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Hi everyone, this is my first fanfic (ever) so I really hope u like it... it's about Alice's life from the beginning... I'm sorry if someone has already written a story from her POV (just keep in mind that i didn't know). Enjoy!!

^^made by Nihala(biggest fanpire there is)... i appreciate it a lot!!^^

Everything was dark, my memory as bad as it ever was. I didn't remember who I was, where I was, or even what I was... suddenly, memories I never had, never experienced started flooding my mind; a man (the most beautiful guy I had ever seen) and a family, a big family... the next thing I knew I was full of happiness... finally I was going to be part of a world, and sooner rather than later... all my questions were going to be answered....

"Momma! I know what I saw!"

"Come on! It obviously was a dream! You can't know how, or even when Chester is going to die! You are not a magician!"

"Please Momma, please!"

"That's enough Mary, you have to go to sleep... now"

"Alright, goodnight Momma" At the end, I knew my mom was going to win, I mean, what can a 7 year old can do against an older person?, it wasn't fair. But I knew something was going to happen to my dog Chester, because the day before this I had one of the weirdest dreams ever... I had dreamt that Chester was going to be killed by a gray van! I could even tell the exact date! But no one believed in me not my parents, not even my sister Cynthia. Ah well, I only had to go to sleep now, and hope for the best...

It has been three days after the discussion I had with my mom, it was the same date of my dream, and all I could do was beg to my parents a little bit more only to convince them I was absolutley nuts, but I didn't care, I was going to protect my dog, which, thinking about it, I didn't know where he was?

"Chester!, Chester! Where are you!" ... suddenly I heard a honk and a little quiet yelp... oh my God! was Chester... dead...???

"Mary, Mary, don't come outside" yelled my father

"What? What is it?" I answered

"Chester's dead" I was right, my dream was right... how could they not trust me? And now... my dog was dead!

It was hard to remember everything that hapened that day, but in this psychiatric hospital all my memories were fading... I was trying my best not to forget my family's name, or even why they had put me here in the first place; since I was 5 years old I had had the strangest dreams ever, but the most peculiar thing about this dreams was that they all usually happened in the range of a week.
As I grew older... the dreams grew sharper, and they sometimes happened during the day, so, what was my family to do but lock me in a padded cell until I 'got better'?

I really hated them for doing this to me, but it wasn't all that bad; I had a good friend, it was an old man who had worked in here for more than 10 years... he talked to me and helped me with my memory, although everything was fading at an tremendous speed, I couldn't remember his name. Forget that, I could't even remember my name!!
Damn, I really hated this. But the worst part is that, of the soon-to-be 5 years that I had spent here (my 19th birthday was a week from now; and I only remembered this because my friend had given me a calendar) my family had only comed and visited me for the first three months! I mean, didn't I matter to them anymore? Just because they had forced me to be in this hell while they pretended that I didn't exist?

I always thought about this over and over again, what else could you do in a four walled room with nothing to entretain yourself but your mind, which, by the way, you were already losing?

The only thing that I was mostly aware of was that someone was watching me, I thought this was another of the games my mind usually played; but, a day from my birthday, this sense just got sharper, although whenever I turned around, there was nothing (or no one) there.

3 day later, after I had turned 19 (and had what you can say the smallest birthday party ever) my old friend came running to me at an inhuman speed, and, before a whole second had passed stopped in front of me.

"I'm sorry Mary Alice... I'm so sorry" Before I could even think of a response to his words everything went dark, not usual sleeping dark but a swallow me dark, darkest than dark dark... and then, everything was nothing at all.

Ok, this is the first Chapter, hope u like it... criticism is accepted, but please, be nice! XD

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i like it
you should continue

I opened my eyes, but I didn’t see what a normal person should see; instead of there being a tree I saw every small animal that was in it, every sound the animals did, and every color they had... it was amazing!

But then, I thought of something else (damn my brain could contain so much information!) there was a piercing pain in the back of my throat, something similar to flames. But that wasn’t all, another small part of my mind thought about where I was; I was obviously in a forest, but, what forest? where was this forest?
There were so many questions that I needed answered (and my brain was contemplating them as was well as sorting all the colors of the insects). Who am I was the first question that came to my mind. This one was really not that hard to answer; I had a strong hunch that my name was Alice... there were some memories from my past, but they were so few and so blurry that it wasn’t long till I forgot them all. The only one that stayed with me was my name, Alice (and I really liked that name, I think it suited me).

The next question was a little harder to answer; what am I? Oh well, I’d found that soon enough, hopefully.

The third question was one that I had asked before. Where am I? Ok, this one was truly the easiest one, if I just walked straight forward I was soon to find my answer laying in a town, or even a person.
So that’s what I did; I started running, but as soon as I thought it, it felt like I started flying, it was so much like running, but as fast as a train... heck! I was running faster than a train! It was amazing!

Suddenly, I stopped. My mind started playing thoughts in my head that I never had, not even in my human life (if I remembered correctly). It felt so weird; like watching a movie, a really vivid movie that you couldn’t stop, even if you wanted to.... There were so many images playing in my head (even for the extra large mind I now had) that I had to focus in some of them to know what they were really about. Two caught my most attention.

The first one was a man, an incredible gorgeous man that had suffered a lot of injuries thru the years; but even with all those scars in his face, he was the most beautiful man that I had ever seen, and, from that moment, I knew that my fate was with him.

The second one was actually a family, they were five in total; three men and two women. They seemed strangely alike, although their features were extremely different; and that’s when I realized that I looked like them, same color skin, same graceful manner.
But, as I kept watching theses images I realized that something was changing... before, they were only five people, but now, they were seven... one was the male that I knew I was destined to be with and the other one, it seemed that it was this beautiful creature with black spiky hear, which, looking closely, was somewhat familiar... it was me.

That’s when I knew I was meant to be with this people, that’s when I knew that all my questions were going to be answered... but, first things first, I had to get rid of the annoying feeling in my throat, I had to find out what I was, to be who I was meant to be.
love it
wow. that is soooooooooo great.
i think no one ever thought of making alice's story huh.

love it.
is alice already a vamp on chapter two??

u shud've told us the story of james-alice and the other vamp..

i honestly love it.

send me email when u write more..

jacob wolfe (the rightful alpha. lol.)
well, she didn't know about james and the other vamp (she only new about him after he started hunting bella), plus there's a loot of time till she meets jasper and a looot more till the cullens appear, haha

glad u liked it!!
i'll sure send u the email

ms masen

Traveling through the forest, I encountered a small river, and realizing how thirsty (or hungry, I still didn’t know) I was, I tried to drink water, but as the water touched my lips, it didn’t feel as it was supposed to feel, it didn’t satiate my thirst in the minimum, instead it made it worse.
As I tried to drink water again, I looked at my reflection, and I was absolutely sure that this wasn’t how I looked like when I was a human; for instance, I was sparkling, like a ten thousand diamonds were incrusted on my skin, but that wasn’t all, my eyes were a ferocious red, crimson to be exact, I looked dangerous, really terribly dangerous.
A person might have seen a beautiful human, maybe even imagined an angel, but I knew that I was far from that description, I knew I was a monster, and, somewhere deep down I was disgusted at myself.

I resumed the run to not think of what I had just seen, of what I had become. I kept doing this for several hours, until I found a sign that said where I was: Alabama.
Maybe this was close to my home? I didn’t know, but if my family had really loved me, they’d have probably come searching for me, or maybe they did, but they had just given up. I didn’t like any of this options, but, thanks to this assumptions I knew how I was... alone. Well, until I found the gorgeous man with all his scars I knew I was going to be alone. So I set myself a goal, I had to find the place where we were going to meet; I just hoped that I didn’t find out too late.

While pondering all my options to find the diner (I knew the place, just not the state where we were destined to bump into each other’s path), I smelled something truly appetizing, finally! This pain in my throat was really getting too hard to ignore. I let my senses take power of me and followed the delicious scent.

I was six feet away when I realized what I was hunting, a human. A small boy of nine years old approximately. I stopped in my tracks, what was I doing? I was about to attack a small child? I couldn’t do this; I wasn’t going to become a monster, or not more of a monster than I already was. I had to run, but how could I, if my body was telling me to lounge at the kid?
I stopped breathing altogether, that helped a little, but not enough. I turned to look at the boy; his body was frozen, I was able to see how scared he was of me, but he couldn’t yell, he was too petrified to do anything more than just stand there. That’s when I looked into his eyes, I could see my reflection again, but this wasn’t the same as the one in the river; this one looked mad, raging to kill a little human, and then, I was scared too, was I capable enough to stop this hunt?

Suddenly other images came to my mind, of me walking away, of me being able to leave the boy alive, and I so wanted to believe them.
I saw into his eyes again, and I could see how he was curious, impatient and dead scared at the same time. That did it for me; I knew I was now able to walk away if I kept his face in my mind. I ran away as fast as I could, even faster than that, and soon found myself some good fifteen miles away.

That’s when I replayed everything that had happened in less than two minutes. What kind of thing was I, if I wanted to kill an innocent child? At least now I knew what I was thirsty for: blood.

Other images flashed through my head then; images of me hunting, not humans, but animals; of it not being exactly good, but good enough; of it being what the other family (the one knew I was meant to be) was used to do.
And so I started hunting again, now aware of what I was looking, but with even more questions revolving in my head than before.
LOVE iit!
keep writing i'm loving it

Each day that passed, I learned new things about me, although these weren’t so much of joyful, they still helped me to understand myself. I understood that I sparkled in the sunshine (so this was going to be a problem when I’d face a human and the sun at the same time). Also that I could smell, see and feel more than any normal person would, but, of course, I wasn’t a normal person... and that was what I was more anxious to find out.

Two months had passed from the encounter I had with the kid, and my eyes’ color was starting to change; thanks to all the animal blood I had made myself drink to be strong enough to handle being with a human. I knew that my answers lay on a town, and I was certain I wasn’t going to loose control in front of hundreds of people.

Eight more weeks passed, and I was sure I was going to be able to handle myself... hopefully.

When I entered the town, I felt the always-present throb on my throat, although, this time, I was able to push it to the back of my mind and think about the people around me.

The first place that attracted my attention was a shopping mall. Mmm, so I liked clothes, this was a new discovery. But I knew that I couldn’t enter, not now; I had questions that needed to be answered, and I was getting impatient.

So, I went to the library. Where else could I find the information I was missing, even though I didn’t know what to look in the first place? It wasn’t easy to find, but nonetheless, I was able to find it.

When I entered, I could see how this town wasn’t very popular, there were barely any people inside the library, and still, it looked like it was crowded. It consisted of only two big shelves full of books, three computers and one cashier. There were barely any people working there.

Suddenly, I had a vision, this one was particularly strange; it consisted of me reading a book, a big black and thick strange-looking book with what looked like red letters.

“Hello? Can I help you with something?” I quickly turned to be faced to a boy, probably around his twenties. His blood’s smell was so overwhelming, but I knew this was not the time or place to loose control, so; instead, I hold my breath and focused on answering him.

“Yes, I was looking for a book, but I don’t know its name, maybe you could tell me?” I answered with the sweetest voice I could make; he was dazzled, so I think it worked.

“Ummm... yeah... ummm... do you know what it looks like?”

“Oh yeah, it’s big and black, and I think has red letters. It’s fiction.”

“I might know which book you’re referring to, hold on” Of course he did, in a library this small, it would've been hard not to remember all the books, he probably have been crazy not to know.

He walked away, shaking his head, maybe to shake the thought of me being with him; he was really nice, but I couldn’t bear the thought of me dating him, my heart was saved for someone else...

He returned after five minutes with the exact book of my vision. “Yes this is it, thank you” I walked away before he could formulate the question he was about to ask me. I paid for the book and left.

As I was walking out of the library I took a glance to the town. There were mostly diners and shops, but on the farther right, you could see small houses. There weren’t many, but, if you looked closely, you could see that they were exactly the same (salmon color, with a front yard and a tree). Farther right, there was a small church and an even smaller school; I guess there weren’t a lot of kids around here then.

Even though it was a small town, I could imagine myself living here, having kids here, growing old with someone here, but, as I thought of this, I also thought about how they were never going to become true, that I was never going to be part of this perfect little world I had just imagined. That I was different, and was going to stay different.

When no one was watching, I took a run to the nearest forest; I knew I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate in the book if I had to focus on not killing everyone who was close to me, besides that the town was making me have a lot of thoughts I didn't want to think.

I ran for five minutes and stopped in front of a river. There, I decided to sit in a boulder (which was four feet away form the water) and read.

At first, I didn’t understand the text at all (besides that the title didn’t express the book itself, and there wasn’t anything written in the back), but as I passed the pages, I realized what strange creature it was talking about. And, for the first time in a long time, I was as scared as the little kid I had been so close to kill.
gOOd very gOOd!
Esto fue tan bueno, son usted yendo a escribir más, si ése es el caso yo puedo esperar para leerlo lol. Lol muy bueno y bueno de trabajo I think I said it right if not this is what i said This was really good, are you going to write more, if so I cant wait to read it lol. Very good, good job lol


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