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    • (This story is Bella's point of view)

      My perfect piece of forever was supposed to be the end of the story. But I think it’s time I should talk about what happens afterwards.
      I’ve been thinking about how my life used to be. My dull, boring, human life. My life, before Edward (which I think is pointless). If there was no Edward in existence, what would be worth living for? Nothing. Not every person gets exactly what they want because life isn’t fair. 
      But for me, I have everything I could have asked for and more. For instance all I’ve ever wanted since I came to Forks was Edward. He is finally mine and I’m now known as Mrs Cullen (I’ve always liked the sound of that). I soon enough realized I wanted to marry him and I got what I wanted. I wanted to live for eternity with him, I got my way again. I also wanted Jacob to be my friend after I’d been changed the way it’s supposed to be, and yet again I got exactly that. 
      But what I didn’t ask for was a daughter, which I now have as well. Mine and Edwards’s beautiful daughter, Renesmee. She’s a big part of me and Edward now. I knew before I had conceived her that I was doing the right thing, keeping my precious baby alive. I vaguely remember thinking that my baby was a boy, a little Edward. I didn’t want the baby to have interference from me. But now I realise that just makes her more perfect. But back to reality (which I don’t think exists anymore) I’ve been on a long journey and yet it still continues. So here goes . . .

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Chapter seventeen

Edwards p.o.v

“Felix, I need to get past now.” I growled.

He put his hands in the air and said “Ok, ok explain quickly.”

There wasn’t much time for explaining but otherwise I would never get in.

“Do you smell that Felix?” I hissed.

“Yes someone visited us and requested death immediately but we denied it. But then he said disgraceful things about the Volturi and Demetri got angry. You know how that ended.” He said quickly.

Anger burst through me and I hissed. My vision seemed to be tinted bright red probably with rage.

“Do you know who he is!? He’s family to me!” I yelled.

His eyes opened wide with shock and he began to speak.

“Edward, I. . .”

I pushed past him and he made no move to stop me. I ran to where his scent lead and I saw him. Right in front of me on the stone floor. His head looked seriously injured I didn’t know if he was already dead. The rest of him seemed fine it was just his head. I froze for a second and then knelt down on the ground.

“What did you do to him?” I whispered with shock, checking his pulse at the same time.

“Edward I’m so sorry we didn’t know.” Felix said quickly while backing away.

“But I would bet Demetri did.” I said his name with hatred.

He had a pulse but it was slow, venom couldn’t save him it would just kill him. There was no way I could take him home to Carlisle. Carlisle would have to come to me. Fast. But I would have to try and help him now. I was reading his thoughts at the same time. You know when people say when you have an accident your life flashes before your eyes. That was what was happening to Jacob.

* * *

“I’m asking you to kill me, I know you can.” Jacob pleaded.

“But we see no reason too.” Aro said gently.

“I don’t care.” Jacob insisted.

“Well we’re not taking your life whether you want it or not.” Aro said stubbornly which was unusual for him.

“How stupid was I to think a bunch of blood sucking leeches that don’t bring peace, but take it away would do me a favour.” Jacob spat.

“What did you just say!?” Demetri gasped.

“Let me slow it down for you, your brain probably can’t take the pace considering it’s been around for how long? Centuries? Millenniums?” Jacob teased.

Demetri lunged for Jacob and hit him so that he flew out the door onto the stone floor. That’s when his head started bleeding.

“Got your wishes now haven’t you?” Demetri chuckled.

* * *

The memory was clear but shocking. I started to clean up his head and then flashed my phone out of my pocket and phoned Carlisle. Bella had told Esme to stay behind and explain everything to Renesmee.


I was scared. Not for myself. For what this was going to do to my family. Jacobs family.

Would Jacob live and none of our families would suffer?

Or would we all greave over Jacobs death?

Thankyou. Yes i was away for christmas but i'll write some ore now. ;)

Two great short chapters!  Edward is really wonderful.  I really hope they can help Jacob before it's too late for him!  Please write more as soon as you can!

Thankyou, i'll write some more now. ;)

Chapter eighteen

Carlisles p.o.v

By the sounds of it Jacob was hanging onto his life by his fingertips. Like he was hanging off a cliff that was crumbling and at any minuet it could crumble and fall. And he would go with it. Edward was doing all that he could for Jacob while I was racing against the time that he had left to help. I was almost there, I knew that because I use to be a part of the Volturi so I knew where I was. The other thing that made me positive I was almost there was the faint smell of Jacobs blood. Edward must be trying his best. I got to the gates and there was no guard when there had been when Edward had arrived.

Then I saw them on the floor. Edward crouched over Jacob looking at his head. I gasped with shock. Demetri did that to him. I knew he loved a good fight (in this case not much of one) but I never thought he’d do anything like this.

“Edward let me see.” I said my voice strained.

Edward turned to look at me, his eyes burning with fury.

I looked at the side of Jacobs head and asked Edward wat Jacob was thinking.


I knew what this meant and it wasn’t good.

If Jacob wasn’t thinking of anything now just blank. Then I knew for sure.

Brain damage. Not the worst but bad.

He won’t remember anything when he wakes up, and I know he will.

He’s not dead, but won’t remember.

When he gains continence he won’t remember me, Esme, Edward, Bella, Jasper, Alice, Emmet and Rosalie. He won’t remember his family, he won’t know about vampires or werewolves. He won’t remember Renesmee…

Memory loss?!  What are they going to do now? 

;) You'll find out in the next chapter.

Chapter nineteen

Bella’s p.o.v

He looked better, well I imagine so. Even though I wasn’t there the way Edward told me about Jakes injuries. They sounded bad. But at least he’s alive, that’s what matters. We had a lot of explaining ahead of us. Carlisle said it was the only way, day by day we would tell him something new. Even if it took forever. This was it, he would wake up any moment and the first thing we will tell him is who we are, who he is and most importantly. What we are. We would need Renesmee for this. To help us, it’s easier to show him. She feels awful now she understands that we were right. She knows the truth now after I had explained to Esme and she had explained to her. Everyone froze so I knew his eyes were open.

I peered round  Carlisle who was stood next to Jacob.

“Where am I?” Jake said his voice with confusion.

“And who are you?” He continued.

“First things first.” Carlisle said. “Who are you?”

Jake started blankly at Carlisle and said “I don’t know.”

“Hmm, well to start off, your name is Jacob and you may get called Jake from some of us.” Carlisle said to him.

I could see Nessie wanted to go to him, to say how sorry she was for saying those things to him, to me and Edward. She knew that we were right. But there was no need of course. Why tell him when he didn’t remember and it didn’t matter anymore? Now that we all know what happened.

“Jacob, that sounds right.” Jake said with a half smile.

“Now. Who are you?” He continued.

“Alright, I’m Carlisle.” He said with a chuckle and gestured to Edward.

“Edward.” He said with a smile.

“Bella.” I said.

“Esme.” She said gently.

“Emmett.” He said with a massive grin on his face.

“Rosalie, you should remember me.” She teased.

“Jasper, and this is my wife Alice.” He said and Alice waved.

And finally,

“Renesmee, your girlfriend.” She laughed at the last word because he couldn’t remember her.

Then Renesmee started crying.

“What’s the matter Renesmee?” Jake said curiously.

“I’m so happy your alive.” She choked.

“Oh yeah one more thing Jacob, you asked her to marry you.” Emmett said and burst in to fits of laughter.

I rolled my eyes.

“Ok so Edward and Bella are married and Carlisle and Esme are married I’m guessing. Oh and same goes for the blonde with Emmett.” Jake said.

Emmett just burst into more laughter and Rosalie grinned.

“Right.” Carlisle said.

“So you’re my family then?” Jake asked.

“Yes because you’re with Renesmee and she is mine and Bella’s daughter.” Edward said.

“Ok.” Jake said. “That’s a lot to take in.” He chuckled.

“I know Jacob but before we tell you what happened to you to make you forget we need to tell you something. Oh and this doesn’t apply to you something different does and the same goes for Renesmee. But she is more like us than she is you.”

Jacob waited in silence for what Edward was about to say.

“Don’t run Jacob you knew this before. We promise we won’t hurt you.”

I knew Jasper was messing with Jakes mood at this moment.

Then Edward spoke “We’re vampires.”

Quite a lot to take in for Jacob.  I wonder how he will respond?  At least Renesmee came to her senses!

Yes it's good that she did. You'll see how he responds in the next and final chapter i'm about to write. But DON'T worry there's a sequel to this called Forever Lost. :)

Wow you are actually right (the first thing you said about it being a bad joke!) Thankyou and you'll have to see what happens next.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!! ;)

update me soon cant wait to read the rest k ur a good wrighter look up
Our Forever Dawn and get some ideas


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