The Twilight Saga

Bella wants Edward, but she's not so sure if Edward wants her back. The way he acts around her and the way she acts around him. What is the problem that they can't be together? What's the problem that they can't live happily ever after? What is the deal with them too?!



Chapter One

God-Looking, super-model type, most gorgeous, perfect-body, unbelievable, good looking, most attractive, dazzling, super-hot guy walks into the cafeteria looking stunning as if he was worth a million dollars just to touch him. It was every girls dream to have him as a boyfriend. Perfect in every way. Tall, strong, incredibly… there are no words to describe him but god-looking. The brownish-reddish color tone in his hair would show his red color depending where the light hits it. The beautiful, breath taking jade eye color would melt our hearts with his magnificent half-smile that he likes to show. Yes, he was perfect. What makes it even better is that every girl in Forks High had the opportunity to date him.


But not me.


“Bella!” Angela waved her arm side by side, catching my attention. “Over here!”


Blinking a couple of times, I hadn’t realized that I dozed off again. Ugh, I really hate it when guys are just so perfect, you can’t keep your mind off of them. Especially when you know that you can’t date the guy. So freaking aggravated!


“Sorry,” I shook my head. “I was, uh, thinking.”


She took a sip of her lemonade bottle before she spoke. “Thinking about what exactly?”


Of course she would ask that. Most people would. But I’m the rare ones who are not able to accept the human rules. Ok, not rare but the only one in this whole planet!


“Um,” I struggled. Think, Bella, think! Um, say you were thinking about the exam you just took! “I was just thinking about the exam that I just took.”


Smile and nod.


Angela grinned. “Yes, Bella. You were definitely thinking about the exam you just took while your head was facing at Edward’s direction. Very convincing.”


To make things worse, I blushed giving everything away. See, if Edward wasn’t so perfect, I wouldn’t be in this position right now! Ugh, it was always his fault!


Angela laughed. “Bella, it’s okay to admit that the guy is super-hot. I think so.”


Of course, she wasn’t like me. She was like every other girl who wasn’t afraid to admit the guy was hot.


“I know he’s good-looking,” I admit. “I mean, come on now. It’s so obvious. But…”


Angela’s eyebrows shoot up. “But?”


“It’s complicated,” I sighed. I wasn’t brave enough to ask a guy like Edward Cullen to go on a date.


“No need to worry. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”


Good. Then, I won’t tell her. She just made my life less complicated.


Cafeteria was the free period everyone enjoys. A place where I let my mind runs off. I was a bit irritated of myself how I was not able to stand up and just ask the guy if we could be friends. I played it in my head, knowing what to say, what he would respond and ta da! Friends! Then I would make myself more comfortable and be myself around him and then the next step is dating. Yeah, great plan. But when I see him in person, I go blank. I feel like reality just smacked me across the forehead. I didn’t want to make the first move.


Seconds became minutes and if I was strong enough to stand up and ask Edward Cullen on a date, the seconds would be even less than a second. After a few moments of silence and not being the brave little girl my father thought I was, Jessica came up to us.




Many things you need to watch out for Ms. Stanley. A.)Don’t ever, ever, EVER under any circumstances trust her with a secret. She’ll just spread it out and make things even worst. B.) The girl is insane! Who would wear summer clothes in November? She only does that to show off some skin of hers. C.)Whatever she wants she gets. Spoiled little brat. Just because your parents gives you whatever you want, doesn’t mean WE have to give you what you want.


“Hey Angie! Hey Bella!” Jessica’s high-pitch voice caused some major pain in my ears. “Guess what?”


“You got bankrupt,” I guessed immediately. Angela had to cover her mouth in order to not laugh.


Jessica gave me a dirty look.


“What? You asked and I guessed.” It was very hard not to smile at that.


She rolled her eyes and flipped her blond hair. “Ugh. So immature.”


“You’re the one who decided to talk with us. So if you’re not going to tell us what’s with you, then you should walk away.”


Plain and simple.


“Calm down, Bella,” she said as she pulled the seat and sat on the plastic chair. “I’m not here to lose your temper even though it’s very entertaining.”


“Keep it up.” Now I was serious.


She sighed, exasperated. “You are so annoying. But anyways, I wanted to let you know that I am going to ask Edward Cullen out!”


She acts like London Tipton on the Suite Life with Zack and Cody show. Only, much worst. Jessica squeezed her eyes shut and clapped delightfully with her pink lips smiling with so much effort. With that smile of hers, I hardly doubt that Edward would accept her request.


“Um,” Angela began to say. “Uh, good luck?”


“Thanks Angie! But I don’t think I will need luck. I’m already beautiful!”


God-looking guy with a “beautiful” Jessica does not match. No way in hell!


She got up and walked toward Edward Cullen as if she was walking on the run-way. Edward Cullen- I need to stop saying his last name! –was sitting next to his sister, Alice Cullen and a few other people. Alice was known as the decorator. During her freshman year, I heard that she was the one who decorated the junior prom and everyone was so amazed of her talent. She helped all the items to make an amazing party. She sat next to her boyfriend, Jasper Hale, best known as the “Best Swimmer In 2010”. I heard he had a wall of all the medals he had won. His sister, Rosalie Hale, was known as the cheerleader. Literally, the main leader. Alice was with her, too. It was amazing to see how there was such thing as a god-looking guy and a goddess-looking girl. It surprised me when I found out they were not a couple.


I wasn’t able to hear them that well. Both I and Angela were staring at Jessica. Edward got up from his seat and talked with her one-on-one.  I couldn’t see their face expression since Edwards back was in front of me while he was in front of her. It was a good three-minute talk. I tapped my foot impatiently.


What did he say!?


Then the bell rang.






Chapter Two

Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five


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Paula Ruben

Hahaha ! No, you're right. It wasn;t nice, but it was funny ! Teehee ! Thanks for likin my chapter !

Thanks for carring for this new-Bella i created LoL yeah, i didnt want her to always be like shy and scared and quiet. I wanted her to be friendly and not let anyone boss her around, say a few comments, what she really thinks and express herself even more. Im glad you like this Bella. I"ll keep writing so please be patient !
lmao omg im over here cracking up bella didnt have to tell the class. are you going to give us edwards pov?
Hahaha ! I thout it was pretty hilarious! That happened to me a few times heehee but not exactly on the same situation Edward was in :P LoL !

I'm not sure. I wasn't able to decide that part yet. Maybe? Maybe not? Idk !
loved it!!! :D
That's great !!! :)

Bella is so funny here..

Poor Edward, Bella is making fun of him..

Yeah so far so funny ! You have to wait til the next chapter comes ! It's shocking and you may not have thought of the idea Bella would react in such a way LoL thanks for the comment by hy the way ! :D

Chapter Three

Right after school, I was walking toward my rusty, old truck. Yeah, it was old and rusty.  Charlie didn’t like me driving that truck. The plan was to have this piece of metal for a few days and then after those days, Charlie would buy me another piece of metal. They’re just cars!!! Wow, it’s not that big of a deal. But, he’s a guy. Everything was a big deal, especially when the topic was about cars. He was thinking of buying me a black Nissan Altima 3.5. Whatever that means.


That’s not the point. The point was, Jessica Stanley came running with her four-inch high heels toward my direction, a huge grin on her face. She kept screaming my name over and over again. Her arms were waving, trying to catch my attention. She seemed so excited. Whatever she had in mind was important. Jessica was all about her stuff. There had to be a good excuse for why she was running in heels. Something important? What was so important that she wasn’t able to write on a text or call me at home?


Oh. My. God. He did not.


 “Bella! Bella! Bella!” Jessica cried, automatically placed her hand on my shoulders. “You won’t believe what Edward said to me when I asked him out!”


No. No. No.


I panicked, not wanting to believe that it was true, even though she hasn’t said anything to me. The looks on her face were enough evidence to make me realize which answer Edward had given her. I didn’t want to guess, because I already knew the answer. The question was, was I able to hear what Edward had given her through my ear drums? Was I strong enough to take the pain? If Jessica told me he said yes, can I bare it, letting it coming through my ears?


Most importantly, why the hell would Edward decided to accept her request?


Well, she didn’t say he said yes, I tried convincing myself. All she said was that I wouldn’t believe what Edward had said. Maybe she’ll say “He said no, but this other guy asked me out and he’s cute!” Yeah. That’s what happened.


Might as well get it over with. “What did he say?”


“He said yes!”


And that was that.


The world had become unbalanced. The oxygen had somehow escaped from my body that I wasn’t able to breathe anymore. There was so much pain when she had said those three words. My heart suddenly felt heavy, the beat was ready to shut down. It felt like it was just going to hit the ground and become dead meat.


Was it just me, or was the world getting smaller and farther away?


Jessica gasped. “Bella!”


Something hard hit me. Everywhere in my body felt pain, both physically and emotionally.  Everywhere ached and I didn’t understand why. My head felt light-headed and then everything became dark. What was going on? Did death hear my worry cries when Edward was on his way to sit next to me during biology class? When it finally heard my cries, it decides to kill me NOW?


“Bella, wake up!” Jessica’s voice was far away. “Stop it! Please, Bella! Help! Somebody help! I need help!”


From far away, I heard another voice, but I wasn’t sure who it was.


“Oh my God, Bella wake up! Jessica, call Edward!”


My eyes immediately opened. I suddenly stood up, gasping for air. There was no way in hell Edward was going to see me however I looked right now.


I noticed it was Angela who was speaking. Both she and Jessica was kneeing on the floor staring at me. I then realized my body was on the ground.


“What happened?” I asked. I was so lost, how did I end up on the floor?


“I don’t know,” Jessica said. “I was telling you that Edward Cullen accepted my request. He said yes that he will go on a date with me. Then you went on the floor.”


Oh, that’s why? Wow. This feeling for Edward was getting too much. I have to convince Charlie to put me in another school. Because this is too much!!!


Angela helped me to get on my feet and surprisingly there was nobody that had seen me faint or collapsed.


“Are you feeling any better?” she asked.


“Yeah.” Nope.


Jessica punched me.


“Hey! Why the hell did you-“


“Don’t scary me like that!” Jessica yelled. “You almost gave me a heart-attack! I don’t like when people do that to me! What was I supposed to do if you were dead!? I don’t know what to do! I could just leave you lying there and act as if nothing had happened. If you were really dead, I would be dead too!”


“It’s nice to know that you care about me,” I said sarcastically. “So much love from you.  I can feel it.”


Jessica flipped her hair and walked away. She had some major problems. Good luck Edward.


“Are you sure you’re okay? I can take you home if you want?” Angela requested.


I opened the door and threw my bag into the passenger seat.


“I’m fine, Angela. Don’t worry about it. If I get dizzy again, I’ll stop and call you. I have your number on my cell.”


“Okay…” she didn’t seem so convinced.


I gave her a hug, hoping that she could let this go. “Don’t worry. I’m okay right now.”


She hugged me back before she left me alone.


I turned on the truck and carefully left the school property into the opened road. I couldn’t help but start thinking what just happened today. Did I really faint when Jessica told me Edward say yes to her? I shook my head. Everything was wrong to me. Jessica didn’t deserve to be with Edward. She only cares about herself. The only reason why she wants to date Edward was to show everyone she had the hottest guy in the whole world and he wanted her back. I don’t believe that Edward wants her. There had to be another reason why…


Sheesh. I need therapy.


Rather than let that whole problem come into my head, I focused what had happened in biology. Edward had tripped and was very close to my face. He wasn’t the clumsy type. He walked like a run-way model, knowing everything. Why did he struggle to walk toward the empty seat beside me? The desks weren’t so close to each other. His shoes weren’t untied. He knew where he was going.


I noticed then. He knew where he was going. He knew he was going to sit next to me. He knew that. While I stared at him, walking toward me, I made eye contact with him. He never let go of my eyes and I never let his. Even though we held each other’s eyes for a few moments, it was possible for him not to pay attention what he was doing. Like walking.


A smile appeared in my face. It was nice to imagine Edward Cullen only focusing on me, causing him to lose balance.


But then Jessica said Edward yes to her.


And now my smile had disappeared.


I parked the car and entered the house, not caring if the door was locked. I threw my bag in the kitchen and sat on the comfy sofa in the living room. I let my mind wonder off, thinking how close Edward’s face was only inches from mine. Too bad he was only a few inches left.

loved it!! :D
Yay! That's great ! :D

awwww , i wisht that he would just ask her out already , we all know jessica isnt what he wants . . . . .

 i loved it though . . .  cant wait tilll next chappy  


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