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She stood there with such grace and helpless beauty. Her face was twisted with a sadistic smile but beneath her sapphire eyes I could see the pain and regret she felt within. My heart longed to reach out to her but I knew that I couldn't allow my emotions to control my actions. So with all the love I held for her,I pushed it back and continued on with the rest of the guard.

Chapter One: The Sighting
She was never far from my thoughts. Her long, silk like black hair and dark sappire blue eyes, lightly flushed cheeks against pale white skin so soft and smooth like a satin comforter. And her name. Her name was the most beautiful sound coming from any being's lips. Matrianna Isabelle Covier. A shiver ran down my spine as I thought of her beautiful, unique name. Suddenly, I was torn from my thoughts when the large, wooden door flew open and in came a frazzled looking Felix.

"Master! We've caught sight of her!," Felix's eyes were wide and somewhat fearful.

Only one person could ever cause Felix to actually fear for himself and that was. . . But I couldn't think it, couldn't allow myself false hope. She was dead, lifeless in the grave. My heart ached incredibly, my chest felt as if a freight train was rolling over my heart while carrying a billion pounds of rock.

"Excellent," Master Aro practically hissed with excitement.

I stared at them with both confusion and a bit of suspicion. My mind was reeling at the possibilities of whom they could be speaking of. It couldn't be Matrianna because of that. . . Tragic battle that ended her life so early, that destroyed my heart. With a shuddering breath, I looked up to the face of my Master.

"Master Aro, might I ask. . . Whom exactly has been caught by sight?," My voice as somewhat twinged with pain but was grateful that Master Aro had not recognized it.
Aro's eyes were filled with sadistic excitement, an excitement that set me on edge.

"Why, Dear Alec, didn't you know?," Aro asked in a patronizing tone.

My stomach did double back hand flips, churning at just the thought of her.

"Matrianna has returned"

And with those three words my world and my heart seemed to come back to life with a passion so strong, if it were released, it would destroy the world.


"Alec. . . You're so sweet," She giggled, her hair flying behind her as her dress ruffled in the wind.

My smiled was wide and adoring, her smile lightening my darkened day.

"You are. . . So beautiful," I said the words softly, lovingly.

Her cheeks flushed tomtoe red causing the back of my throat to burn with an angry intensity. With dramatic slowness, I leaned forward and pressed my hard, cold lips against her warm, soft mouth. When we tore apart she was breathing heavily with her chest heaving from lack of air.

"I love you, Matrianna. . . Forever and Always," I breathed into her small white ear.

I felt her shiver slightly from my closeness and couldn't keep the smile off my face.

"And I love you, Alec. . . Infinitely and Eternally"

*Flashback Ends*

My breath caught in my throat as hope filled my heart. My Matrianna has returned.

(A/N: Alright, I know it's short but believe me when I say, this is just the beginning. Longer chapters will come! I hope you've enjoyed this so far and jus for a warning there WILL BE A LOT OF FLASHBACKS! Please Comment and I do ask for banners! Thank You!)

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So, I'm bored and tired but can't go to sleep so I just decided to write something. For all of you who want to know yes, there is a sequel to this. Its title is Infinitely & Eternally, I hope that once I finish this first story that you all will continue on to finish Alec's and Matrianna's story!
Seems really good,keep writing please
Thanks Jessica Salvator and RobertForLife! I'm writing now!
Chapter Two: Rememberance
Everytime I blinked her face appeared in my mind. Everytime I breathed I swear I could scent her. Everytime heard a sound it was much too close to the tone of her voice. It's been two hours since I last heard of Matrianna's return and here I've sat in the rose garden just pondering, remembering. . .


I crouched behind the pillar with ease and motioned Matrianna to follow suit. She snuggled close to my side as we swiftly and stealthily ran past Dimitri and Felix, dodging from their sight all to easily.

"Alec. . . Wait," Matrianna gasped.

As I turned my head to look at her I noticed Jane from far off. Luckily she was looking in the other direction and I had time to scoop up Matri in my arms and dart out of sight. I ran with her in my arms for a while until I came to the right place. I set her down on her feet and covered her eyes with my hands.

"Alec" - she giggled - "What are you doing?!"

"Sssh. . . Just trust me, okay?"

I felt her slightly nod her head and then I lead her forward. I uncovered her eyes and was enormously pleased when I heard her awed gasp.

"Alec. . . It's beautiful," She breathed, unable to take her eyes away from the gorgous scene in front of her.

"Not compared to you," I whispered in her ear and wrapping my arms around her waist.

Her head bowed in an attempt to keep me from seeing her blush but it was already too late, I had seen.

"Don't hide your face from me. . . It's just too beautiful not to be seen"

*Flashback Ends*

I sighed softly and leaned my head back on the bench. Somewhere she was out there, all alone and wondering. I couldn't help but feel frightened for her when i knew she wasn't with me. What if something happened to her? What if she gets hurt? Or worse. . . What if this wasn't real? How could Matrianna be back? How could she have survived? I saw it myself. . . The killing blow. A stab through the heart was something no live being could recover from. But, then again, Matrianna was indeed special. . . And powerful. So powerful she could have defeated the Volturi with just the will of her mind or the snap of her fingers but she had too much care and respect for other beings to have done that. Matrianna had given Aro the choice of either being a respectable ruler or politely stepping down from the throne. Aro, of course, had banished even the ideas of hers. She was, too him and his brother, Caius, a mongrel, a beast. But that was not how I saw her. SHe was beautiful, kind, caring, the most wonderful being anyone could ever meet. She was intelligent and witty, strange and magnificent, daring and loving. Matrianna was like no other, she was, in fact, a True Blood. I couldn't keep myself from shivering at the words.
Slowly and carefully, I stood from the bench and looked out at the setting sun. My skin glistened like diamonds in light, glowing radiantly just like Matrianna's beautiful aura. With dramatic slowness I made my way inside and down the corridor, to my room. As I entered I scented a familiar smell. I shook my head and told myself I was imagining things.

"No" - I growled at myself - "She's gone. Quit keeping your hopes up," my upper lip rising in a snarl.

My chest ached with such a pain so strong it nearly crippled me. Her memory was the only thing keeping me alive. . . That and the promise I'd made to her before her untimely departure. My eyes prickled, wanting to release tears and yet I couldn't cry, couldn't allow my pain to escape out into the open. Matrianna, she truly was the only woman I would ever - could ever - love. She was my heart and soul, body and life. I loved her with everything in me and more.

* * * *

(A/N: I hope you enjoyed! Thank you very mush for reading my story and I hope you continue on with Alec's and Matrianna's story! The next chapter will be posted soon!)
Love it of course
Another great story!
Very Intruiging! Love reading about Alec!
Chapter Three: My Love
As I made my way down the hallway I thought about Matrianna. Truthfully she was the only thing that was on my mind. Ever. My mind absolutely refused to accept that she was back, that she has returned from the dead. I'd seen her body, her soulless corpse and it had been the most heart-wrenching experience in my entire life, human and vampire. Slowly, I opened my bedroom door and entered into the room. The soft scent of my sister filled my nose and I wasn't surprised to see Jane settled comfortably on my bed(which I had no need for). At the sight of Jane resting on my bed brought back a bitter-sweet memory from the past.


Soft tapping suddenly sounded in my ears and I looked to my left to see her sweet face smiling at me from behind the tinted window. A wide smile came to my face but worry was held behind my eyes. I tossed the dog-eared copy of Romeo and Juliet at the end of my bed then pounced up onto the balls of my feet and stepped onto the cold(but not so cold to me) hard stone floor then went to slide open the window.

"Matri" - I chuckled as she clumsily climbed through my window - "What are you doing here?"

"I - oomp! - I came to see you!," She smiled widely and threw her arms around my neck.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and buried my face in her luscious long locks, hiding my widening smile from both her and myself.

"Do you realize you're puting your life in jeopardy?," I mumbled softly, pulling back and looking into her glistening eyes.

"I - I. . . Uhm, yeah," She said softly, looking down at her feet.

I slid two fingers under her chin and pulled her face up so I could once again gaze into those beautiful orbs.

"But I'm glad you came," and then I leaned forward and pressed my lips to her flushed cheek.

"Good. I'm glad this life threatening trip wasn't for nothing," She muttered, unwrapping herself from me and leaping onto op my bed.

She sat back comfortably and snuggled deep into the comforter and feather pillows. She looked to extravagant next to the deep red colors and black stitching, it made her look both fragile and unlike anything else. She tucked her legs beneath her then looked up at me and patted the spot beside her, motioning me to join her. Slowly, I moved my spot with a small smile on my face and sat beside her. My arms wrapped around her pixie form and held her close to my heart.

"Stay, My Love. Stay"

*Flashback Ends*

Once again my chest tightened and I felt the pain in my heart.

"Hello, Jane," I greeted, stepping all the way into the room and closing the door behind me.

Jane gently laid down my copy of Pride and Prejudice and stood up, straightening her dress with her frail-looking hands.

"Alec," She nodded, a sour look on her face.

She approached me now with caution and that frightened me.

"Matrianna is supposedly back. . . Did you know?," She cocked her head to the side, causing some her dark blonde locks to fall out of the tight bun at the back of her head.

"Yes. I'd heard," I said, nodding.

Her steps were fast now and she was about an inch away from my face.

"How does that make you feel, Brother?," Her eyebrow arched.

I knew of Jane's suspicions from the start, I was just glad that she had never proven them.

"Nothing, Sister," My gaze was penetrating.

I could feel the hate that radiated off of Jane's body, almost feel it in my own system. Jane absolutely loathed Matrianna. She loathed her kind, True Bloods. To Jane they were filthy mistakes, abominations, not worthy to be alive. I didn't understand her hate for Matrianna's kind. Yes, they were powerful but the were heartfelt creatures. I couldn't remember a single time when the True Bloods wanted to cause harm to any living thing.

"Well then. . . Good day," She muttered and left my room, slamming my door loudly to where it echoed all throughout the halls.

I sighed softly then picked up my book from the pillow it lay on. I brought it over to the book case and set it in its right place. My eyes caught on Romeo and Juliet, attracting my full attention. Slowly yet gently, I slid it off the shelf and held it in my palms. I flipped it open and gazed down at the back of the front cover.

Know that I will always love you, Alec. I'm yours,
Infinitely and Eternally,
Matrianna Isabelle Covier

Was written in her smooth cursive hand. I remembered the day she'd written it, it had been the same night she'd stayed for the first time in my room and slept in my arms. I remembered the way her scent would make my mouth water but not make me want to drink from her throat. Instead, it'd made me want to make her mine, forever.
Making my way over to my bed and laying down on the fluffy comforter, I laid the book across my chest and held it close to my heart, wishing with all my might that I could see her face again, if not for just one single moment in time. . .

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awesome chapter,i really really love it,keep writing please
rlly like it
Thanks you guys! I'm glad you like it! I'll post more soon!
Chapter Four: My Heart, My Soul, My Very Being
Above me I stared up at the endless abyss of sky, the stars shining brightly like her breathtaking smile. I sighed and continued the thoughts that were jumbling my head. I decided, that if Matrianna (I flinched every time I thought her name) has truly returned then I would find her. I would search to the ends of the Earth just to glance at her perfectly sculpted face one more time. I just laid there, the minutes ticking by slower than a snail, not caring if my robes were slowly soaking from the dampened grasses. The sharp blades poked at my harder-than-metal skin, sending a tingling sensation up my arms and down my neck. I breathed in the dank air and closed my eyes, picturing her perfect face in my mind. I smiled at the mental picture, imagining her full, curvy smile and the soft touch of her skin against mine. Suddenly, the scent of jasmine, rose petals, and honey entered my nostrils, sending my senses into a frenzy. I sat up straight, my head jerking this way and that, searching for her pixie form. My eyes then landed on a rather small and feminine form. My eyes once again prickled behind my lids, wanting to release the saddened tears they could not conjure.

"Matri?," I called rather shakily into the darkness, my eyes never leaving the small, unmoving form.

I stared hopefully forwards as I stood from my position and began to approach it, my feet seeming to drag against the ground.

"Matrianna?," I called out again, my voice so close to hysteria.

I stopped suddenly as the form shifted into mist and blew away from me in a white-gray cloud. I dropped to my knees, grabbing at my hair and tugging at it with more strength than I needed to.


"Matri" - I chuckled "What are you doing?," I asked, smiling at her overly concentrated, squinted expression.

"Hush, Alec, I have to concentrate," She demanded, sighing harshly.

A chuckle escaped my lips, my head shaking softly as i approached her and placed my hands at her waist.

"You're trying too hard. Just relax - that's it. Now. . . Breathe," I commanded sweetly into her small little white ear.

Her shoulders relaxed and her body pressed against mine. Just as I was leaning forward to claim her lips as my own. . She was gone. Nothing but a cloud of mist was in her place and a second later she was once again in my arms. Matri turned towards me sharply with a largely spread smile plastered on her face.

"I did it! Alec, I did it!," She cried, throwing her arms around my neck and squeezing close to me.

I held her tight and breathed in her sweet, soft scent. In that moment I was the happiest being alive - or dead, whichever you would call my being. We stayed in each other's arms, just basking in the heat of the moment we shared as one...

*Flashback Ends*

My face buried in the palms of my hands as the soft cried bubbled out from behind my lips. Why must the world taunt me? What have I done to deserve this? My fists came crashing down to the ground, ripping away dirt, roots, and grass. My anger was rising dramatically and there was no one around to help get it under control. I was up onto my feet in seconds. I ripped away at the rose bushes, beat at the trees, and slammed against the hedges. Within seconds the entire garden was ruined and no longer beautiful and comforting. Instead, the only thing I felt was dread and the tightening around my heart that was often reminding me of my greater loss. Without another thought, I turned onto my heel and made my way back to my bed chamber. I slammed the door closed and let my back slide against it until my body hit the floor. I stared at my feet until I heard a soft knock on my door. I stood from the floor and opened up the door only to be met by a pair of deep sapphires. The breath that I had just sucked in through my nose had suddenly become lodged inside my throat. I stared at her face with widened eyes and couldn't keep my hand from raising to her pasty face. My fingers brushed against her cheek and I felt the blood pumping through her veins.

My hand shot back to my side with shock and I saw the look of hurt cross her face. With out a seconds thought, I brought her into my arms and held her tighter than I should have. She slipped through my arms and stood before me.

"Don't lose hope in me, Alec. I'm here, I'm alive. In you I live. . . Our love withstands the breaking point in which we call death," Then she leaned forward, pressed her full lips to my cheek. . . And disappeared all together.

My head snapped up and I stared at the wall in front of me. I stood from the floor and glanced around me. The door was sealed shut and nothing seemed to be unmoved. And yet her very essence still lurked in the room, leaving a smile wider than the universe straining against my cheeks.
And now I knew. . . My Matrianna really had returned. . .

(A/N: Sorry it took so long, I apologize sincerely! Although, I do promise the next chapter to come soon! Please COMMENT! And I hope you enjoyed!)
Love it!!!!!


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