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Forever and Always ~Sequel to Why Love When You Can Hate~ *Seth and Embry Imprint*

**This is the sequel!!! If You haven't read the first one, don't read this one!! Click this sentence to go to the first story! Thank you to those people who neglected to read the fact that this was the sequel in the title.


Forever and Always


Maya’s POV

                How could I make him choose between me and his pack? The choice was obvious. They needed him more than I did. Going through this alone had been the original plan, right? Now I wasn’t so sure.

                The imprint was meant to bring us together, not pull us apart. I was positive he was the only thing in the world I wanted more than anything.

                I didn’t just want him to be there, I needed him to be there. But it was a slight improbability since he needed to be with the pack, more than he needed to be with me.



Mia’s POV

                An army? How did two idiots equal and army?

                The only part that had registered was that my wolf was leaving me. The rest was a mystery. He trotted back to me, now in wolf form.

                I ran my fingers through his soft fur and kissed his snout. “I love you, Embry Call, and you best not forget it.”

                He snorted and nodded, which I took for an, “I won’t.” He gave me a last lingering look before disappearing into the trees and slipping through my fingers.

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love it!! keep me posted!!

Woah! Major cliffie Hannah!

Loved it!!

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Ooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmfffffffffffffffffggggggggggg dis is aaaaawwwwweeeessssoooommmmmeee lllllooovvveeeeddd iiittt update soooon pplllzzzz -love mizz.tw33ty b!rd- <3


cant wait for the next chapter :)


                                        ( <3 ALEX OUT <3 )

Please update i love this story


Sorry it's been forever!!! I have two chapters written though, and I'm posting right now ;)

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Chapter 9 – Sleepovers

Maya’s POV


                I stayed the night a Seth’s house, deciding that my mother deserved to be afraid for me. I wanted her to be hurt over the fact that I never came home. Well, maybe they wouldn’t even care. They never had before.

                I sighed and rolled out of Seth’s bed. He was warm, like a giant heated teddy bear. I struggled out of the tangle of his arms and searched for the bathroom. As far as I knew, Seth lived alone. His mom had married some guy named Charlie and his sister was in college. So you can imagine my shock when I opened the door to find an older lady there, about to knock. She let her hand fall.

                “Uh, hi,” I said, trying to pull down the hem of Seth’s giant t-shirt. I had underwear underneath, but it was still incredibly awkward. “Who are you?”

                She gave me a smile, “I’m Sue. Are you Seth’s girlfriend?”

                “Um… Yes?”

                “Mom, don’t scare her,” Seth mumbled from behind me.

                “Don’t worry, honey, I won’t.” The older woman smiled at me and took my hand, pulling the door closed behind me. “So, you are his girlfriend?”

                “Yeah,” I looked back at the door, wishing I had grabbed my pants before I left. “I’m Maya.”

                “Nice to meet you, Maya. You’re so pregnant! Is Seth the father?”

                I blushed. “Yes.”

                “How far along are you? You’ve got to be nine months at that size!”

                “No, I’m sixth months.” Her face twisted and before she asked if I was having an elephant baby, I said, “I’m having twins.”

                “Oh! That’s wonderful!” She clapped her hands together and jumped in place. “I’ve been waiting so long for grandchildren but Seth refused to have children with any girl other than his imprint. You are his imprint, right?”

                “Yes, ma’am.” I crossed my legs where I stood. I really had to pee.

                “Great! And his sister, well, she’s so stubborn and hasn’t found a man that can get through to her yet.” Sue rolled her eyes.

                “Um, excuse me, but I really have to use the restroom.” I walked around her, toward the room I knew as the bathroom.

                She chuckled. “I understand, honey. I was pregnant at one time, too.”

                Not a great response to me saying, “I have to pee,” but okay. In no time, my bladder was empty and I was happy. There was no trace of Sue in the hallway, but an amazing smell was drifting up from the kitchen. I went back to Seth’s room, finding him sitting up in his bed.

                “Hey Babe,” He greeted.

                “Morning baby,” I laughed and kissed him gently. “I think we’re going to be late for school.”

                He gripped my hips, “Who said we were going?”

                I laughed, “I did.” I slipped out of his hands. “As much as I’d loved to stay holed up with you in your room, I’m having a few little babies of yours in just three months and I really need to stay in school since I suspect that I’ll miss a little time here and there.” I pulled on my pants on. “Are you coming or not? You know I’d hate to walk to school. Especially alone,” I pouted at him.

                “Fine,” He groaned and rolled out of bed. I enjoyed the view. Seth in only his boxers. Yes, very enjoyable. “I’ll be down in a minute.”

                I sighed, kissed his neck and left. Sue was in the kitchen making pancakes when I got down there and they smelled amazing. I also had an addiction to syrup. “Yay! Yum,” I took a burning hot pancake off the plate and set it on my own. While I drenched it in syrup, Sue explained,

                “I figured you’d have a little time before you went to school to eat.” She smiled kindly.

                “Yeah, if you’re late for first period you have to go to the tardy room anyway.” I took a bite of the delicious food. “Oh my god, this is amazing.”

                “Thank you! Seth and Leah never appreciated my cooking.”

                “That’s because they are wolves and they don’t take a break to taste what they’re eating.” She laughed again. “So, can I ask what you’re doing here? I thought Seth lived here alone…”

                “Oh, he usually does. I just come to check in on him every now and then. I swear, that boy doesn’t know how to cook or do laundry. You should see the things he eats when I’m not around to cook for him. Sometimes I think it’s going to crawl off the plate.” She laughed under her breath and looked up as Seth entered the room.

                “I heard that, and no, my food has never crawled away.”

                I kissed him before he could even touch the food. “I love you, baby, but I highly doubt that.”

                He frowned. “Nobody has faith,” He muttered, piling at least seven pancakes on his plate.

                “We have faith, but we still don’t trust your cooking,” His mother told him. “Now eat. You have to go to school.”

                “Yes, ma’am.” He shoveled a bite into his mouth. Seth must’ve thought it was good because after that, he had three more servings. Oh, my werewolf lover.

                After eating, he went to take a quick shower and get dressed. This was before I was even done eating. Sue continued to chat lightly. I almost choked when she asked how the sex was. I’m sorry; I just don’t want to tell my future mother-in-law how sex with her son was. It’s just creepy. When Seth came back down, we left for my house that was thankfully abandoned. Not a soul was inside.

                I got a shower, got dressed and tried to walk down stairs without tripping over my missing feet. You know, it’d be easier to walk if I could see them. I sighed, finding Seth sitting at the counter. It was like a flashback, seeing his sitting at the island where we had sat before. His shoulders were slumped, his head resting on his arms.

                Seth was so familiar. From the muscle in his hard packed body, to the soft skin that covered him, to the expressions he made.  I knew Seth better than anyone, with the exception of my twin. Then again, my twin was harder to decipher than ever. She was so secretive about everything.

                I smiled at Seth when he sat up. “You girls take forever to shower.”

                “It’s because we enjoy being clean.”

                “And I don’t? Come on, sniff me. I smell amazing.”

                He pulled me into the circle of his arms and I inhaled his woodsy scent. Seth was right. He did smell good.  “You do,” I mumbled to his chest. I felt his chest vibrate as he chuckled.

                “I know, now let’s go to school.”


                Seth and I were in the middle of a very hot kiss when Mia decided to interrupt. It had been one week since my sleepover stunt, and I was supposed to be under house arrest. Orders from my mother.

                “Come on, Maya.” She moaned. Next thing I know, she’s banging her head against her locker. I peeked at her curiously. “Whatever. Seth can take you home. Bye.”

                I shrugged and continued to kiss my love. “Do you think she’s alright?” I knew that she was in the middle of some bet with Embry. What it was about, I had no idea.

                “Yes,” he said, his lips connecting with mine again.

                I broke away from his kiss, breathing hard. “What’s the bet even about?”

                “Something about who will crack under the pressure of the imprint and admit their love first.” Instead attacking my lips again, he opted out for giving me a love bite. Mom loved it when I came home sporting one.

                “Lovely.” I put a hand on Seth’s chest and pushed him away lightly. “Sorry, I love you, but I should check on her…” I turned away from him and opened my locker. He didn’t leave though, he just resting his hands on my giant belly. I knew he loved feeling the girls attempting to pummel him. “You can come to my house, anyway. My parents are working late.”

                “Perfect,” He purred. Do wolves purr? Wait, do men even purr? I was starting to doubt Seth’s sexuality, even if he had gotten me pregnant.

                “Come on,” I grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the building.

                When we got home, Mia was locked in her room. I decided to take a nap in my wolf’s arms instead. I woke up to the sound of the door slamming shut and Mia’s loud crying. Seth was immediately alert. We rushed downstairs, to find my sister covered in blood.


Chapter 10

Mia’s POV


                Adam bit hard into his neck, blood spurting out from the wound before he could consume it.

                It got all over me: in my hair, my face, on my clothes. I gasped, still standing with my mouth hanging open, holding in a scream of pure terror. I was afraid, so afraid that I was frozen.


                He took big gulps of Jeremy’s blood still, ignoring me completely. I backed away, preparing to run. As soon as I moved, he dropped Jeremy’s body and turned to me. “Mia,” He whispered. “Why are you not one of us? You should be. Andrew bit you. I know he did.” Adam’s voice was low and husky. He cocked his head to the side as he spoke. “Why, darling?” He reached out to touch me.

                I yelped and jumped away from his hand. Sadly, Adam moved way faster than me. He took my wrist between his fingers, hold it too tightly. He snapped my wrist without even thinking about it. I cried out in pain.


                “Please let me go,” I gasped, biting my lip to hold in tears. “Adam you’re hurting me.”

                The vampire stared at me warily and let go of my wrist. “I’m sorry.”

                It was odd to see such a cold blooded, killing machine apologize to me. I shrank back from him. “You were dead,” I said. “I saw you. You were dead at Andrew’s feet.”

                “No,” Adam breathed, “I was just passed out. He changed me into this. He made me the most powerful being in the world.”

                I didn’t dare correct him. Werewolves could kill vampires. “He made you into a monster.”

                “No,” He said again. “He made me into a god.” Adam stepped toward me again. “Your scent is intoxicating, Mia. You smell delicious. Like vanilla and cherry.” He closed the space between us, leaned in close, and inhaled deeply. “You will be mine, Mia.”

                “No, I won’t. I belong to someone else.”

                Adam’s handsome face twisted into a scowl. “No,” He growled. Maybe that was his signature phrase, ‘no… *insert correction.*’  “You will be mine, Mia. Just wait. I will come back for you.”

                I resisted the urge to say, ‘No, it’s not necessary.’ Instead, I shied away from him and tried to stay out of his reach. I clutched my broken wrist to my chest, trying to hold in my pain. Tears still escaped, though.

                Adam wiped away a tear with his index finger, inspected it for a second, and stuck his finger in his mouth. I just stared at him. Vampires were weird. “You taste even sweeter than you smell, Mia. Next time I’m back, you’re leaving with me.” His tone was threatening, his body tense. “Till next time, my love.” He breathed in my scent once more and shot off into the woods.

                I didn’t collapse. I didn’t run away. I didn’t call the cops. The first thing I did was make sure that Jeremy didn’t have a pulse, otherwise the consequences could’ve been…lethal. Pun intended. Jeremy was 100% D.E.A.D.

                I felt bad for him. The worst he should’ve gotten was a kick where it would hurt the worse. Not death. That was too dramatic.

                I stood up and started running. Home. Home was where I needed to go, my instincts told me. I was there in under five minutes, breathing hard. As soon as I slammed the door shut, Maya and Seth came barreling down the stairs. Maya nearly tripped and fell face first onto the floor. Luckily, Seth caught her just in time.

                “Thanks,” She breathed, running a hand over her big belly. “Mia, what happened? Is that your blood?”

                “Huh?” I wiped my hand across my face, finding that it came away covered in blood. “No,  it’s Jeremy’s…”

                “Jeremy? That creep that always stares at you in P.E.?”

                “Yeah, him. Adam—” I swallowed hard. “Adam attacked him. Killed him.”

                Seth’s face displayed utter and complete horror. “He’s still alive?”

                “More or less,” I shrug. “He’s still walking, but he’s not exactly alive.”

                Seth nodded. “I’m going to call the pack.” He presses a quick kiss to Maya’s lips. “I’ll be right back.” He runs outside quickly.

                I turn back to Maya. She was holding onto the railing at the bottom of the steps, breathing hard. “So if Adam is still alive… then Andrew has to be too.” She looked up at me, tears in her eyes. “Oh my god, Mia. They’re going to kill us.” Her eyes rolled back and my pregnant sister fell to the floor.

                I gasped and lunged forward, trying to catch her. “Seth!”

                He came running back in, only half dressed. I blushed despite myself. He saw Maya and hurried over. “What happened?”

                “She fainted…”

                “Do you think the babies are okay?” He picked her up and cradled her in his arms while walking to the couch.

                “I don’t know… She hit the ground before I got there.” I smiled nervously. I’d seen and angry werewolf and I knew that bad things could come out of it.

                “We should take her to the hospital.”

                “What about Adam and Jeremy’s body?”

                “The wolves and police will take care of it.” He picked up Maya. “Come on.”

                I grabbed my keys and a wet paper towel. I wasn’t sure how they’d react to seeing a girl covered in blood. While Seth settled her in, I wiped away the blood as best I could. I glanced back in the rearview mirror and saw that Seth and Maya were both strapped in with her head on his lap.

                “This has been one traumatic day,” I muttered and pulled out on to the road.




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