The Twilight Saga

“Why can’t I let you go? I know that I am no good for you. There is nothing here for you so why can’t I let you go?” He kept looking into my eyes, longing for the answer that I couldn’t give him.

“You love me. That is what keeping you from letting go, from pushing me away. You love me. You love me.” My hands grasped his face and wiped his tears. I lean my face closer to his but he tried to pull away.

“I’m not supposed too.” He sobbed. “I’m not supposed to love you.”

“But you did. And I love you.” He pulled my hands from his face and looked into my eyes. There was sorrow, sadness but also love, strength and courage. I just couldn’t tell what he was going to choose. “Choose me. That is all I ask. Choose me.” All I could do was plead with him.

“Laya, why can’t I let you go?” All of a sudden, his lips were on mine. Passion flowed through my body. I kissed him back, my hands going to the back of his neck. One of his hands stroking my hair and the other on the small part of my back, pulling me closer to him. All I could think was melting into him, being with him forever.

“I choose you, Laya. I always have.” That is al he said before he kissed me again. I never thought that I would ever feel this way again about someone until I met Ryan. He was everything. He was perfect and he was mine. I couldn’t help myself from smiling. He made my heart want to jump out of my chest, my breath stop, my mind go blank and makes my world just stop. I took his hand into to mind and headed back to the car. We had some much to tell everyone. I know that Sarah was really worried about us but everything was going to be alright. Our secret was safe. Or so I thought.


Chapter One

It was a quiet night. There wasn’t a sound all around. The woods were the place the Laya could think without worrying about life. It was her place, to think, to feel, to become herself. Nobody understood her. Her parents just thought that she was a normal kid with some strange quirks about her. Her friends just thought she was different and everyone in town thought that she was weird. Except for a few. They knew why she was the way she was. Secretive, silent and alone. There were just some things that people wouldn’t understand about her.

“Laya, you out here?” Jake was always trying to follow her. Laya knew that Jake had a huge crush on her but she didn’t have the heart to tell him no. He was just always there for her. They were going to end up together anyways. She didn’t really have a choice.

“Yeah, Jake. Over here.”

“There you are. I was getting worried. You aren’t usually out here this long.” He gave me a big huge and sighed. Of course he was worried. He was always worried.

“Sorry. I guess I just lost track of time. No need to worry. I can take care myself you know.” It was a little irritating to think that I couldn’t handle myself.

“I know, but you know I get worried about you. I love you.” Jake gazed at me like he was never going to see me again. His eyes glancing up and down my body, trying to getting every detail of me in his memory. I looked at the ground, and then turned to head home. I didn’t want to say it because it wasn’t true. I didn’t love him. I never did. But I didn’t have a choice anymore. I was going to be with him for the rest of my life and there was nothing I could do about it.

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looooovvveeee but i am a lil confused

I Like It...Keep Me Posted.

--Why didn't she have a choice anymore?!?



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