The Twilight Saga

* This is a fan fiction, my first one, in fact. Please, be nice, I'll get better as it goes. :)

Chapter 1

1. My mess of a life.


         “Seraphina!” I looked up from my sketch pad to look at Tammy. “There’s a doctor here to see you,  his name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen.” Tammy, my nurse, said to me. “Okay, what for ?” I asked quietly. I never shout or speak loudly for that matter, I’m too shy and scared to be rowdy. “ Well, he’s thinking of adopting you.”  What the heck? This is a mental hospital, not an adoption agency! Hi, my name’s Seraphina, my friends call me Sera for short-( If I had any friends.)- I’m fifteen years old and I’ve lived in a mental hospital for a year by now.(It’s not that bad.) All I remember is waking up here and saw all different visions and the future. And thats not all, I can  fly, make things move without touching them, I can read minds and I have the power to do all things natural. Total poltergeist action, right? Anyway, Somebody wants to adopt me now? After the little dry voice in my head stopped shouting in my ear, I heard Tammy talking to someone.

“Seraphina’s a real good kid. No trouble from her, ever. She’s real sweet and polite, doesn’t talk much. I Still don’t know why they shipped her here, she’s a real pleasure to be around.” Aw, Tammy, she’s always been like a mother to me. “She sounds like a perfect addition to our family.” A pleasant female voice said. Wait, did she just say ‘ perfect’ ? I think Tammy might have oversold me, just a tad.

“ We should meet Seraphina first, to see if she wants to be apart of our family.” Wow Carlisle actually cares about what I think. I already want to be apart of that family! Wait, Why did I jump on board so fast? Jeez, maybe I am mental. Quickly I brushed my wavy black  hair and looked in my handheld mirror. I have very pale skin. (I blame not being able to go outside.)  I’m so pale it’s like I’m a porcelain doll. I have wild emerald coloured eyes with gold around my pupils. I’m in a hospital gown, not the best thing to wear for a first impression, but whatever.

“Hello, I am Carlisle Cullen and this is my wife, Esme, and we are the ones that are going to adopt you.” A woman who looked like a supermodel, not a mother, stood beside the man who looked like a male model. I smiled warmly at them. I don’t fit in with a lot of people, but I know I wouldn’t fit in with such beautiful people. “Hello, I’m Esme, Carlisle’s wife.” She smiled a smile that models would die for. “Hello Esme.” I whispered. “Miss Tammy, where are the papers?” Carlisle asked Tammy. I’m going to miss her. But then again I’m going to have a real home, a family, siblings, a mother a father, friends! A new life! They signed the papers and boom! I’m packing up to go to my new home! I packed my drawings, my drawing stuff, my handheld mirror, my lucky opal necklace, my ipod (which no one knows about.) I quickly stuffed my things in my black bag and I brushed through my hip length hair. “ Are you ready to go seraphina?” Esme asked. “Yes, and please call me sera.” I suggested. Esme smiled.


      The drive home was a quiet one. My eyes were fixated on the scenery. It was beautiful.

emerald green, army green, and moss green are the main colours in forks, I kinda liked it. “Our house is just a few more minutes from here.” Carlisle looked at me in the rear view mirror of the car. I smiled a little smile to myself. Their house was beautiful, because a house in the middle of a forest was so in right now. When we walked in the house there were six people already. “Sera, these are your older brothers and sisters.” Esme introduced me. “Hello.” I said softly. “Hi, I’m Alice, this is Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, and his girlfriend Bella.” I waved politely. “Nice to meet you, sis.” Emmett took my hand and shook it. My hand hurt afterwards. I smiled at everyone. “I’ll show you your room!” Alice cheered. I’m almost as short as Alice, but I’m more curvy, Let’s just say I’m not too flat chested. Alice linked arms with me and we skipped off.  Bella and Rosalie followed after us. “We are going to be best friends! We can have sleepovers, borrow clothes,-” Bella laughed. “Whoa Alice, you’re smothering her!” We all laughed. “No, it all sounds lovely, I’d love to do all of it.”

I said quietly. I’m going to like it here. I smiled.


      That night I slept well. The quiet pitter patter of rain was quite soothing. My new room was nice. A large window, a princess bed, lavender walls and wooden floors, a pink carpet, beside my bed, my own bathroom, a vanity with all kinds of makeup and hair supplies , a wooden closet, a desk with a mac computer, and a C.D. player, and C.D.s. In my sleep I saw a vision of a giant auburn wolf, a flowery meadow, and blood red eyes.

“WAKE UP SERA!!” A familiar high pitched voice said. I was awaken by Alice jumping on my legs. Annoyed I pulled the covers over my head more. “Sera! Ser! Phi-Phi! Wake up! NOW!” Alice said, still jumping on my legs. As fun as jumping on my legs sounds, it was time to stop. “What?!” I groaned. I’m not a morning person. “ C’mon, todays the day to bond with the family, your  family!” Alice cheered. “ Ugh, fine, I’m up! I’m up!” I growled. “Yay! Now, you need something to wear!” Alice squealed. Alice was a blur for a second, I thought it was just me being tired from being woken up at the crack of dawn! “Okay, you can borrow from me until we go shopping,-Which we will.” She started. A gray striped long sleeved shirt, a  navy blue skirt, and black flats. Alice, is the fashionista of the family. I could tell.

“Wow Alice, your clothes rock. You should be a designer!” I complimented her softly. “ Thanks Sera, I’m happy you like it.” She beamed. Then she looked at my hair. “ WHOA! Maybe I should help you with your hair.” She suggested.“ No, it’s alright, I got it. Thanks Alice, I’ll see you downstairs.” I spoke a bit louder than usual. “ Okay, see you downstairs.” Gracefully, she skipped along. As I brushed through my frizzy hair, and I looked at my bedroom. I have a family, two sisters, three brothers and wonderful parents, and they don’t treat me like I’m crazy, or stupid. I smiled a toothy grin and flopped on my bed. I yawned, and groggily put on my clothes and shuffled over to my bathroom. I washed my face. I braided my hair in a loose fishtail braid. After, I made my way down the stairs.

“Good morning Sera.” Esme sang. “Good morning.” I yawned. “Alice give you the wake up call, huh?” Emmett laughed. “Yeah, but who doesn’t love being jumped on at the crack of dawn.” I  muttered That made Emmett roar with laughter. I smiled slightly. Alice rolled her eyes and Rosalie chuckled. “Okay, I have the whole day planned! First, we’ll go shopping in Port Angeles, next-” Alice babbled “Alice, slow  your roll dear, Seraphina still haven’t had breakfast yet!”  Esme said motherly. “Thank you Esme.” I ate thoughtfully. After, I cleaned  my plate in the sink. “Now can we go?” Alice whined. “Okay.” I sighed. “Yay!” Alice pulled me by my arm to the door. “Eddie, Can we borrow your volvo? Pleaseeeeee?” Alice asked sweetly. Edward put his head in his hands. “Alright, alright! Just don’t crash it!”  He sighed. “Thanks!” Alice called back. “Thanks for taking me shopping alice, you’re the best!” Alice smiled. “I know. Turn on the radio!”       


      Port Angeles was awesome.  Alice got me twelve pairs of new shoes, thirteen new dresses, about fifteen p.j.s and sixteen new outfits. When we were going to get more, my stomach growled loudly. “First, can we get some food?” Alice laughed. “Sure! We can get some smoothies from a shop near here.” We hopping back in the shiny volvo and drove a block from the last store we were. A few store from the smoothie place a group of tall copper coloured boys. One of the tallest seemed to stare at me. I caught him staring. He seemed to tighten up and freeze. Alice pulled me back in the car and drove back faster than I’m comfortable with. “ What the hell was that ?” I almost yelled. “ Nothing. ” Alice replied quickly. “ Okay. What was that one guys problem?” I crossed my arms. “ I-I think I know.” Alice whispered. She sounded scared. Her tone made my stomach flip with fear. I chewed on my lip for a while after that.


After putting my clothes away and putting on p.j.s, sleep didn’t come easy. Something felt off about the guy who stared at me, and how Alice reacted to him. At around twelve in the middle of the night, I started to fall asleep. The same dreams, a giant auburn wolf, a flowery meadow, and blood red eyes. I jerked up from my slumber. “ Curse that that stupid dream.” I hissed. Odd. I never have the same dream more than once. Cold sweat dripped down my forehead and arms. Exasperated, I got up and I hopped in the shower. Ugh! I hate being sweaty. After showering, I peeked at the time. “ Seven o’clock.” Ugh. I put on my clothes and creeped down the stairs. “ You did what DOG?!” I heard Rosalie shriek. “ Calm down Rose, I bet Jacob doesn’t want to be in this position either.” Alice said through clenched teeth. “We don’t pick who we Imprint, leech.” A male voice hissed.       

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Ooh, Should I make it a Jacob Imprint, Or a Paul Imprint? Check out my page and vote!

Sigh, I'm so lonesome. Maybe I should make more friends.

This is a great start to a great story. Cant wait to read more! :)

Hooray! Thanks Isabella swan!

vote at my page, I can't write anything unless I get some votes, so you can vote on the replies section. Please and

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*Okay, I'm updating because Isabella swan voted-- the member, not the character, LOL-- so this chapter is for her! Hope ya like it! Oh, and in the future, I will dedicate chapters to members who inspire me. ’Cuz I can. :P

Chapter 2

Leech? I scrunched my nose. I’ve heard a lot of trash talk, and that was a new one. Huh. “Alice, you might be ‘okay’ with this, but I’m not going to let my little sister spend forever in the hands of a mutt!” Rosalie spat. “ It would be better than living with bloodsuckers, what would happen if one of you attacked her, huh?  We would protect her way better than you.” Rosalie and Alice both growled at the same time. “ We would never hurt her.” Alice said lowly. Okay, enough sneaking around. Even if you’re ninja pro. I told myself. I calmly walked down the stairs. “Hi Alice! Good morning Rosalie! Who’s this?” I offered my most charming smile. God, I’m such a faker. “ Jacob Black. He was just leaving.” Rosalie said sweetly. Alice cleared her throat and rocked on her heels. “ Jacob was nice enough to invite you to look around Forks.” Rosalie said, bitterly. “ Oh . .kay. Sure. Why not?” I shrugged. He grinned. As Jacob and I walked out the door, I heard Rosalie mutter, “ Paul better keep his hands to himself, I will not have puppies running around here.” Alice growled in agreement. What is it with people and growling around here? It’s like a freakin’ dog park around here. I heard Edward’s laughter from upstairs. “ Who’s Paul?” I asked. “ Oh, someone you’ll meet.” Jacob said innocently. I furrowed my brows. Whatever. Jacob lead me to his car where he drove me to a sunny little house with flowers. “ Well, here we are. Emily’s house. Little did I know, that my future was sitting on the couch in that little house.

Eating a muffin.         

 *Sorry to make this short, I really want to start working on an another chapter! ~Olivia
Love the ending! Cant wait to find out her eaction to everything!

A/N Fell asleep at one o'clock in the morning today, I feel horrible, I'm gonna take a nap after this. I was listening to

“ The big bad wolf ” by Duck Sauce while writing this chapter. Lol.


Chapter 3

I put on my pjs and crawled into bed. I smiled as I thought about the day.

When Jacob and I finally make it to the house, I automatically had second thoughts. “ Yeah, I can’t do this Jacob.” I said. “ I’ll just walk myself home.” I started walking. “ Seraphina, You can.” Jacob grabbed my arm. “ I’ll get my butt kicked if you don’t.” Jacob mumbled. “ Okay.” I sighed. Jacob walked in first. I took a deep breath, and . .  come on, . . one foot in front of the other, there you go! I walked into the small house. A woman with three long scars on the right side of her face, hair line to her heart shaped chin, but she looked too beautiful to be real.

“ Hello! Jake, who’s this . . ?” She asked.

“ This is Seraphina Cullen. Paul’s . . Ah, . . you-know-what.” Jacob replied. I could feel the bitterness towards the Cullens between the both of them. But then Emily’s face softened when Jacob said that last part.
“Oh. Well, you’re in luck! Paul just finished his shift, come on in!” Emily ushered us in.

“ Hey Paul,” Jacob sang and pointed to me. “ Seraphina.”

And then left me with this . . very handsome boy.

Fate has a weird sense of humour doesn't she. Yeah, Fate's a girl.



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