice(17)

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edwards gurl

Ch.1 BPOV Grr I can't wait for this flight to be over! Here I am stuck in the middle of a fat guy who's stuffing his face with chips and a little boy who is picking his nose!

Finnally the plane landed! I got my bags and stuff. Emmett called me before I left Pheniox to tell me he was picking me up so I was going to play a little trick on him. I went in a connor and changed into a guys shirt and put glasses and put all my hair in a hat. I looked in the mirror wait what am I missing!? Oh! My musach! I looked in my carry on and found my pretend musach.

Okay now I look like a guy. I looked around and found my HUGE brother standing by were you get your bags with a sign that says Bella. I walked over to him.

"Hey dude, Emmett right?" I asked in a guy vocie. He looked cunfused.

"Uh yeah. Who are you?" He asked.

"Me? your sister didn't tell you! I'm Rob! Your sisters boyfriend!" The look on his face was pricless! He was sooo red with anger.

"Where is my sister?" He asked throgh clenth teeth.

"The bathroom. You know how girls are! So what up my man!?" I was trying VERY hard not to laugh.

"Uh why are you here?" He asked still angry and confused.

"I'm moving with you guys! Isn't that great! We can like do eachothers nails!" I said in a gay guys vocie.

"Yeah sounds fun!" Wow I can't beleive Emmett said that!


3 more minutes later


"So Emmett maybe I can like dump Bella and we can go see a movie or something?!" I said still in te gay vocie. He looked mad, angry, weirded out, and horrified!

"Dude I'm not gay and if you even say one word to make Bella cry I will beat you up!" He said raising his fist. I can't beleive he doesn't know it's me yet! Okay this is getting boring so might as well tell him.

"But why would you hit your little sister!" I said taking off the hat, glasses and musach. He looked VERY counfussed!

"BELLA!" He finally yelled excitedly after minute. He picked me up in a Emmett bear hug and spun me around. "I'm missed you little sis!"

"I missed you too! But can you put me down people are staring!"

"Ready!?" He asked once he put me down.

"Yep!" We walked out of the airport and to Emmett's jeep.

"So how have you been?" He asked when we he got in the car.

"Well since I talked to you this morning and now I've be good!"

"You know that was a mean trick you played!"

"But you gotta ammit it was funny!" I said nudging him with my elbow.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" He asked serious.

"Okay Em look at it this way, if I had a boyfriend do you think I would be moving here?!"

"Guess not!"

"How about you and Rose? Are you still dating?"

"Yep!" He answered with a huge grin on is face. We finally got to the house after about a hour of Emmett asking me quetions about my love life. I never even had a boyfriend! I got out of the jeep and Emmett got my one bag. He ran in front of me and made me fall.

"Emmett!" I yelled and he turned around and laughed, then helped me up. I brushed myself off. When we walked inside I was tackled with hugs.

"Bella I missed you sooo much!" Rosalie said hugging me.

"I missed you too. I missed all of you!" I said looking around the room. There was all of my best friends I know since we were 2. Alice, Rose, Jasper, and Edward.

"Omg Bella what are you wearing!' Alice yelled with a horrified face. I looked down and noticed I still had the boy shirt on.

"Oh this it's...umm Rob's shirt." I said smiling. They'll have to meet Rob soon. Emmett let out a little laugh.

"Who's Rob?" Edward asked. I hadn't noticed before but he looks a lot more...manly then 2 years ago. His messing bronze hair is still messy, he was wearing a shirt that showed off his six-pack, and his emraled eyes wear pericing into mine..

"Rob's my boyfriend, he's coming later!" I said and Emmett brusted into laughter. "

You have a boyfriend and didn't tell us!? And why are you laughing Emmett!?" Jasper asked mad. He was always like a second brother to me.

"Oh I meet this guy earlier at the airport. He is a character!" Emmett said laughing.

"Okay well I'm going to go freshen up see you guys later!" I said and walked up the staries to my old room. I started to remembering the day my mom left with me.


*2 years ago*


"Bella catch!" Edward yelled throwing me the football. It was finally summer. Charlie and Renee were fighting as always in the house so like whenever they fight I come to my buddy Edward to get my mind off of them. "Why are they fighting this time?" Edward asked as I throw the ball to him.

"Renee is yelling at Charlie because he works to much and then Charlie got mad and told her that if he didn't work and Renee kept shopping like she's been that we'd be broke." I said and caught the ball. Just then my mom came storming out of the house with two suitcases and grabbed my hand.

"Lets go Bella!" She said pulling my to the car.

"What?!" I asked confussed.

"We're leaving!"

"What? But I don't want to!" It was to late she pulled out of the drive way. I looked back to see Edward, who looked confussed and Charlie, who looked angry.


*End of Falshback*


After I was done getting ready in something I knew Alice would like I walked back down staires.

"So Bells tell us about Pheniox!" Alice said after I sat down on the floor facing them.

"Well-" I said and my cell phone rung. I got up and answered it walking up the staries. Knowing Alice or Rose would think it be "Rob" and try to listen.

 Hello." I said answering it.

"Hello is this Bella Swan?" A man answered back.

"Yes who is this?"

"This is Couch Hanon from Forks High School. I was calling because I saw that you were a great receiver for your Jr. High football team and I would like to know if you'd like to play on our schools team?" He asked.

"Yeah sure I would love to!" I said. I loved to play foot ball. People always say that only boys can play but I think girls can do anything boys can do just as good and some times better.

"Okay great the first practice is after school tommorow." He said and hung up. I knew that Emmett, Edward, and Jasper were all on the team but I didn't want to tell them. And Alice and Rose were cheerlearders for the team. I walked back down the stairs and Alice was at the bottom of them jumping up and down.

"Who was it? Was it that Rob guy?" She asked with a huge smile.

"Yeah. Emmett will you drop my off at the grocery store and pick up Rob at his hotel?" I asked him. We talked about this on the way here and we already had it planned out.

"Sure." He said. We told them to wait here. Emmett drove to the store and I got out to put my "costume" on.

"Who really called?" He asked as we were on our way back.

"Renee." I said. Me and Emmett always call Renee and Charlie their names to each other but when we talk to them we call them mom and dad. Emmett is still mad at Renee for taking my away.

"Oh." He lets it drop. We got to the house and I looked at myself in the car mirror before getting out.

"Who should I flirt with first!?" I asked Emmett as we were walking to the door.

"Edward." He said. We walked in and headed to the living room. I watched how Emmett walked so I wouldn't look like a girl walking.

We walked in and I looked around. Alice and Rose looked happy. Jasper and Edward looked like they wanted to kill me well "Rob", they're so protective of me.

"Yo what up people!" I said in a ganster voice. They all looked like they wanted to laugh.

"Hey I'm Alice! Bella's BEST friend!" She said shaking my hand.

"I'm Rosalie!" Rose said from in Emmett's arms.

"I'm Jasper." Jasper said shaking my hand frimly.

"And I'm Edward." Edward said doing the same thing as Jasper.

"Okay well Rob how long have you been with Bella?" Rose asked.

"3 wonderful months!" I said dramticly.

"Okay." Alice said slowly. I walked over to Edward and sat down next to him.

"So Edward since Bella won't be home for like another hour how 'bout we go some where alone?" I asked in my gay-guy vocies. I was trying so hard not to laugh.

"Uh no thank you." He said getting up from the couch. I followed behind him with everyone staring. He stood against the wall.

"I think your hair is soo hot! I'm going to be a hair stylest when I get out of high school!"

"Yeah, I'm sure you would be great at that. Look I'm sorry but umm I'm not gay so can you leave me alone!" He said annoyed.

"But come on! You know you want me!" I said teasingly.

"God, you are annoying!" He said. I just walked away. I sat down where I was sitting earlier.

"Okay story time! Who wants to hear stories all about ME!" I said clapping my hands. "Omg theres this on time when I went bumgy jumping off this high bridge and I got this hot guy as my incructer!"

"Yeah umm are you like bi?" Rose asked.

"Nope I'm a girl!" I said taking me musach, glasses, and hat off. I looked around and everyone exept Emmett looked surprised. Emmett burst in a fit of laughter and I joined in.

"BELLA!" Alice yelled running to me, "Oh my god I thought that your boyfriend was gay but it was you! So were is the real Rob guy?"

"I made him up duh!" I said and looked around. Everyone looked relieved.

"Okay so you don't have a boyfriend?" Rose asked.

"Nope don't you think I would of told you guys!"

"Yeah I guess." And with that the subject dropped.


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ohh !!
love it<333
keep me updated !!!
love shauny
love it..........
more please...........
New Reader! But I have to say this is one AWESOME story!
love it he is going to be like jake bella's best friend.
NEW READER. I love this story. I normaly don't like AH stories but the summery for this one caught my eye. I can't wait for you to update. I will be reading more of your stories..


"Bella are you coming to the party tonight?" Rich, a guy on the team, asks.

"She has to ask Edward." Dean answers for me, turning and grinning at me. He knows me
to well. We've known each other for two months already, he's one of my best friends. "Call
me if you're coming." He says walking to his car.

At home Edward's running around the house trying to find something.

"Have you seen my shoe?!" He asks in a hurry.

"Have you checked outside?" I ask looking over at Duke, our dog we got after we moved
in, so far he managed to tear up a pillow, chewed up my i-Pod, eat Edward's papers for
college, and tore some of the carpet.

"That dog has to go!" Edward says furiously walking inside for the backyard.

"He's only a puppy Edward! He'll learn."

"I have to go." He sits down on the couch a puts on his chewed up shoe.

"Where you going?" I ask.

"I have practice."

"There's a party tonight, I was wondering if you wanted to come?"

"I can't, practice." He walks over to me. "You can go though, have some fun for once."
He smirks at me. "Love you." He gives me a kiss on the cheek before walking away.

I lay on the bed trying to find something to watch before giving up and walking to the
book shelf then my phone starts ringing.

"Hey Dean." I say answering.

"Hey, so what'd he say? Are you guys coming?" I can barely hear him with the music
barling in the background.

"He had practice."

"Are you coming?"

"I don't kn-" He cuts me off.

"Get dolled up and get you butt over here." He orders before hanging up.

An hour later I'm drunk out of my mind. Dean looks at me and asks, "Want to dance?"
He's drunk too so his words are slurred.

"Yes." We walk to the dance floor and start dancing to Don't Stop the Music, really
close might I add. And as I stare into his gray eyes and then at his lips, I wonder what
it would be like to kiss them. My courosity gets the best of me and I end up kissing him.
He kisses back pulling me closer to him. "Can we g-go to yo-your rr-room?" I ask losing
my balance slightly. He just picks me up and starts walking, but he ends up tripping over
his feet and dropping me, I get up and take his hand pulling him to it. Before I know it
I'm on the bed, with Dean.

I wake up and scream when I notice I'm not laying next to Edward, Dean jumps awake
falling off the bed with a sheet around him thank god.

"Oh my god!" I say jumping out of the bed with a blanket wrapped around me and
running around collecting my clothes. "I'm so stupid!" I run into his bathroom slamming
the door and get dressed.

"Bella, I'm so so sorry." Dean says when I walk out, he has pants on, no shirt.

"Put a shirt on!" I scream at him running a hand through my hair, irritated.

"Sorry." He pulls a shirt on. "I was so drunk last night, I've told you before, I do
really stupid things when I'm drunk. I'm sorry." He sighs sitting on the bed and putting
his head in his hands.

"I know, I feel horrible, I'm sorry to. I have to go." I run out of his dorm and to my

"Where have you been?" Edward asks running up to me when I walk into the door.
"What's wrong?" He asks noticing my tears.

"I can't." I run to our room and slam and lock the door before he can follow me in.

"Bella please open the door, I'm not mad at you." He bangs on the door.

I don't answer, just barry my face in the pillow and cry.

"Bells," He says again. Filling a pain in my stomach I run to the bathroom and throw

Two Weeks Later

"I think you should see a doctor." Edward says when I walk out of the bathroom from
throwing again. I've been sick for two weeks.

Edward still doesn't know but I'm telling him tonight.

"No I'm good, it'll go away." It always does.

"Okay so I'll see you later." He kisses my head and leaves to practice. I've been taking
time off until I get better.

I decide to clean the house which doesn't last for long. I'm mopping the kitchen floor
when there's a knock on the door.

Dean's standing there tugging on his shirt collar nervously.

I stay quite not sure what to say.

"Why have you been ignoring me?" Dean finally asks.

"I-I haven't." I lie.

"You haven't been to practice, you don't answer my calls or call me back, when I saw
you at the store you basically ran out of there before I could reach you."

"Well I umm, I don't know."

"Bella, look I already said I was sorry for that night, I don't want to get between you
and Edward and if you want, can we pretend it never happened?"

"Dean... please? I just feel so bad for betraying Edward like that and I just want us to
be best friends again."

"Bella don't worry, I understand. Now will you come back to practice, it hasn't been
the same without you."

"I've been sick with the stomach flu thats why I haven't been there."

"Okay, I have to get to practice, I'll see you later." He says before running to his car.

"Edward, I have to tell you something." I say staring at his forehand, not able to make
eye contact. We're watching the 10 o'clock night news.

"What is it love?" He asks tiredly.

"I-I sleep with Dean." I whisper.

"I'm sorry, you did what?" He looks at me trying to see if I was lying or not. Hurt
was written all over his face when he saw the truth on my face.

"It was at the party and we were drunk, really drunk."

"He made you sleep with him?!" He stands up.

"No Edward! We were drunk!"

"How could you." He says before storming out of the house. Duke jumps onto the
couch and lays his head on my lap as I stare at the door with tears running down my

"Bella." Edward shakes me awake that night, I ended up falling asleep on the couch
after he left, feeling exhausted. The clock says it's 1am. He gets down on his knees so
we're face to face. "I forgive you, I know why you did it. I'm sorry I haven't been home,
college and practice and work just take up to much of my time and when I get home I
always so tired, so we never get to be that close."

The first time in three weeks we were close, that way, was the day before the party.

"Edward, please don't blame yourself." I cup his face in my hand.

"Bella, I just want you to know I'm not mad at you. You still love me right? I hope you
do because I don't think I can live without you in my life."

"Edward, yes I love you." I'm crying from happiness now, how can he forgive me?

"Please just never do that again, okay? I want you all to myself." And with that he
kisses me.

Okay I think you all know what happened after that. Anyway, so yeah that's one of
the BIG things that happened! Next chapter will hopefully be a happier one!
Please comment or message me, yelling at me for having Bella cheat on sweet Edward!

PS: I need your help everyone! Some of you know I'm going to write a new story
but I need help with the name! Just leave story names! I'm not going to tell you what it's
about yet so just leave a name and if I think it goes with the story I'll use it! BTW it's an
ALL HUMAN story!
I love it bella becomes a mom and thinks it's the other guys but it's really edwards baby.
please please post more soon
crazy children
now shes going to have deans baby.
whos baby is it edward or dean??????
love it......................
more please..............
I'm screamin gat you bevause u made Bella chea on Eddie boy

Why did u do that?!?!? u said he was a good guy... yeah so good that he got drunk with Bella and went to his room and slept toghether!!!!

UH =D is that good anyways is still true. Hope she is pregnat with Eddie boy kid becauseif not I wil find u and cut ur hair when u r slepping *evil smile* that is actually not a bad idea buajajjajaj

more ASAP and tell us what Eddie boy did when he went out of his house when he freaked out tat Bella cheated on him ...drukly.. that means by accident and she didn't mean it :)
OMG PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE TELL ME SHE'S NOT PREGNANT!!!!!! I do NOT want it to go down like that. Buuuttt its your story do what u want.


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