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Since I absolutely love both Twilight and City of Bones I am making a fanfic of both mixed together.

Here is how it is set up:

Edward Cullen(uh stays the same duh; the only other vampires are Esme, and Carlise; Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie do not exist nor do Simon, Isabelle and Alec):Vampire

Bella Swan:(also a mix of Clary Fray) Shadow Hunter

Jace Waylon: Shadow Hunter

Renee:(also a mix of Jocelyn) Shadow Hunter

Charlie:(also a mix of Luke) First a Shadow Hunter, then a Werewolf

Valentine:(stay the same; Bella's real farther): Shadow Hunter

Alice Brandon:Human(Bella's friend those who read City of Bones may call her Simon, but she's just Bella's friend; she does not change)

Hodge: Jace's tutor; Rouge Shadow Hunter

that's it I think

here is wat bella looks like i kinda messed up on giving instruction to the ppl who made banners for me bella looks like clary:


and here is wat jace looks like for those of u who don't know:



Summary: Bella's farther died before she was born, or at least that's what she thinks. She lives with her mother Renee and Renee's friend Charlie(Charlie is in love with Renee but Renee is clueless). Renee decides to move to Forks to get away from her past like she did when she had Bella. Bella often she's her mother crying and holding onto a box with the initials J. C. she believes the box belongs to her farther who died before she was born—or so as she is told by her mother. While in Forks she meets her new best friend, Alice. When they go to Pandemonium together Bella see's a strange boy carrying a knife. Alice doesn't see him but she goes to get the bouncers because Bella knows she saw the boy go into a closet. Bella follows him and watches as he kills what he calls a demon. After that she always see's him watching her. While trying to avoid the boy Bella bumps into the amazingly gorgeous Edward Cullen. She falls head over heals for him and instantly wants to know everything about him. Well while in her strange daydreaming about him she learns that the boy following her is a shadow hunter. His name is Jace and he has to take her to Hodge, because she now knows of the other world. She discovers that there was a life she never knew of and that her mother was also a shadow hunter, and so is she. No wonder she has the sight. While uncovering the horrible truth she slowly falls for Jace, but she also likes Edward. When she must choose between them she realizes that shadow hunters are basically the enemies of all mythical creatures. And then because of her being a shadow hunter she finds out she is in live with a vampire, and that he could despise her for being what she is. Will Edward and her stay together through the ups and downs; or will she choose Jace, who she barely knows and has more secrets than she knows?

Filled with excitement this may be the best fanfic I have written yet.

Tell me if you think I should wrote it, and if I get enough people to support it I will continue with this fanfic.

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sounds good but bummed emmet, rosalie, jasper, simon, isabelle and alec arent in it!!! :(
yeah but jyst cuz i lov e emmettt so much he might be in it
i can't put isabelle or alec in cuz its inevitable
Love the idea!

Write IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Keep me updated!


well hurry up & write it im dying with suspence!!!!! lol
okay okay
lemme start writting it geesh!!!!
lol thank u all 4 paintently waiting here is the short prologue i just wrote gonna work on the first chapter now:

Prologue(note: him is Jace; the other one/the one she loves is Edward)

The world had never seemed so dark to me, but I knew that the life I was living had always been dark. That there was always a lie in the corner, waiting for me. But the life I had lived was not always a lie, there were good things. But then again that was before I met him. Now, I must choose, and it's all because of the life I had already chosen. To him I would always be a mundane, living in a world where I didn't belong. But I was special to my other choice, the one I couldn't choose. You either choose the one you love—who I might end up killing—or you choose the one you know you should be with—who I barely met. And now the darkness takes over, and I am left alone in the world I do not belong. There is a single light in this world, but is it him? Or is it the one I love?
The choice is inevitable; I must choose one or the other, and I want both. But is both what I really need? Or do I need something else; something I haven't thought of yet? Either way a change was coming, and not the way I wanted it to.
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was very good.
Cant wait for the next chapter
i'll tell y'all something really cool

if i get 10 comments by Saturday morning(for me)
i will post saturday afternoon
well u already kno im wanting 2 read more...isnt that enough 4 u?!?! lol


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