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Forever and Always ~Sequel to Why Love When You Can Hate~ *Seth and Embry Imprint*

**This is the sequel!!! If You haven't read the first one, don't read this one!! Click this sentence to go to the first story! Thank you to those people who neglected to read the fact that this was the sequel in the title.


Forever and Always


Maya’s POV

                How could I make him choose between me and his pack? The choice was obvious. They needed him more than I did. Going through this alone had been the original plan, right? Now I wasn’t so sure.

                The imprint was meant to bring us together, not pull us apart. I was positive he was the only thing in the world I wanted more than anything.

                I didn’t just want him to be there, I needed him to be there. But it was a slight improbability since he needed to be with the pack, more than he needed to be with me.



Mia’s POV

                An army? How did two idiots equal and army?

                The only part that had registered was that my wolf was leaving me. The rest was a mystery. He trotted back to me, now in wolf form.

                I ran my fingers through his soft fur and kissed his snout. “I love you, Embry Call, and you best not forget it.”

                He snorted and nodded, which I took for an, “I won’t.” He gave me a last lingering look before disappearing into the trees and slipping through my fingers.

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Chapter 12 – Date

Mia’s POV



            I whirled around, searching for the person that had called my name. It was Mitchel, who I had completely forgotten about. “Oh, hey, Mitchel.”

            “Hi,” He greeted with a goofy smile, pushing his hand through his hair. “You never met me at the beach…”

            I flushed and looked at him from under my eye lashes. “Sorry, my sister fell down the stairs and we had to take her to the hospital.”

            “Oh, who’s your sister?”

            I looked over my shoulder to find Maya still making out with Seth in front of her locker. “She would be the pregnant one over there,” I pointed her way, “practically having sex against the lockers.”

            He nodded. “I see that… Is that Seth with her?”

            “Yeah, he’s the baby daddy.”

            “Seriously? I hadn’t heard he got anybody pregnant.” Mitchel cocked a brow.

            “Most people haven’t. They got back together about a week ago.” I bit my lips and looked up at him. “So, you wanna walk with me to class?”

            “Sure, it’d be my pleasure.”

            We chatted idly as we walk down the hall, slightly rushing to be on time to class. I ended up making plans to see him after school. He was really cute and completely human as far as I knew. I liked humans. They were so normal.

            “You know, you really shouldn’t hang out with him,” Embry told me, pushing away from the wall where he had been leaning.

            “Why not?”

            “He’s a bad guy.” Embry replied.

            I scowled at him. “What is he a vampire or something?”

            “No, but he does deal out of the boy’s room though.”

            “Deal what?” I asked rudely. Embry gave me a pointed look. “And why should I believe you?”

            “You just should,” He pressed.

            “And you’re just jealous,” I narrowed my eyes at him, watching him carefully.

            Embry pulled at his hair with his head. “No I’m not,” he grumbled. “Just listen, Mitchel is a bad guy. You don’t want to get involved with a guy like him.”

            I laughed at him. “You’re so jealous.” I turned toward the classroom. “I’m gonna win the bet!” I sang.


            I met Mitchel on the beach like I was supposed to the day before. I had to wait a few minutes before he actually showed up though and I was really uncomfortable. I was standing next to the trees, stiff as a board. I was standing about ten feet from where I had originally met Embry. How had something so innocent gone so wrong?

            “Mia?” Mitchel popped out of nowhere.

            I took a deep breath and met his eyes. “Hey.”

            He chuckled, “I believe we’ve already done this once today.”

            I offered him a half smile. “I guess so. So, you want to take a walk with me?”

            Ten minutes later, we were taking a leisurely stroll down the beach while he told me some hilarious story about his first time playing soccer on a team. He had been hit in the face…twice…with the ball. I could only imagine how much that hurt.

            Out of Maya and me, I was the sportier one. Maya had always been more interested in her music than anything. In fact, I was surprised that she had given up her violin when she got pregnant. But she was so depressed in the beginning that even music couldn’t make her happy. On the other hand, I had always played sports—usually basketball and softball. Coming to Lapush, I hadn’t tried out for anything because it was too late in the basketball season and come softball season, I was caught up in Maya/Seth/Embry drama.

            Wait, I totally just got off topic.

            As I was saying, I could only imagine how much that hurt. One time, I had been hit in the jaw with a softball and another time someone had hit me hard in the gut with a basketball. Not exactly shining moments as an athlete. And they hurt like hell.

            “—And then the coach wouldn’t let my mom onto the field so she could see if I was alright. Isn’t that screwed up? I mean, she’s my mom. She had a right to check on me.” He rolled his eyes. “I had a black eye for two weeks after that.”

            “Nice.” I laughed. “That really sucks.” I turned to face him. “Are you a better dancer than you are a soccer player, twinkle toes?”

            He raised his eyes brows when I said “twinkles toes” but didn’t comment. “You know, there’s only one way to find out.”

            “You’re right,” I declared. “In order to find out, you’d have to go to the dance with me.”

            “I’d be honored to escort you, Mia, and show off my amazing dance skills.”

            I giggled at him as he pulled a Michael Jackson move in the middle of the beach. “It’s a date then.” Inwardly, I was taunting my dear, shifter friend. Take that, wolf boy.



Chapter 13—Dresses

Maya’s POV


            There was something I loved about Seth’s mom. She was so… crazy. She was in perpetual motion and always talking. She was just so bubbly. Sue was awesome.

            “When are we going dress shopping?” she babbled. “I’m just so excited for it! I can’t wait to do some mother-daughter bonding and we can find a dress to frame that lovely tummy of yours. Do you want it to show off your belly or try to hide it? I think it’d be better if you showed it off. It’s just so awesome knowing there are little babies in you. Gosh, I just love it! I’m gonna be a grandma! And you can also lay your claim on Seth. Then again, girls might assume he wants to ditch you because of you pregnant-ness. Those high school girls can be real mean, you know?” She looked back at me.

            “Yeah, I know. I’ve been dealing with it ever since they noticed I was pregnant. I think I want a dress to show off my pregnant-ness. Their daddy really loves my belly.” I rubbed an affectionate hand over my huge baby belly and smiled. God, I was so content. I was just waiting for something to screw it up. “So, how about I call my sister and Nessie and we can all go shopping together?”

            “Deal,” Sue grinned. “Call Alice too. We’ll need her expertise.”

            “Okay.” I whipped out my phone and started calling. Mia agreed to meet me at Seth’s house. Nessie and Alice said they would pick us up and that little Maribelle was coming with us. I was fine with that though. She was so freaking cute.

            Mia showed up with Liv and Mandy before the Cullens did. She was smirking the whole time, no doubt envisioning some victory against Embry. She introduced herself to Sue, as did Liv and Mandy, and we waited for Ness and Alice. Liv and Mandy were just having a good old time getting to know my babies’ grandma. Alice and Ness showed up a few minutes later. We all piled into the Jeep and drove to the nearest mall, which was an hour away. I didn’t mind though. It gave me some time to sleep on the ride.

            Being almost seven months pregnant, I got fatigued faster. It was just so hard to lug around an extra forty or fifty pound all day—especially since I was only five feet, three inches tall. God, I was almost that wide too.

            Too soon, somebody was shaking my shoulder. “Maya? Maya, wake up.”

            I groaned. “I don’t want to.”

            “Too bad,” Alice sang. “You all need my opinion and next month, I am going to be busy with Jake and Nessie’s wedding. So get up.”

            “We only have five more days to find a dress anyway.”

            “Get up.” Sometimes I forgot how strong that pixie of a woman was. She practically lifted me out of the Jeep. Sometimes I wished I was that strong. I could be like, super mom or something. It’d be awesome. Then again, I could just leave the super hero qualities to Seth. Yeah, that sounded nice. I was going to have to push them out and change diapers and such. Seth could stick to his wolf duties.

            With a groan, I placed a hand on my sore back and used the other to cradle my swollen belly. “Why am I even going to this dance? No matter what I wear, I’m going to look like a whale.”

            “Oh honey!” Sue cried, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. “No you won’t and Seth will think you look beautiful no matter what you wear.”

            “I’m not dancing though,” I grumbled. “I lost my feet a few weeks ago and I’m not dancing without them. Not even Seth can make me dance.” The girls just laughed at me. Total crap move though. I was hormonal and in pain. The least they could’ve done was not tease me. Apparently they thought I was kidding. I wasn’t. No way was I dancing and no way was I wearing heels.

            We ended up in a small, private dress store that was far too pricey for my liking. The entire time Alice was prancing around choosing dresses for everyone, I was complaining about how I couldn’t afford the store. She handed me three dresses, each from the minimal maternity section.

            “I can’t try these on,” I told her. “I can’t afford anything in this store and if I fall in love with it, I’ll want to buy it.”

            “Maya,” Alice started gently. “You will not be paying for anything today. You’re Seth’s imprint so you are now practically part of the family. I’ll pay for the dress you want. Just try it on.”

            I groaned softly. “I can’t take your money.”

            “You’re not taking it. I am paying for your dress whether you like it or not.” The small woman put her hands on her hips and lifted a brow in a “do you dare defy me?” look. She was just asking for me to challenge her.

            “I wish I could threaten to sit on you and actually have it be threatening,” I grumbled, going into a dressing room with the dresses. The first dress was baby blue and touched the floor. It was tight right under my bust and billowed out from there. Thin straps held in up. But it was too much. This was the Summer Fling. I didn’t need this much dress.

            I walked out in it anyway. Liv and Mandy went crazy over it, telling me how pretty I looked in it. “This is too much though. I want something shorter and lighter…” I stepped back into the dressing room and looked at the other two. One was white and black, kind of like a tuxedo design that would settle around my belly. The other one was a light yellow and would stop at my knee. It was more of a sun dress style dress.

            I tried on the sundress-like one first. It was alright. But it was nothing special. Sue liked it, as did Liv and Mandy, but we all agreed that it was the total opposite of the first dress. It wasn’t enough.

            When I put on the tuxedo dress, I knew it was perfect. It was classy and comical and it really showed off my baby belly. It was white until you got to the red bow that went under my bust, then a black skirt flowed out from under it with little black buttons going down the front. It stopped at my knees and was strapless with a sweetheart neckline.

            I stepped out in it with a smile. Sadly, that smile faltered when I saw Mia and Nessie. They looked great in their dresses. Mia was in a light blue dress that was almost white, it came mid-thigh and was tight all around. The straps on top were thick and looped around her neck. It showed off her body in the best way while still being conservative and school appropriate.

            Nessie had an emerald green dress that was strapless to show off her chest and it was tight until it hit her hips where it billowed out in a skirt that came to her knee.

            Jealousy and longing swept through me at the sight of them. They looked so pretty and their mid-sections were so flat… I was just… I was huge. How could I think I would even look pretty next to them.

            My lower lip began to tremble and my eyes welled with tears. I stormed back into the dressing room. With tears streaming down my face, I took off the dress and put it back on the hanger. I opened the door and handed it to Alice.

            “Is this the one?”

            “No,” I answered. “I don’t want it.”

            She frowned. “Why not? It’s perfect.”

            “I’m not going to the dance.” I wiped under my eyes.

            “Yes you are,” Mia said. “You have to be there when I win the bet.”

            “No, you can tell me all about it when you get home.”

            “Maya,” she whispered. “Let me in.”


            “It wasn’t optional.”

            I sighed and pulled the door open, letting her in. Mia looked at me sympathetically. See? Even my own sister pitied me. I was nothing but an unfortunate whale.

            “Why are you crying?” my twin asked, wiping away another tear that had escaped.

            “I’m not,” I denied quickly.

            “Yes you are. Why?”

            I bit my lip and glanced at my twin. “You and Nessie looked so beautiful in your dresses. All the other girls are going to too. Seth won’t even spare me a glance. I look like an Orca whale.”

            “No you don’t.” Mia said stubbornly. “You’re beautiful and no matter what you think, hell, you could go there wearing a trash bag and you would be the only girl Seth would see. Look at it this way Maya. Who’s pregnant with his babies?”

            “I am.”

            “Who is he currently dating?”


            “Who did he ask to the dance?”

            “Well, me, but he could still want to be with other girls. Just because I’m his imprint doesn’t mean anything. Imprints are what you need them to be. He could just think of me as his best friend…”

            “Maya, why do you suddenly doubt yourself? You know you’re the one he wants. He’s told you time and time again. Stop being so negative. Seth is yours and you are his. He’s your soul mate. Tell your pregnancy hormones to calm down.” She held out her arms so she could wrap them around me.

            I stepped into her embrace. “I can’t. I still have two more months of this.”

            Mia smiled at me. “Just calm down, honey. You’re beautiful. I know this because we are identical, my dear sister. If you weren’t beautiful, I wouldn’t be either.”

            I laughed and wiped away the tears that refused to stop falling. “I love you, sissy.”

            “Love you too. Now let’s go. Alice wants to go buy shoes.”

            “Okay.” I followed my sister out of the dressing room, running frantic hands over my red cheeks. I didn’t want people to see that I had been crying, though I was sure they already knew. I still had some dignity though. If all else failed, I was still pregnant. My hormones were running on an all-time high.

            Alice shoved a garment bag into my arms as soon as we found them. “Here’s your dress,” she chimed.

            “Thanks Alice,” I said with a half-smile.

            “No problem Maya. Nessie did the same thing every time I tried to buy her something while she was pregnant.” Alice patted the baby that was pressed up against her body since she was in a sling. Nessie couldn’t carry her since she was constantly changing clothes and she didn’t want to disturb Maribelle like that.

            “She is so precious,” Sue cooed. “I can’t wait to hold my grandchildren.” She smiled fondly at me and patted my belly. “They are going to be spoiled to no end.”

            “Whatever makes you happy, Sue.” I giggled, feeling giddy all of a sudden. It was like Jasper was there, except I was actually just having a mood swing.

            “Come on,” Alice sang, drawing attention to her as she carefully danced across the mall with the baby strapped to her chest. “We need to get shoes and accessories before the stores close!”

            I groaned then laughed before following all of the girls—my future mother-in-law, my sister, and my best friends. The only thing that could’ve made that better was if Seth had been there.


 (Sorry it's been since March and I'm terrible for that. I'll even update Just the Way You Are to make up for the time I've been absent. Forgive me <3 )

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