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This is about Ellie, a human, and Eli, a half vampire hybrid falling in love. He was adopted by Rosalie and Emmett, and goes to public school with Renesmee, his cousin. Please read, oh, and if you would please make banners! lolz, would be greatly appriciated! :)

He was watching me, I could feel it. His eyes, blue green, stared at me as I ate my lunch, and I suddenly felt self conscious. Why would I though? I was pretty, I knew that. Why was I feeling like this then? Fidgeting in my seat, I toyed with the French fry in my hand, not hungry anymore. Looking up from my tray, my eyes met his, and I couldn't stop myself from staring. He was gorgeous. Brown hair ruffled, eyes laced with a darkening emotion. I didn't know what. His mouth was turned up into a smirk that showed his white teeth, and it chilled my spine to see them. They were just so clean, like he hadn't just eaten a whole hamburger in a matter of seconds.
"What are you doing Ellie?" Someone asked, and I turned, looking away from him. It was my friend Janet who had spoke, and she looked at me curiously.
"You and Eli were staring at each other again. Is there something going on between you two?" I shook my head at her, how could she think that? Me and him never talked. He was a Cullen, and I was just a Mathew, unimportant. Getting up from the table, I tossed my left over lunch in the trash, walking out. I didn't feel like being stared at anymore.
I was sitting in History when he walked in, saying he had been transfered. Transfered, eh? He quickly sat down next to me, getting out his History book and turning to chapter four. Molly read the first paragraph, but I took no attention to her, bothered that Eli was sitting next to me. Why would he sit by me? There was an empty seat next to Margret, and she was way prettier then me.
"Hey" Eli whispered, and I turned to him, staring blankly.
"Hey?" I didn't mean it to come out as a question.
"So, I hear your single" I nodded, looking down.
"What about it?"
"I was wondering, would you like to, I don't know, go on a date Friday night?" I was speechless. Eli Cullen wanted to go on a date with me, Ellie Mathews. This has to be a dream.
"Um, sure. 8:00 sound good?" He smiled at me, showing his teeth again.
"Perfect" Then he turned back around. What just happened?
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I will
I'll try

I'm sorry for not updating in such a long time, I've just a had ALOT of things to do! I have choir concerts out the ying yang, 4 more this weekend :/ and I'm failing Math, lolz. I've created a new story, called Kissing Stars. Check it out! :)

Chapter Eight




When I awoke Eli lay against me, hair a mess and lips pursed, a sleepy grin set. I couldn't help but smile, rubbing my thumb against his white cheek.


"Wake up Elijah." I murmured, and his eyes flew open, blue green alarmed. When he saw me though, he smiled again, kissing me lightly on the lips and getting up from my bed. He made his way to my window. "Where are you going?"


"Home, my family must be wondering where I am. I'll see you at school." I nodded and he jumped out, disappearing in the gray day. Sighing loudly, I stepped from my bed, going to my closet and picking out a pair of black skinny's, a long sleeved stripped black shirt, and some other things. I pulled on my bar, then my awesome shirt, then skinny's and my socks. Finally, after 5 minuets, I pulled on my converse, and then picked up my brush. I pulled it through my straight hair till it was free from nots, then sat it down and walked out of my room, seeing my mom wasn't there and then pulled the bag over my shoulder. Then I left, walking on the stone sidewalk and quickly making my way to school.





As I came into view of the house, I breathed in deeply. Uncle Ed could already hear my thoughts, and he was probably telling everyone I was back. Great, now we had to talk about Ellie's change. Great. I pulled open the door, walking into the living room, seeing everyone there. Grandpa and Grandma were standing by the couch, which sat Mom and dad and Ren. Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper were sitting in front of it, facing Aunt Bella and Uncle Ed. Yep, they were all there.


"Hey, what's up?" Alice giggled, running and jumping up to me.


"I have a new niece and daughter! Yay!" I laughed, and then went to sit by Bella and Edward, who gave me a strong look.


"What?" I asked up him, and he shook his head, putting his finger to the bridge of his nose. Bella put a hand on his huge one, rubbing it and murmuring something in his ear I couldn't decipher. "So, when is she going to be changed?" I asked, and then Mom gasped, shaking her head.


"Shes not going to."


"What?" I stared at her, pain in my eyes.


"You heard me Elijah, we can't. With the new baby we have no room." That was a lie, I would know, there are a lot of rooms.


"Thats a lie Mom. You know it is. You just don't want another one like Aunt Bells." My voice was stone, and she gasped, looking at me shocked.


"Don't speak to your mother that way." Dad said, I just shook my head, running upstairs and slamming the door. Oh joy to the world!

be careful with the language other than  you did a great good. I really would like to know how this b aby look and where did  he/she came from. History!!!


update soon please!



poooorr eli!!! aww

Chapter Nine




She arrived a few days later, blonde hair course, a bubbly smile on her placid features. Her name was Anna, which she told us when she was settled in her room, right next to Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper's.


"I'm so glad your helping me. It's not like I don't want to mother this child. But I just can't do it. Thank you so much." She shook Grandpa's hand and smiled again, rubbing her visible bump. She was huge, to say that least. Really, really big.


"Hey, Eli," Renesmee whispered in my ear. "lets blow this place, I need to hunt." I nodded as  an evil grin came to her face, and we took off out the window, running into the rumble of trees. Running fast, Renesmee passed me, a devilish smile on her face as she passed me. She always had Uncle Ed's speed. "What, can't keep up?" She said cockily, running backwards and flipping into the air. Without a second thought she jumped on a deers back, crushing its neck and drinking. I didn't stay to look, jumping on my own meal and moaning as the taste of rancid blood came into my mouth. It cooled the burn, but never took it away completely. Soon I was finished, and I threw the carcass on the ground, smirking as Renesmee brushed the back of her hand on her mouth.


"You know what Renesmee?"


"What Elijah?" I grimaced at the nickname, to which she smiled innocently. Innocent my butt.


"Ellie has to be changed, and if there not going to do it, I am." Renesmee nodded, shaking her head and tossing a curl over her shoulder.


"What about this weekend?" I was shocked, Renesmee was actually helping?


"Aren't you going to tell the others? I thought you were Ms. Goody goody." I stuck my tongue out at her.


"Um, no. You obviously don't know me well.' She paused, turning to me fully. "I'm dating Jake, I have a piercing, and to top it all off, I hang with the skaters. Now, lets start planning." I nodded, not saying anything.


"So, where are we doing this thing?" She laughed.


"You sound like were talking about loosing your virginity. Anyway, what about Forks, Washington? We use to live there. They'll never think to look either." I nodded, she has thought this through. After a moment, I opened my mouth, and she shook her head. "I got Dad covered, he won't know a thing. Trust me." I just nodded, and smirked.


"You've thought this through, haven't you?"


"You have no idea." The rest of the day we spent talking about nothing. It was very relaxing.


Hope you like it! haha, just needed a little inside thing, and a little what would happen next, haha:)

Chapter Ten



"What?" I was shocked.

"This weekend, the baby's going to be delivered, and my family won't follow
us. I want to be with you forever Ellie." Eli looked at me with
blue green eyes full of passion, and I couldn't say no.


“Okay Eli, so your saying I'm going to become a vampire under your parents wishes?” I curled a finger around my red mess, sighing a lazy smile.


“Exactly. Come on lets start packing.” I nodded as he pulled out a suitcase, stuffing random pieces of clothing in. “This is taking to long, we'll just buy you
some clothes when we get there.” He said, throwing the suitcase
back in my closet and pulling me up and downstairs.


“What is wrong with you Eli?” I said, laughing as I was plopped into a stool. Eli handed me a bowl and some cereal and milk. What, I can't get it myself? “I'm not a
baby Elijah, I can get it.” We both laughed, and I stuffed a spoon
full of cereal into my mouth, throwing the rest away. No reason to
eat when your super hot vampire boyfriend is here.


“So, your okay with us making the trip? Renesmee and Jacob are going to be there.” I nodded, and then asked him a serious question.


“Who's Jacob?”


“Renesmee's boyfriend, a shape shifter.” I nodded, and then giggled, having an idea. I slowly crawled on top of him, legs on his legs, and we were soon chest to
chest. Eli's eyes bugged out, and I could feel his heart beat against
me, super, super fast. Without warning I kissed him, roughly and
passionately, my fingers in his hair. We stayed like that for awhile,
just kissing, and then I felt something under me. It was Eli.


“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” I said, looking at him embarrassed.


“Its not my fault!” He said, smiling.


“Who's fault is it then?” I asked him, rubbing his face with my hand.


“Yours for being so sexy.” I blushed, getting up and letting Eli pull his shirt down, trying to hide the evidence of are little session. I sat next to him, head on
his shoulder, smiling. I was so glad we had break for Christmas, I
could spend a lot of time with Eli. “This trip is going to be
fantastic.” He said finally, and started to get up, being pulled
back by me.


“Where are you going?” I said, disappointment in my voice.


“Renesmee and I have to plan with Jacob, we'll all be back later. Promise.” He kissed me softly, and with a huge breeze, was gone. Leaving me alone. What shall I do now?

Chapter Eleven




I smiled as I sat up in bed, my head against the head board, and my ears filled with Uncle Ed's piano music. Dum de dum dum de, I thought, taking a swig of monster and setting it back down on my side table. As the music changed, I suddenly felt sick. But not in a ill sick way, an Ellie sick one. Ellie, i thought, I miss her so much. I slowly lifted the covers off my bed and jumped out my window, music still playing and monster left. I'd finish that later. The breeze chilled my short sleeved arms, and I breathed in a sharp breath, listening as the lyrics filled my ears. Soon enough though, I was at her house, knocking on her window to be let in. Nothing. I knocked again, this tiem a little louder, and then her red hair came into view, making my heart speed up. When she saw me she smiled, opening the window, letting me in.


"Hey." She said, taking in my boxers and T-shirt get up, giggling.


"Hey, I missed you." She nodded, and I took her into a hug, breathing in her scent as her heart beat with mine. She looked so beautiful as she looked up at me, lips pursed, eyes boring into mine and her red hair laying straightly by her face. "You have to be an angel." I said, my voice sounding weak and weirdly in awe. She blushed, leaning in.


"Kiss me." Her voice was but a whisper as I started to lean in, catching her lips on mine in a sweet embrace that would forever leave her imprint on my heart. It was sweet, gentle, anything  perfect could be and more, and I resisted the urge to groan out loud. It was done quickly after, to my dispair, and she layed her head against my chest, breathing in and out softly. I could tell she was asleep after a few moments, and I picked her up, laying her down on her bed and laying beside her, her grip on my shirt tightening as she whimpered in her sleep.


"Its okay Ellie, I'm not leaving," I whispered, kissing her forehead with my cool lips. "I'll never leave."


* * * * * * * ***** * * * * ***** * * *



When I woke up, Eli wasn't there, and I imedietly started to panick until a note caught my eyes. Picking it up, I started to read it.


Dear Ellie,


I'm sorry I left you babe, I had to go meet Ren and Jake. We'll all be there soon. I love you.

 - Eli


My heart skipped a beat as I read it, and I got up, pulling my multip-colored flower shirt on, and then my faded blue jeans. It all took to long and I quickly slipped on my "I <3 Nerds" converse, running down stairs and sittign on the couch, turning on the TV. Swiftly I turned through the channels, groaning as nothing good came up, turning it off. I smiled hugley as I heard a car, and then a knock. Eli, my mind sang, and I jumped up, running to the door and into the awaiting arms of him. He smelled good, like pine needles, wonder why.


"Hello gorgeous." I giggled, kissing him lightly.


"Hey, are we leaving now?" He nodded, and lead the way to his car, opening the back seat to me. I swiftly got in, clicking my seat belt at the same time as him, and we drove off. This is going to fun.


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