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Chapter 1


I’m shaking but manage to get it open and take it out. I read the instructions and does as it says. I put it on the sink and wait... Waiting seems like an eternity yet it also seems like 2 seconds. I closed my eyes and picked it up and brought the test to my face. I waited there for a while then finally opened my eyes. Pregnant, I was pregnant. I dropped the test on the floor (luckily my parents weren’t home so no one heard me drop it.)
I put my hands over my mouth. I dropped to my knees on my bathroom floor with my hands still buried in my face, and then… I started to cry.
I don’t know how long I waited there waiting for my body to take control of myself. It felt like days, as I glanced at my watch I was disappointed when I realized it had nearly been an hour. An hour since I discovered I was pregnant. A 6 year old, in a 16-year-old’s body. If I was normal maybe I could fathom this, but how am I suppose to live with this.
I heard someone enter the house downstairs. I prayed to whatever god there was that it wasn’t my parents.
“Aryn? Where are you?” I heard Mason call.
“I’m in the bathroom, don’t come in.” I barely managed to yell so he could hear me all the way downstairs.
I heard him make his way up the stairs and approach the bathroom door. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, go away.” I started to cry once more. How is he going to take this? Is he going to be full of joy or in complete denial?
“Aryn, open this door right now or I will kick it down.” he threatened.
Maybe some clues would help him so I wouldn’t have to full out tell him. “I’m sitting against this door, if you knock it down your going to hurt us.”
I nearly yelled.
“Who’s in there with you?” he demanded.
“Your not getting the point!” I yelled through the door.
“Then tell me god dammit!” I can’t take this anymore.
I opened the door to see a very angry and confused Mason at the door. He looked into the bathroom to see no one there.
“I thought you said someone was in there with you?”
“I did.” I stated, hopping he would understand where I was going with this.
“Then where is he or she?”
I looked down to my stomach and laid my hands over my abdomen. “Right here.” I whispered, I could feel the tears running down my face.
“Oh.” Was all he said? I was worried he was upset with me. It took all my will power to look up to see his face.
He had the biggest smile I have ever seen him have. “Say something, please.” I begged from him, the silence was everlasting.
He grabbed me in a hug and whispered in my ear, “I love you.” Which made me cry more. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, with him by my side.
“Why would you be worried about this? Do you not want this?” he placed his hand on my stomach, looking down, eyes pleading.
I felt my baby move when he spoke. She stopped when he stopped talking. “Say that again.” I pleaded. As I placed my hands over his and pushed harder, “Just say it again.”
“What are you doing?” he asked me, very confused.
I felt her move again, “Did you feel that?” I asked smiling up to him. His eyes were full of joy as he saw my heartwarming smile.
“Yeah, yeah I did.” I reached up onto my toes and hissed him as passionately as possible. Just then we heard the door downstairs open.
“Aryn, can you come here? Me and your mother have important news.” Uh oh. Maybe they knew I was having this baby.
“Time to face the Calvary my love.” I whispered and chuckled as Mason removed himself from my body.
We walk downstairs hand in hand; I saw my mother and father sitting on the couch with big yet worried smiles brightening their faces. “What’s going on mom?”
“Please sit down darling.” My mother replied her worried tone scared me.
I sat next to her on the couch and waited for an explanation as to why they are happy and excited.
“Aryn, you know we love you, and I don’t want you to feel left out with what we are about to tell you…”
I nodded a sign of recognition as Mason squeezed my hand.
My mom was about to say something but no words came out. “Alec?” she pleaded for him to continue.
“Aryn, your getting a new baby brother. Your mother is pregnant, we didn’t want you to feel left out in the next couple of months to a year. Cause things are going to be a little crazy around here.” I looked to Mason, maybe now would be the best time to tell my parents that we are having a baby.
“Go ahead.” He whispered with a small smile on his lips.
“You don’t have to worry about me feeling left out, because Mason and I are going to be a little busy ourselves…” I waited hoping they would catch on; my mother spoke first.
“Aryn, are you telling me what I think you are?” she looked generally worried but my father. He had that look in his eye, the ‘you touched my baby girl’ look as he was glaring at my Mason.
“I’m pregnant,” I looked into Mason’s eyes, “We’re having a baby.” I finished my sentence, as tears of joy rolled down my cheek. I heard my father growl as my mother fell completely silent.

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loooovvvvveeeee it!!!!!! sry i havn't ben here will b bak officially July 7th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, it's ok :D
she is going to have a little brother! :O
I hope her father does not kill Mason!!!!
please post more soon!
Haha yup and we will!
Haha, we will update as soon as possible :)
wow!!!! i loooved it!
Thank you :D
I thought she wouldn't want it for a minute. But then I was happy that they both want it. I love the parents reaction. Great job. Oh and love the profile picture. xD
Kendra ♥☼♥♫♥♪
Thanks you :D. I love Supernatural <3
Haha, I guess you could say that
I dont know what you want to do shelby. you can either delete forbidden love or be a big girl and talk to me so we can write this. it doesnt matter to me anymore

It's been wayyyyyyyyy to long and I know a lot of you have probably forgotten about us. I'm really sorry guys but some stuff happened and we (and/or I) are hopeing to get back into things.




Forbidden Love: The Next Generation

Chapter 2

“What the hell did you do to my daughter you mongrel?” My father hollered on the top of his lungs, he was right in Mason’s face, as Mason held me behind him.
My mother was still in a state of shock. I was worried about her, she had yet to move an inch during this whole encounter.
Was she upset with me? Was she scared for me?Was she on the brink of insanity? All of this new information leashed on me in the past few months has been a little too much to handle. I don’t know how to deal with this. Is this stress really that good for my baby?
I looked over at Mason. Our baby. I was stressing out our baby all because of this supernatural crap. Supernatural crap? Where did that come from? I feel like my mind is in two difforent places and I cant focus on the problem at hand, what is wrong with me?
I looked over at Mason and I could see the anger radiating off of him. He looked like he could phase at any moment and I knew he wouldn’t want that to happen.
Mason spoke up just then. “Listen Alec, if I phase right here I’m going to hurt your wife, my girlfriend, and the 2 unborn children inside them, do you want me to do that?” My father shrank back on his heels and looked back at my mother.
My mother who was staring off into space, if I couldn’t see and hear her breathing I would assume she would be dead. Im hoping this wont hurt and please let her be ok. My father tried to get her to speak to him. “Leah? Leah, can you hear me?” My father got down to her level and was shaking her by the shoulders.
She kept staring off into space like she couldn’t hear a word he was saying.
“Mom? Are you okay?” she started blinking and then turned to look at me, I sighed since she was ok.
A single tear rolled down her cheak. “My baby, my baby is having a baby?” she asked my father. My father slowely nodded his head. We could see how sad he was to admit this to himself. My mother started shaking her head no. “It’s late, and im tired. We will talk about this tomorrow.”
As my parents stood to walk upstairs Mason cleared his throat. “I hate to be a bother Leah but, I would really like Carlisle to check Aryn out, if that’s ok?” A piece of me wondered if that what he really wanted. When my mother and his eyes met I felt there was a silent conversation going on between them.
My mother then looked from Mason to myself. “I want you back and in your own bed tonight. Alone.” I smiled a little at the last part and nodded my head.
Mason pulled me out of the house and brought me to his car. We had a silent yet peaceful drive to the Cullen’s house. I guess moments like this were the ones I held most dear to myself. The fact that he’s here going through this with me means the world to me. Mason and I felt in this moment like we were ment to be. As I held his hand in mine and felt the energy run through us, I knew he could feel this too. This felt like one of those moments when, if you wernt the couple experiencing it, your would have to look away. At this moment he felt like my soul mate, my other half.
I lifted his hand to my lips and gently kissed it. That smell, his smell, was radiating off of him. I could die today a happy woman with just this one smell, and the feeling of what his skin did to my lips when I kissed him. The silence was broken by his smooth voice.
“What was that for?” He asked as he took his hand from mine, just to wrap it around my waist.
I snuggled into him and simply replied, “I just love you, don’t ask me why. Putting words to this makes it feel less like a fairytale.”
Mason kissed me on top of my head, pausing for the shortest of a second to smell my own smell. “I love you too, I will always be forever yours.”
Soon we were pulling into the long driveway to the cullen house. Mason pulled me closer to him and I turned to look over at my darling boyfriend. Boyfriend. Im having his baby and yet here I am still calling him my boyfriend? I knew it sounded corney but he was my soul mate. My eternal love, forever.
“Are you ready?” he asked me, a smile on his broad lips. I leaned in to kiss him, a small peck on the lips, but to us this felt like everything.
“As ready as I will ever be. Or should I say… we?” I looked down to my abdomin which was slightly swollen into a delicate baby bump. “The question is, are you ready… daddy?” Mason got out and walked over to my side of the truck and opened my door, a small smile playing on his lips. He then wrapped his arm around me, but instead up resting his hand on my hip, he rested it on my belly and our baby moved inside of me. She was fluttering around like a bunch of butterfly wings.
I looked up to Mason, to see the look of recognation as he felt our baby move at his touch. We walked to the house and Edward answered the door with a smile on his face too, “Congradulations” he whispered as he let us in.
“Do they know?” I asked him. I was so worried that some of them wouldn’t approve. What if this isnt accepted by them? What about my baby? Our baby?
“Aryn calm down. Only Carlisle knows, I thought you would want to tell them yourselves, they are all out hunting at the moment.” He smiled once more, “Carlisle is in his study. Just go right up.”
“Thank you,” this time Mason answered for me. Maybe he could sence how much stress I was under.
I started my way up the stairs, only to feel Mason not with me anymore. I turned to see him and edward shoulder to shoulder looking at me.
“Go hunny, you can do this. I have to stay here and talk to Edward about something.” The look of urgency was written all over his face. My hand instantly went to my stomache and I felt all my muscles tense.
“Okay, love you.” I said, I don’t know if he could hear the shakyness of my voice. To me it felt as if that’s all you could hear.
I started my way up the stairs to Carlisles study, the only thing running through my head at that exact moment. My friends. I hope they are having a normal night, what am I going to tell them?



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