The Twilight Saga

Ellie's fallen hard and fast for Elijah Cullen. Hes fallen for her to, but he has a secret. Hes half human half vampire, adopted by Rosalie and Emmett. Cousin to Renesmee. What will happen next?


-Chapter One-




I could feel his eyes on me, so deceptive, so eerie. So beautiful. I nibbled on a french fry, and looked down at my blue tray, trying to transfix my mind on something else. I couldn't though, and I looked up, watching as he smirked at me. My stomach clenched. It was like some game to him. A game I loved.


“Are you okay?” Janet asked, and I looked up, shrugging my shoulders.


“Yeah, why wouldn't I be?” I swallowed hard, and chugged down some Diet Pepper.


“I know what you and Eli are doing you know. Why don't you just go over there and talk to him?” She curled a piece of her loose brown hair behind her ear and looked at me questioningly, raising her left brow.


“Not happening.” I said, and got up, taking my tray to the lunch ladies. As I started to walk out of the lunch room, I felt cold hands around my waist.


“Hello.” Someone whispered, and I knew exactly who it was. Elijah Cullen.


“Eli, what are you doing?” I asked him, staring at the floor. I hoped nobody was watching us.


“I wanted to uh, ask you a quick question.” His voice sounded strained, and I sighed, closing and opening my eyes a few times.


“And the question is?”


“That will be for a later time, Eleanor.” Without another word he was gone, leaving tingles where his arms had been. Oh, hot, dang.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


My feet carried me down the sidewalk, and I held my slung on back with pale hands, breathing deeply as the cold air chilled my legs. Eli was so, different. Spontaneous. Intuitive. Sexy, even. After a few more steps I opened my front door and slid inside, my mother greeting me.


“Hello, dear! How was your day?” She asked, and I shrugged, laying my bag onto the kitchen chair.


“It was good. Oh, Janet wanted to know if she could spend the night tomorrow."


“Of course, shes always welcome here.” She smiled a huge smile, and I smiled back, starting for the stairs. I needed a good nap to collect of my thought. I entered my room quickly, turning on my iPod as I slipped the head phones over my head. Black escape my eye lids as I fell into sleep, Escape The Fate pounding into my ears.

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-Chapter Seven-




The weekend. Oh, it was like a fresh breath of mint in my face. I sat there on my bed quietly, pink tank top clinging to my back. Mom had went to work hours earlier, so I had the rest of the day to myself. Janet, I thought. I would go to Janet's. Quickly I bustled out of my bed and went to my crisp clean closet, picking out some clothes. After a few minuets I settled on a blue flannel tee, and some dark gray skinny jeans. I hoped I looked good.


The shower water was hot on my skin, and I smiled into the warm embrace, washing my red hair slowly. Then I washed my body, cleansing it from the dirt. I felt clean. After I was dried off and dressed I walked into the kitchen.


“Well hello.” Somebody said. I screamed, turning around. There was Eli, a smirk on his pale face, eyes sparkling at my noise.


“Hey.” I said once I caught breath, and I walked up to him. In one quick movement he hugged me close to him, breathing deeply into me. I hugged him back close to me. I had no idea if we were together or not, but this was good. Really good.


“I missed you.” He whispered, and I breathed in his scent. Raspberries. Mmmm.


“I missed you to, Eli.” His name was like honey on my taste buds, and when he let go I felt like pouting. He was so warm.


“So, do you wanna hang out today?” He asked after a few minuets of silence.



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