The Twilight Saga

This takes place in New Moon, Edward left, and Bella is good friends with Jacob, this is when she is waiting for him to come so they can go cliffdiving. And remenber that alice cant se bella when she is with Jacob.
and as you all know, all the characters belongs to Stephenie Meyers.

Chapter 1 - the begining of something new.

Bellas POV.

I went to Jacobs house, we had planned to go cliffdiving, Billy said that he was asleep and that i could wake him up, but i kneew that Jacob haden't gotten much sleep since he has been protecting me from Victoria. I decided to go to the beach myself, and wait for him there, i sat down at the cut down tree and was just staring out at the ocean. God i missed Edward, i missed his face, his beautiful face. He's smile that always made my heart skip a beat. i missed his smell,his arms, his kisses, and the way he held my waist when we where walking. I knew i had to hear his voice again, guess its time for a little trip on the motorcykel soon. i couldn't stop thinking about him, i felt like i had a huge hole where my heart was supposed to be, wich kinda makes sence , since he had taken it with him when he left me .. oh god, he left me. he doesnt even love me anymore and i still cant keep hoping that he will come back.

"Bella, why are you crying?" Jacob stood behind me, and i didnt even noticed my cheeks where wet. i quickly wiped them with the back of my hands.
"Ooh, i dont know, i just .." i trailed off, not knowing what to say. Jacob had an understanding look on his face.
"It's okay bella, i know its hard, im sorry, i shouldn't have asked .. i already knew the answer." ofcourse he already kneew the answer, he knew me so well, what did i do to deserve a friend like this ? Jacob - my personall sun. that always understood me and gave me light when all i could se was dark.
"It's okay jake, im just .. i .. i cant talk about it." I helt my hands tighter to my chest. He lifted me up, and sat me on his knees , wrapped his arms around mine and wispered
"Im here Bella, dont ever forget that, im here whenever you need me.." I know you are jake .. i know you are . but it kills me that im to messed up to be there for you .. why couldnt i just say that, so he knew how sorry i was about me always being such a wreack everytime we hung out. instead i just opened my mouth and said.
"Thanks jake," God, im hopeless. this talk was getting to emotional for me, Jacob cleared his throat as if he knew what i was thinking.
"So Bella, You ready to do some cliffdiving?" ready as i'll ever be.. maybe i'd even get to hear Edwards wonderfull voice again.
"you bet i am! so i just jump in or what?" i asked.
"no not really, come, ill show you." he walked to the cliff and waved me in. i walked to him and stod looked out at the water. he stood mehind me and directed my pose. he bend my knees and then he took my arms, taking them above my head, so my hands where formed like the beginning of an arrow. i felt his breath on my neck, but all i really could thing about was how i wanted it to be Edwards cold breath, not Jacobs warm.. He woke me up of my thoughts as he started getting closer to me and i knew where this was leading, he always tried to get the right moment to "Show" me how he felt, and as soon as i feelt it going in that direction i always changed the subject. never giving him a chance. i wasent raddy for this. not yet, not ever. i know Edward wouldnt be coming back for me, but i couldnt imagining me loving someone else.. ever. I know this was what jake wanted, and i really wanted him to be happy, and maybe one day, i could settle for the next best thing. but that day isn't today. i felt jacobs hand going down to my wais and he was just about to say something when i cut him off.
"oh, thanks, i think i got it now!" with that i took two steps forward and took the positon he taught me, and before i knew it i was going for the water.
"Noo! Bella, you fool! The water is to strong for you" I heard Edwards voice, just as clear as if he was right beside me, holding me, i smiled when i hit the freezing water.


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Oh wow!!! LOVE IT!! !PLEASE UPDATE me when you post some more of it!!!
Im glad you like it, yeah i will do that, thank u for commenting :) ill post more soon, promise !!
Write more it's really good.
Thank u, yeah i just posted a new chapter :) ill be posting again later today. Thank u for reading !
awesome i like it, can't wait for your next post, could you update me if i send you a friend request
Thank u, Yes ofcourse ! :)
i like it update me when you write more plz
Yeah sure, im just about to post a chapter !
Chapter 2 - All it takes.

Bellas POV

"Noo! Bella, You fool! The water is to strong for you" I heard Edwards voice, just as clear as if he was right beside me, holding me, i smiled when i hit the freezing water.

I really didn't expect the water to be so strong, i had no controll and i really didn't care at all, i could hear him talk to me, i could hear Edward. i looked up and saw Jake getting ready to jump in the water and save me. But my life was talking to me again.. i wasn't ready to give that up just yet. i didn't care if it cost me my life, i wasn't whole without him. My other half was missing, and i was eager to do what ever i could to feel like i still had it with me, had him with me..
"NO Jake! Wait, stay there, Not yet" i yelled.
"Bella! What are you doing?! Tell him to jump in and get you!" He was mad, i heard him groowl under his breath. God, i would do anything to be with him,
"Noo, Why cant you come and save me?" i had to know, even if i was afraid of the answer. the water was taking the best of me. i could hear him scream in frustration. but i just waited for the answer.
"Because Bella .. I.." i cut him off.
"You dont love me anymore .. is that it?! God, just say it Edward, you dont love me.." My heart broke in even more pieces, if thats even possible. How could i be so stupid to think he would ever .. im just a human. Maybe Jake was right, maybe i was better of with him .. even though i didn't want to be. But Edward left me, all alone, he didnt care.
"Bella , how ca-" The voice dissapered the same time a felt Jacobs hands grabbing me out of the water.

"NO jake , why would you do that!? i told you not to!" i sounded angry.
"What are you talking about?!! You would have DROWNED if i hadent gotten you!" i wish you hadn't .. i was in my happyplace. . i knew i couldnt tell him about why i didnt want him to, he would get hurt, and he would think im crazy, as if i had a death wish.. i didnt though, did i ?
"I could have managed a few more minutes there.." i tried not to sound mad, but i still sounded irritated.
"Yeah, maybe .. But why would you WANT to ?!" He was really confused. Ok now he got me, i was just about to tell him to let it go when the next thing i knew i was in his arms and we were running to the car.
"Jake whats wrong? Im sorry if i was stupid, i just wanted to know how long i could be in the water.. jake look at me!" He was running and i could se something was wrong, he had that weird look on his face. Maybe he thought i was suicidal and was about to put me in the hospital or something.
"Jake, i really didn't -" I was trying to excuse myself but i was cut of.
"Scchhh Bella, keep quiet!"
"Then tell me what it is! And put me down!" i can walk for my self, im not a child. i may trip but i can stil walk! but he wasent reacting to my words. i burned my eyes on him, and i knew he could feel it, i wasnt going to let this one go.
"Its Victoria, shes here," My body froze as we continued to run for the truck.

Sorry to leave you in a cliffhanger, but i will be posting more a little later today. please comment.
i really like this! Kepp me posted plz!

Great job!

Luv Mandi
Your story is great I can't wait to read more. Please update me and I will keep watching for more!


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