The Twilight Saga

Ellie's fallen hard and fast for Elijah Cullen. Hes fallen for her to, but he has a secret. Hes half human half vampire, adopted by Rosalie and Emmett. Cousin to Renesmee. What will happen next?


-Chapter One-




I could feel his eyes on me, so deceptive, so eerie. So beautiful. I nibbled on a french fry, and looked down at my blue tray, trying to transfix my mind on something else. I couldn't though, and I looked up, watching as he smirked at me. My stomach clenched. It was like some game to him. A game I loved.


“Are you okay?” Janet asked, and I looked up, shrugging my shoulders.


“Yeah, why wouldn't I be?” I swallowed hard, and chugged down some Diet Pepper.


“I know what you and Eli are doing you know. Why don't you just go over there and talk to him?” She curled a piece of her loose brown hair behind her ear and looked at me questioningly, raising her left brow.


“Not happening.” I said, and got up, taking my tray to the lunch ladies. As I started to walk out of the lunch room, I felt cold hands around my waist.


“Hello.” Someone whispered, and I knew exactly who it was. Elijah Cullen.


“Eli, what are you doing?” I asked him, staring at the floor. I hoped nobody was watching us.


“I wanted to uh, ask you a quick question.” His voice sounded strained, and I sighed, closing and opening my eyes a few times.


“And the question is?”


“That will be for a later time, Eleanor.” Without another word he was gone, leaving tingles where his arms had been. Oh, hot, dang.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


My feet carried me down the sidewalk, and I held my slung on back with pale hands, breathing deeply as the cold air chilled my legs. Eli was so, different. Spontaneous. Intuitive. Sexy, even. After a few more steps I opened my front door and slid inside, my mother greeting me.


“Hello, dear! How was your day?” She asked, and I shrugged, laying my bag onto the kitchen chair.


“It was good. Oh, Janet wanted to know if she could spend the night tomorrow."


“Of course, shes always welcome here.” She smiled a huge smile, and I smiled back, starting for the stairs. I needed a good nap to collect of my thought. I entered my room quickly, turning on my iPod as I slipped the head phones over my head. Black escape my eye lids as I fell into sleep, Escape The Fate pounding into my ears.

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Sounds good. Please continue:)
Awesome!!! Please keep me updated!!!
Oh yay it's back! I loved this story so much! I can't wait for more! =D

-Chapter Two-




Dang, I thought, she was cute. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as the teacher scrolled notes on the board I had already known from years before. Her eyes reverted from her paper to the words on the board and then back to her paper. Oh, how I desperately wanted to see those pretty eyes. With a sigh, I rubbed my eyes, looking out the window beside me. Bleak and dreary, as usual. I ruffled some of my dark hair back, slumping in my seat. Boring.


“Hey man.” I heard somebody whisper beside me, and I turned quickly, nodding. It was Zeke, my sort of friend. Among many circumstances. “I could so have a human right now.” He whispered into my ear, a nasty grin coming to his face. I glared at him, elbowing him in the side.


“Quiet down, Zeke. You'll expose us, you idiot.” I whispered yelled to him, to low for the teacher to hear, and he sneered, flipping some black hair back.


“Take a joke, man. I'm not that stupid. I am apart of The Volturi and would never go against there laws.” I shrugged, breathing in a ragged breath. The Volturi. I shivered at the name, and felt the reminding pictures of death. Of heat break. Of Janella. Chill ran down my spine, and I felt beads of sweat coat my brow. Calm down Eli, I said, trying to coax myself. Calm down. My hands wound themselves into my brown hair, and I started tugging at it, lowly growling.


“Dude, are you okay?” I heard Zeke ask, but it felt distant. Very distant. My eyes started burning, and I blinked roughly, tugging my hair some more. Calm down, I told myself again, but I knew I couldn't hold myself any longer. Then the door creaked open with a bang, and I saw my Aunt Alice standing there. She smiled warmly and I nodded at her.


“Excuse me. But miss shouldn't you be in class?” The teacher asked Alice, but she shook her pixie cut head.


“Our father wants us home immediately. Family has come to visit.” She slipped a pass into her hand, and walked over to me. I pulled my hands out of my hair, and stood up, shaking slightly. “Come on, Elijah. It'll be okay.” She whispered lowly into my ear as we left the room. I could feel Ellie's eyes on me, and I wished I could look back. I didn't though, walking forward slowly as I felt cold rush over my body. The door slammed shut, and I finally snapped, tremors shaking my body as tears formed under my eyelids. The pain was worse then before.

-Chapter Three-




What had happened to Eli? One minuet hes all cool talking to Zeke, and then hes almost dying inside. I could just feel the pain that radiated off of his body as his sister Alice took him out of the classroom, and it made me sick. What had happened to him, I wondered silently, and turned to Janet next to me.


“What's wrong with Eli?” I asked her quietly, and she shrugged.


“Probably puberty. You know ho boys are.” I certainly knew it wasn't puberty, but she could be on to something. The bell rang then, and I gathered my stuff up. Thank god school was over. With quick preparation I slid everything into my locker and shut it, following the way down the street. I didn't feel like going home with Eli on my mind. My mother would to be jolly to. Not that I didn't like it, I just needed a break once in awhile. Slowly I looked around myself as I found the peak of the woods. Nobody watching. I slipped inside, running quickly to find the spot where I loved most. It was a cave, with a bunch of grass covering the ground, and a dead tree stump sat next to it. Smiling at the memory, I ran quicker, licking my lips.


My breath was ragged as I reached the spot, and my eyes flew open. What?



-Chapter Four-




She left me. She left me cold and barren and broken beyond repair. I hated her. I hated her with the deepest feelings I could fathom. I loved her also, why? Because I just did. She wasn't always a heartless, putrid monster. Not until the very end.


(Flash Back)


Elijah,” She whispered to me as I wrapped my arms around her, loving the feeling of her marble skin against my own. “I love you my darling.”


As do I.” Her lips embraced mine with a soft kiss, and we swayed back and forth upon the stone ball room. She wore a silk dark blue dress the fell to the floor at her black stilettos, and a necklace dangled from her neck. I had given it to her a few months prior, and I smiled broadly as it hung there. It made people know she was mine. All mine and nobody could take her from me.


(Flash Back End)


A ton of lies, I thought as I gritted my teeth. She was never really mine, no, she was nobody's at all. She was to full of hate to let anyone in. I had set my heart up for death the first time I kissed those rose petal lips. My body shook, and I felt sobs rip my throat. I was crying like a baby, tears streaming down my face as I felt the pain. The pain of a thousand losses. Sweat dripped down my bare back, and my hair was damp. I can't go on like this, I thought, I can't. Its killing me. Pulling myself up, I dragged my body towards my shower, turning it on heat. It was scolding, but I didn't care, just standing there listening to the water run. Anything to get my mind off of her.


Nobody bothered me for the rest of the evening. They knew better then I did that it was best.



I sat down in my chair, looking through my old journal from Volterra. It was old, a year or so. My eyes scanned the yellow colored page as I read my past words.


Dear Journal,


Shes all I think about. Jane that is. The way she walks, the way her sweet voice lingers even now in my ears. The piercing gaze she gives me with her crimson orbs. God, I can't get enough of it. Oh great, shes coming. Write more soon. Farewell.



Elijah Dale Cullen


I grunt at the page. I was so foolish back then, young, stupid. My parents had always made me think that love was just a bunch of daisies that I could pick and keep in a vase forever. Well, my daises wilted to black and decayed. Like love does usually. It rots. With a sigh I shut the leather journal and flung it into my closet, ripping open my window sill. It was time to hunt.


My fingers braced the window pane, and I breathed a deep gluttony breath, diving out and onto the dark grass under me. I acted quickly, running deep into the forest in the blink of an eye. My throat burned with need. Growls escaped my throat in chilling sounds, and I blinked, snarling as almost ran into a tree. I hate trees.


Stopping, I leaned against the pads of my feet, waiting. Then there it was, like a tiny pitter patter of a mouse. The heart of something. I sniffed the air and turned to North, taking off. My pace quickened with every step, mouth watering at the scent. So close, I thought to myself, so close. I felt it first before I knew what had happened, and my teeth ripped deep into its jugular, red hot liquid seeping into my mouth in rolling waves. I groaned in ecstasy, oh this was amazing. I drank and drank until the animal was dry, and I threw it against a tree next to me, cracking its back.


Fully consumes with myself I lowered my back against the same tree, wiping my mouth and sleeve with my jacket, leaning my head back.


“Eli?” I knew that voice. Oh no. Ellie.

Omg Whats gonna happen next? I love it! Keep me updated.
You'll have to find out. lmbo. :D
Is it rude to demand more? ;D
Maybe. XD I'm working on the next chapter now.(:

-Chapter Six-




She was mine. Ellie was mine. I sat beside Ren as Jasper answered the door, Zeke running in. His face was worried with creases, and he looked sullen.


“Eli,” He said, puffing out words as if he was tired. “I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to-”


I cut him off.


“Its fine, lets just forget about it. I have more things to think about.” A familiar grin formed on his lips, and he beamed, running up and tackling me. He may be of the Volturi, but he was nice.


“Idiots.” Muttered Ren, and she hissed, standing up as she pressed down her wrinkled T-shirt. Her eye brow ring shone at me, and I smirked, sticking my tongue out.


“Oh come on Rennie, be happy.” She snorted, walking out, but I knew she was smiling. She always would at her nickname.


“So, there are some orders of business to attend to.” Zeke said, straightening up beside me, a serious tone to his voice. “Some other members of the coven our coming to check out that I've done a good job.” My mind flashed to Janella, but I quickly pushed it down, swallowing roughly. As if he saw my mood change, he shook his head. She would not be coming.


“Delia will be, and so will Avril and Jensen.” He said, and I nodded. Delia and Avril were good company. “Make sure to keep an eye on Jensen. Please.” I was about to ask why, but I decided not to. It was none of my business. Yet.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *


They arrived two days later, silk robes clinging to them. Delia showed no emotion as she floated in, black hair slicking down her back, and lightly tanned skin showing her Italian genus. Lips pursed, she nodded to me, and I nodded back, biting the inside of my cheek.


“Welcome to our home, friends.” Grandpa Carlisle said, a warm smile clinging to his gold orbs as the lights shone across his golden hair, creating blinding beauty for everyone. Grandma Esme stood beside him, a polite, shy smile touching her soft lips as she brushed some dark curls over her shoulder, pale hands smoothing down her silk sun dress.


“Thank you Carlisle, I see the hybrids are growing well?” Avril spoke in a soft hum, eyes darting from Renesmee then back to me. Curling white nails across her arm, her pale ringlets bounced rhythmically, and she lightly licked her lips, making me go cold all over.


It was this side of Avril that made me mad, the side she tried to get me for herself. Like I was some prize she had to win over. To seduce, or a dress she had to crane onto her white, milky frame. I looked down at my shoes, feeling anger pulse through me. Disgusting.


Very much so. Renesmee has stopped growing all together, and were seeing if her and her mate will be able to conceive in the next year or two.” I heard Edward growl behind me, and the brush of cloth from Bella comforting him, her soft murmured words unreadable. “Elijah will be full grown in six more months.” I could feel everybody's eyes on me, and I looked up, meeting Avril's eyes again.


There it was. The small flicker of an eye lid. A little wink. I growled, and shot her a look. I knew she would stop. She always did.


Well be sure to show up to the celebration Carlisle,” The boy said, brushing some dark hair back. He looked to be half American and half Korean. So peculiar. “By the way I'm Jensen.” For a moment my mind flickered back to what Zeke had told me, but I brushed it off. He was a member of the guard. He would never hurt anybody who followed the rules. The men's hands brushed with a shake, and then they moved into the kitchen. I didn't follow, feeling a weight lifted off of my shoulders. Off to visit Ellie.


Below are pictures of the new characters:

Delia :D


Avril :3


Jensen ^_^

please continue. i <3 it



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