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Okay so this is my first fan fic,so go easy on me if its bad. thanks!=) This story takes place when Bella is about to jump off the cliff (new moon) hope everyone likes it!=)

Chapter 1 EPOV

I was on the plane, going to save my Bella. Alice had a vision of her jumping off a cliff, and never coming up.
"Come on, come on," I mumbled to myself when the plane was slowly landing.
Esme rubbed my arm. My whole family had come to support me if.... well if Bella didn't make it. But no, I can't think like that. We were going to save her.
"Can you see anything Alice?" I asked impatiently. Alice's eyes focused. She sighed.
Of course she just said that so the rest of the family could hear.
I sighed too. Next thing I know was, we were running in the airport so fast, no one could see. Rosalie had gone off to get her piles of luggage.
idiot. i thought. she could just buy a whole new waradrobe.
Once we were past the boundary line and the la push trees I saw my Bella. Only a few feet away.
"Bella, please don't do this, don't jump" I tried to say this as softly as I could, so I wouldn't scare her.
She didn't seem surprised at the sound of my voice, as if she were expecting it.
"Why?" she asked. "You wanted me to be human."
"Bella" I said, stomping loudly over to her but paused, three feet away from her, when she turned around. She gasped.
Alice laughed, and ran over to her and hugged her.
"Alice?" she asked, shocked.
"Of course silly" Alice laughed again. "Who else?"
Then Bella went around and hugged everyone, even Rosalie gave her a small rub on the back, affectionatly. Once Bella turned to me she said with her arms open: "Just a friend hug?" That tore my heart to shredds. She thought of me as a friend now?
But I outstretched my arms and hugged her. I wanted to so badly lift her chin upand kiss her. I was slowly inching my hand toward her chin, but she quickly pulled away.
"So are you guys back?" she asked hopefully.

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ok i will post more later, im about to take a short road trip. promise i will=) thanks so much for reading!=)
Chapter 2 EPOV

When we were back at the house, Esme went straight to work, along with Alice.
"Esme, i'll take that as a yes." Bella smiled at her. And she smiled back.
"That's right Bella, we won't be moving for another year or so." Carlisle said with a smile. "Why don't you sit?" he asked after Alice ha vaccumed all the dust off of it.
"Actually Carlisle, I was about to ask Bella if I could talk to her for a minute." I said and Bella turned to me.
I cleared my throat "Alone"
"Oooooooo. What are they gonna do?" Emmett asked Alice batting his eyes in a really weird way.
Jasper hit him in the head.
"Ow. Gosh you don't have to hit me. I'm just saying they could have- owww!"
Alice had stomped her high heel on his toe with a "Shut up or i'm telling Rose what you did at the store." she whispered
I chuckled. "Thanks' I mouthed to them.
In their thoughts I heard:
no problem
my pleasure
Bella cleared her throat "Sure Edward"
Once we were up to my room, I closed the door, and turned to Bella.
"Bella, this is kinda akward, but I think we should talk about us." Now my face was just inches from hers.
I could hear her heart beat faster. I missed that about her.
"S-sure." she managed to get out
"Well, first of all-" I started but...
There was a loud knock onthe door. It was them
i need at least 5 comments. sorry:( .but i have a surprise for you since you were the first to comment later, its after a couple chapters!
this is great! i cant wait to read more...plz keep me updated
ehhhhh write more
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Okay, I know I said i'd post more tommarrow, but i'm bored, so here it is. Hope everyone likes it!:)

Chapter 3

I picked up Bella, and ran down the stairs, letting her down as soon as we got there. Even though I really wish I didn't have to. Downstairs, their were the wolfs in human form, at the door. Carlisle was trying to convince them, all they were doing there was saving Bella. They were just standing there with angry looks on their faces.
"Jake." Bella whispered.
Jacob Black's face softened. His thoughts were all about her. He smiled.
"Hey Bells." How dare he call her 'Bells'?!
Bella giggled, and started to run over to him, but I put an arm in front of her.
"Bella." I warned her.
"No, it's ok." she said and pushed my arm out of the way. I wouldn't have let her, but Carlisle's look told me she would be able to convince them.
"Sam, can I speak to you outside?" Bella asked.
He looked at Black, and they both nodded at her.
Bella and Sam went outside. After what seemed like forever, they came back in.
Sam nodded at the rest of the pack, and they ran out the door.
"Oh Bella! I was terrified! I couldn't see anything!" Alice sobbed and hugged her.
"Bella thank you so much for talking to them!" Esme said and hugged her too.
Once they they her go, Bella sighed and looked at me.
"Edward? You wanted to talk to me. Alone."
"Ooo" Emmett said again.
Rosalie shook her head, and smiled. Everyone could see how much she loved him.
But Alice eyed him, annoyed."Emmett, it's just plain lame when you say it twice." she rolled her eyes.

Okay, my mom is kickingme off the computer, i will be posting part 2 in a few!
love it!!!!!!!!!!
Here's part 2!:)

Chapter 3 part 2

Once me and Bella were alone, I accidently blurted for the first time in my life.
"Are we getting back together?" I asked, doing my personal best to not sound as hopeful as I was.
"Do you want to?" Bella asked. She was horrable at hiding how she really felt.
I sighed. "Yes." Without looking at her. "Do you?"
"Y-yeah." She stuttered. She was so cute when she stuttered!
I looked up at her and, and she was looking down. I put my finger under her chin and lifted her head up, and gave her a kiss. It was wonderful! I pulled away.
"I should really get you home." I told her, staring into her eyes.
"O-o-ok" she stuttered again.

Ok, no cliffy! So for this time I need 10 comments! :)
i love it
just started this storrry. i love itt keep me updatted


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