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Summary~ Bella is forced to marry Edward. What happends when it's NOT love at first sight and Bella has a Dirty secret that could made her lose everything she has?














Carlisle- 46






Lillian~ 44


My new story called forced. Ch.1

Ok so here's the deal, my name is Isabella marie swan. My dad is charile, chief
police or Forks. My mom is renee’, an well let's just say that she's very good
with a pole. I'm currently 19 but will be turning 20 In 31days. I live in my own
appartment in Jacksonvill flordia. I'm going to school there to be a artisit. I
love to draw! And I also love my boyfriend jacob,jake for short. We have been
going out since we were freshmen in high schoool. At first my borther Emmett
didn't approve but finally he let my and jake go on a date.
Emmett lives in forks with his girlfriend Rosaile so he can be close to her so
he's going to school there in washigtion to be a comdian. And for Rose, she
going to be a model. My mom renee has tried to get me to come down Arizona, but
I refused to because last time I went well let's say so one ended up in the


"Hey, baby why don't you mozie over here and give daddy some sugary." the guy
said to me standing in my kitchen. 
I just rolled my eye's knowing it was one of my moms clintens. " oh, baby don't be
like that." He said walking toward me. I wasn't scared, I had got used to
things like this happening. The guy walked a little bit more till he was about a
foot away. Then he spoke again and said "Now give daddy some kisses!" As he
steped closer I pulled my hand back so fast and I punched him dead in the nose.
His hand flew to his nose as he stembled backwards. As he did he fell into the
glass table and my mom came out the room. I would never forget the look she had
on her face it was so harrliarous but I tried to muffle my laugh. She ran And
called 911 and the next thing you'll know here comes the ambulance. Later on mom
came home and told me I had damaged his nose so badly not even surgery could
make it look decent enough. Mom was so pissed she sent me to live with Emmett
and Charile. I wasn't upset, I was acually very happy in deed. 

~ End of flaschback~

That's why I'm not going back. After renee’ called, jake called and asked if I
would come to dinner with him and his "Friend" that's a girl. And of course I
said yes. After I finshed studying for my test on Monday, I went to the kitchen
and fixed my something quick to eat. Then I headed to the bathroom to brush my
teeth an take a long hot shower. After my skin start to get wrinkly like old
people I decided to get out and go to bed. I set my alarm clock for 10:45am and
got In bed.I turned the tv off and layed on my side thinking about when me and
Jake get married one day till I fell into a dreamless night.

Ok please comment! I'll post chapter 2 tomorrow i just have to edit it out....i dont want to get banned again! LOL and i PROMISE it WILL get better!!


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I loved this chapter.I love Bella's wedding dress.It does says Bella.Edward better appraciate what he has when she's walking down the aisle.That was a really wierd dream.But at least in the dream she chose Edward over Jacob.That's a happy picture any day.It was just messed up of Jacob to actually stab Bella in the stomach knowing she can die just like the baby is going to die.Thank god that was a dream.When I read this,I was like,"Omg,he is crazy!!! " But when I read it was a dream,I sighed in relief.Don't scare me like that again! I can't wait for more!
awww it was a dream?!?!
i though it was for reals!! lol
maybe she had that dream cuz she really is pregnant..
u knoe kinda like in breaking dawn...
anyways great chapter!! :)
I love it!!! And the dress is beautiful!! Keep me updated plz! =)
Haha that's funny!! Ok i'll update now!!
I love it and the dresses are beautiful. I like Roses the best though
All the choices of the dresses u picked are magnificant.keep me updated plez plez plez plez plez plez
LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!
plz keep me posted......!!!!!!!


"I had a blased!! Alice that was the best idea you ever had!" I slurred walking over to my bed.

"A blased? I couldn't even drink!" Rosalie complined.

"I'm sorry Rose but you have to admitt you had fun, Everyone was looking at you and i saw you in the corner with that famous photograher!." Alice winked at the end.

"Alice how many times do i have to tell you we were just doing bussiness?"

"His hand was on your thigh for crying out loud!! And plus his face was just inches away from yours! You guys were totally flirting!!!! But you know what i don't even care because I was making out with a total hottie!"

"Alice!!" I through a pillow at her.

"What? Can't i have some fun too? Don't think i didn't see you. Drinking, Getting drunk by the min. What would Edward say?"

"You wouldn't! It would break his heart!" I pictured Edward finding out about me drunk. He would be disappointed. I told him i would never drink till i got drink but i did.

"Please don't tell him." I begged.

"I was just playing Bella, Chill. Well i had fun with you guys tonight but i'm gonna go wash my makeup off and go to bed, See you girls in the morning." Byee she called over her shoulder and out the door.

"Gosh, She has some serious dirt on us." I said to Rose and slipping my heels off and lying back in my bed. Rosalie came out the bathroon with soap on her face. " I know, But Alice wouldn't do that to us."

"Your right." i said slurring my words. For a drunk person i didn't seem that drunk. After a while for Rosalie to be done
with the bathroom i fell asleep.

"OPEN UP THIS DOOR!!" I hear yelling and banging. It stop and then i realized it was Alice.

"Rosalie why aren't you guys ready!? We have to leave in an hour!"

"Calm down, We'll be ready just go wait for us." Rose said, Probably saying while having her hands on Alice shoulders.
Alice took a deep breath "Ok. 1 hour." And closed the door behind her.

"I get to use the bathroom first this time!." I said and hopped up and ran to the bathroom. The hot water felt good. Since i only had 30 mins, I took an 15 min shower. Dressing, Doing hair, Brushing teeth and all the good stuff my 30 mins were up.

"It's all your's." I looked around. "Rose?" I called. No answer. I picked up my phone and dailed her number.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Where are you? I'm out of the bathroom."

"You were taking forever, I went into Alice and Esme's room, We have 10 mins left." She said.

"10 mins left! I was only in there for 30 mins!"

"You were in there for 50! Now meet us downstairs or Alice is gonna have fit." She hung up.

I couldn't believe i was in there for 50 mins when i only though i was for 30. So i had 10 mins to pack. I hurried and went around the door and shoved everything in my bag. I had 2 mins left. So i grabbed the key and headed downstairs. They were waitting for my key to check out so we could leave. We loaded our stuff into a cab and drove to the airport. I was to happy to get on another plane again but i had too. As same was last time i sat with Rosaile and Alice sat with Esme. I pulled out my ipod and plucked my earphones in my ear and closed my eyes. It would be over in no time.

*I know i haven't updated this story and like months!!! And it's sorta a slow chapter. But hey it's a chapter! Please comment! I'll post fast! Trust me.
love it
cant wait to read the next chapter
update soon pleasse
update me please!!
this is a great story. Bellas really pissing me off it's going to kill edward when he finds out she's cheating on him, i don't care for jacob at all but what she's doing to them is so wrong on so many levels i hope they find out soon. Don't get me started on the s** thing with jacob *twice* urgh!! Bella,s playing with fire and she'll get burnt pretty bad. Cheers gal update me.
Love it


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