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Summary~ Bella is forced to marry Edward. What happends when it's NOT love at first sight and Bella has a Dirty secret that could made her lose everything she has?














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My new story called forced. Ch.1

Ok so here's the deal, my name is Isabella marie swan. My dad is charile, chief
police or Forks. My mom is renee’, an well let's just say that she's very good
with a pole. I'm currently 19 but will be turning 20 In 31days. I live in my own
appartment in Jacksonvill flordia. I'm going to school there to be a artisit. I
love to draw! And I also love my boyfriend jacob,jake for short. We have been
going out since we were freshmen in high schoool. At first my borther Emmett
didn't approve but finally he let my and jake go on a date.
Emmett lives in forks with his girlfriend Rosaile so he can be close to her so
he's going to school there in washigtion to be a comdian. And for Rose, she
going to be a model. My mom renee has tried to get me to come down Arizona, but
I refused to because last time I went well let's say so one ended up in the


"Hey, baby why don't you mozie over here and give daddy some sugary." the guy
said to me standing in my kitchen. 
I just rolled my eye's knowing it was one of my moms clintens. " oh, baby don't be
like that." He said walking toward me. I wasn't scared, I had got used to
things like this happening. The guy walked a little bit more till he was about a
foot away. Then he spoke again and said "Now give daddy some kisses!" As he
steped closer I pulled my hand back so fast and I punched him dead in the nose.
His hand flew to his nose as he stembled backwards. As he did he fell into the
glass table and my mom came out the room. I would never forget the look she had
on her face it was so harrliarous but I tried to muffle my laugh. She ran And
called 911 and the next thing you'll know here comes the ambulance. Later on mom
came home and told me I had damaged his nose so badly not even surgery could
make it look decent enough. Mom was so pissed she sent me to live with Emmett
and Charile. I wasn't upset, I was acually very happy in deed. 

~ End of flaschback~

That's why I'm not going back. After renee’ called, jake called and asked if I
would come to dinner with him and his "Friend" that's a girl. And of course I
said yes. After I finshed studying for my test on Monday, I went to the kitchen
and fixed my something quick to eat. Then I headed to the bathroom to brush my
teeth an take a long hot shower. After my skin start to get wrinkly like old
people I decided to get out and go to bed. I set my alarm clock for 10:45am and
got In bed.I turned the tv off and layed on my side thinking about when me and
Jake get married one day till I fell into a dreamless night.

Ok please comment! I'll post chapter 2 tomorrow i just have to edit it out....i dont want to get banned again! LOL and i PROMISE it WILL get better!!


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I love this chapter! I love the car also.I'm not entirely shocked that Alice wants to go out of the country just to go shopping for one wedding dress.It's just in her personality to want to do something like that.I can't wait for more!
omg love it
more please
That was super sweet...
Omigod! My dad wanted to buy a Bugatti, but then realized it was to expensive and it costs more than our house...So, that was out.
Write more soon
i want that car!!!
love the chapter!!
keep me updated!!
love shauny
Awesome chapter! Keep me updated =)
love it!
Nice car!

Ch.13 part 1

I got a call from an unknown number the next afternoon. The first time I just let it ring because I didn't feel like talking and I didn't know the number. They called again. I let it ring. The third time I picked up because i was getting annoyed. "Hello?" I asked irrtated. "Please listen Bella, I'm sorry I walked out on you that day, I was confused and now I decided I'm going to take the job and play for the bulls. But that doesn't matter, all that matter is that I have you. Please Bella; forgive me." Jacob spoke; his voice sounded like he was on the venge of tears. I didn't know what to say. He left me; walked out on me. Why should I forgive him. "please Bella." he beg. It was sooo hard to be mad a jacob. "Jake I- I you walked out on me. Why should I forgive you?" I asked. "Bella please I was foolish to leave you. I love you." My mouth was dry I could barely talk but I manged to get out " I'm going to California in 2 days meet me on Hollywood blvd at 11 pm." Before pressing the end button on my iPhone. I didn't know how I was going to get Alice off my case. But I had to find a way; I needed to see Jake.

Ch. 13 part 2

I said my good-bye to Edward. And headed to the plane to take my first class seat next Rosalie. Rosalie was Emmetts girlfriend and she was a model. Every girl hated her. Every guy wanted her just one night in their bed. "I know what your up to Bella." Rosalie whispered in my ear. What was she talking about. "huh? What are you talking about?" "I know your seeing someone else Bella." she whispered. Omg. How did she know about that. I pretened to act dumb. "huh what are you talking about." I whispered back. "Bella it's ok. I'm not gonna tell Edward." she reassured me. "I just wanna know why your doing it." there's no need to play dumb might as well tell her. "I don't mean to hurt Edward I really do love him, Its just-Its just I love Jacob too; it's a long story." I whispered feeling bad now. Rosalie just looked at me. "I think we got time." I sighed might as well tell her now. "I was dating Jacob before knowing Edward. And when my dad asked if I would marry Edward I agreed because I wanted to make my dad happy you know. And then Jacob proposed i said yes and when he left I started to get feelings for Edward and right as I thought me and Edward belonged together Jacob called and told me sorry. I couldn't be mad at him so I decided to meet him in see how things go. I'm so confused. I'm a bad person aren't I?" I was now sliently sobbing. Alice and Esme were about 10 rows up so I was sure they couldn't hear me. "it's gonna be ok Bella just do what you think is right and follow your heart. Rosalie said rubbing my back. This was weird. Me and Rosalie were never friends but we did talk and stuff but I wouldn't think Rosalie would help me. "So wait your not gonna tell Emmett or Alice or Esme or Edward?" I asked. "'Nope not a soul." She said. "Thanks."

Ok So there's one more repost and then new chapter's!!!!! Yay!!!!!! Ok so comment! Thank's
when are you posting the new chapter?
Umm....... maybe the next time i update which will probably really really soon!! Like in a couple days.
wow love it
need more please

Ch.13 part 3

Me and Rosalie talked the rest of the way of the flight. She had just found out she was 2 weeks pregnant and she was afaird to tell Emmett because she didn't know if he would be happy. "Rose Emmett will be more excited than you when he finds out. When exatly are you gonna tell him?" I wounder. "I was thinking maybe after your honeymoon. I don't wanna take all the attenchion away from you and Edward." she said. "Oh rose you don't have to do that you can tell them right when we get back."
"No we can wait." she said. "No it's fine. And besides I don't like all the attenchion." I laughed at the end. "Thanks." Right than the plan shook. There were some screams. "oh my god what was that." Me and Rosalie were cluched to each other arms. The plane was shaking every few seconds now. As you think could it get any more scarier it did. The oxgen mask came down. The plane shook again knocking over flight attendants. More screams filled the plane and the lights cut off. People say your life flashes before your eyes. Edward and Jacob flashed before mine. Please don't let us crash. I whispered in my head.

(B/N I hope you guys like I'll have some more tomorrow. Don't forget to COMMENT either! :) . )


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