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Summary~ Bella is forced to marry Edward. What happends when it's NOT love at first sight and Bella has a Dirty secret that could made her lose everything she has?














Carlisle- 46






Lillian~ 44


My new story called forced. Ch.1

Ok so here's the deal, my name is Isabella marie swan. My dad is charile, chief
police or Forks. My mom is renee’, an well let's just say that she's very good
with a pole. I'm currently 19 but will be turning 20 In 31days. I live in my own
appartment in Jacksonvill flordia. I'm going to school there to be a artisit. I
love to draw! And I also love my boyfriend jacob,jake for short. We have been
going out since we were freshmen in high schoool. At first my borther Emmett
didn't approve but finally he let my and jake go on a date.
Emmett lives in forks with his girlfriend Rosaile so he can be close to her so
he's going to school there in washigtion to be a comdian. And for Rose, she
going to be a model. My mom renee has tried to get me to come down Arizona, but
I refused to because last time I went well let's say so one ended up in the


"Hey, baby why don't you mozie over here and give daddy some sugary." the guy
said to me standing in my kitchen. 
I just rolled my eye's knowing it was one of my moms clintens. " oh, baby don't be
like that." He said walking toward me. I wasn't scared, I had got used to
things like this happening. The guy walked a little bit more till he was about a
foot away. Then he spoke again and said "Now give daddy some kisses!" As he
steped closer I pulled my hand back so fast and I punched him dead in the nose.
His hand flew to his nose as he stembled backwards. As he did he fell into the
glass table and my mom came out the room. I would never forget the look she had
on her face it was so harrliarous but I tried to muffle my laugh. She ran And
called 911 and the next thing you'll know here comes the ambulance. Later on mom
came home and told me I had damaged his nose so badly not even surgery could
make it look decent enough. Mom was so pissed she sent me to live with Emmett
and Charile. I wasn't upset, I was acually very happy in deed. 

~ End of flaschback~

That's why I'm not going back. After renee’ called, jake called and asked if I
would come to dinner with him and his "Friend" that's a girl. And of course I
said yes. After I finshed studying for my test on Monday, I went to the kitchen
and fixed my something quick to eat. Then I headed to the bathroom to brush my
teeth an take a long hot shower. After my skin start to get wrinkly like old
people I decided to get out and go to bed. I set my alarm clock for 10:45am and
got In bed.I turned the tv off and layed on my side thinking about when me and
Jake get married one day till I fell into a dreamless night.

Ok please comment! I'll post chapter 2 tomorrow i just have to edit it out....i dont want to get banned again! LOL and i PROMISE it WILL get better!!


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omg how could he!!! ughh im so pissed off right now >:P
but i hope the baby survives </33
update really soon!!


Me and Edward were taking a walk in the park. Everything was prefect. I was pregnant! I had a black summer dress on and a big stomach. It was prefect. Me,Edward and our baby. A few feet in front of our path stood Jacob. I couldn't move. He had found out about me and Edward! He looked furious! Edward didn't seem to notice Jacob. He turn towards me "Is everything alright? Is the baby coming?" he was starting to painc. Before I could lie Jacob ran full speed towards me and stabbed me right in my stomach. I screamed In pain. The knife was still in my stomach. Edward seem to be having a hard time deciding if he should chase after him or stay with me. He stayed with me. "Bella hold on I'm gonna call 911!" he said argent. I hear sirens and saw the paramedics put me on the streacher. Before I blanked out i hoped my baby was ok and that I would get revenge on Jacob.

I woke up to someone whispering in my ear "please don't leave me, please don't leave me." It was Edward. I tried to open my eyes and mouth to tell him I would be ok and I love him. But for some reason I couldn't. Someone came into the room and Edward left my side. "Is she gonna be ok? Is the baby ok?" He asked. He had been crying. I wish so bad I could hold him and tell him everything will be ok. "I'm so sorry Edward she didn't make it." The voice spoke. I automatic knew it was Carslie. My baby. Was dead? It all came back to me. Me and Edward were taking a walk in the park when Jacob blocked our path and I remembered thinking he found out about me and Edward. He charged at me and stabbed me right in the stomach. I remember now, why I was in the hospital. I had been stabbed and my baby girl didn't make it. It seem like I couldn't breathe. I couldn't. I tried so bad to breathe. To at lease tell Edward I love him and I'm sorry. Edward and Carslie rushed to my side. "Carlie do something!" Edward yelled. He tried to everything he could; to save me. I slowly heard the beeping going faster. I was going to die. I reached over and took Edward hand. And I fell into a never-ending sleep.

"wake up!" my eyes shot opened finding Alice standing in front of me dressed. "We have to go find your dress Bella!" she said. I looked at the clock it was 6:25am. "ugh Alice just 5 more mins." I said rolling over putting the cover over my head. "No Bella get up now! All the good dresses will be gone." she wined. I sighed loudly rolling over getting up. "Good. I picked your clothes out. There in the bathroom and don't take forever in the shower we want to look for dresses TODAY!" "I don't take that long in the shower." I said giving Alice an look. "Please Bella. Not only do you use the hot water, you use all the COLD water too!!" "whatever Alice your exaggerating." "I am not, now go take a SHORT shower and hurry up!" she said pushing me to the huge bathroom. While in the shower I thought about my dream I had. I looked so happy with Edward and Edward looked happy. I was carrying our baby girl or boy. At lease I think it was Edwards baby. My thoughts were cut off by Alice banging on door. "BELLA!! GET OUT THE SHOWER!! BELLLLAA!!!" I turned the water off. "I'm out!" I yelled. Alice was right I did take long showers. I'v been in here for half an hour. I put on the clothes Alice had laid out for me and I blow dried hair putting it in a ponytail. (OUTFIT! "Ok I'm ready." I opened the door. "About time." She said grabbing her purse and heading out the room. I followed behind her. In the cab I couldn't stop thinking about that dream I had. Alice pulled me out my thoughts once again. "Come on Bella this is it." The place look expensive. It was beautiful. Maybe after 2-4 hrs in there trying on dresses we left because we didn't find the right one. The next store was beautiful just like the one before but just a little bit bigger. "Try this one Bella." Alice pushed me into the changing room. Everytime Alice saw the dress on me she would give me another one to try on. After a million dresses we were down to 3 dresses. "Bella get that one." Alice said pointing to a dress that looked off white. "No I think she should get this one." Rose said pointing to like a little gold tannish color dress.(B/N I'm sorry i can't explain things well!) "I think Bella should get this one." Esme pointed to a white dress that had green going down in the back and around the front. "But it's up to you Bella." I agreed with Esme. That dress just said Bella all over it. "I think I'm gonna have to agree with Emse on this one guys sorry, but this just says Bella." I said. "It's your wedding." Alice and Rose said at the same time. I smiled and picked up the dress. We paid and everything for it. We would have it shipped to us a week before the wedding. "Finally!!! We found a dress!! We can now finally eat!" Rosalie yelled throwing her hands up in the air. We laughed. "Sorry to disappoint you Rose, but the wedding is in 2 weeks, you can't get anymore fat, sorry only salad." Alice said. I looked at her shocked. Rosalie looked like she could cry. "WELL IT'S NOT MY FAULT I'M PREGNANT!" She screamed and stalked away. Alice faced dropped and immetedly became sad. "I didn't know I was playing." She broke down and sobbed. Esme held her in a hug. "I'll go after Rose." I said and ran to catch up with her careful not to trip. "ROSE!! ROSE!! I yelled after her. She slowed down but she didn't stop. She suddenly stopped and turn around of her heels. "How could she said that!?" "Rose she didn't mean to she was just playing, she's crying now, she never ment to hurt you." I said breathless. "Will she did." She said and walked away. "Were are you going?" I asked walking after her. "Um the hotel room." She got a cab. I got in with her. "The s lines down." She told the cab driver. That was the name of the hotel we were staying at; I know weird name. The ride was silent. "Thanks" She handed him the money and got out. I did too. We were silent the whole way to the room. She went to get on the computer while I laid on my bed. There was a knock at the door. I looked at Rosalie. She looked at me and turned her head toward the computer again. I rolled my eyes and got up to get the door. It was Alice. "Is Rosalie in here." I looked back at Rosalie she was shaking her head for me to say no. I smiled and looked at Alice. "Yup come right in." hahaha. "Rose, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings I didn't know you were pregnant and if I did I would have never made that comment. I shouldn't have said it all. I'm sorry please forgive me." She fault back tears. Rosalie took a moment. She sighed. " I forgive you." "Aww thanks Rose. Can I throw you a baby shower?" "Sure Alice." Alice and her parties. "Yay!! Ok we gotta get ready to go out!" She said. "Were going out!!" I asked. "Yup now get in the shower and I lay your stuff out." She said. I didn't bother to argue she would win anyway. Making sure I took a 10min shower I saw the dress Alice laid out for me. I looked amazing. I put some accessories on and Alice did my hair. "Perfect!" She said looking at her finished work. "it is it's amazing." I said. I didn't even realize they were dressed. "You guys look amazing too." I said looking at there outfits. "Thanks." They both said at the same time. "Ok let's go girls!" I said getting up out the chair. (THEIR OUTFITS! )

OK SO THAT'S THE NEW CHAPTER!! tell me what you think!!! I posted the dresses at the bottom!! COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT DRESS YOU LIKED BEST! 1st 2nd or 3rd?

1st dress (The one Alice liked!)

2nd (The one Rosalie liked!)



love it <333
i like all the dresses!!
keep me updated!!
and post soon!!!
love shauny
love it!!
omg love the dresses
love the story
cant wait for more
please keep me posted
great chapter
i lik esme's dress better
i liked the 3rd that dress is simple and elegant like bella and the chapter was great looking foward to the next one keep up the good work.
i love the chapter!!!
I like the one Rosalie picked. . . But that's just my opinion. I thought the dream was in real life. I was like, "Wow, she's moving real fast with this fanfiction. At least she picked Edward and Jacob's out of the picture."

Hope Jacob's funeral is soon, dont forget to invite me. I have my dancing shoes on and I want to do the grave groove. *smiles*

It was a hard choice but i picked the third one because i though it was more Bella; Simple. LOL yeah that was the point for people to think it was really happening. But you guys are in for a suprise! Oh and i won't forget to invite you trust me. I won't. :)
i like it


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