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The story Forbidden Love is about a girl vampire called Sherry Cullen and a normal boy called Matt Greene they meet in school but with Sherry and Matt in love she knows that Matt is in real Danger because of her secret but when Matt tells her that he know what she is he start to worry even more because now he is in really bad danger and when Matt is face to face with death her family and her know that he would die for and when she puts everything on the line ot save him her family know that it is true love between Matt and Sherry but what will happen between the two young lovers as there lifes start to chance. Will Sherry be able to keep Matt safe from danger and what will happen when Matt and Sherry get even more closer and will they be able to keep there love alive when they have to face a lot of life chance things that could kill one of them. Will Sherry be able to keep her secret safe so her family and her can stay in the place they all want to stay.

Chapter One
Moving into town

It was about 7:30 am in the morning and my family and I had just arrived at our new house it was lovely a lovely glass front I was the frist out of the car and Esme my mom and Carlisle my dad behind me. Edward then got out of the car with Resemee in his arms Jasper, Alice and Bella got out of another car and Rosalie and Emmett got out of the other car and they all walked up to stand next to us I walked over to Esme and Carlisle that were standing infront of the car they came in and i said in a soft and gentle voice ''mom can I have the keys please" she said ''hear love go ahead". I took the keys of her and walked to the door and the rest of my family started getting the stuff out of the cars and van Bella has Resemee I got to the door and opened it and then walked in and had a better look at the big oak staircase leading up into the living room and the rest of the house it looked like it has been there for almost 80 years but it hasnt the house didnt look that old. I walked up the staircase very carefully making sure not to break it but I knew I wouldnt when I got to the top I went into the living room and it was big and lovely more glass and very light when I turned my mother Esme was standing behind me with a smile one her face she then said ''Sherry are you okay??" I giggled and said ''yes mom I am" then Jasper my brother yelled to me ''SHERRY GET THE DRAWING BOOK QUICK" I got it out of my bag and ran quickly and carefully down the stairs and out the door Esme behind me I handed Alice the book and she started to draw right away I didnt know what she was drawing but before she was finished my eyes opened wide. I couldnt move Esme was the frist to notice and then everyone put what they were doing down and came to see if I was ok Carlisle was at my side and said to me ''Sherry, Sherry, Sherry talk to me are u ok?" I wanted so much to speak but yet I couldn't Alice was finished drawing and Jasper then went into his bag and got the his writing book out of it and handed it to me but I droped it I couldnt hold anything I was frozen but when I had just gaven up I fell to the ground and Carlisle was down beside me and so was Bella I was glad that I could move again and I could speak I then heard Bella she said to me ''Sherry are you alright?" I looked at her and said ''yes thank you Bella" then Bella got up and smiled at me Carlisle put my arm over his sholder and he held my wasite and helped me up. Jasper then took me by the arm just to make sure that I was ok then Carlisle said in a soft voice ''Sherry what happend?" I looked at him and said ''I dont know dad".

After everyone got everything into the house Jasper came out and got me he said ''come on Sherry take my arm" I got up without taking his arm and started to walk toward the house but Jasper took me by the arm and helped me I looked at him and smiled we walked into the house and Jasper let go of my arm so he could close the door but when he turned I was halfway up the stair. He then ran over to me and took me by the arm again I just looked at him this time when get got into the living room everyone was there waiting on us I then turned to look at Jasper ''thank you but I can take it from here ok Jasper" he just smiled and then let go of my arm and I walked over to Carlisle and hugged him and then said ''thanks for helping me". I then walked over to the boxes that was sitting on the floor I saw one with my name on it and opened it I took out a book that had Sherrys family on it I then opened it and saw the pictures of my family and me Carlisle put a picture of my real family in it but I took it out and put the book away and turned to face everyone and I said as I showed them the picture ''these people are not my family I dont know them and I never do want to find out about them" I then ripped the picture in half. Carlisle looked and smiled at me and said ''ok Sherry everyone lets get ready for hunting ok" everyone was ready within 30 seconds then we went downstairs and out the front door we then went into the forest Edward and I ran off fast and found a animal frist and got it for the family then everyone found Edward and I standing with the animal and then we all started to eat I was done friend then Edward and everyone else I stood up and looked at the animal we had just killed. Then everything went quite then out of no were we all heard a scream I ran of in the direction the scream came from and saw 3 vampire around a young girl getting attacked by these vampire i then heard Edward behind me and everyone else they saw what these other vampires were doing andI couldn't stand around and do nothing so I said in loud and angry voice ''hey get away from her'' I then ran forward and they moved away from the girl everyone in my family then showed themselfs then the three vampires moved away completely and disappeard into the forest. I walked over closer to the girl and saw that they beat and bit her badly so that she couldn't turn in to a vampire my dad Carlisle walked over to me and kneeled on the ground like i was the young girl tried to say something to me but the smell of her blood was affecting me and Jasper badly Bella couldn't stand it either so she moved away and so did Jasper Carlisle saw that i was moving a lot and knew why so he said ''Sherry move away from the girl if the blood is making to move a lot'' I looked at Carlisle and he knew it was to late because I was already wanting to bite her but Emmett stoped me and pulled me away from the girl Rosalie just looked at us and smiled she knew i didn't want to hurt the girl and thats why I got up and walked over to Jasper and Bella. We all stood there looking at the girl Carlisle picked her up after making sure me Jasper and Bella wouldnt attack her and then i ran away from them and back to the house and Jasper fallowed me. We were in the house before everyone else and he said to me ''is that why u frozen earlier?" I looked at him and said ''part of it there is something else going to happen but i dont know what" Jasper then walked over to me and pulled me close to him and hugged me Carlisle and the

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Awsome. Can't wiat.
SOUNDS TOTALLY AWESOME!! keep me updated
Oh. Dramatic. Love it of course. Keep me posted.
=) awesome!!! write soon!!
wow!!this a great story I think!
keep me update..=)


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