The Twilight Saga

This is another ff for imprints.
I give Stephenie Meyer the credit of creating the Twilight Series. Without her we would not be here writing ffs and enjoying them. All the Twilight characters are hers. All the characters that I have created ((Charlotte, her parents, Drake, and some others that I've not yet created)) are mine, even if they are not the best out there and take on minds of their own and threaten to quit if I don't write them out exactly how they want to be. He he. ((No I'm not crazy. They really do have a mind of their own. Especially Charlotte.)) Seventeen year-old Charlotte Duckling moves from San Diego, California to Forks, Washington with her dad where she meets Seth Clearwater, her imprint. Everything's going fine until Charlotte finds out her mother, who she thought to be dead, was really alive. And her dad and Seth have kept this a secret from her. Charlotte struggles to keep both sides of her life together as the time passes. But will one mistake cause her to leave one life behind? Will she remember...or will he be forever forgotten?   
Chapter one
I sighed. Today was the say we moved. Just Dad and me.
I stared out the window, at all the familiar places and things that I had grown up with passing us by. I would miss my city of San Diego, California. To me this was home.
“Charlotte, please. It’s not the end of the world," my dad said trying to comfort me.
“Yes it is,” I mumbled.
I have been with my dad for as long as I could remember. I’m sure I had had a mother once, but she had died when I was very young. I still had pictures of her packed in the boxes waiting at our new house.
Our new house… I haven’t even seen it yet. Dad said it was in Forks, somewhere in Washington. He said it rained almost constantly. I liked the rain. To me, it was like a soothing lullaby. I preferred the warmer rain, but Forks was up North; not much warm rain there.
I sighed again.
“Oh, come, now Charlotte.”
“What do you want me to say? I’ve left my friends behind. I won’t see them anymore. And how am I supposed to see Drake? Even though we do plan to see each other every other weekend, but it’s not the 
Drake was my boyfriend for almost a year. We didn't have time to have a day to ourselves before I left. We left the morning after school was out. We had said our goodbyes in my driveway as we pulled away. I missed him already.
“I’m sorry. Maybe you can make some new friends.”
“It’s not as easy as you think. I’ve grown up with my friends. You can’t just go to a new high school and instantly become friends with everyone you meet. This is not kindergarten.”
“You won’t make any with that attitude.”
I groaned. He obviously did not understand.
I turned back to window.
We chose to drive the long distance to have our truck with us. Dad was going to fly back later and finish with our other house, bringing whatever was left and needed. All of our other belongings had been 
shipped to a friend of Dad’s house where we would pick them up.
"Well, you have some of the summer to find new friends."
I nodded once and went back to my thoughts that were slowly pulling me to sleep.
I wonder what our new house will look like. I hope it’s beautiful, with a new backyard and maybe a forest off on the edge. Didn’t Dad say there were many trees?
My head dropped onto the cold window. Hmm...sleep….
Everything was strangely quiet when I woke up.
I looked around curiously.
“Hey, you’re up.”
I looked into a male’s face who was sitting across from me in a chair. He had russet colored skin and short black hair. His eyes were very dark, almost black.  He looked very tall and muscular.
I sat up and looked around. I was in someone’s house. Someone’s empty house. There was nothing in this room except the couch I was laying on, the chair the male was sitting in, and a few boxes stacked in corners. Maybe someone is moving in… Or out.
“Do you like your house?”
My house?
I looked at him. If this was my house, then why was he here? Who was he?
“I’m Jacob. Jacob Black.” He held out his right hand. I didn’t make a move to shake it.
“Where’s my dad?” He had to be here somewhere.
There came the sound of someone pulling up from outside.
“That should be him now.” Jacob dropped his hand and stood. “He might need help with the rest of the boxes. Wait here.” He disappeared around a corner that I guessed separated this living room from the front door. Doors shut from outside.
I got up and looked around. It was a good-sized house. The kitchen was up to date. There were two bedrooms downstairs with a bathroom hooked to one. I didn’t go to the second floor yet.
“Charlotte, Jake was right, you are up and about.”
I turned to see my dad standing before me with boxes in his hand.
“Need help?” I asked walking over to him.
“No, I got it.” He set the box down in a corner. “There, that’s the last of them.” He smiled at me. “So what do you think of the house? Amazing, right?”
“Yeah, I guess. So is my room down here?” If it was, I was disappointed. I didn’t really want to share a bathroom with my dad.
He looked surprised. “No. Yours is upstairs. There are only two bedrooms up there so you can choose. Just to let you know, one has a bathroom to it. The other’s bathroom is in the hall.”
Well I knew which one I was choosing. I headed for the stairs.
“I’ll send Jake up there with some of your stuff. I think someone else is coming to help too.”
I took the stairs two at a time. I peeked inside the first door I found. Nope. No bathroom. I went to the next one. This one was a bathroom. That only left the last one. I pushed open the door quickly and gasped.
It was bigger than the other three in the house. It had a tall ceiling that pointed up and wide walls. Along one wall were huge windows that reached from ceiling to floor uninterrupted. The other two walls were bare. The last wall had a door open. I assumed was the bathroom. All I could see was the sink at the moment. I looked for the closet door. If the room was big, what did the closet look like inside? There was only one door left. I ran to it and swung it open.
I was confused at first. Where were the racks? All that stood before me was another door. I hesitantly opened it. There were stairs going up. Stairs? Where did the lead to?
“Charlotte?” I heard someone call my name from the hallway.
“In here!” I called back.
“Oh. Hey what are you doing?”
“I found this door and stairs behind it.”
I felt someone come up behind me.
“It seems to be going somewhere.”
“Yeah.” I turned slightly to see Jacob. “Should I go up?”
“I don’t know; if you want to. It’s your room.” He turned to leave and called over his shoulder, “I’m leaving your stuff in this corner.”
“Yeah that’s fine.” I didn’t bother turning around.
I climbed the stairs slowly. At the top was another small room. It was dark and I fumbled for the light switch. My hand caught something velvety. I pulled gently. To my surprise, it fell to the floor at my feet. Rays of the early evening sun shone through another window, only this window covered the whole side of the wall and had a window seat. Impressive. 
“I like this room.” I smiled to myself.
You could see clearly out of the window. Below me was the backyard. Off in the distance was a wooden fence. Beyond that was a line of trees; the beginning of a forest.
“I really really liked this room.”
Someone was out in the backyard staring up at me. I waved and the person waved back. Dad. It was time to thank him. I didn’t mind moving to this house. It was better than the old one!
I quickly ran down the steps and out of my room where I promptly ran into someone and dropped to the floor.
What was this person made out of? It just felt like I ran into a brick wall! I rubbed my head.
“Sorry. Are you okay?” A warm hand wrapped around my arm, pulling me to my feet.
I shook myself off. “Yeah, I’m fine. Have to be careful while running,” I laughed softly.
I glanced up to find a boy’s face close to mine. I heard him gasp.
“What? Am I bleeding?” I instinctively reached for my forehead with my free arm.
He blinked. “No no, you’re not.” He was staring at me.
“Oh, okay then.” I waited for him to release me. A few minutes passed by. I started to grow self-conscious. I finally cleared my throat, blushing. “Um, you still have my arm.”
He blinked several times, as if his was trying to wake himself up. “Oh…right…sorry.” He dropped his hand.
“Well, I better go.”
I walked slowly to the stairs. I could still feel his eyes staring after me. Who was he? And why was he looking at me like that? Another thought came to me.
His hand was unusually warm. Almost hot….Was that normal?



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