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Forever and Always ~Sequel to Why Love When You Can Hate~ *Seth and Embry Imprint*

**This is the sequel!!! If You haven't read the first one, don't read this one!! Click this sentence to go to the first story! Thank you to those people who neglected to read the fact that this was the sequel in the title.


Forever and Always


Maya’s POV

                How could I make him choose between me and his pack? The choice was obvious. They needed him more than I did. Going through this alone had been the original plan, right? Now I wasn’t so sure.

                The imprint was meant to bring us together, not pull us apart. I was positive he was the only thing in the world I wanted more than anything.

                I didn’t just want him to be there, I needed him to be there. But it was a slight improbability since he needed to be with the pack, more than he needed to be with me.



Mia’s POV

                An army? How did two idiots equal and army?

                The only part that had registered was that my wolf was leaving me. The rest was a mystery. He trotted back to me, now in wolf form.

                I ran my fingers through his soft fur and kissed his snout. “I love you, Embry Call, and you best not forget it.”

                He snorted and nodded, which I took for an, “I won’t.” He gave me a last lingering look before disappearing into the trees and slipping through my fingers.

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yay! you posted! I was beginning to think that you gave up on this story!

Wow! Lots of drama in these two chapters, update soon! :)



All 3 of them had better be okay!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Love it keep me posted!!!!!!!!!


Awesome update can't wait for more

Thanks for reading People! Sorry I dont have time to reply individually.


Sorry its been forever! I;ve been writing originals lately O.e this chapter is terrible, but it's all I have.

Chapter 11

Maya’s POV


                I woke up in a hospital bed. I sat up and looked around blearily. Seth was dead asleep in the chair next to me. “Seth,” I whispered, nudging his arm.

                He jumped up, suddenly alert. “Maya! You’re awake!” He pressed his lips to mine.

                “Why am I in the hospital?”

                “You fainted and fell. We were worried about you and the babies…”

                “Oh,” I looked down at my belly. “Will they be okay?” I hoped they would. I was six months pregnant and not giving up anytime soon.

                “They’re perfectly fine,” He grinned.

                “Cool,” I leaned back against my pillows and patted my huge tummy. “Sorry babies, didn’t mean to almost hurt you,” I cooed.

                Seth chuckled.

                “What’s so funny?”

                “It’s the way you talk to them. It’s like you think they can hear you from in there and understand you.”

                I frowned, “Why wouldn’t they? I heard that babies could hear things… and that the responded to the mother’s emotions. What’s so wrong with me talking to them?”

                “Nothing is. It’s just cute.”

                My face lit with a smile and I pecked him on the lips. “So, am I missing any limbs? Are my feet still down there?”

                He chuckled again and lifted up the blanket to expose my feet to the cold air of the hospital. “Yup, they’re still there.”

                “All ten toes?”

                “Nope, you seem to be missing one.”

                I giggled and tried to peek over my belly. It wasn’t happening. “Why are they so big?” I groaned.

                “Because they are werewolf babies, duh.”

                “I guess that makes sense.”

                The door burst open and in barged an angry Mia. “I hate that cafeteria! They always have the worst salads!”

                “Why are you eating salad?” I asked.

                “Maya! You’re awake!” She momentarily forgot her salad crisis and embraced me. “I was so worried.”

                “I can tell. How long was I out anyway?”

                “Oh, just a few hours.”

                “Lovely,” I muttered. “At least my babies are okay,” I gave Seth a cheesy smile.

                “Our babies,” he corrected.

                I nodded. “Right, our babies.” I grinned at my loving boyfriend. “So, when am I getting out?”

                Mia spoke up. “They said we could leave as soon as you woke up.”

                “Awesome,” I replied, swinging my legs over the side of the bed. “Whoa, head rush.” The room spun around me.

                “Careful,” Seth muttered, coming to stand in front of me. He took my hands and helped me stand up. My belly was pressing against his. The girls kicked at him. I sighed with a smile.  I was content for once. It was nice…

                “I’ll be careful. I wouldn’t want my pretty babies getting hurt.” I patted my belly and took a step away from Seth. I grabbed his hand instead.

                “Please don’t forget I’m here and start making out. I think I’d throw up,” Mia complained.

                “We won’t… yet.” I winked at him. “Let’s go, I’ll already have to spend enough time in here once I have my babies.” I smiled sarcastically. I dragged my boyfriend out of the room, followed shortly by my twin.

                I checked out and we loaded into the car. Seth was the first to talk. “So, my mom wants to go dress shopping with you, Maya. She really likes you.”

                “Okay, but I have to take Mia with me.” Seth nodded. “Can we go see her today? We didn’t get to talk much last time I was there.”

                “Sure,” he drawled.

                We dropped Mia off at home and proceeded to find our way back to Seth’s house. “I’m tired,” I sighed. “I haven’t been sleeping well.”

                “Why not?” He asked, stroking my cheek.

                “Because I’ve been so afraid since Mia was kidnapped. I mean, we already know Adam isn’t gone…” I remembered very well why I had fainted. I just hadn’t wanted to talk about it while Mia was there. She’d been through enough. “Just, what if Andrew is still alive too… Surely he’ll come back for me.”

                “Don’t think like that, baby.” He skimmed his nose along my jaw. “You don’t have to be afraid, Maya. You have me!” Seth gave me a cheeky smile.

                “Way to be modest,” I admired.

                “How about, if you’re so scared, how about you move in with me? I promise to keep you safe and it’ll be easier for the babies…” Seth looked so nervous, proposing this…

                Normally, I would’ve said yes immediately. It would help me sleep at night to know my wolf was right there, by my side. We could raise our babies together instead of commuting from one house to another… But my sister, my twin… I couldn’t leave her by herself.

                “What’s wrong?” Seth asked in a hushed tone.

                “I can’t,” I sighed. “I can’t leave Mia alone…” Tears sprang in my eyes. Damn, I was being emotional again….

                “Shh…” He rubbed my back. “It’s fine, I’ll just stay at your place more often.”

                “Okay,” I whispered. “Sorry, I’d love to move in thought if Mia wouldn’t be alone.”

                “I know,” He replied, kissing my forehead.

Aw...cute chapter! Update soon!


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