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Since I absolutely love both Twilight and City of Bones I am making a fanfic of both mixed together.

Here is how it is set up:

Edward Cullen(uh stays the same duh; the only other vampires are Esme, and Carlise; Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie do not exist nor do Simon, Isabelle and Alec):Vampire

Bella Swan:(also a mix of Clary Fray) Shadow Hunter

Jace Waylon: Shadow Hunter

Renee:(also a mix of Jocelyn) Shadow Hunter

Charlie:(also a mix of Luke) First a Shadow Hunter, then a Werewolf

Valentine:(stay the same; Bella's real farther): Shadow Hunter

Alice Brandon:Human(Bella's friend those who read City of Bones may call her Simon, but she's just Bella's friend; she does not change)

Hodge: Jace's tutor; Rouge Shadow Hunter

that's it I think

here is wat bella looks like i kinda messed up on giving instruction to the ppl who made banners for me bella looks like clary:


and here is wat jace looks like for those of u who don't know:



Summary: Bella's farther died before she was born, or at least that's what she thinks. She lives with her mother Renee and Renee's friend Charlie(Charlie is in love with Renee but Renee is clueless). Renee decides to move to Forks to get away from her past like she did when she had Bella. Bella often she's her mother crying and holding onto a box with the initials J. C. she believes the box belongs to her farther who died before she was born—or so as she is told by her mother. While in Forks she meets her new best friend, Alice. When they go to Pandemonium together Bella see's a strange boy carrying a knife. Alice doesn't see him but she goes to get the bouncers because Bella knows she saw the boy go into a closet. Bella follows him and watches as he kills what he calls a demon. After that she always see's him watching her. While trying to avoid the boy Bella bumps into the amazingly gorgeous Edward Cullen. She falls head over heals for him and instantly wants to know everything about him. Well while in her strange daydreaming about him she learns that the boy following her is a shadow hunter. His name is Jace and he has to take her to Hodge, because she now knows of the other world. She discovers that there was a life she never knew of and that her mother was also a shadow hunter, and so is she. No wonder she has the sight. While uncovering the horrible truth she slowly falls for Jace, but she also likes Edward. When she must choose between them she realizes that shadow hunters are basically the enemies of all mythical creatures. And then because of her being a shadow hunter she finds out she is in live with a vampire, and that he could despise her for being what she is. Will Edward and her stay together through the ups and downs; or will she choose Jace, who she barely knows and has more secrets than she knows?

Filled with excitement this may be the best fanfic I have written yet.

Tell me if you think I should wrote it, and if I get enough people to support it I will continue with this fanfic.

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write more soon
LOVE IT!!!!!!

Chapter 5: Pandemonium prt 1
all of it is in blod srry because most of this stuff is from the book not all of it though :))

Alice and I wait in line we I am dressed in a short green dress that bring out my eyes with black heals, dangling green earrings,and a pattern of green and black bracelets, while Alice is in a red dress that is very beautiful on her with white heals, dangling red earrings, and a heart diamond necklace.
Bella's Outfit:

Alice's Outfit:
There is a boy with dyed blue hair in front of us. The bouncer eyes him up and down then sees the wooden like stake he is carrying and looks at him. “You can't take that in.”
“It's part of my costume.” the boy was wearing a red jacket and was carrying round a spear-like object that was wooden.
“And what would that be?”
“I'm a vampire hunter.”
“What you're carrying is a weapon.”
“It's rubber see?” he had it bend on the cement.
“Alright kid go on in.”
Alice looked at me and winked. “You thought he was cute. Didn't you?”
“Shut up.” but I didn't deny it.

* * *

Inside, the club was full of dry-ice smoke. Colored lights played over the dance floor, turning it into a multicolored fairyland of blues and acid greens, hot pinks and golds.
The boy in the red jacket stroked the long razor-sharp blade in his hands, an idle smile playing over his lips. It had been so easy—a little bit of a glamour on the blade, to make it look harmless. Another glamour on his eyes, and the moment the bouncer looked at him, he was in. Of course, he could probably gotten by without all that trouble, but it was part of the fun—fooling the mundies, doing it all out in the open right in front of them, getting off on the blank look on their sheeplike faces.
Not that the humans didn't have their uses. The boy's green eyes scanned the floor, where slender limbs clad in scraps of silk and black leather appeared and disappeared inside the revolving columns of smoke as the mundies danced. Girls tossed their long hair, boys swung their leather-clad hips, and bare skin glittered with sweat. Vitality just poured off them, waves of energy that filled him with a drunken dizziness. His lip curled. They didn't know how lucky they were. They didn't know what it was like to eke out life in a dead world, where the sun hung limp in the sky like a burned cinder. Their lives burned as brightly as candle flames—and were as easy to snuff out.
His hand tightened on the blade he carried, and he had begun to step out onto the dance floor when a girl broke away from the mass of dancers and began walking toward him. He stared at her. She was beautiful, for a human—long hair nearly the precise color of black ink, charcoaled eyes. Floor-length white gown, the kind women used to wear when this world was younger. Lace sleeves belled out around her slim arms. Around her neck was a thick silver chain, on which hung a dark red pendant the size of a baby's fist. He only had to narrow his eyes to know that it was real—real and precious. His mouth started to water as she neared him. Vital energy pulsed from her like blood from an open wound. She smiled, passing him, beckoning with her eyes. He turned to follow her, tasting the phantom sizzle of her death on his lips.
It was always easy. He could already feel the power of her evaporating life coursing through his veins like fire. Humans were so stupid. They had something so precious, and they barely safeguarded it all. They threw away their lives for money, for packets of powder, for a stranger's charming smile. The girl was a pale ghost retreating through the colored smoke. She reached the wall and turned, bunching her skirt up in her hands, lifting it as she grinned at him. Under the skirt, she was wearing thigh-high boots.
He sauntered up to her, his skin prickling with her nearness. Up close she wasn't so perfect: He could see the mascara smudged under her eyes, the sweat sticking her hair to her neck. He could smell her mortality, the sweet rot of corruption. Got you, he thought.
A cool smile curled her lips. She moved to the side, and he could see that she was leaning against a closed door. NO ADMITTANCE—STORAGE was scrawled across it in red paint. She reached behind her for the knob, turned it, slid inside. He caught a glimpse of stacked boxes, tangled wiring. A storage room. He glanced behind him—no one was looking. So much better if she wanted privacy.
He slipped into the room after her, unaware that he was being followed.

* * *

“So, pretty good music, eh?” Alice asked asked she swayed in time with the beat.
I didn't reply. People were all around dancing swaying some selling ecstasy. But I wasn't really paying attention I was staring right at the blue-haired boy who'd gotten his way into the club. (A/N:in city of bones she is writing in third person but I am better with first also what's in bold may not be exactly what's in the book but I am putting bold for it cuz it is somewhat from the book.) he was prowling through the crowd as if he was looking for something. There was something about the way he moved that reminded me of something...
“This is fun! Come on Bella!”
“Yeah it is.”
But I was still looking at the blue-haired boy not really paying attention to Alice. Suddenly his attention snapped up and looked at something—or some one. I followed his gaze and saw a girl in a white dress. Oh, well. I guess that's that.
But then I saw a shadow on the dance floor they were watching the girl in the white dress and the blue-haired boy, he was following him and the girl.
“I also wanted to tell you that I've been cross-dressing. Also I'm sleeping with Edward Cullen. Give me some props girl.
The girl had reached the wall, and was opening a door marked NO ADMITTANCE. It was odd that they were being followed by the boy. I raised up on my tiptoes trying to see past all the heads. The guy had reached the door. He was blond—there was something about him that reminded me of a lion—he reached into his jacket and pulled out something long and sharp, it flashed under the strobing lights. A knife. “Alice!”
“What? Oh come on I'm not sleeping with Edward Cullen, and you know it. I was just trying to get your attention.”
“Do you see that guy? Do you see that blond guy over by that door?”
Alice looked and shrugged, “I don't see anything.”
“He's over by that door. He was following the guy with the blue hair—”
“The one you thought was cute?”
“Yes, but that's not the point. He pulled a knife.”
“Are you sure?” she seemed kinda worried then she looked back over to the door, “I still don't see anyone.”
“I'm sure.” I must've looked kinda freaked because she looked at me and straightened up.
“I'll do get one of the security guards. Just stay here.”
I turned just in time to see the blond boy slip into the NO ADMITTANCE door. No one would hear if I screamed to alert them. And Alice was still getting the guard. I slipped through the crowd trying to get to the door.
* * *

“What's your name?”
She turned and smiled. “Isabelle.”
“That's a nice name. I haven't seen you before.”
“You're asking me if I come here often.” she giggled and covered her mouth with her hand. He realized that there was some sore of bracelet around her wrists. But as her neared her he realized it wasn't a bracelet, but a pattern inked into her skin.
He froze. “You—”
The door opened and he wasn't given a chance to finish. She was fast and she whipped out something like a whip and stopped him. He should've known. Human girls would never wear something like what Isabelle was wearing.
“He's all yours, Jace.”
There was laughter behind him and he saw a blond boy with a knife advancing on him. “So, are there any more with you?”
“Any other what?”
“Come on now. You know what I am.”
“Shadowhunter,” he hissed.
The blond boy had a grin on his face. “Got you.” he said.

* * *

I opened the door to the storage room and stepped inside. For a moment I thought it was deserted.
There's no one in here I realized. I took a step forward and got tangled in all the electrical wires. I sighed as I bent down to untangle the wires then there were voices. A girl's laugh, a boy answering sharply. Then I straightened up and saw them. (A/N: lolz here it comes the moment u have been waiting for.)
It was as if they had sprung into existence between one blink of my eyes and the next. There was the girl in the white dress, her black hair hanging down her back like damp seaweed. She had that boy with the blond hair standing in front of the punk boy, with his arms crossed over his chest. The punk boy's face was pulled tight with pain and fear.
I ducked behind a pillar trying to not let them see me. She watched as the blond boy pace back and forth his arms still at his chest. “So. You still haven't told me if there are any other of your kind with you.”
Your kind? I was highly confused what was he talking about?
“I don't know what you're talking about.” the blue-haired bot boy answered.
The dark-haired girl spoke up, “He means other demons. You do know what a demon is, don't you.”
the boy tied to the pillar turned his face away, his mouth working.
“Demons,” drawled the blond boy, tracing the word on the air with his finger. “Religiously defined as hell's denizens, the servants of Satan, but understood here, for the purposes of the Clave, to be any malevolent spirit whose origin is outside our own home dimension—”
“That's enough, Jace. Nobody here needs a lesson in semantics—or demonology.”
They're crazy, I thought to myself. Actually crazy.
Jace raised his head and smiled. There was something fierce about it something that reminded me of documentaries of lions stalking their prey. “Isabelle thinks I talk too much. Do you think I talk too much?”
The blue-haired boy didn't reply. His mouth was still working. “I could give you information. I know where Valentine is.”
“Valentine's in the ground. The thing's just toying with us.” Jace said.
Isabelle tossed her hair, “Kill it, Jace. It's not going to tell us anything.”
Jace raised his hand and I saw the dim light spark off the knife he was holding. It was oddly translucent, the blade clear as crystal, sharp as a shard of glass, the hilt set with red stones.
The bound boy gasped, “Valentine is back! All the Infernal Worlds know it—I know it—I can tell you where he is—”
Rage flared in Jace's icy eyes. “By the Angel, every time we capture one of you bastards, you claim you know where Valentine is. Well, we know where he is too. He's in hell. And you—” Jace turned the knife in his grasp, the edge sparking like a line of fire. “You can join him there.”
I couldn't take any more of this. I stepped from behind the pillar. “Stop! You can't do this.” I cried.
Jace whirled, so startled that the knife flew from his hand and clattered against the concrete floor. Isabelle turned along with him wearing an expression of astonishment. The blue-haired boy hung in his bonds, stunned and gaping.
It was the blue-haired boy who spoke first. “What's this?” he demanded looking around the room still in his bounds.
“It's a girl.” Jace said regaining his composer. “A mundie girl, and she can see us.”
“Of course I can see you. I'm not blind you know.” I said shocked these people had to be crazy.
“Oh but you are,” said Jace bending to pick up his knife. “You just don't know it.” He straightened up. “You'd better get out of here, if you know what's good for you.”
“I'm not going anywhere. If I do you'll kill him.” I pointed to the with the blue hair.”
“That's true,” admitted Jace, twirling the knife between his fingers. “What do you care if I kill him or not?”
“Be-because—,” I stuttered. “You can't just go around killing people.”
“You're right. You can't go around killing people.” he pointed to the boy with blue hair, whose eyes were slitted. I wondered if he fainted. “That's not a person, little girl. It may look like a person and talk like a person and maybe even bleed like a person. But it's a monster.”
“Jace.” Isabelle said warningly. “That's enough.”
“You're crazy. I've called the police, you know They'll be here any second.”
“She's lying,” said Isabelle, but she had doubt on her face as she looked at Jace. “Jace, do you—”
At that moment the blue-haired tore free of the restraints binding him to the pillar with a yowling cry. He then flung himself on Jace.
The fell to the ground and rolled together, the blue-haired boy tearing at Jace with hands that glittered as if tipped with metal. I backed away want so badly to run as fast as I could away from the scene, but my feet caught on a loop of wiring and I fell knocking the breath out of my chest. Isabelle was shrieking. Rolling over I saw the blue-haired boy on Jace's chest. Blood gleamed at the tips of his razor-like claws. Isabelle ran toward them brandishing her whip in her hand. The blue-haired boy slashed at Jace with claws extended. Jace threw up an arm to protect himself, and the claws raked it, splattering blood. The blue-haired boy lunged again—and Isabelle's whip came down across his back. He shrieked and fell to the side.
Swift as Isabelle's whip, Jace rolled over. There was a blade gleaming in his hand. He sank the knife into the blue-haired boy's chest. Blackish liquid exploded around the hilt. The boy arched off the floor, gurgling and twisting. With a grimace Jace stood up. His black shirt was blacker in some places , wet with blood. He looked down at the twitching form at his feet, reached down, and yanked out the knife. The hilt was slick with black fluid.
The blue-haired boy's eyes flickered open. His eyes, fixed on Jace seemed to burn. Between his teeth, he hissed, “So be it. The Forsaken will take you all.”

(A/N: lolz I left a cliffy!!! I know I know there is soooo much more in da book srry I have been freaking cuz of the whole I don't have Alec situation and how am I gonna continue and do city of ashes and city of flass mixed in with new moon and eclipse and maybe even breaking dawn :)) but if I start using alec don't go all 'u never used alec in pandemonium I know!!!! I just didn't wanna go back to change it up ohhh nnd for the whole coffee shop thingy I WILL be using Jacob as Simon so there is ur little best friend on is in love with situation happy??? plz comment nnd don't kill me!!!!!)
banners are welcome i suck at maknig them :))
YAY!!! i loved it!!!
lolz thx :))

i love this story.please continue


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